Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 567 - Big Senior Brother Capturing Dragon

The divine dragon was slightly stunned, and his pupils contracted continuously. He focused his gaze on Qin Mu.

His eyes were very huge, and if Qin Mu came to his face and stood under his eyelid, he wouldn't be able to reach its top even with his hands stretched up high.

It wasn't comfortable being stared at by the pair of dragon's eyes.

They held awe that made people shudder without feeling cold and aroused respect and fear in the heart.

Qin Mu seemed to not feel anything though and slowly walked forward. He examined the decorations in the hall, noting numerous murals, but most of them had been destroyed.

Dragons liked to show off their achievements and usually carved their deeds into murals, decorating their palaces to be sumptuous and shining brilliantly in gold. In addition, numerous murals described their glorious achievements. It was truly pleasant for them emotionally and physically to live inside such places.

Not to mentioned the destroyed murals, even the treasures in the palace were all pillaged. Any incense burner or screen, any jade couch, teapot, book, painting, chess box, or zither were all moved away. Qin Mu even saw the holes where luminous pearls had once been, and not only that, there were also numerous tiles missing from the floor. From their position, they had all been at the center of the hall. There should have been a beautiful picture there which represented the owner's wealth and status.

They had been taken away though and revealed the stones below. It was very painful to look at such a sigh.

The stones, however, all had runes written all over them. Qin Mu examined them in detail, but didn't touch.

"So the person who tricked me is your Patriarch?" the divine dragon asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"It's not my founding master; he's my big senior brother."

Qin Mu searched around carefully, looking for a treasure or two that Founding Master might have left behind carelessly, but the cleanliness of the place left him helpless. Clearly, if his big senior brother had gone to open a bathhouse in Eternal Peace, his business would have boomed.

The palace had been scrubbed so clean by Founding Master, that there wasn't a single thing left worthy of being taken away.

The only things left were Founding Master's cauldron with ten miles of yellow sand and the huge palace, but that was impossible. The two treasures were used to suppress the divine dragon.

"I saw star sand gathering in Star Sand Evil Eyes in the ten miles of yellow sand. The star arrangements and the connection between the starlight as well as the attributes and structure of the stars were the arrangements of the divine arts of my Heavenly Saint Cult's Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures."

Qin Mu searched for half a day but to no avail. At that time, he finally looked at the divine dragon and said, "Once I saw that, I came to a realization. I had learned Ten Miles Star Sand Calamity Formation before, and it's hidden inside Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. After comprehending that, even though the formation could kill a true god, it became quite simple for me, and I was able to walk out alive."

He walked two rounds around the chained divine dragon while speaking. "However, I still didn't dare to be certain that the killing formation was left behind by big senior brother, so after I walked out of the Star Sand Calamity Formation, I went to check the god markings on the wall and the devil writings on the chains."

Jiang Miao followed his footsteps and walked two rounds around the divine dragon. He pondered over it and said, "So the words you said just now weren't targeted at me nor were they your comprehension?"

"The sentence was what I saw in the god and devil writings that big senior brother left behind, and I was talking about the cultivation of his frame of mind."

Qin Mu turned and sat in front of the divine dragon. He stopped in his footsteps and explained to him, "My big senior brother is the founding master of Heavenly Saint Cult, and the cultivation of his frame of mind has reached very high attainments. Heavenly Saint Cult has the saying that one has to do three things to become saint: found a cult, gain merit, and put their ideas in writing.

"Big senior brother established a cult and put his ideas in writing, but he hadn't gained merit, so he couldn't be a saint and cultivate to the realm of Saint Woodcutter. Yet among all the cult masters, other than him, no one could achieve even two things of the three, so it could only be him that suppressed the divine dragon. The other cult masters couldn't have done it."

Jiang Miao also stopped walking and looked at him with puzzlement. "In that case, why did your big senior brother want to suppress the divine dragon?"

"We will have to ask Senior Divine Dragon about that."

Qin Mu raised his head and looked up at the huge divine dragon. Even when he was chained up and all his divine arts and transformation were restricted, his huge body was enough to make them look up.

Its whiskers hung down like clouds tinged with sunset hues floating around them. There was no way anyone could see any evil in such an extraordinary and martial existence.

Qin Mu raised his head to ask, "Big senior brother probably chained you here to gain merit to become a saint. In that case, what evil have you done for him to have to trap you here? Senior, please enlighten me!"

The divine dragon looked at him with a cold gaze, then suddenly grinned, revealing razor-sharp teeth. "Such a clever child, so why do you wish to die? You are so smart so why don't you know that you should act blind? Sometimes you can live longer only when you don't speak the truth and pretend to be dumb."

Jiang Miao shuddered and raised his head. "In that case, what's the motive behind senior calling me?"

The divine dragon's body twisted, and his neck swept in a peculiar arc. The chains were pulled taut by him, but he looked into Jiang Miao's eyes. His long whiskers almost touched Qin Mu and Jiao Miao, but with the restraint of the chains, they were just out of reach.

When Qin Mu had brought Jiang Miao to walk around the divine dragon, he had calculated the length of the chains, and his calculations were incomparably marvelous. They were just out of the giant creature's attack range.

The breath coming out from the divine dragon's mouth creased the skin on their faces when he spoke. "Of course I summoned you to save me, son of Surging River Dragon King..."

Jiang Miao was stunned. "You recognize me?"

"Of course I do."

The divine dragon stretched his body, trying to leave his coiled around himself position. However, with the chains penetrating his body, he couldn't stretch himself, but even, he had managed to shake the palace.

"Come to think of it, you're my nephew. When you were just born, I even carried you, and you peed all over me. I even gave a flick on your little pee pee."

Jiang Miao's face flushed, and he turned back to look at Qin Mu with a troubled expression. "Cult Master, don't tell anyone about this..." he said in a low voice.

Qin Mu smiled at him. "So what about it? I also got my little pee pee flicked by Grandpa Blind and Grandpa Cripple when I was little. This is an act of love from the seniors. Also, before your intelligence awakened, you licked my face when I was sleeping and covered it in saliva."

Jiang Miao's face turned red like a cloth that was just dyed. He muttered, "Can we not talk about this anymore?"

"Alright, but when you met me for the first time, you even pounced at me and rubbed my face before hanging yourself by the tail on my ear while crying ma ha..."

Jiang Miao didn't want anything more than to find a hole to hide himself inside. With shame in his voice, he said, "Cult Master, can we never mention that again?"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "After you become famous in the future, a divine dragon of an era, I will definitely tell your sons and descendants about this! I was also thinking, Junior Brother Qin Yu is still waiting for your return. After we come back, how are you going to face him? Are you still going to cling to his body?"

Jiang Miao was stunned.

The divine dragon was suddenly angered and asked in a sinister voice, "Have you guys finished talking?"

Qin Mu walked a step back and said with a smile, "Your uncle is furious, so let's not talk drivel but focus on the important matters at hand. This is your family matters though, so I shall just listen on the side."

The chest of the divine dragon heaved up and down. After a moment, he composed himself and said solemnly, "Jiang Miao, the brat with you is the junior brother of an evil man. He ain't a good thing, and you need to stay farther away from him. You are my nephew and I'm your uncle, so you should help me break free."

Jiang Miao hesitated. He looked at him the back at Qin Mu with a troubled expression.

"You could hear my call so you should know our bloodlines are close. Do you not trust me? Raise your hand, when our palms touch, you should know how closely related we are," the divine dragon said in a gentle voice.

Jiang Miao raised his palm, and the divine dragon also raised his huge claw with a hint of excitement in his eyes. The instant before the palm and claw touched, the strange rune Qin Mu had left behind on Jiang Miao's palms suddenly shone with dazzling light.

It instantly activated the hidden devil markings on the chains, and they shone brightly. The devil fire boiled and tunneled into the divine dragon, making him tremble violently from the burning sensation. His body distorted from the pain, and his roars rang out endlessly, shaking the hall!

Jiang Miao hurriedly pulled back his hand and looked at Qin Mu.

The youth smiled and walked over. He said leisurely. "Jiang Miao, your mother is Surging River Dragon King, and she died to protect you. There are countless dragon kings in the east sea of Great Ruins worshipped in the dragon king temples. This happened because they'd had no choice and were forced by the situation to petrify themselves.

"Twenty thousand years ago, when Founding Emperor Era came to an end and the disasters struck heaven and earth, the gods and devils of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens either headed to Carefree Village or chose to petrify themselves. So why didn't your uncle choose to petrify himself or head to Carefree Village? Don't you find it weird?"

Jiang Miao was stunned.

Qin Mu continued to speak. "Over here, Paramita Ark that was headed for Carefree Village suffered an assault. It was ambushed and destroyed by the enemy before getting sealed. However, there were still descendants of Heavenly Works God Race in Paramita Ark. To prevent them from breaking the seal and walking out, the enemy needed a strong practitioner to stay guard. And this guard, could it be your uncle?"

Jiang Miao looked at the divine dragon. The expression of huge creature changed slightly, and he said coldly, "You'd rather believe an outsider and not your own uncle?"

Qin Mu walked forward and looked up at the divine dragon. He suddenly said, "Jiang Miao, I've seen you a long time ago in Surging River Dragon Palace. The soul of your mother was floating around you and singing a sorrowful song in the dragon language. You were frozen by the mysterious ice, and there was a broken sword stabbed into your chest. The broken sword had pierced through your heart, and your mother had used her life to protect you, keeping you alive in anticipation that someone would revive you one day."

Jiang Miao shed tears. After he was revived, he had gone to Surging River Dragon Palace with Qin Yu before and seen the skeleton of his mother.

"Your mother, Surging River Dragon King, was extremely powerful, so how could she die?" Qin Mu's face was calm when he continued speaking. "Why did you not die even when a sword pierced your chest? Could the person that injured you have not killed you on purpose? Could their motive have been to make use of your injury to make your mother exhaust her dragon bead to extend your life? As a result, her cultivation fell drastically, making it easy to kill her. In that case, wouldn't it take a very close person to be able to get close to her while she's protecting you?"

Jiang Miao's body trembled.

"Why didn't this uncle with remarkable abilities come to save you even when you were frozen for twenty thousand years?" Qin Mu asked. "Where's that broken sword that had pierced your heart?"

"I have always kept it." Jiang Miao opened his mouth and spat it out.

Qin Mu's gaze landed on the broken sword that had pierced through Jiang Miao's heart. Dragon blood still stained it.

"Do you want to know the owner of this sword?" he asked.

Jiang Miao's face filled with fear, and he shook his head. "Cult Master, my heart is very confused..."

Qin Mu raised his head and looked at the divine dragon. "If this is your sword, you can execute it to kill us easily and even severe the chains. You sensed Jiang Miao's aura and kept calling him because of this sword too, right? Now this sword is here, senior, please."

The divine dragon narrowed his eyes and stared relentlessly at him.

Qin Mu smiled.

Suddenly, light flowed through that broken sword, and it rose into the sky with a roar!

At the same time, the devil light on the chain shone brightly, and devil fire poured into the body of the divine dragon, burning him until he couldn't stop twitching. The magic power he had just gathered was broken once again!


The broken sword landed on the ground.

Qin Mu walked up and picked up the broken sword with a sigh. "Jiang Miao, your mother died unjustly."

Jiang Miao raised his head and looked at the divine dragon in front of him. The creature laughed loudly and said sternly, "Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends! Your mother and I were from the same dragon nest, transformed from the essence of the dragon vein. We were twin dragons! So why was she Surging River Dragon King and I only a Well Dragon King? The celestial heavens promised me more benefits, so I had to grab the chance! My sister was my proof of allegiance! However, so what even if I tell you? What can you do to me?"

He looked ruthlessly at Qin Mu and sneered, "That big senior brother of yours had abilities that surpass yours ten thousand times and wasn't he still unable to kill me? He used all he knew and yet he could only trap me here!"

Behind Qin Mu, a Gate of Heaven Influence appeared and opened wide. "In this world, there's nothing I can't kill. Big senior brother might not be able to kill you, but it's not a problem for me," he said indifferently.

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