Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 575 - Cult Master's Weird Friends

From Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, a young man with two deer legs walked out and raised his head to look around in utter astonishment. He muttered, "This world is much more vast than Eternal Peace. There are gods and devils everywhere... The brat had actually constructed such a bridge to connect to the other world; this is truly superlative craftsmanship. The little rascal clearly likes to create nonsense like this and isn't focused on cultivating. Making this bridge had to have taken him quite a while, so how did his cultivation still rise so quickly..."

"Leader!" One of the guards on the side pouted and whispered, "Look at that deer-legged youth. Is he the one on the portrait that Cult Master Qin had drawn?"

The guard hurriedly took out Qin Mu's painting and did a comparison. His eyes lit up. 'Exactly the same! However, the youth in the painting only has one deer leg while this youth has two deer legs. Is it him or not...'

While he was hesitating, he saw that youth begin to walk down the stone steps.

'No matter what, we should take him down first!'

The guard shot a glance to the other guards, and they all understood the silent command. They rose into the sky, and all kinds of divine arts and spirit weapons burst forth. Sword pellets, knife pellets, tall buildings, pagodas, huge cauldrons, and other spirit weapons came smashing down at a great speed and drowned out the deer-legged youth. Terrifying ripples spread in all directions, reverberating for a long time.

Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was of utmost importance to both worlds, so the ones guarding it were mostly experts. The lowest of them was on Life and Death Realm, while there were many of them on Divine Bridge Realm.

Everyone then retrieved their spirit weapons and quickly came to the bottom of the sacrificial altar to take a look. They saw white ground, but no trace of the deer-legged youth.

Astonished, they looked around. Light burst forth from their eyes and penetrated through everything in a hundred miles radius. Suddenly, they saw a deer-legged youth a hundred miles away, running forward with gentle steps.

"Let's shoot him with our divine eyes!" the guard ordered, and divine light gathered rapidly in the eyes of the numerous guards. They transformed into beams of light with astonishing power, and rushed toward the deer-legged youth.

He vanished just before the pupil divine arts hit his body. When he reappeared, he was another hundred miles away. By then, he was two hundred miles away from Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

Everyone was ready to use their pupil divine arts, but the deer-legged youth vanished again and could no longer be seen.

The guards looked at one another, aghast. They didn't know what to do next.

At that moment, they heard the sound of footsteps behind them, and a youth walked out from the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. A huge chest followed behind him.

It had several legs and clattered as it walked after the youth with delicate facial features.

"It seems like Cult Master Qin's chest, but this person isn't Cult Master Qin..."

Everyone was bewildered when the youth with eyes like stars spoke in a nice voice, "Is this Supreme Emperor Heaven? Where are the true devils?"

"Is little brother a person of Eternal Peace? Why would you be looking for true devils? If you want to find some of their kind, just head to the devil territory over there. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is currently training soldiers in Li City, so you may first want to go there and look for him. It would make things more convenient."

The youth shook his head, "I just want to collect the corporeal bodies and primordial spirits of some devil gods, so why should I find Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, this junior? The him now is still not worthy to be part of my collection."

He was about to leave when an old man full of wrinkles walked out of the bridge while carrying a huge chest and furnace of his back. He was full of smiles and looked quite happy.

'Why are all the people coming from Eternal Peace today weird?' All of the guards were bewildered. 'First it was a youth with two deer legs, next it's two weird men bringing along their chests…'

The youth had a drastic change in expression when he saw the old man carrying the furnace and the chest. His face turned incomparably dark. "Mute, I've been looking for you for a long time!"

When the old man saw him, his expression changed. The smile on his face froze. "Aba, ah, ah!"

"That's right, it's me, Xing An!"

Xing An's murder intent rushed to the sky, and he said coldly, "Although I no longer have the need to collect your parts, you trapped me inside for so long that I have to take revenge..."

"Mute, you run so fast!"

Light flashed from Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, and an incomparably sturdy man cloaked with an overcoat walked out. He carried a huge knife on his shoulder and spoke with a smile. "Your chest is still good, transforming into a boat for you to run around. I could barely catch up to... Xing An!"

"Heaven Knife!"

The corner of Xing An's eyes twitched, and the chest behind him suddenly pulled its legs back to hide behind him. It was obvious that it still remembered Butcher chopping it into pieces.

Xing An put his hands behind his back and said indifferently, "You have also broken through the divine bridge and entered the celestial palaces? One mute, one Heaven Knife, both gods, both enemies! Hehe, you can both come together."

Butcher's eyes lit up, and he laughed loudly. "Xing An, I've chased you through eighty thousand miles, but you still escaped. You are truly remarkable! That old fellow Village Chief says that your abilities are extremely strong, but it's a pity he's dead. However, you are still alive, so I wanted to meet you for a long time!"

Xing An gave a slight smile and said leisurely, "Human Emperor Sword God? He is no longer my match. Both of you can come together. I'll settle my debts with the two of you and go hunt some devil gods to enrich my collection."

Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge flashed again, and an elder dressed in green walked out with an extraordinary bearing as though he was a prince that was high above. He touched his iron ears and gave a sigh of relief after discovering that they were still there. He asked suspiciously, "Was this bridge really constructed by Mu'er? He is becoming more and more capable... Xing An!"

"Deaf, Xing An this brat has cultivated to godhood!" Butcher shouted out. "You are the weakest so be careful!"

Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge flashed again, and everyone's eyes lighted up when a peerless beauty walked out of the light. The sweep of her beautiful gaze caused everyone to fall into a daze.

"Xing An?" she cried out in astonishment.

"Granny Si, become older, don't make me lose focus!" Butcher shouted angrily. "Let's all go together and thrash this fellow!"

Another short elder walked out from Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge with a black dragon spear on his back. He said leisurely, "Xing An, what arrogance."

He was followed by a skinny elder with an honest smile. When he saw Xing An, his expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly turned to go back into the bridge. However, he was grabbed by the elder with the black spear and could only walk forward with him.

Xing An's gaze shifted from Granny Si's face and landed on Blind's body. He said coldly, "My old enemies are all here. I can send all of you on the way then."

Right then, a tall man wearing a bronze mask walked in while gasping loudly for breath. "You guys run too fast. I had to exhaust all my energy just to barely catch up. Why are you guys not running anymore... Eh? Xing An is also here?"

Xing An's face changed drastically, and he picked up the chest to escape. With a boom, his figure broke through the air and left behind a cloud of vapor. He sprinted over a hundred miles away before anyone could react.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at his speed.

Apothecary touched the mask on his face and spoke, sounding a little weirded out. "Why did he run so fast? I didn't even have the time to make a move..."

"Teacher Heaven Knife—" From Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, a booming voice rang out; it was deafening. "I see you, stop running! Green bull, run faster! Teacher, I have many things I want to say to you— you— you—"

Butcher's expression turned ashen, and he hurriedly said, "Ba Shan is catching up, let's run!"

Granny Si and the rest left with his words. After a moment, a sturdy green bull man that was over thirty yards tall descended from the sky with a peony flower in his mouth. His muscles bounced while he walked out from the light in excitement. In a moment, he was followed by another sturdy man who looked around while saying in delight, "Teacher's knife light is eye-catching, so he can't hide from me! Green bull, show your true form!"

The sturdy green bull man gave a loud moo and transformed into a green bull that was over a hundred and twenty yards tall. He was covered in green hair and dragon scales. The sturdy man jumped onto the bull's back, and it rushed into the sky.

The guards of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge looked at one another in dismay. After a moment, their leader let out a shaky breath, "There are really quite a lot of weird people today..."

Before he even finished speaking, the light flashed again, and one old and two young monks walked out of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. The old monk had a dignified expression as he walked with twenty heavens behind him. Several hundred eminent monks of all sizes and ages sat in them. Some of them were humans and some demons.

One of the young monks had a face like a full moon with a dignified expression. The other was sturdy like a black pagoda and held a khakkhara staff in his hand.

"Zhan Kong, ask the way," the old monk said.

The black-pagoda-like hairy monk walked forward and greeted the guards with one hand. He asked the one in the lead, "Road?"

That leader was confused, but still tried asking, "Good? Evil?"

"Good," the black monk replied.

"There!" The guard raised his hand and pointed in the direction of Li City.

The old monk strode in that direction, and the two young monks followed him down the bridge. While they walked, Ming Xin exclaimed in admiration, "Rulai, Senior Brother Zhan Kong is really straightforward in asking for the way. He managed to do it in just two words! This disciple has learned much."

Rulai Ma nodded and said, "He has great wisdom."

The guards saw them off with blank expressions, but before they could even come back to their senses, a few more old Daoists and nuns walked out from the bridge while surrounding a young Daoist.

"Is this the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge constructed by Old Devil Qin? His attainments in algebra have truly reached the peak!"

Numerous old Daoists and nuns took out all kinds of calculation tools. With no regard for the guards, they started to measure all kinds of rune markings on the bridge and began to discuss them in excitement.

The guards looked at one another in dismay, planning to ask the young Daoist about what they were doing when they saw him being even more excited than the old Daoists. He was measuring and calculating everything while muttering to himself. He seemed almost feverish, intoxicated with his work.

'The fellows of Eternal Peace are all weird people!'

The Daoists were still measuring when a few elders with immortal air came out with some young men and women. When they saw the daoists, one of them asked with a smile, "Dao Master Lin Xuan, what are you guys doing?"

"So it's seniors of Little Jade Capital! Senior Brother Muran is also here!" Dao Master Lin Xuan raised his head and said excitedly, "The algebra that Cult Master Qin used for this bridge is too astonishing. We are still calculating!"

Wang Muran smiled at him. "Dao Master, even if you guys calculate for a while, you might not be able to find all of the knowledge lying here. Why don't you just ask Cult Master Qin for the blueprints?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan came to the realization of his mistake and summoned all of the Daoists. He then said with a smile, "When we saw this bridge, we forgot that there might be a shortcut. That's right, has Senior Brother Xu Shenghua arrived as well?"

"After he returned from High Heavens, he went to Supreme Emperor Heaven, so he should have already reached this place. He must have gone to God Suppression Pagoda to see if he could pass the test of the young true god," Mu Qingdai said.

While bustling with conversations, they all headed towards the direction of Li City. It was obvious that some disciples had come here before, since they were familiar with the path and left the guards behind them in a daze.

"Were all those people Cult Master Qin's friends? They are all weirdos!" the guard in the lead muttered to himself. "How did such a good and normal person like Cult Master Qin make friends with all those weird people?"

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