Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 576 - My Name is Cha

"Truly a beautiful world!"

Wang Muran, Dao Master Lin Xuan, and the rest admired the magnificence of Supreme Emperor Heaven. There were two suns in the sky, which made them exclaim endlessly in awe. Far in the distance, huge sacrificial altars sent black light into the clouds. The group had no idea that such a thing was an abnormal sight caused by the descending of the devil ancestors.

"When I heard that the sun was unbearable to look at, I didn't dare to come," Dao Master Lin Xuan said with a smile. "Only now that Imperial Preceptor has begun his reconstruction did I dare to enter."

They came to the outskirts of Li City where many soldiers came over to check them. When they heard that they were divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace, they hurriedly said, "There have been numerous devils coming out recently, so we had no choice but to tighten the security, pardon us."

Wang Muran looked around and saw the army training outside the city. Battle flags were waving in the wind while divine arts practitioners were running like wolves and rushing through a huge formation like wild boars. Their cultivations were all remarkable, and their battle power was extremely strong, making him eager to test himself.

"Muran, calm down," Hermit Qing You said. "The legacy of Supreme Emperor Heaven is complete, and a level higher than that of Eternal Peace. Even though you have gained an inheritance from Fengdu, you are still inferior to the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven. If you want to exchange pointers with someone, you need to find a divine arts practitioner that's a realm lower than you."

Wang Muran was unwilling to accept that and shook his head. "Senior Uncle, besides Cult Master Qin, I haven't lost to anyone on the same realm in Eternal Peace!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan raised his eyebrows and gave a cough.

Wang Muran looked at him and spoke at a pace that was neither too fast nor too slow. "Does Dao Master Lin Xuan has any opinion?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan smiled and said, "If we haven't fought before, how do you know you don't lose to anyone?"

The light in Wang Muran's eyes grew brighter. "You are right. You and I are both leaders in Heaven Alliance yet we had never fought before. You are the Dao Master of Dao Sect after all, so your position is way higher than mine. I'm merely a student of Little Jade Capital. However, the higher you are, the less are you actually required to fight. I wonder if you can even fight anymore."

"You have fought many people, but they were all weaker than you. Sometimes, a battle with a strong practitioner can surpass a hundred with ordinary people. What does Senior Brother Muran think?" Dao Master Lin Xuan said leisurely.

The two of them were blazing with fighting spirit and were about to make their moves when an astonishing rumble rang out. They saw two female generals fighting in the formation; they were Princess Yuxiu of Eternal Peace and Saintess Si Yunxiang of Heavenly Saint Cult.

The two women were in charge of training different camps, and they fought fiercely from the first minute they clashed. Ling Yuxiu raised her foot to give a heavy stomp, and mud flew into the sky. Countless bolts of lightning instantly appeared in the sky, and they formed a huge whirlpool. Lightning green dragons danced within it.


The two women collided, and lightning struck around them. Ling Yuxiu swung her hammer, and countless lightning green dragons descended from the sky. Various divine arts exploded. Their power was so great that Wang Muran and Dao Master Lin Xuan's eyelids twitched furiously.

The path Ling Yuxiu had taken was the fusion of battle techniques and Dao spells. By hiding spell divine arts in her battle technique, she used lightning to refine her body, and her magic power was incomparably dense. The power of her divine arts was truly terrifying.

Si Yunxiang, who was fighting against her, had taken the path of hiding swords in her divine arts. She had inherited the strong points of Heavenly Saint Cult's divine arts, their strangeness and unpredictability. In terms of cultivation, she was inferior to Ling Yuxiu, but by combining all kinds of divine arts of Heavenly Saint Cult, she could burst forth with extraordinary power.

"How biased of Cult Master to impart Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique to you! Lassie Xiu, even if you kill me, I am still the genuine cult mistress!"

"Lassie Xiang, you are the cult mistress? I was the one that got married first, so you are the second one at most! We were childhood sweethearts with the cowherd boy and have long exchanged tokens of love. This huge hammer was given to me by him!"

"Pah! What kind of token of love is a huge hammer? Cult Master is then bound to me for life since he gave me his Junior Protector Sword!"

"Pah! You clearly extorted it from him and even sold it afterward!"


Dao Master Lin Xuan, Wang Muran, and the rest stood with their eyes wide-open. All kinds of divine arts and skills were exploding in the battle formations of the two girls. Their power was truly terrifying. It was just that they allowed their anger to get the better of them, and when the battle formations changed, they just continued to fight instead of following up.

Suddenly, a young girl with long braids came between the two of them and separated them. "Sisters, this is a practice and not a real life and death fight!"

"Sang Hua, are you going to interfere?"

The three girls fought until heaven fell and earth rent. Lin Xuan and Wang Muran looked at each other in astonishment, their hearts were heavy. They didn't recognize Sang Hua, but they were very familiar with Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu. These two girls were also members of Heaven Alliance, and even though they were outstanding, their abilities had been slightly inferior to theirs.

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang had entered Supreme Emperor Heaven earlier than them, and in just one month, their cultivation had improved to the point they would have never imagined. This really put a lot of pressure on them.

"Just a month of not seeing them, and we might not be able to defeat them. Why should we even fight over who is stronger?" Dao Master Lin Xuan smiled bitterly. "We should be obedient students and study Supreme Emperor Heaven's path of cultivation."

Wang Muran nodded. "For Princess Xiu and Saintess Xiang to have such drastic improvements in such a short time, there has to be a huge deficiency in Eternal Peace's cultivation system. As long as we patch this weakness, our abilities will also have a chance to take a large leap!"

The battle formation changed, and more troops came joined the battlefield. Dao Master Lin Xuan looked over and saw numerous Eternal Peace's scholars training with the troops. The abilities of Wei Yong, Qin Yu, Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong, and the rest had also improved tremendously. The rise in their battle prowess was extremely huge. This pressured the two young men even more.

"Xu Shenghua entered Supreme Emperor Heaven a few days earlier than us, and he is a very clever fellow. I reckon he has already grasped the marvel of Supreme Emperor Heaven's cultivation and passed the test of God Suppression Pagoda with ease."

They walked into the city and saw numerous school halls of Heavenly Saint Academy on both sides of the street. The scholars inside them were listening to the path of cultivation being taught by strong practitioners of Divine Bridge Realm and the gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

"Cult Master Qin really knows how to grab onto personal benefits!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan was stunned for a moment, then he said to the old Daoists and nuns beside him, "Our Dao Sect is too shut off. We have to learn Supreme Emperor Heaven's path of cultivation; otherwise, we will never be able to raise our heads from under the pressure of Heavenly Saint Cult. Cult Master Qin's methods are good, and as long as they're useful, we shall learn from them."

Dan Yangzi and the rest acknowledged.

After passing by a palace, they heard buddha voices reverberating in the air. Inside, eminent monks of Great Thunderclap Monastery were sitting in a hall. In the center of them was Rulai Ma. Numerous eminent monks chanted the buddha incantations and layers of buddha heavens hovered above their heads.

The twenty heavens became more and more real. The buddhas, gods, bodhisattvas on each heaven grew discernible, as if they were walking into reality from emptiness!

"Senior Uncle, what are they doing?" Wang Muran asked Hermit Qing You.

"Opening a passage to Buddha Realm," Hermit Qing You explained. "According to the records of Little Jade Capital, buddhism has its own world which is called Heavens of Buddhism. During Founding Emperor Era, numerous buddhas levitated heavenwards to Heavens of Buddhism and left Great Thunderclap Monastery. After Founding Emperor Era ended, the road to Buddha Realm was broken.

"With even the sky being fake, since it was a huge seal, it was natural for them to be unable to go to Buddha Realm. However, the world barrier of Supreme Emperor Heaven is incomparably thin, so Rulai Ma must be planning to open up the Heavens of Buddhism here and establish contact with the ancient buddhas."

"Rulai Ma is planning to find the follow-up technique to Rulai's Mahayana Sutra?" Long Yu asked.

Hermit Qing You nodded. "Most likely. Rulai's Mahayana Sutra can only be cultivated to twenty heavens. The moment anyone enters the buddha realm, there are no more follow-up techniques. Rulai Ma's has great ambitions so he must be doing this for the path of cultivation to the heavens after Rulai's Mahayana Sutra."

Dao Master Lin Xuan was very envious and asked Dan Yangzi, "Senior Uncle, does our Dao Sect have a Dao Realm?"

Dan Yangzi shook his head. "I've never heard of one before."

Dao Master Lin Xuan shoulders slumped, and he sighed. "When the ancestors don't work hard, the descendants suffer. Weren't the past Dao masters too indifferent to worldly rewards? If we don't work hard, we are going to be defeated by Great Thunderclap Monastery! How are we going to continue to be the sacred ground of Daoism? Dao Sect can't continue being so slack!"

Dan Yangzi whispered, "Dao Master, even though our Dao Sect doesn't have heavens like Dao Realm, we have gods that attained the Dao hiding in everyone else's heavens. This Supreme Emperor Heaven is also a big heaven, so it should have experts of our Dao Sect. As long as we find one, we will be able to complete the cultivation system of our Dao Sect's Daoism and make the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword complete. We can even receive the complete Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique..."

Dao Master Lin Xuan's spirit rose, but he soon became dejected once again. "There's definitely no experts of our Dao Sect here; otherwise, how would the algebra here be so bad?"

While they were speaking, a god of Supreme Emperor Heaven walked over while wearing a Dao robe and holding a horsetail whisk in his hand. With an air of an immortal, he asked, "Are fellow friends people of Dao Sect?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan and the rest of the Daoists of Dao Sect were overjoyed. Lin Xuan hurriedly returned the greeting and asked in a trembling voice, "Junior Lin Xuan is ashamed to be the Dao Master of Dao Sect. Is senior an expert who had attained the Dao of our Dao Sect?"

Delighted, the god of Supreme Emperor Heaven said, "You are indeed from Dao Sect! I'm also considered from Dao Sect. My name is Cha, while name in religion is Daoist Cha. I was originally a strange beast guarding the gates of Kunlun, but when the disaster struck, I followed Daoist Qing Tian to attain the Dao. After he died in battle, I remained in this Supreme Emperor Heaven."

All of the Daoists stared with their eyes wide open, not knowing what to do. Apparently, there was indeed an expert of Dao Sect in Supreme Emperor Heaven, but he was a strange beast who had guarded the gate before attaining the Dao. This meant that he wasn't proficient in Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique and Dao Sword!

That was because all of Dao Sect's ultimate arts were built on top of the foundation of algebra, and since Supreme Emperor Heaven's algebra was so bad, it was completely impossible for any profound algebra to have been passed down!

Daoist Cha had to have mostly relied on other techniques to attain the Dao!

The Daoists were all disappointed, but Dao Master Lin Xuan forced a smile. "It's been hard on Senior Cha these years. Could senior make things convenient for us and help our Dao Sect settle down? These few are Dao friends of Little Jade Capital, and they temporarily also don't have a place to settle down."

Daoist Cha smiled at them. "This is simple, Cult Master Qin and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor instructed that as long as those who come are friends from Eternal Peace, we must not be complacent. Come to think of it, you guys know Cult Master Qin, right?

"Truly a strange man, his reputation is illustrious in our Supreme Emperor Heaven and his position is extraordinary. I've heard he is even the Heavenly Saint Cult Master, born as a saint and the famous Overlord Body. Many people admire his reputation and so have gone to seek a place in Heavenly Saint Cult..."

Dao Master Lin Xuan looked at him with a weird expression while cursing in his heart. 'Isn't it just a devil cult?'

"Heavenly Saint Cult started from Heavenly Teacher who is extremely famous, but our Dao Sect can't be pushed down by them. That's right, before Daoist Tian Qing died in battle, he left some things with me. I have always kept them safe..." said Daoist Cha.

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