Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 574 - Spy

"Fu Riluo, the wise sage of the devils, how can you lure the youth with the surname Qin?" Lu Li inquired.

Fu Riluo smiled and said leisurely, "One of the four great commanders of Youdu, Lu Li, how are you going to help me annex Supreme Emperor Heaven?"

Lu Li looked at that the huge sacrificial altars of the devil race and Youdu Devil Gods walking down from them. One such god grabbed over a hundred devil divine arts practitioners without any reason and stuffed them into his mouth. It alarmed the other devils, and they fled in all directions.

Beside the sacrificial altar, the devil gods of the devil race rushed forward to intercept the newcomers. Youdu Devil Gods were the ancestors of the devil race, and they only knew how to kill: they didn't have much intelligence. Numerous devil gods created a huge cover to trap the ancestor inside.

He roared and tried to destroy the cover, but he couldn't shatter it.

The devil gods summoned back the numerous devil divine arts practitioners. A hundred strong workers pulled a huge cart over and moved the cover inside it. They then pulled it away with all their strength. There were a thousand devil divine arts practitioners pushing the cart from the back as well. Their goal was to bring the devil ancestor to the frontline.

"Your army is too weak, and the devil ancestors you summoned are too hard to control. They only know how to swallow," Lu Li said indifferently. "If you want to borrow their strength to destroy the army of Supreme Emperor Heaven, it will end with devastation on both sides. The gains will not make up for the losses. When you conquer Supreme Emperor Heaven, it will be thoroughly destroyed, little better than your Luofu Heaven."

Fu Riluo's gaze wavered. "You should know my goal isn't Supreme Emperor Heaven, but the place of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens."

Lu Li looked at him with a smile that was not really a smile. "Fu Riluo, you want to use Supreme Emperor Heaven as a springboard, sacrificing it to connect Luofu Heaven, Supreme Emperor Heaven, and Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens. Your wish is to descend to that world."

Fu Riluo smiled silently. "Dao brother is also a devil. Don't you wish to see our devil race growing stronger?"

Lu Li was silent for a moment before shaking her head. "Your ambition is great, but your abilities are lacking; you will only bring trouble to yourself. However, I'm also a devil and will still assist you. You can't control the devil ancestors, but I can."

She swept her sleeves up, and the cover on the huge cart in the distance suddenly split apart. The devil ancestor inside roared angrily and jumped out. He roared toward the sky and hammered his chest in fury. Devil qi rushed out to him.

Fu Riluo's face changed, and the devil gods in the surroundings were also alarmed. They all rushed to the devil ancestor in a hurry.

Yet the devil ancestor suddenly rose into the air and flew over to Fu Riluo. He landed on the ground heavily and stood beside Lu Li motionlessly.

The devil gods rushed over, but Fu Riluo raised his hand. "Fall back."

He looked at the devil ancestor, and the green face and fangs of this ancient devil god. He was covered in extremely ancient markings that seemed to be carved on his skin.

Fu Riluo let out a shaky breath and said, "How many devil ancestors can Dao brother control?"

Lu Li's beautiful face blossomed with a smile. "I can control as many as you can summon."

Fu Riluo's three faces couldn't help changing their expressions. Lu Li's control over the devil ancestors meant that she could also make them attack his people and overthrow him!

The reason he didn't want to be related to the celestial heavens was because he wanted to preserve his ruling position. He was afraid that the devils might fall into the control of the celestial heavens, so he didn't ask that place for help. Instead, he summoned the devil ancestors of Youdu.

However, when he thought about it, he had been seeing it too simply.

The celestial heavens already had control over the devil ancestors of Youdu, which meant that they wanted to control all of the devils!

The moment Fu Riluo had summoned Lu Li, he was no longer in charge of the devils!

"Now you can tell me how to capture that youth with the surname Qin, right?" Lu Li said.

Fu Riluo composed himself and said, "It's not hard to capture him. Take the cities and seize the territories, go straight for the heart. As long as those people are humans, they will have weakness. The divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven that are afraid of death are not few in number, and more than a few of them have come to our side. One of them is even a god. As long as I give the command, someone will capture him and bring him to see me."

Lu Li's eyes lit up. "You have a spy in Supreme Emperor Heaven who's even a god? Who is he?"


Qin Mu stood in front of the Li city tower and watched the black tiger god leaping through the air as though he was flying. He brought the dragon qilin and Hu Ling'er back from the faraway devil territory. Along with them returned hundreds of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace's divine arts practitioners.

"Fatty Dragon seems to have become skinnier!"

Qin Mu's eyes lit up. While he was not around, the dragon qilin seemed to have actually become skinnier. Even though he still had a big tummy, it at least didn't touch the ground anymore.

Qin Mu was glad to see that. After a moment, the black tiger god reached the city gates and looked up to see him standing above. He immediately brought the dragon qilin and Hu Ling'er up with him and land beside Qin Mu. He then shook his body and transformed into a smiling youth. "Junior brother, you are finally back! Fatty Dragon, spit out your dragon bead to show my junior brother!"

The dragon qilin saw Qin Mu like long lost family. He was about to pounce over to ask for spirit pills, but after the tiger god's words he could only sit down obediently and spit out his bead. It was evident that he hadn't faced a lack of beating during this period of time, for he had become very obedient.

The bead rose into the sky, and instantly flames surged from inside it. The beat shone with multicolored light that had extraordinary splendor, lighting up the area of dozens of miles!

There was a dragon-shaped marking in the bead that swam continuously inside it. There was an abnormally strong water vapor fluctuation because of it!

Qin Mu cheered, but he was also feeling that something was strange. This dragon bead of the dragon qilin was much smaller than the other dragon beads he had seen before. It was only the size of a thumb, while the smallest dragon bead he had seen was the size of a fist.

'Isn't Fatty Dragon fire attribute? How is the dragon bead of water attribute? And it's so small… Could I have given him the wrong spirit pills?'

Just as he thought that, the dragon qilin spat out a bead which was like a blazing sun in the sky, emanating with blazing heat energy. Even Qin Mu felt a stinging pain when its light landed on him!

'Two dragon beads! No, the other bead is a qilin bead!'

Qin Mu was astonished at first, but then he understood what had happened. The second bead wasn't a dragon bead and had a strange beast marking in the shape of a qilin. It was standing on fire clouds with its mouth open for roaring.

The qilin bead was unusually big, almost the size of a round-bottomed basket that was two feet wide. Inside it was incomparably terrifying qilin fire!

Qilin fire was incomparably fierce, and its heat was outstanding. When Qin Mu looked at the qilin bead, he had a suspicion that the dragon qilin might have cultivated to Life and Death Realm.

'The dragon bead has water attribute while the qilin bead has fire attribute. Could Fatty Dragon be water and fire attribute...'

Qin Mu had a blank gaze. He only knew that the dragon qilin liked to eat fire attribute spirit pills, like Scarlet Fire Spirit and Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills, so he had never expected for him to also have a water attribute!

Now, one of the two beads was very large while the other extremely small. It was obvious it stemmed from the dragon qiling being picky about his food!

The black tiger god was proud of his achievements and said with a smile, "Junior brother, Fatty Dragon has eaten too many spirit pills which have all accumulated in his body, resulting in his corporeal body being fat. This fellow is also exceptionally lazy, so he has never cultivated before. He only cultivated by eating, so he kept growing fatter and fatter.

"When I brought him out and made him fight the devil brats, it squeezed out his potential and he was finally able to refine the energy from the pills into the beads and become skinnier. Here, I'll return Fatty Dragon to you. It's so annoying, during these couple days, I haven't found a single devil god with which I could fight to my heart's content!"

Qin Mu was full of gratitude and smiled at him. "Senior brother, thanks for the trouble."

The black tiger god smiled back. "I'm off! Don't start any trouble now and just wait here obediently for me to return! That's right, don't feed Fatty Dragon anymore Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills or Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills since there is still accumulated energy within his body. Once he finishes refining all of it, the qilin bead will become more than thrice bigger!" Once he said that, he leaped off the tower and vanished.

When the dragon qilin saw him leaving, he choked on his tears, unable to speak.

Qin Mu was very happy with the proceedings. "Fatty Dragon must have missed me so he's crying from being emotional."

Hu Ling'er hesitated for a moment, then said in a soft voice, "Young master, Fatty Dragon is crying cause he is hungry and because of the black tiger god's training. He finished all the spirit pills you left for him a long time ago, and he doesn't like to eat anything else. Yet the black tiger god kept making him fight with strong devil practitioners without giving him time to rest. Now that his oppressor is finally gone, he started to weep in grievance."

The dragon qilin nodded repeatedly.

Qin Mu took out herbs to refine pills and said with a smile, "I knew you would be hungry, so when I came back, I bought numerous spirit herbs. My biggest gain this time is still finding Fatty Dragon a cultivation technique! However, you also have the bloodline of a qilin, so Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique won't activate all of your potential."

He rapidly finished refining a furnace of spirit pills and handed it over to the dragon qilin. They were Water Element Divine Vitality Pills, the same spirit pills he had fed Jiang Miao.

The dragon qilin licked one spirit pill and instantly noticed that the taste was different. He held back his tears while eating that one, then put the rest away.

"Fatty Dragon, why didn't you eat all of them?" Hu Ling'er asked with curiosity.

"I'm scared of starving so I want to save some. Besides, the taste of this spirit pill isn't right; it's not Scarlet Fire Spirit Pill." The dragon qilin then turned to Qin Mu and asked carefully, "Cult Master, can you refine a few more buckets of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills?"

Qin Mu turned a deaf ear to him and summoned Jiang Miao. "Junior Brother Jiang Miao, teach Fatty Dragon Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique while I refine more Water Element Divine Vitality Pills to give the two of you."

Jiang Miao acknowledged and imparted Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique to the dragon qilin, explaining to him the parts that were difficult to understand.

The dragon qilin's comprehension wasn't bad; he was just too lazy. However, with the black tiger god's harsh training, he didn't dare to slack off and managed to learn what he was told quickly.

Qin Mu refined a few more furnace of Water Element Divine Vitality Pills and gave to Jiang Miao and the dragon qilin.

"Cult Master Qin, you are back!" Qin Yu's voice rang out, and he sprinted up the tower. He was next to them with a face full of smiles in a heartbeat. "Cult Master is a man of his word. I trust you will return that little dragon of mine to..."

The smile on Jiang Miao's face froze, and he looked over helplessly.

Qin Mu welcomed their guest and said with a smile, "Junior Brother Qin Yu, let me tell you a piece of wonderful news. That little dragon of yours learned a god technique that's very powerful, so he can definitely become a dragon king in the future!"

Qin Yu was elated and looked around. "Much thanks, Cult Master! Where's my good boy?"

"Junior Brother Jiang Miao, come. Junior Brother Qin Yu is calling you."

Qin Mu beckoned with his hand, and Jiang Miao braced himself before walking forward. Hu Ling'er's mouth dropped open, and she looked blankly as the youth walked toward Qin Yu. She kicked the dragon qilin and asked, "Fatty Dragon, do you have any popcorns

The dragon qilin shook his head.

Qin Yu stared with a blank expression at the youth who was walking over. The young man looked similar to him, just more handsome than him. Even though he was somewhat shy, he had an impressive appearance, and his abilities weren't weak.

"Cult Master Qin..."

Qin Yu turned his head to look at Qin Mu, his gaze full of astonishment, fear, helplessness, confusion, and not knowing what to do.

"Jiang Miao is that little dragon of yours, the son of Surging River Dragon King. He has cultivated Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique and won't have any problems in cultivating to a dragon god or a dragon king in the future."

Qin Mu took out a few sticks of incense and stabbed them in the tower's walls. "Now I returned him to you, you two can have a long chat."

He was about to leave when Qin Yu grabbed his sleeve and said helplessly, "Cult Master Qin, I lent you a dragon and you return me a..."

Jiang Miao grabbed his other sleeve, and Qin Mu felt helpless. He could only say, "I'll take charge and make you guys become sworn brothers, how about that? Junior Brother Qin Yu, how old are you?"

Qin Yu nodded in a daze. "I'm seventeen years old..."

Qin Mu looked at Jiang Miao, and the youth calculated for a moment. "I'm twenty thousand and eighty-seven years old."

"Your ages are just right, the difference isn't too big!" Qin Mu clapped his hands and said with a smile, "From today onwards, Jiang Miao will be Qing Yu's sworn big brother, and Qin Yu will be Jiang Miao's sworn little brother. Now things won't be too awkward! Come, you two can kowtow and become sworn brothers." After he said that, he pressed both of them to kneel down.

Jiang Miao and Qin Yu had blank expressions as they were forced by him to kowtow several times.

Qin Mu wiped away his cold sweat and quickly said, "Congratulations! Ling'er, Fatty Dragon, let me bring you two to meet some seniors of the dragon race. Let's go—"

Hu Ling'er wanted to continue watching the show, but she was placed onto the back of the dragon qilin and brought away by Qin Mu. Only Qin Yu and Jiang Miao were left in the city tower.

"Young master, I want to see how they will get along!"

Hu Ling'er was full of curiosity and turned her head back to look. Qin Yu and Jiang Miao were still facing each other, standing speechless.

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