Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 579 - Improper Origins

Qin Mu hurriedly pulled back his sword and looked at the tall elder in front of him in surprise and delight. He cried out happily, "Grandpa Butcher!"

Before he even finished speaking, the other roe deers burst apart, and their figures rushed into the sky to intercept Tian Fenggou who was rushing at God Sang Ye. Her sword light was already stabbing forward, so she had no time to change her move.

A long spear transformed into a black dragon to disturb the sword light. Tian Fenggou's body trembled violently. The black dragon kept aiming for the backbone of her sword moves, causing her magic power to be cut off repeatedly and making it tough for her to unleash her power.

She was proficient in the sword path, and her attainments in the sword skills could be considered top one or top two in Supreme Emperor Heaven. Of course, that was before Qin Mu had established access between Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace. When Eternal Peace's sword skills were imparted to Supreme Emperor Heaven, her sword skills could no longer be considered at the very top.

In Eternal Peace Empire, there were way too many experts whose sword skills surpassed hers.

What made her terrified was that the black dragon spear could actually break her strength with little power, shattering her magic!

The stars in the sky shone and weaved Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield. The moment she and the black dragon spear collided again, it suddenly crashed against her chest.

This was an unusual kind of divine art that used stars and astrology as a divine art.

In regards to the transformation of divine arts, Eternal Peace's divine arts surpassed Supreme Emperor Heaven by way too much.

Tian Fenggou vomited blood with a grunt and stepped back in a hurry Suddenly though, she felt a chill in her heart. At some point in time, the elder with the knife had come behind her. By backing, she had walked right into his knife, stabbing herself through the back.

The power of the knife wasn't strong, so it was obvious that the honest-looking elder was only proficient in backstabbing. He was lacking real power in his moves.

Tian Fenggou swept her sword backward, but before the sword light could sweep the elder behind her, another old man—this one carrying a furnace—hit her with a hammer!

Flames rose from the furnace on his back; the strike had actually been incomparably heavy. Its power was terrifying. From that one strike, Tian Fenggou's bones and tendons broke, and she tumbled to the ground before bouncing back up and landing down again for a couple of times!

Her abilities were exceptional, even surpassing those of God Sang Ye, so she still wasn't dead. She knew she had fallen into an ambush and was definitely not a match for so many experts, so she immediately chose to escape.

She leaped a hundred miles away, then turned around to see an incomparably tall elder raising his palm to sweep the sky.

Tian Fenggou was stunned. The elder had a pair of bright iron ears and incredibly tall. He was much taller than true gods and devils, and he could actually fold up the space in which she was in!

'It's impossible for him to have such terrifying magic power…'

As she thought that, she realized that the iron-eared elder wasn't folding up space. Instead, after she was severely injured by the old blacksmith, she had fallen into a painting.

Now, she was fleeing through it.

Tian Fenggou immediately executed her divine sword to tear open space, and the painting instantly tore apart. One sword light flew straight for the face of the iron-eared elder.

He looked incomparably tall, and his abilities were world-shaking, but his abilities were actually lacking as well. When he saw the sword light rushing over, he knew he couldn't fight it and turned to leave.

The black dragon spear suddenly struck forward and scattered the move of Tian Fenggou's divine sword.

She jumped out of the painting and met a sturdy man wearing sable fur and riding a green bull. His knife skills were matchless, and his moves were complicated. He was using knife skills she had never seen before, and the spells hidden inside them had extraordinary power!

She had underestimated it and instantly suffered. The knife light flashed, and her right hand which was holding the sword got severed by brute force. Blood spurted and scattered in the air.

Tian Fenggou grunted and caught her sword with her left hand. She was about to stab at the sturdy man riding the green bull, but she saw a peerless beauty clenching her palm. With her move, space broke down and shrunk. Tian Fenggou's body instantly flew towards the palm against her will.


The old blacksmith rushed over and struck her head with his hammer, stunning her while the short elder broke the moves of her divine sword with his black dragon spear. The sword lights turned weirdly in the air and stabbed her chest.


Her face smacked against the palm of the peerless beauty, and Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force exploded, turning her face into a bloody mess.

The hands of the beauty moved quickly, sliding through her body as they sealed her primordial spirit and soul.

Tian Fenggou fell to the ground with her primordial spirit unable to escape. It was sealed in her broken body.

She still hadn't breathed her last, but her gaze was dim. At that moment, a bronze-masked man rushed to her side and stabbed silver needles into her body. As he spoke, his voice sounded further and further away. "With me around, she can't die. Don't worry, we can just restrain her soul and pull it out for interrogation later."

God Sang Ye stood in a daze, not knowing what had just happened. Before he could even fight Tian Fenggou, she was already settled by the weird newcomers.

However, Tian Fenggou had been an extremely powerful existence. Even though her power was inferior to that of a true god, she wasn't too far from it. He was definitely not her match.

Sang Ye was prepared to sacrifice himself for righteousness at any time, but it was a pity that Qin Mu would most likely have to die with him. Luckily though, the weird people had popped out from somewhere and fought messily until they severely injured Tian Fenggou and sealed her.

Otherwise, he and Qin Mu would have definitely died.

To the side, Qin Mu carefully pushed away the huge knife next to his neck. Butcher grunted, and the huge knife remained in its place.

Qin Mu pushed again, but Butcher still didn't allow for it to be moved. It was obvious he was still angry.

"Grandpa Butcher, you had cloaked yourself with the skin of a roe deer. Granny's spell is so exquisite that I couldn't see through it and didn't know it was you. If I knew, I wouldn't have held the sword to your neck..." Qin Mu said carefully.

"I don't care!" Butcher said coldly. "I raised you up painstakingly yet you want to kill me just because I hit your buttocks. My heart is dead!"

Behind him, Huo Chaluo's five fingers suddenly separated evenly and fell to the ground like meat pillars.


A strange sound came from Huo Chaluo's throat, and he slowly pulled back his arms. He touched his neck shakily, trying to maintain his balance. He didn't dare to move too fast, so his every action was very careful.

However, before he could even touch his neck, his head lost its balance and slid off to the side.

Huo Chaluo's hands became even faster, and he made a grab for the head!


A loud clap rang out as his two hands collided above his neck. When his head fell to the side, blood spurted from his neck, dying his hands red.

"What a quick knife—"

Huo Chaluo's head let out an ear-piercing scream and tumbled two rounds on the ground before flames in his eyes finally extinguished.

Qin Mu was very envious and praised, "Grandpa Butcher's divine knife has reached perfection. I'm inferior."

"Stop licking my boots!" Butcher had a gloomy face, and his hand didn't move at all. His knife was still held at Qin Mu's neck. "You're biased and don't love me! You love Mute, Cripple and Blind, those three scumbags, but not me! I saw them having fun hitting you, so I tried it once and you wanted to kill me!"

"Junior brother!" Ba Shan jumped from the bull's back and ran over in delight. "Junior brother, you made teacher angry? Teacher has agreed to take me back in as a disciple, but his request is for me to lower my voice a little and talk less.

"When everyone said they were going to look for you, I said that little junior brother was too smart so he would never get into any trouble, and see, there was no problem at all! Teacher Heaven Knife, why are you holding the knife to Junior Brother's throat though? Put it down, we are all one big family, so we can talk things out..."

Butcher swung his knife and it landed on Grand Chancellor Ba Shan's shoulder. He immediately shut his mouth. His face was all red from holding back his words.

"Senior Brother Ba Shan, Grandpa Butcher had only feigned his death and didn't kick you out of his family, so why did you have to formally become his disciple again?" Qin Mu asked in puzzlement.

Ba Shan came to a realization and pushed the knife away. His voice suddenly become twice or more louder as he shouted in anger, "Old man, you tricked me!"

Butcher's ears trembled from the vibration, and he looked at Qin Mu in fury.

Qin Mu rubbed his buttocks that were still sore.

Blind, Mute, and Cripple were truly ruthless—his buttocks were almost messed up.

'I should have long suspected something when these silly roe deers kept headbutting me. Grandpa Mute, Grandpa Blind, and Grandpa Cripple are the meanest, and even Grandpa Butcher has been brought astray by them....'

Blind walked over with his black dragon spear. Upon reaching Qin Mu, he grinned. Qin Mu looked at him with a black face and went to find Granny Si. Blind scratched his head and said angrily, "Butcher, you betrayed me!"

Butcher felt somewhat guilty and scratched his head. "When did I? Old Blind, stop accusing me for no reason."

Deaf walked over and said, "I've heard everything. You betrayed Blind, Mute and even Cripple."

"You are deaf, what can you even hear!" Butcher burst into laughter from extreme anger.

The huge hammer in Mute's hand transformed back into sword pellets that flowed back into the chest. He brought it over and said righteously, "Aba, aba!"

"Well said!" Cripple clapped. "Butcher's mouth has no lock on it!"

Butcher rolled his eyes and pulled the knife away from Chancellor Ba Shan's neck while saying pleasantly, "Ba Shan, this old man can't win against them in talking, so come help me argue!"

Ba Shan's two fists crackled from him clenching them, and he walked with big steps to the front of everyone. He cleared his throat and was about to open his mouth when God Sang Ye said, "Are seniors from the celestial heavens?"

"Seniors? Celestial heavens?" Blind raised his head and looked at this god. He chuckled. "We are from Great Ruins and not celestial heavens. First, may I ask how old senior brother is?"

God Sang Ye smiled. "Great Ruins was Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens once. I'm twenty thousand and eighty-four years old."

Blind leaned back with a grunt. "I'm five hundred and sixty-two years old..."

Everyone suddenly felt they were very young and filled with energy.

Qin Mu came to Granny Si's side and saw her levitating Tian Fenggou with her magic power. She was using the spells inside Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to pull out the primordial spirit of Tian Fenggo to interrogate it.

Apothecary was refining medicine at the side, using anesthesia for the soul to lessen Tian Fenggou's ability to resist.

Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had numerous extremely strange spells. They often looked like they were of the devil path, but they could also be understood with a righteous mind. Qin Mu had done his studies in this field.

When God Sang Ye looked over, his heart shook a little upon seeing Granny Si's spells. 'These friends from the celestial heavens seem to be from improper origins. They are even so proficient in spells of the devil path... En, Cult Master Qin also seems like he's from an improper origin..."

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