Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 571 - Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique

In the true dragon's nest, Qin Mu finally achieved what he wanted and comprehended all of the dragon language inside it.

Elder Qing Huang was a divine dragon so he knew all of the dragon language. His abilities were extremely high, to the point that Qin Mu didn't know what realm he was exactly.

However, to be able to become the master of Green Dragon Palace, one of the four great celestial palaces of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, he should have been stronger than Saint Woodcutter or King Yama.

The combination of the stars was known as the celestial heavens, but separately they were known as the five palaces. Green Dragon Celestial Palace ruled the sixty stars of Eastern Heaven, White Tiger Celestial Palace ruled the twenty-seven stars of Western Heaven, Vermillion Bird Celestial Palace ruled the thirty-nine stars of Southern Heaven, and Black Tortoise Celestial Heaven ruled the Northern Heaven.

In the center was Heavenly Emperor Celestial Palace which ruled Heavenly Emperor Stars.

Besides it, Green Dragon Celestial Palace was in the lead of the other four great celestial palaces, so one could well imagine how strong was Elder Qing Huang.

He didn't decipher the technique of the true dragon lord like Little Dragon Jiang Miao who went through word by word. Instead, he directly transformed all of the writings into techniques and imparted them to both of them, from the simplest to the hardest.

The main technique was called Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, and it utilized all of the dragon language to reverberate in the corporeal body and primordial spirit with the dragon roars. The method of vital qi, divine art, and body refinement cultivation were all hidden in the writings.

To a cultivator, this technique raised all of their aspects. What concerned the vigor of the vital qi, the exquisiteness of the divine arts, and the strength of the corporeal body—these were the most top-notch techniques that were on the level of Dao realm!

If Qin Mu could comprehend everything completely, entering the path of technique would not be a difficult task.

This was the first time Qin Mu had seen a technique on such a level, and it was even complete.

The fourteen writings of Dao Sword were incomplete because the stars in the sky were fake. The fourteenth writing couldn't be comprehended no matter what, so the fourteenth sword could never reach the realm of path.

Great Thunderclap Monastery's Rulai's Mahayana Sutra could only cultivate the frame of mind to the realm of path while the cultivation realm could only be cultivated to the twentieth heaven. Once one reached Brahma Realm, there were no further techniques.

Little Jade Capital's technique could allow people to cultivate to the realm of god, after which it was broken off.

Heavenly Saint Cult's Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had extremely high attainments in the divine arts, but it also had no techniques after becoming a god.

Because there was a gap in Eternal Peace Empire's inheritance, there was a natural inadequateness. All the techniques in each and every one of the sacred grounds were lacking.

Supreme Emperor Heaven might have complete inheritance and have numerous gods and devil gods, Qin Mu hadn't seen a technique that could allow a person to reach the realm of path. Neither had he heard of it before.

Even the true god of Supreme Emperor Heaven could only cultivate one aspect of themselves to the realm of path. If they wanted to cultivate all aspects to the realm of path, they needed to comprehend and train.

The techniques of Supreme Emperor Heaven couldn't let anyone cultivate to the realm of path.

The one technique which could reach the realm of path straightaway was Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique. By following it, one could cultivate the Ancestral Dragon Primordial Spirit and raise their comprehension of the dragons' divine arts to the realm of path. Their comprehension of the corporeal body could also reach such a level, making it a heaven-defying technique!

'It surpasses even my Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!' Qin Mu couldn't help sighing ruefully.

When he bade farewell to Zhe Huali in Supreme Emperor Heaven, he had fallen into the state of technique entering the Dao in which he had revised all the divine arts of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and reached the most perfect state. However, it was a pity that he got interrupted by a bunch of devil experts during the process of fusing the divine eyes.

Even so, he had taken the first step of technique entering the path.

But that was different from path realm technique. Technique entering the path could allow his corporeal body, primordial spirit, and divine arts to reach the state of a young true god.

The path realm technique was a level higher and could allow one's divine arts, the corporeal body, and the primordial spirit to reach the path of realm. On top of that, it had a technique after entering god realm.

'Even though this technique is good, it's more suitable for dragons to cultivate. If I cultivate Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, my achievements will definitely be inferior to those of Jiang Miao. To me, only the most suitable technique for me is the best technique.'

Qin Mu pushed the weight off his shoulders. Even though the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique was good, he still chose Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique over it.

However, Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique was still very useful to him. He could borrow the path of refinement within it to refine his corporeal body, primordial spirit, and divine arts and perfect his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

This method of refinement was called Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon, and it was an extremely overbearing method. It was separated into Sticking Voice, Killing Voice, Seizing Voice, Absorbing Voice, Guiding Voice, Spinning Voice, Hammering Voice, and Refining Voice.

Qin Mu immediately tried it out, and the circulation of his vital qi vibrated with a strange rhythm. Sticking Voice burst forth, and his vital qi became incomparably sluggish, vibrating at an extremely high frequency. In an instant, Qin Mu felt a marvelous change happening in his corporeal body. His blood became sticky and astonishing booms would burst forth when he circulated it!

The circulation of his qi and blood had become even more boundless, like an avalanche rolling down snow mountains. When his qi and blood circulated to his palm, it became as big as a palm-leaf fan. Circulating vital qi in his palm gave off loud explosions like thunder rumbling.

He used Sticking Voice to refine his blood vessels, then after one round, he dispersed it, feeling refreshed.

Qin Mu then executed Killing Voice. It trembled his consciousness, refining it to become incomparably pure.

He executed Seizing Voice, and his three souls almost got scattered.

Seizing Voice refined the three souls, Absorbing Voice refined the seven spirits, Guiding Voice refined the heart, Spinning Voice refined the spirit, and Refining Voice refined the Dao heart.

Qin Mu refined them one by one, gaining some understanding of the Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon. He then scattered his vital qi in high spirits and used it to construct the circulation path of his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His next step was to incorporate what he'd learned into his own technique.

In front of him, vital qi created various circulation paths which led to a form somewhat similar to a human. But looking at it in detail, one could see a complicated structure.

It dealt with Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, and Six Directions Divine Treasure. His vital qi circulated in these divine treasures and formed an incomparably complicated system. The path of his vital qi in every divine treasure was different.

Not only that, if one looked at every organ in his body, one would discover that his vital qi had a different path of circulation in his heart than his kidneys, and the path of circulation in his legs was also different from his five viscera and six bowels. It was truly extremely exquisite.

He tried to incorporate Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon into his vital qi circulation. Surprisingly, there were not many places he needed to change. He just needed to utilize Guiding Voice when his vital qi reached the heart, Sticking Voice when his vital qi reached the blood vessels, and Spinning Voice when his vital qi reached the spirit embryo. It was all as simple as that.

He altered his technique in true dragon's nest while ignoring everything in his surroundings. Elder Qing Huang and Jiang Miao were immediately attracted by the activity, and their gazes landed on the circulation diagram in front of him.

"Stop looking," Elder Qing Huang said with a shake of his head to Jiang Miao. "You can't learn it. This youth is very wide, and he's like a monster. His foundation and wisdom have reached a step that you will never walk onto. Let me talk to you about the marvel of Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique to answer any questions you might still have."

"Ma ha," Jiang Miao replied in a soft voice.

Elder Qing Huang smiled at him. "You don't have to be scared of me."

Jiang Miao picked back his courage and transformed into a human. He stood obediently on the side.

Elder Qing Huang explained to him Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique. He tried to simplify it in case the youth didn't understand.

The lecture just went on for four to five days, until Qin Mu finally incorporated Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon into his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. When he executed it and his vital qi circulated, it would naturally give off Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon to refine his corporeal body, primordial spirit, vital qi, and Dao heart.

Even when he executed his divine arts, Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon operated and refined them!

Qin Mu slithered through true dragon's nest while executing divine arts after divine arts. Dragon roars rang out endlessly, and the power of the moves became stronger and stronger. He couldn't help becoming delighted at the sight of it.


He pulled out two Pig Slaughtering Knives and swung them to execute Midnight Battles Across the Stormy Cities. However, the moment he did so, the two knives in his hands shattered into pieces from the vibration!

Qin Mu was stunned and took out a bamboo cane from his taotie sack and stabbed out with it. The bamboo cane turned into fine powder.

'The power of Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon is too strong! No random spirit weapon can be used with it.'

He took out a sword pellet, and flying swords rushed out like flowing water to form into a long knife. Qin Mu grabbed it and pulled to the sides. The long knife separated into two, and he executed Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!

The knife lights crossed each other, and the power become was even stronger than before. It nearly severed the pillars of true dragon's nest, and Qin Mu hurriedly pulled back his move before he demolished the dragon's nest.

He examined the two long knives, then threw them into the sky. The long knives separated into flying swords and swirled around him.

Qin Mu examined them in detail and let out a shaky breath. He said with excitement, "Luckily, my flying swords were refined well; otherwise, I really wouldn't have any weapon to use."

He sank into his thoughts again. Besides Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon, there were other divine arts in the technique from which he could learn.

Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique had numerous divine arts with unpredictable changes, and they could even be changed into buddhism divine arts. Some could even become divine arts of Dao Sect or even be executed as divine arts of the devil path!

Qin Mu felt that numerous divine arts could also be changed into sword skills. If treated as knife skills, they would also possess great power.

There were also a lot of extraordinary points about the body movement divine arts, and the pupil divine arts were also very astonishing.

The deeper Qin Mu studied Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, the better he understood how extraordinary it was. He hated himself for not being a dragon and being unable to unleash the divine arts of this technique to the extreme.

When he awoke once again, he saw that Elder Qing Huang and Jiang Miao where both no longer inside the true dragon's nest. He hurriedly flew out and saw Jiang Miao cultivating Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique.

The youth had transformed into a sapphire blue dragon which slithered around as he executed his technique and skills. He used the fighting skill from Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, and in just a few short days, his cultivation and abilities had increased drastically. His change was more than just eye-catching.

Qin Mu sighed. He saw that numerous young men and women were observing Jiang Miao training by the side, full of cheers.

Qin Mu walked to a young girl who was about the same age as him. She was probably only a year or two younger than him. He asked her with a smile, "How do I address this little sister?"

The young girl's face instantly turned red and she said, "My name is Qing Ya. Don't call me little sister though. I'm already three hundred years old. How old are you?"

Qin Mu flushed and looked at the youth beside him whose age was similar to his as well. He probed him. "This brother..."

"I'm six hundred and thirty-seven years old this year," said that youth.

Qin Mu gave a dull grunt. The young men and women in the village all had terrifying ages.

A middle-aged man said with a smile, "I'm twenty thousand and eight hundred years old."

Qin Mu no longer asked for anyone's age.

His spirit suddenly rose though and he said with a smile, "Have you guys been to Eternal Peace? I'm the cult master of Eternal Peace's Heavenly Saint Cult, and we are in need of people currently..."

Elder Qing Huang raised his fishing net and walked over with a black face. "Don't even think about my village! I've already imparted you the technique, so you should go!"

"Senior, now that Supreme Emperor Heaven is fighting for its survival, even my master has gone to help..." Qin Mu hurriedly said.

"Qing Ya, see off the guest," Elder Qing Huang ordered.

The young girl named Qing Ya burst forth with incomparably terrifying vital qi. She restricted Qin Mu in a split second, making him unable to move.

Qing Ya stretched out her other hand to grab Jiang Miao and said, "Both of you, don't move. I'm going to send you guys a thousand miles away!" After she said that, she spewed out a breath, and clouds instantly filled the sky. It sent the two youths flying far into the distance.

'Such terrifying cultivation?' Somewhat shocked, Qin Mu shouted out, "Senior, I still have things I want to say..."

Suddenly, the cloud vapor dispersed, and they landed on a mountain. Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He looked for the small mountain village, but he could no longer see it.

Before he could even finish his sentence, he was sent a thousand miles away by the young girl that looked the same age as him.

"Ma ha!" There was envy on Jiang Miao's face.

"You will also be so powerful."

Qin Mu let out a sigh. Suddenly, the true dragon's nest came flying over right in front of them in an instant. Qin Mu's face changed drastically. The true dragon's nest was incomparably heavy, and he rushed to avoid it, but then saw it pause before landing gently on the mountaintop. Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief while filled with astonishment.

'Was the true dragon's nest thrown by Qing Ya as well? Isn't her magic power too strong? I can only execute two-three hundred pounds of flying swords for a distance of no more than two hundred miles, yet she was able to control the true dragon's nest a thousand miles away..."

"Ma ha!" Jiang Miao said enviously.

Feeling helpless, Qin Mu turned back to him and said, "Dao Friend Jiang, you can speak human language now. Strange, I'm not an unlucky star, so why was Elder Qing Huang unwilling to let me stay..."

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