Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 569 - Owner of Emperor's Disk

'This star sand that big senior brother made is too heavy! I can't execute it at all with my abilities!'

Qin Mu abandoned the huge cauldron and turned to rush into the huge palace hall. Jiang Miao watched him rush back in a hurry and jump onto the divine dragon's body, not knowing what he was about to do.

Qin Mu executed Dragon Rearing Scriptures, but how could it work when the dragon was already dead. His primordial spirit had even been swallowed by a 'malicious spirit', so there was no way to borrow the cultivation of the divine dragon. With, he might have been able to face Xing An, but alas.

Qin Mu looked at Jiang Miao, then shook his head. 'His cultivation is too weak, even inferior to mine, so I won't get much power even if I use Dragon Rearing Scriptures... Teleportation Divine Art!'

Runes flew around his body, and he was prepared to escape with Jiang Miao. However, with his cultivation, he was only able to bring Jiang Miao dozens of miles away at most. This kind of distance was only a matter of seconds to Xing An.

Before his teleportation runes could even be executed though, they suddenly stopped moving and froze in the air.

Not only were the runes frozen, but even Qin Mu and Jiang Miao were themselves were restricted. They couldn't move.

Xing An walked into the hall with a gloomy face and stretched out a hand. When he spread apart his fingers, they were still dripping with blood. After he patched his divine bridge and reached the celestial palaces to become a god, his cultivation had an astonishing raise. His abilities were simply too powerful and could easily restrict Qin Mu.

He had suffered heavy injuries in the ten miles of yellow sand, but he was a god and had immeasurable power. Even with the remnants of his magic power, he could still trap Qin Mu.

Cold sweat rolled down Qin Mu's forehead as he forcefully squeezed out a smile. "Senior Brother Xing An, I will just return the chest to you..."

"What I want isn't the chest, but you," Xing An said before spitting out bloody phlegm.

The wounds on his body were of various sizes, but all looked extremely horrifying. Flesh could be seen in many places, and in a few even white bone.

If one was to think of it, he was truly unlucky. First, he had been trapped in Paramita Ark, which was incomparably dangerous, for half a year. All kinds of seals and killing formation were everywhere, and he still needed to face some mute's harassment from time to time.

The moment he came out, he met Qin Mu and were lured into Ten Miles Star Sand Calamity Formation. The youth had left easily yet he sank into the formation and his situation got worse and worse.

Only by unleashing all that he knew was he able to endure for so long. If it wasn't because the formation had suddenly stopped, he definitely couldn't have lasted much longer and would have been turned into dust!

"Great Divine Physician, why is it so difficult to catch you?" Xing An asked after swallowing the blood that rushed up his throat. "Luckily, you still haven't escaped from my grasp!"

Incomparably intense darkness poured out from under his feet; it was his Life and Death Divine Treasure. He walked over as though he was walking on black water.

At that moment, two eyes appeared in the darkness under his feet. Next, a beautiful woman revealed her face, and her alluring figure floated into view.

Xing An looked like he was stepping on the black water, and the woman was like his reflection. However, one was a man and the other a beautiful women.

This was an extremely peculiar sight.

The two people walked toward Qin Mu in unison, raising and putting down their feet at the same time.

Right before the darkness touched Qin Mu, Xing An suddenly stopped and no longer walked forward. The beauty also stopped. It was as if she could only move if Xing An moved.

A male voice came from the mouth of the beauty. It was very rough and heavy, "Xing An, why aren't you walking forward anymore? Take him into your Life and Death Divine Treasure and hand him to me. Once I have him, our agreement will be finished!"

"Lu Li, I've already found him for you, which is what I had promised. Whether or not you can capture him is your own business. I'm not fond of being threatened," Xing An said indifferently.

Under his feet, the beauty was stunned for a moment. She then sneered, "You think that just because you went to the celestial palaces and became a fake god, you can bargain with me? Xing An, how dare you!"

"Bargain?" Xing An shook his head. "This isn't bargaining, you sent me out of Youdu so I helped you find him. This is the trade. I've already done my part. As for whether you can capture him, that's your problem."

He stretched his hand in a grabbing motion, and the body of the divine dragon rose while Qin Mu and Jiang Miao suddenly fell to the ground. They regained control of their bodies and could execute vital qi as they liked.

Qin Mu was bewildered. He raised his head to see the body of the divine dragon shrinking. Its chains fell off due to the change in size.

Xing An grabbed the divine dragon, then straightened it out and coiled around his waist like a belt. He suddenly said coldly, "Lu Li, get out of my Life and Death Divine Treasure!"

Under his feet, the beauty flew into a furious bout. "How dare you talk to me like this! Do you think a small god like you can escape from my grasp?"

"My divine treasure, who are you to talk? Scram!" Xing An shouted out, and his primordial spirit suddenly appeared in his Life and Death Divine Treasure. Sun, moon, and five elements lined up, and whenever their light came close, the beauty hurriedly avoided. She was forced to retreat by the light of the seven stars.

"Xing An, you dare scam a high god, I will definitely—"


God's aura burst forth from Xing An, and his clothes and hair fluttered. The divine treasures in his body shone brightly and lit up his Life and Death Divine Treasure, forcing her back into Youdu!

Xing An's aura returned to normal, and his fluttering black air also fell back down to drape his shoulders. With clothes back to normal, he looked at Qin Mu. "Where's my chest?"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, then took out the chest from his taotie sack. The chest sprinted toward Xing An, but turned its head back when it was halfway across to 'look' at Qin Mu. It then sprinted toward Xing An and came to his side.

Xing An turned around and walked out of the hall while saying indifferently, "Divine Physician Qin, don't let me meet you again."

"Why aren't you killing me?" Qin Mu suddenly asked.

"Why should I kill you?" Xing An stopped and turned his head. "I have my own principles when doing things. The Secrets of Magpie Bridge, Secrets of Mysterious Guide, and Secrets of Divine Crossing have helped me cultivate to godhood and escape from worrying about my lifespan, so the grudge between us is written off.

"Me finding you was just to settle the agreement between me and Lu Li. Now it is also written off. You are a great master, but do you think I can't know and act as one? You underestimate me too much."

Qin Mu was stunned for a moment, then smiled. "I have indeed underestimated you in the past."

Xing An saw that smile of his, and the corner of his eyes twitched. He gave a cold snort while turning to walk out of the hall. "Don't smile at me. I will come back to find you. You have founded numerous things, like Eighteenth Sword Form, Primordial Spirit Guide, and I'm someone who appreciates talented people, but when your corporeal body reaches a level where it comes into my view, I will find you. I want the corporeal body of an overlord body."

Qin Mu was dumbfounded as he watched Xing An leave into the distance.

When Xing An reached the huge cauldron, his gaze wavered. He was about to take the treasure when the star sand moved in the cauldron. It gradually rose and formed the shape of a young man.

Astonished, Xing An rushed away, crossing the ten mile long canyon in a flash.

He was afraid that the formation might erupt once again.

Qin Mu brought Jiang Miao out of the hall and saw a sand human standing in the center of the huge cauldron. The star sand flowed continuously on the surface.

"Big senior brother?" Qin Mu probed. "Heavenly Saint Cult's Founding Master, I'm the current cult master, and I met Saint Woodcutter not long ago. Big brother, are you still alive?"

The sand human opened his mouth, but it couldn't speak. Suddenly, it crumbled, and the star sand flowed on the ground to make a picture.

Qin Mu hurriedly looked over and saw geographical maps all over the ground. Mountains and rivers, all of them were captured on the ground.

The terrain in the geographical map changed non-stop, and Qin Mu hurriedly memorized them by heart. The star sand transformed over a dozen times before flowing back into the huge cauldron.

Qin Mu frowned slightly then. Besides the first map, he had no idea about the other ones, and when he thought about Great Ruins, there was no place in it that fitted the other pictures.

The first map of Great Ruins, but the other thirteen didn't represent any terrain present in Eternal Peace or West Earth. It was also different from the terrain of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

'What is big senior brother trying to say?'

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes. Heavenly Saint Cult's Founding Master had to have detected that the divine dragon died, and since it was his merit, he had activated his star sand to become his body to look at the situation. However, he was probably not in Great Ruins or Eternal Peace, but in another world, which was why his voice couldn't transmit over.

Because of that, he used star sand to arrange the geographical map to guide Qin Mu to his side.

'The fourteen geographical maps were incomparably complicated, so why should I go to find him?' Qin Mu suddenly came to a realization. 'My horizons are narrow, but Saint Woodcutter must have seen the world and would definitely recognize all these maps! However, I might be able to find some clues from the first geographical map, so why don't I go over to take a look first.'

When he decided on that, he relaxed and said, "Jiang Miao, let's go!"

Jiang Miao acknowledged.

Qin Mu suddenly turned back at that moment and hugged the huge cauldron. He tried to raise it forcefully while Jiang Miao scratched his head. "Aren't you going to help?" Qin Mu asked him in a shout.

Jiang Miao went over in a hurry, and both their faces flushed as they used all their strength yet still couldn't lift the huge cauldron. Jiang Miao gasped for breath and tried to ask, "Cult Master, I think we should forget about it? Your big senior brother's abilities are too great, and even Xing An didn't dare to take this huge cauldron away. We definitely can't carry it..."

Qin Mu could only give up. At that moment though, he saw the chains that had shackled the dragon, and his eyes lit up. He sprinted over in a hurry.

"It won't be too bad if we can at least take a few chains! They could hold a divine dragon so the materials used to make have to be of the highest quality! Even if they were melted and turned into treasures, they would be of the highest grade among the highest grade!"

Jiang Miao could only follow over. The two of them dragged a thick chain forcefully, barely managing to get it out of the hall.

Qin Mu opened his taotie sack and tried to put one end of the chain inside, but the chain was too thick and he couldn't put it in at all. On top of that, the other end of the chain was deeply embedded into the cliff and he couldn't pull it out.

The two youths stared at each other, out of ideas. Qin Mu was furious and turned to leave. "To think you're my big senior brother, what a miser!"

Jiang Miao hurriedly followed after him, and Qin Mu flew into the sky with a gloomy face. He looked in the surroundings and checked the terrain, then chose the direction marked in the first geographical map.

Two days later, they came to a small village which was the marked location.

Qin Mu and Jiang Miao walked inside and examined their surroundings. The small village was similar to all the ordinary village in Great Ruins. However, there were sculptures of gods with dragon heads and human bodies all around it.

'Why did big senior brother want us to come here?'

While feeling puzzled, Qin Mu saw a white-haired elder who was weaving a fishing net in front of a small straw hut. He hurriedly walked forward and bowed in a respectful greeting. "Elder, what is this place?"

The white-haired elder looked at him with blurry eyes full of astonishment. "I gave the Emperor's Disk to Ling Family, so why is it with you?" he asked with a smile.

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open, speechless.

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