Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 57 - Cathouse Hall Master

Qin Mu drew back his head and walked into the next room. In the room was an alluring woman who was looking at the Sword Hall Master downstairs. Hearing Qin Mu's footsteps, she immediately turned around and said seductively, "Young Master's swordplay is outstanding. You even injured Sword Maniac of Sword Hall. I'm very impressed, but my body is very delicate and not as strong as Sword Maniac. May I request Young Master to be gentle with me?"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes innocently, "I'm only eleven years old and coming twelve this autumn. I don't understand what you're saying."

The woman's expression turned stiff, then she burst in laughter, "I thought you were the same as those stinky men and had decided to charm you yet I had forgotten you're still young and don't know the affairs between men and women. I'm the Cathouse Hall Master of our sacred cult. In the normal days, we live in a place of entertainment and are used to small talks. I had originally wanted to use the arts of seduction but I had made a fool out of myself. I'm impressed that Young Master could defeat so many hall masters at such a young age. However, I shall not be competing sword skills or fist skills. I shall be competing body techniques with you."

She took out her rouge case and gently opened it, giving off a tranquilizing sweet scent, "This is my favorite cardamom rouge. You and I shall stain our fingers red and compete in body movements in this room. We're only allowed to smear each other's faces, and whoever that has more finger marks on the face loses. How's that?"

Qin Mu nodded and smiled sweetly, "Alright, please go easy on me, big sister."

"Sweet talker!"

The Cathouse Hall Master burst with joy and gave him a supercilious look. She stained all her ten fingers red and passed the rouge case to Qin Mu who stained his ten fingers red as well.

The Cathouse Hall Master suddenly moved and her body was like a slithering snake. Her vital qi transformed into a snake tail and coiled around Qin Mu's legs.

Qin Mu stared blankly. He had seen this body motion before. It was when he was at Grandma Temple where he had fought a young girl who had this kind of body motion. The young girl's vital qi had transformed into a huge snake and coiled around his body. The young girl had slithered up and down his body before getting bruised all over by his Thousand-Armed Buddha.

"Could that girl be the disciple of this hall master?"

Qin Mu's feet pushed forward and before the Cathouse Hall Master could wrap herself around him, he escaped. The woman laughed gently and slithered up the wall. Her snake tail coiled around a pillar in the room and attack Qin Mu with her intricate finger skills.

Her arms were like spirit snakes as well and could warp freely. Her ten fingers were like ten spirit snakes as well and what was even peculiar was her jade-like fingers could actually stretch longer and shorter at will. Even her arms could do it too!

Qin Mu then saw something even more peculiar. The Cathouse Hall Master's body could also become thin and long, so flexible as if she had no bones. She hung on the ceiling of the room like a female python!

Qin Mu's leg skill was everchanging. As he slithered to and fro on the ground like a dragon, the Cathouse Hall Master also slithered freely on the roof. With her legs on top and head below, she continuously attacked Qin Mu.

Suddenly, Qin Mu's vital qi burst forth and a green dragon wrapped around his body. The green dragon stretched out its claw and dug them into the wooden walls. Executing his body techniques, he was able to travel around the walls and ceilings freely. Qin Mu gave up defense for offense and executed Thousand-Armed Buddha to frantically attack the Cathouse Hall Master.

In the not very big room, the two people moved swiftly like wind and lightning. No matter if they were on the walls or on the ceiling, they all moved so smoothly as if they were on flat ground. They were like a dragon and a snake fighting ferociously as they coiled and danced around peculiarly.

Suddenly, the face of the Cathouse Hall Master was touched by Qin Mu and four finger marks appeared on her face, making her flustered. Qin Mu's hands then suddenly opened and his thunder in palm burst out in a rumble, confusing and frightening her out of her mind.

When she came back to her senses, her face was already filled with finger marks.

"That's the end, no more!"

The Cathouse Hall Master slid down from the ceiling and shook her hand, "That's the end. I've lost. My makeup has been smeared by you. Your body techniques are too weird, even your footsteps are weird as well. I can't catch up with you much less wrap you up."

Qin Mu also slid down and smiled, "Thanks for letting me win, big sister."

As the Cathouse Hall Master saw his red lips and white teeth, she couldn't help planting a kiss on his cheek and smiled, "Let me give you two rouge marks as well so big sister won't lose too miserably."

Qin Mu's cheeks turned beet red as his heart became restless as he walked out of the room in a stupor.

The Cathouse Hall Master giggled, "If I had known I could defeat you like this, I would have kissed you earlier! If you have any trouble in the future, just find a cathouse and tell the girls there that you are looking for Fu Qingyun and you will be able to find me!"

Qin Mu stood in front of the next room door to calm his mind back to normal first. The youth wiped off the lipstick prints on his face and walked into the next room while thinking to himself, "No wonder Grandpa Blind said women are all transformed from demoness. With just a kiss, my heart was almost sucked away…"

In the next room, there was a female butcher with a face that was even fiercer than male butcher's. She was grinding her Pig Slaughtering Knife in her hands and had a bone pick in her mouth.

Just as Qin Mu entered the room, the female butcher brandished her knife and slashed towards Qin Mu without a word. Raising violent gusts of wind in the small room, every slash was so ruthless that it could slice apart his belly without mercy!

Qin Mu immediately pulled out his knife to block. Ding, ding, ding, ding! Pattering sounds that were like beads dropping on a jade plate resonated out!

The two then jumped across each other and turned back. The two knives in the female butcher's hands turned a hundred and eighty degrees as she grabbed the knives in a reverse grip. Her eyes revealed an expression of excitement as she exclaimed in admiration, "Splendid knife skills!"

Qin Mu also held his Pig Slaughtering Knife in a reverse grip and said carefully, "Big sister, you and I are holding our knives in a reverse grip which means the next move we make should be a sure kill ultimate move. Knives are heartless after all, how about this, let's use our hands as knives and take care not to overdo it."

The female butcher threw her Pig Slaughtering Knives away which stabbed into the wall as she smiled, "You're right, holding knives in reverse grip means we're going to kill. If I kill you, Cult Mistress will definitely be mad and kill me. Let's fight bare-handed!"

Qin Mu's vital qi whirled and swept up his Pig Slaughtering Knife to sheath it back. With a jolt of his hands, flames ignited into two knives.

The female butcher trembled her hands and the edges of blades appeared around her hands. It was the White Tiger Vital Qi which sharpness was unmatched. Swinging both her hands and slashing through the air, she pounced towards Qin Mu, "Young Master, your fire knives will be at a disadvantage. They aren't as sharp as White Tiger Vital Qi!"

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. The moving flames flew down and extended to his small arms as if he was reverse gripping.

Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill Third Form, Raising The Knife From Forbidden!

The two of them almost had their bodies stick together as their footsteps moved continuously. With their knives so close to each other, they didn't even have to use their eyes to look. Just by feeling the strength coming out from one another's body they could tell each other's movement and react accordingly, be it offense or defense.

The main thing about reverse gripping was to be close, to minimize the degree of swings, to maximize the speed of the knife and tricky angles!

This is the highest level of battle method among the battle techniques. No matter if it's the spell factions or the divine arts faction, if they were to let an expert on the battle techniques school be so close to them, they'll surely die!

All six hundred and forty muscles in Qin Mu's body continuously trembled under his skin to provide him the maximum burst of strength in the shortest distance!

In just a short while, the female butcher and he were sweating profusely. To them, mobilizing so many muscles in such a short time while calculating the trajectory of the opponent's muscle in order to defend against the most vicious attack as well as cutting down the opponent, consumes a huge amount of energy for them!

Suddenly with his hands as knives, Qin Mu's hands entered a gap below the female butcher. Raising his hand upwards, he completely sliced apart the oily apron in front of her chest!

The female butcher took a step back and dismissed the White Tiger Vital Qi on her hands and took off the apron that had split into two halves, throwing them aside as she laughed cheerfully, "I've lost and you've won. Your knife skills ain't bad. If you can't walk through all three hundred and sixty houses, you can always come with me and slaughter pigs for a living. "

Qin Mu had a favorable impression of this chubby big sister and smiled, "I can still refine medicine and not necessarily have to slaughter pigs. I can also be a doctor to help the people."

The female butcher spat out the bone pick in her mouth and sneered, "A doctor? If your patient died during your treatment, the victim's family would make you compensate them until you were bankrupt! It's still better for you to slaughter pigs. It's a stable job. If you slaughter pigs with me, I'll make sure you eat well and live well!."

Qin Mu's head started to swell as he inched away and mumbled, "We'll see, we'll see. I'm still young now…"

"Young Master!"

The female butcher raised her hands and pulled out the two Pig Slaughtering Knives from the wall and stopped him in his track as she said in a serious tone, "When you go back and meet Cult Mistress, do tell her that I, Bi Yao, miss her quite a lot and still remember her good."

Qin Mu nodded.

The female butcher, Bi Yao, walked downstairs and came out to the village only to hear a sudden crash. As she raised her head to look upwards, he saw the wall of the wooden building exploding outwards as the Snake Catcher Hall Master flew down, falling head first into the ground and shattering the stone pavement.

Just as Bi Yao went forward and was about to pull the Snake Catcher Hall Master out from the ground, another bang sounded out and another man flew out from the shattered wall while flailing his limbs and smack face first onto the opposite building.


Another loud sound resonated out as the Divinity Hall Master flew out from the wall he shattered. Before he could even land, a devil voice sounded out from the building above, "Bo re bo re sa mo ye!"

A violent tremor traveled over as the Travelling Merchant Hall Master followed him and flew out.

Pulling Snake Catching Hall Master out from the ground, Bi Yao looked up and muttered to herself, "Young Master Mu's warm-up has just ended and he's starting to get serious…"

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