Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 568 - Slaying Divine Dragon with Heavenly Gate

The divine dragon looked at the Gate of Heaven Influence with a look of suspicion.

Jiang Miao asked in a low voice, "Cult Master, will you really be able to get rid of him?"

"I don't know," Qin Mu said softly.

Wide-eyed, Jiang Miao cried out, "Don't know?"

"I haven't tested if this gate can kill gods or not; I've only killed devil experts of Celestial Being Realm in the past. I was trying to scare him just now, since he has fallen to such a state, yet he still wants to act all high and mighty, so we need to be more ruthless than him no matter what..."

Qin Mu finished his explanation and apologized to the divine dragon. "Senior, if I can't kill you, please don't laugh at me."

He was about to execute Gate of Heaven Influence when the divine dragon looked like he'd remembered something, and his expression changed drastically. "Wait a minute!"

Qin Mu stopped, and Gate of Heaven Influence instantly paused. He said very patiently, "Senior, please speak."

The divine dragon stared at this gate of his with a hint of fear in his gaze. He screeched, "I've seen this gate before! What's your relationship with Mingdu Heavenly King? He also has a gate like this!"

"Mingdu Heavenly King also has Gate of Heaven Influence?" Qin Mu asked with suspicion. "I remember seeing a person open Gate of Heaven Influence in Ghost Valley. Could he have been the Mingdu Heavenly King you're talking about?"

"You're a descendant of Mingdu Heavenly King? No wonder, no wonder you can also open this gate..." the divine dragon said in a trembling voice.

Qin Mu shook his head and said with a smile, "My surname is Qin, Qin of Carefree Village. Who is this Mingdu Heavenly King? Is his surname Qin as well?"

The divine dragon seemed to not be listening to him though, having fallen into a deep and terrifying recollection. He muttered to himself, "Mingdu Heavenly King controls a gate connected to Youdu. Countless strong enemies died in his hands, and Founding Emperor conferred him the title of Heavenly King, ordering him to open Youdu.

"Founding Emperor had great ambitions and wanted to annex Youdu as well. He wanted to control the marvel of life and death, but he angered Earth Count. Earth Count wasn't willing to submit, so Founding Emperor ordered Heavenly Works God Race to forge a divine knife. Mingdu Heavenly King sliced off a huge piece of Youdu with it, and Founding Emperor ordered people to construct Fengdu in that land..."

Qin Mu was stunned. "Mingdu Heavenly King sliced off a piece of Youdu and turned it into Fengdu? He was so powerful?"

"By stealing some territory of Youdu, Mingdu Heavenly King had angered Earth Count. However, Mingdu was clever, so he petrified himself and his primordial spirit escaped into Fengdu. Back then, the gods and devils that had died under his gate were uncountable, for which he was conferred to be the heavenly king in charge of the souls... This gate of yours, it's impossible for it to be the same as his!"

Qin Mu's eyes lit up and he hurriedly asked, "Senior, I've seen a stone statue in Ghost Valley with a gate that connects to Youdu behind it, however, it sealed up gods and devils with a beehive seal. Could that person have been Mingdu Heavenly King?"

The divine dragon was in a daze while muttering to himself. "Your gate cannot be the same as his. You don't have the ability to hurt me. You're just a country bumpkin that's as weak as a hen dragon..."

Qin Mu's face flushed, and he said, "Senior, you're insulting all humans like this! I'm pretty sure I've seen this Mingdu Heavenly King before, and according to my guess, he should only be a fake Overlord Body. He didn't cultivate to my standard at all!"

The divine dragon came back to his senses and sneered, "You call this gate as Gate of Heaven Influence? Truly ridiculous! This gate was known as God Slaying Mysterious Gate during Founding Emperor Era, for even the gods from the nine heavens above and the devil gods from the nine underworlds below couldn't escape it!

"Once the door opened and closed, gods and devils would have their souls returned to Youdu, giving it the name God Slaying! You don't even know that so it's obvious that yours isn't the orthodox one! Come slay me, let me see what abilities you have!"

Qin Mu spun around, and devil qi from Youdu leaked out from Gate of Heaven Influence. It was extremely dense as it spread through the hall.

The gate opened up and swept toward the divine dragon.

"Hold it!" Cold sweat rolled down the forehead of the divine dragon as he stared at the gate that was about to consume him.

Qin Mu stopped, being very patient. "What does senior want to say?"

"What's your cultivation?" the divine dragon asked in a hoarse voice while staring at Gate of Heaven Influence.

"Junior has cultivated to Six Directions Realm, but I've also awakened my Seven Stars Divine Treasure."

The divine dragon was stunned. "Six Direction Realm with Seven Stars Divine Treasure awakened? What is this logic… Yet even if we take that you're on Seven Star Realm, you actually want to kill me like that? Hahahaha, you are truly an ignorant hen dragon that's not afraid of a real dragon!" He relaxed and said proudly, "Let me see how you slay me!"

Qin Mu continued to execute Gate of Heaven Influence, and more of Youdu's devil qi spread out. Suddenly though, the divine dragon shouted out, "Hold it!"

Qin Mu's patience waned, and he couldn't help hurrying. "Senior, if you have anything to say, say it all at once."

The divine dragon sneered at him. "Little brat, for trying to slay me, I will eradicate your whole family, are you clear? This seed you've planted today, it will result in your family being wiped out in the future!"

Qin Mu nodded and continued to execute Gate of Heaven Influence. "I'm clear on that. If you don't die, come and wipe out my family anytime."

Gate of Heaven Influence shifted, and cryptic voice came from Qin Mu's mouth. He chanted the hard to understand Youdu's devil language.

The divine dragon hurriedly said, "Hold it! This gate of yours is different from what I've seen before, what's the language you are speaki—"


Gate of Heaven Influence became even more towering when it swept past his body. Inside the gate was pitch black darkness. Within it, a pair of incomparably huge, curved horns could be faintly seen emanating with flames.

The gate came to an abrupt stop then, and the body of the divine dragon turned stiff. Suddenly, a head crashed to the ground, and the body relaxed. The dragon turned limp like a dead snake, motionless.

Qin Mu scattered Gate of Heaven Influence, and an intense pain came from the heart of his brows. A drop of black blood flowed down.

Qin Mu hurriedly covered the heart of his brows, but the stinging pain became more and more intense. The pain was so unbearable that he knelt on the ground and hugged his head!

From a few steps away, Jiang Miao had seen that when Gate of Heaven Influence took in the divine dragon, a huge mouth suddenly appeared in the darkness, swallowing the primordial spirit of the divine dragon in one bite!

Jiang Miao was in a daze. The malicious mouth had been incomparably evil, and even he was frightened!

When he came back to his senses and checked on the divine dragon, he couldn't help feeling astonished. The body had no more breath left!

Its primordial spirit had indeed been swallowed by the huge mouth instead of entering Youdu!

"Cult Master Qin, there seems to be a ghost in this gate of yours... Cult Master Qin!"

Jiang Miao heard Qin Mu's whimpers, and he hurriedly came over to help him up. Qin Mu was trembling from the intense pain, and from his chest, his jade pendant suddenly shot off beams of faint light, forcing back the stinging pain.

"I'm fine, I just suddenly felt my head aching." Qin Mu looked around in a daze and pushed away Jiang Miao's hand. He shook his head and said, "It's much better now; it should just have been a side effect of executing Gate of Heaven Influence. Strange, this kind of weird incident had never happened before when I did this in the past..."

Jiang Miao looked blankly at the heart of his brows, and Qin Mu glanced at him. He asked with a smile, "What do you see?"

"There's a bloody mark at the heart of your brows, and there seems to be something inside..." he said with astonishment.

Qin Mu hurriedly took out a mirror and checked his reflection. He indeed saw a bloody marking at the heart of his brows. It was long and narrow, about an inch or more in length. The two ends were pointy while the center was slightly wider.

What was even weirder was that the bloody mark bulged out slightly. It looked as though he had knocked his head and it was swollen.

He stretched his hand and touched the bloody mark. There seemed to be some round thing inside, yet he didn't feel any pain when he exerted some force on it.

'Could I have knocked my head after that intense pain... That thing is moving!'

Qin Mu was shocked. His finger had clearly felt the thing under the bloody mark moving!

'Could I have been possessed by the divine dragon?'

He hurriedly executed his primordial spirit and looked into his body. He didn't discover any abnormalities after searching for half a day, and even when his primordial spirit came to the heart of his brows, he also couldn't find the thing left behind by the bloody mark.

Jiang Miao examined the heart of his brows carefully and suddenly raised a finger. "Cult Master, look at my finger."

Qin Mu did as told, and Jiang Miao moved his finger while looking at the heart of his brows. Instantly, Qin Mu realized that the thing in the bloody mark was moving along with the finger.

Jiang Miao tested and let out a sigh of relief. "It should be an eye below the bloody mark."

"An eye?" Qin Mu was puzzled. Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures did have some strange techniques for him grow a third eye, but he hadn't transformed into Saturn Sovereign or Mars Sovereign so where did the third eye come from?

"Cult Master Qin, I saw a ghost in that gate of yours just now!" Jiang Miao said after composing himself. He remembered the sight he had just seen and shuddered without feeling cold. "When my uncle was swallowed by your Gate of Heaven Influence, his primordial spirit was pulled out and fell toward the god with horns. At that moment, a huge mouth suddenly appeared and ate my uncle's primordial spirit!"

"A huge mouth appeared to eat your uncle?" Stunned, Qin Mu rubbed his forehead. "There are numerous monsters with ferocious nature in Youdu, condensed from Youdu's broken souls and devil nature. They are malicious and terrifying. Could this have been the act of one of them?"

Jiang Miao shook his head. "I don't know about this. I only saw that huge mouth swallowing my uncle. It gave a cruel smile before vanishing, and your gate closed shut."

Qin Mu pondered it for a moment, then sighed. "Earth Count's control over Youdu is getting weaker and weaker, as a result, all these monsters are running out... We came here in search of a true dragon to explain the writings on the true dragon's nest, but now we are out of leads again..."

Suddenly, he saw that the chains had fallen off the divine dragon, and the devil writings on them no longer flowed. This made his heart skip a beat.

'Crap! Ten Miles Star Sand Calamity Formation will also stop!'

Qin Mu sprinted out and saw the yellow sand flowing like a dragon in the sky above the canyon. It rushed back into the huge cauldron.

Meanwhile, on both sides of the canyon, the runes on the walls were burning up and turning into ashes.

In the sky full of yellow sand, Xing An was covered in blood as he dragged himself over with heavy footsteps. His expression was very dark.

Qin Mu hurriedly ran over and hugged the huge cauldron with a grunt. He couldn't pick it up, however. The star sand was simply too heavy for him to carry.

He roused his vital qi and tried to execute the star sand in the cauldron, and a few grains of star sand flew into the sky, slowly floating forward.

Qin Mu's face instantly turned blacker than that of Xing An.

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