Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 573 - Descent of Lu Li

Just as Qing Yan finished speaking, his hand became empty when Pangong Tso fell to the floor, having become a shadow!

Astonished, Qing Yan grabbed for the shadow, but it scattered with a poof and turned into smoke, so his hand grasped only air!

The smoke separated into a dozen parts and flew away by the ground. The young experts of the dragon village rose into the air and pounced at them from different directions, each chasing after one part. They dispersed each trail of smoke, but there were no traces of Pangong Tso.

Suddenly, Qin Mu raised his hand and a sword light flew out. Blood light shone, and a leg landed on the ground with a splattering of blood from out of nowhere.

Qin Mu controlled his sword with qi, and sword lights flashed, yet he didn't hit anything.

More and more smoke spread out in all directions, escaping through various streets. Pangong Tso's astonished and angry voice soon came from every direction. "Qin brat, you and I cannot exist together!"

The place had numerous people walking to and fro, so once the smoke filled up all the streets, quite a number of them cried out in astonishment.

The crowd made it extremely difficult for the dragon experts to search for traces of Pangong Tso.

Qing Yan's expression flickered. He was a dragon god yet he had allowed Pangong Tso to slip away under his watch; he felt ashamed. If that wasn't enough, Pangong Tso was a cripple with one short and one long leg, the former of which even belonged to a deer. Yet that youth had still managed to escape, leaving him embarrassed.

However, he couldn't be blamed. He didn't have any enmity with Pangong Tso, so he just patted the other's shoulder instead of seizing him. And by the Qin Mu said his warning, it was already too late to restrict the man.

Pangong Tso's ability to escape was unmatched in the world, and even Qin Mu had to admit being inferior in that regard. When Xing An wanted to capture him, he had to face him head-on in the end, unlike Pangong Tso.

Qin Mu saw that every one of the dragon village was dejected and said, "There's no need for everyone to be upset. I have to admit to being inferior to Pangong Tso in escaping abilities. I have fought with him numerous times on the same realm, and I could never take him down. My best achievement was cutting off one of his legs.

"Now that he's a realm higher than me and is already a great expert of Celestial Being Realm, his abilities have improved by leaps and bounds again. He's now able to execute even more escaping divine arts than before, so it's even harder to catch hold of him. For me to be able to cut off one of his legs with everyone's help is already a rather extraordinary feat."

"For having such escaping abilities in Celestial Being Realm, he's truly remarkable." Every one of the dragon village sighed endlessly in admiration.

However, everyone felt quite uncomfortable. Pangong Tso had been left with a deer leg yet he was still able to escape from their grasp. His ability to escape was truly terrifying!

When they left the village, they held hopes to become famous after their first battle. Not one of them had expected that they might meet a freak like Pangong Tso straight away and suffer a setback.

"To have met such an interesting person the first day we are out of the village, the world outside the village is more interesting than what I've imagined!" Qing Ya said with excitement.

However, the other people of the dragon village were not as excited as her.

Qin Mu saw it and said with a smile, "It's been a long time since you guys have come into contact with the outside world, and your paths, skills, and divine arts are a little outdated, so don't be in a rush to return to the village. Why don't you follow me to Supreme Emperor Heaven to train and get in touch with the paths, skills, and divine arts of the current world?"

Everyone acknowledged.

"When we left the village, Old Ancestor warned us to not walk too close to you..." Qing Yan said with some hesitation.

Qin Mu picked up Pangong Tso's leg and sealed the section where it had been severed. He refined some medicinal liquid and placed the leg inside it. He smiled and said, "Elder Qing Huang is too careful. You guys should be able to see that I'm not a bad person. When you reach Supreme Emperor Heaven, feel free to ask about Heavenly Saint Cult Master Qin Mu. I guarantee you that my reputation is very good!"

"Uncle Yan once went to Eternal Peace and upon his return talked about Heavenly Saint Cult which is called Heavenly Devil Cult. Its reputation wasn't too good," Qing Ya said.

Qin Mu was full of smiles. "There must've been a misunderstanding. Now that's it's been cleared, every voice in Eternal Peace would definitely give praise to my Heavenly Saint Cult!"

Great Cult Master Qin turned around and walked into Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge while thinking to himself, 'Those who called Heavenly Saint Cult a devil cult have almost all been crippled by me. But there might still be people talking bad about me behind my back, so it'd be best to go Supreme Emperor Heaven. My and Heavenly Saint Cult's reputation is very good there, and if they hear it, they won't be far from joining the cult...'

Qing Yan brought the young men and young women into Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge with him, and the sky instantly swirled. They felt the fleetingness of time and space, and a vast and different world appeared in front of their eyes!

Everyone clicked their tongues in wonder.

Qin Mu looked into the distance and his face became grim.

In the sky, the artisans of Eternal Peace were assembling the second sun which was already half complete. Yet even the light of two suns couldn't light up the entire Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Far into the distance, the sky was dim. The devil qi there was like fog which shrouded the heaven and earth.

It was the territory of the devils, and huge sacrificial altars as tall as mountains were bursting forth with intense black light in their lands. The black lights were like smoke that rushed straight into the clouds.

Through them, humongous bodies descended from time to time!

'The devil gods are doing blood sacrifices again. Are they inviting their old ancestors from Youdu, the devil gods born from the accumulation of devil nature and grievances?'

Qin Mu composed himself. After he was kidnapped by Fu Riluo, he saw many majestic sacrificial altars in the old nest of the devils. From Fu Riluo, he knew that they would be used to summon Youdu Devil Gods!

Back then, Fu Riluo had activated the curse in the jade pendant and was defeated by it. He was injured, and numerous sacrificial altars were also destroyed.

But from the looks of it now, the devils had reconstructed the sacrificial altars in little time!

And that day, they were activated, and Youdu Devil Gods broke through the barrier between Youdu and Supreme Emperor Heaven to come in one after another. They kept descending like there would be no end to them!

'The situation is getting serious...'

Qin Mu composed himself and summoned a guard of Supreme Emperor Heaven who was in charge of guarding Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. "If you see a youth with one deer leg coming through the bridge, just slay him. Don't give him any chance to reason with you!"

The guard took the painting from Qin Mu's hand and passed the message to the other guards. "Cult Master, don't worry. If this deer leg youth really walks through Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, he won't be able to escape death!"

"I hope you guys can get rid of him..."

Qin Mu brought everyone in a hurry to Li City.

The place felt like it had already encountered a great enemy, since weapons were being refined on every corner. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Pang Yu, and the rest of the gods stood on the city tower and looked at the thousands of soldiers and cavalries changing formation below them. Qin Mu brought Qing Yan and the rest up to them; it was resting place in the city anyway.

"Cult Master Qin, these people are?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor asked as he examined Qing Yan, Qing Ya, and the rest with his heart in shock.

He could see that the thirty-seven people behind Qin Mu were extraordinary, and besides Jiang Miao, every single one of them had incomparably dense cultivation. Two of them might even be gods.

He had no idea where Qin Mu could have gotten such a huge group of experts.

"Imperial Preceptor, they are from Great Ruins' Dragon Village. It's somewhat far away from my Disabled Elderly Village, but I managed to invite them to join us after much difficulty."

Qin Mu then introduced them. "Brother Qing Yan, Sister Qing He, this is Imperial Preceptor of Eternal Peace Empire, the saint that appears once every five hundred years."

"How can the saint that appears once every five hundred years be compared to the overlord body that is rarely seen in the world? Cult Master Qin, the villages of your Great Ruins are really concealing talents. First were the nine elders of Disabled Elder Village, now the thirty-six heroes of Dragon Village. Your homeland is truly enigmatic and impossible to predict."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor then greeted Qing Yan, Qing He, and the rest before saying with a smile, "I was worried about how we can fight this battle, but with everyone's assistance, the pressure I feel has gone down by a lot."

Qing Yan hurriedly returned the greeting and said, "I've heard of Imperial Preceptor's reputation long ago, and now I can finally see the man for myself. The legend of the saint that appears once every five hundred years comes from long ago; I have already heard about it during Founding Emperor Era. Brother Qin is actually the overlord body though?"

He looked at Qin Mu and said with a smile, "Truth be told, I've heard about the legend of the overlord body from Elder Qing Huang before!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was astonished and thought, 'There's really an overlord body in this world? I was still somewhat doubtful…'

He roused his spirit and said, "Everyone, the devils have called for a lot of reinforcements, and Heavenly Teacher has yet to return after going to the devil world. We have no idea what has happened to him. Even though Supreme Emperor Heaven has the support of Eternal Peace, our gods are few in number, so there cannot be any comparison to what the devils have summoner…"

True God Pang Yu and the rest had grim expressions. God Sang Ye said, "Youdu Devil Gods are the ancestors of the devils and they only know how to kill. They are even more vicious than the devils, and they have even brought numerous monsters that are extremely terrifying. Their abilities are stronger than those of high-class devils, and they're very varied. We probably can't protect Supreme Emperor Heaven anymore..."

Everyone was silent.

Qin Mu looked afar; there were still more Youdu Devil Gods being summoned over by the beams of black light. 'In Xing An's Life and Death Realm, that woman called Lu Li was from Youdu. Why was she looking for me though? I wonder if she's among the Youdu Devil Gods that Fu Riluo has summoned…'

In the great capital of the devils, Fu Riluo rubbed his chest and looked at the sacrificial altar in front of him. Devil light swirled furiously, and numerous devil soldiers were slaughtering humans and lowly devils, treating them as offerings for blood sacrifice.

There were many offerings for the upcoming one, which made it obvious that the Youdu Devil God that was being summoned had extremely strong abilities.

If not so, Fu Riluo wouldn't have been alerted.

After a moment, the devil light in the sky suddenly gathered up and fell. When it dispersed, a peerless beauty stood in the center of the sacrificial altar.

When Fu Riluo saw her, his face changed drastically, filling up with joy. He laughed and said, "Lu LI of the four great commanders of Youdu, why would you respond to my summons and descend personally?"

The peerless beauty walked leisurely down the steps of the sacrificial altar while looking around herself. A male voice came from her mouth when she spoke with a smile. "I'm here to find a person, a youth that's eighteen years old. He has a jade pendant with Qin written on it which he always carries with himself."

Fu Riluo gave a grunt and felt the wound on his chest ache again. It was the wound that Qin Mu had inflicted upon him.

"Lu Li, I've seen this youth that you want to find," Fu Riluo said indifferently. "His jade pendant is very weird, but he is even weirder."

"You must have plucked his jade pendant and tried out the seal within it." Lu Li chuckled. "Your wound that has yet to heal must be from him, right? Foolish."

Fu Riluo's expression turned black, but Lu Li just smiled at him. "If you capture this youth with the surname Qin, I'll help you annex Supreme Emperor Heaven."

Fu Riluo grinned at her, the corners of his lips almost reaching his ears. "Commander Lu Li, we are honored by your presence. It brings light to our humble dwelling!"

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