Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 578 - The Buck Headbutts while the Doe Blinks

Qin Mu took out Sun Jade Eye and Moon Jade Eye in a hurry and erected them behind him. At the same time, flags danced around him, confining all lifeforms in a radius of ten steps into the formation.

Those were teleportation flags. He needed some time to use the teleportation divine art so teleportation flags were much more convenient, since he could activate them in an instant and teleport further away.

He had made them escape any attacks from gods and devils so he would be less prone to falling into a situation similar to when he was captured by Fu Riluo.

Even though the teleportation flags were only slightly faster, the slight amount of time could save lives!

To his surprise, just as the teleportation flags swirled and the runes on them lit up, they suddenly exploded into pieces. The torn cloth fluttered in the air like butterflies. Only flag poles were left in the ground!

'The speed of a god is much faster than I anticipated!'

Qin Mu didn't waste any time as he activated the two jade eyes. The qi of supreme yin transformed into moonlight while the qi of supreme yang transformed into sunlight, and they were both incomparably intense. The two jade eyes were in his hands, and he was ready to welcome the enemy anytime.

The beams of the jade eyes were thick, and they would sweep through everything in front of him.

When the pupils of the two jade eyes expanded, they didn't have much power and could only be used as a light source. However, as long as Qin Mu's palms controlled their nerve system, he could change the formations within and condense the light of the two stars into one line!

The two lines of light had the power to injure even gods!

He had tested it long ago on the body of Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

Qin Mu examined his surroundings while saying in a solemn voice, "Could you be Goddess Tian Fenggou?"

"It is I."

A woman in snow white clothing slowly walked over into the moonlight of Sun Jade Eye, and she was a truly beautiful woman. Her hair was coiled into buns before being piled on top of her head, leaning slightly to one side.

The movement of her dress was captivating, and the palace cloth on her upper body was quite loose, but her waist was very slender, so slender that an arm could go around it.

She had a kind of different bearing, and her eyes were cold. It was as if there was nothing in this world that could move her heart.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. If such a woman made up her mind about something, it would be very difficult to change.

The silly roe deers beside him were completely unafraid of Tian Fenggou who was walking over. They continued to bite on his clothes while licking them with their tongues. There were even a few silly roe deers raising their heads to look at him curiously while a male roe deer bayed at him.

Qin Mu acted as if he was facing a great enemy and stared nervously at Tian Fenggou, not daring to miss any of her movements.

However, the roe deers were pulling too hard so he had no choice but to pull his clothes back out from their mouths.

"Yooou! Yooou—"

A few male roe deers were angered and they lowered their heads to headbutt him. One of them moved a step back after doing it once to gather energy once again while another followed in his steps.

Qin Mu stood as steady as a mountain and let the roe deers headbutt him over and over again. 'No wonder Grandmaster wanted to attach deer legs to himself; these roe deers are too good at tormenting people!'

Tian Fenggou swept a glance at the roe deers that were attacking Qin Mu, and her gaze fell onto the two jade eyes. "Doesn't Cult Master Qin owe me an explanation for killing my disciples? And all of them at once? I only had these few disciples whom I had taught diligently, and yet they were all killed by Cult Master Qin in one go. Even if you are the disciple of Heavenly Teacher, you still have to make yourself clear."

"Looks like Goddess Tian Fenggou has no idea what her disciples have done."

The nervous expression on Qin Mu's face vanished, and he let out a huge sigh of relief. With a sincere gaze, he said, "Fenggou, your disciple Guan He and the rest had submitted themselves to the devil race and tried to harm me. I had no choice but to be ruthless or my life would have been endangered."

Tian Fenggou gave an oh and said, "Cult Master Qin said my disciples submitted to the devil race, so you definitely have evidence, right?"

Qin Mu slowly moved back while holding onto the jade eyes. "Goddess Fenggou, please follow me."

He walked back step by step, the two jade eyes firmly held in his hands so he could react anytime. The dragon qilin also walked back while carrying the little fox. From behind, the nine silly roe deers were still headbutting them foolishly. They were very stubborn.

Qin Mu slowly moved back to the small mountain village and said solemnly, "Fenggou, please take a look."

Tian Fenggou looked at the corpse of the strong devil practitioner of Celestial Being Realm, and her pupils contracted.

"The traces of divine arts here belong to Fenggou's disciples, right? This isn't the divine art of one person, but five. Guan He had told me she fought bitterly with this devil expert and only managed to kill him after some effort so why are there divine arts of five people here?"

"It's also possible that Guan He wanted to claim credit," Tian Fenggou said indifferently.

"Can't Goddess Fenggou see the lethal blow on the corpse? You are a sword skill expert so you should be able to see it. For someone to stab the primordial spirit so swiftly, the two people have to at be an extremely close distance," Qin Mu said solemnly.

"From the expression of the corpse, he absolutely didn't expect Guan He to lay her hands on him, so he was shocked. Guan He was so close and he didn't put his guard up, allowing his primordial spirit to be slain, so how could the two have been enemies? Since they weren't opponents, they had to be friends. Goddess Fenggou's disciples had allied themselves with the devils. Is there any need for more evidence?"

Tian Fenggou's gaze flickered, and she said softly, "I need, I'm still slightly puzzled. Since they were in cahoots with the devils, why did Guan He had to kill that devil?"

"That's because she wanted to use the life of this devil expert to gain my trust," Qin mu said. "Only like that could she get close to me successfully. Goddess Fenggou, look again, are there any devil divine arts here? If it was a fight, why did this devil expert die before he could unleash even one divine art? With your eyesight, it surely isn't hard to see this."

Tian Fenggou was expressionless. "And then?"

"The traces of divine arts here show that the battle was very intense yet no divine art damaged this small mountain village here. They haven't even touched it. This means that the five of them were all involved. At that time, they had cast their divine arts from this small mountain village to destroy the scene. This certainly can be counted as evidence, right?"

Tian Fenggou let out a shaky breath and a smile spread on her expressionless face. She said softly, "Cult Master Qin is wise and impartial. Looks like my disciples have indeed submitted to the devil race. I was negligent in choosing my disciples and have nearly caused huge trouble."

Hu Ling'er's face was full of suspicion, but Qin Mu looked as though a burden had dropped off his shoulders and said with a smile, "I can't blame someone that's kept in the dark. The devils are the evil ones, and they are incomparably sly. Goddess Fenggou was only blinded by them for a time, you will realize it in the future and place righteousness before family."

Behind him, the silly roe deers were still headbutting him.

Qin Mu rubbed his buttocks that were searing with pain. 'These roe deers sure are ruthless and tough…'

Tian Fenggou was still smiling at him. "Since the misunderstanding is resolved, I won't be disturbing... Who's there?"

Her voice became slightly piercing to the ears, but just as she spoke, God Sang Ye's voice rang out. "Fenggou, don't be mistaken, it's me."

Qin Mu finally relaxed, and the hands that were holding onto the jade eyes loosened up. His palms were clammy from cold sweat.

Hu Ling'er also felt like a burden had dropped off her shoulders and said softly, "Young master—"

Qin Mu shook his head. "Not now."

He had noticed some time ago that the divine light given off by God Sang Ye had suddenly vanished from the sentry in Without Embroiling City. The god had to have discovered the activity here.

After all, Qin Mu had killed Guan He with the first form of Calamity Sword. Opening Calamity was extremely huge, and ten miles of sword light had burst forth nearly in an instant. It would have been hard for God Sang Ye not to notice something like that.

The god had seen this move by Qin Mu before, so he would definitely rush over when he saw it. That was because opponents that required Qin Mu to use Calamity Sword would definitely be remarkable enemies!

When he came over to check, it no longer mattered if Tian Fenggou was a spy for the devil race or not. Whatever the case, Qin Mu was safe.

When he had moved back step by step, walking to the small mountain village, it might have looked like he was explaining things to Tian Fenggou, but he had actually been doing that for God Sang Ye.

"So it's Senior Brother Sang Ye." Tian Fenggou relaxed, her expression calming down. "Cult Master Qin and I had some misunderstanding earlier, but it's all resolved now."

God Sang Ye walked over and said, "It's great that the misunderstanding is resolved, but there's a matter that makes me very confused. Why did all the disciples of Senior Sister Fenggou submit to the devils? It'd be normal if one had done so when faced with a choice of life and death, since it's hard for one to stay true to good or evil in such situation, but when a whole family betrays their land, it's somewhat strange."

Tian Fenggou raised her eyebrows and said, "What does God Sang Ye think about this?"

God Sang Ye walked past Qin Mu and stopped before Tian Fenggou. "When all five disciples submit to the devils, it's hard not to suspect that master might have done so as well. Fenggou was once the mistress of Coupling City, right? One thousand and five hundred years ago, when it was invaded, only you and a small number of your people lived.

"On the other hand, when my Nearing City was invaded, even though my whole family died in battle, leaving only me and my daughter as sole survivors, I had protected quite a number of Nearing City's commoners. There were ten times more survivors."

He put his hands behind his back. "There's also Adorning, Returning, Concording People, Great Possessing, and other god cities that I know about. There were many more survivors in them than in Fenggou's Coupling City."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he looked at the palms behind God Sang Ye's back.

They were making some strange gestures which meant that the situation was urgent and they should leave immediately.

'Could God Sang Ye not be Tian Fenggou's match?"

Qin Mu was astonished, but he still gave a cough. "Two gods, I still have some matters to attend to so I'll be taking my leave now."

The direction in which he was leaving was in God Sang Ye's shadow. As he moved back step by step, he never stepped from Sang Ye's back, as this was the only way he could avoid Tian Fenggou's gaze.

"Cult Master Qin is planning to go to Without Embroiling City? Are you sure God Sang Ye is not the traitor? Why did my disciples that had betrayed us stay so close to Without Embroiling City? The one guarding the sentry is God Sang Ye, and if he's the traitor, you will just be delivering yourself into the enemy's hands. There will definitely be a devil god waiting there for you. You are so clever, so you won't put yourself in any danger, right?"

Hu Ling'er's head became heavy, and she felt that her mind just wasn't fast enough. She asked in a low voice, "Young master, which one of them is the traitor?"

Tian Fenggou spoke again. "God Sang Ye had initiated building a sentry in Without Embroiling City, right? The sentry is right in the devil territory, and it has already been more than half a month since it was finished, but there have been no devil gods coming to find trouble. Is your luck just that good, or is there something else?"

Qin Mu stopped, his head also feeling heavy.

It was indeed strange that no devil god had come to find trouble with God Sang Ye even after he had built a sentry in the devil territory.

Tian Fenggou continued. "Even though not many people of my Coupling City survived, there were still two other gods besides me. How many gods of your Nearing City survived? Not one besides you, right? Could they all have died under the hands of devil gods?"

"Where are those two senior brothers that walked out from Coupling City with you? According to what I know, even though they left the city, they died in the battle for Without Embroiling City. And just like that, you are also the only one that had survived Coupling City," Sang Ye said calmly.

Hu Ling'er hugged her six tails. "Young master, I'm already giddy..."

Qin Mu looked at her. "Me too... But, there's still one method to determine who's the traitor, and that's to go to the ruins of Without Embroiling City. If God Sang Ye is really a traitor, there will definitely be strong practitioners of the devil race waiting for us to deliver ourselves there. If there aren't..."

Just as he said that, a huge body descended from the sky on his right.

It was a devil god!

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched slightly. He had seen this devil god twice before. The first time was in the battle of Nearing City where he had killed everyone in Sang Ye's family!

The second time was in Li City. On that day, he and Sang Hua had been brought to Li City by the black tiger god, and Sang Hua had kept staring at that devil god.

He had flame markings on his body, and his eyes were like two dancing fires!

When he descended, the three god existences stood like the three legs of a tripod.

"Devil God Huo Chaluo came from your Without Embroiling City, right?" Tian Fenggou said in a soft voice.

God Sang Ye's pupils contracted suddenly, and he gritted his teeth. "Huo Chaluo killed my whole family besides my daughter! How could I submit to the devil race, to him?"

Huo Chaluo frowned slightly. His voice boomed and shook the forest. "Now that the matter has come to this, why do we still need to hide when we are two against one? Just shed all pretense and end this quickly. Respectable King Fu Riluo can no longer wait to see this brat with the surname Qin!"

The surroundings went silent.

After a moment, Tian Fenggou laughed gently. "Cult Master Qin likes to deduce the truth from clues, so I wanted to play with him, to laugh at him and play with his heart. Isn't that what a devil god likes to do?"

Qin Mu's blood went cold.

Tian Fenggou smiled and said, "Huo Chaluo, you shall take down Cult Master Qin. I will send God Sang Ye on his way."

Huo Cha Luo turned his head to look at Qin Mu ho moved back nervously. He suddenly heard a thump and felt a searing pain as one of the silly roe deer headbutted him again. In anger, he drew his sword and placed it on the neck of the male roe deer while saying ruthlessly, "Hit me again and I'll kill you!"

Tian Fenggou chuckled and pounced at God Sang Ye. At the same time, Huo Chaluo bent over with a grin as he stretched his hand out to grab Qin Mu. "You were that black shadow in Nearing City that day? You were the one who protected the lassie of Sang Family, right? How heroic, I couldn't even kill you. However, trying escaping now?"

The roe deer under Qin Mu's sword suddenly burst apart, and an incomparably breathtaking knife light shone through the forest. It even split apart the sky. The knife light passed through Huo Chaluo's palm and neck, leaving behind an incomparably fine black line in the sky!

The thinnest of the black line was inconceivable, like there was none of it.

It looked like space had been sliced apart and didn't have the time to heal!

The breathtaking knife light then suddenly stopped before Qin Mu's neck, and a tall and sturdy elder stood up from the roe deer skin that had split apart. He was fierce-looking and had a messy beard that grew furiously in all directions.

The elder's face was full of anger, and he held the knife at Qin Mu's neck while grumbling furiously, "Mu'er, so what if I headbutt you? Cripple, Blind, and Mute were the ones that kept headbutting you. I just did it once and you wanted to kill me! Tell me, aren't you biased? Do you think they love you more dearly than I do?"

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