Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 580 - Emperor's Throne Technique

Qin Mu looked excitedly at Granny Si's divine arts. The nine elders of Disabled Elderly Village all had their strong points. Besides here beauty, Granny Si was known for the exquisiteness of her spells.

However, since what she cultivated was the devil path, she hadn't been willing to teach Qin Mu too many spells. She only let Village Chief, Butcher, and Old Ma teach him.

Afterward, when Qin Mu become the young cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, she had imparted Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to him and allowed him to comprehend them by himself. She didn't teach Qin Mu any techniques or divine arts.

This was mainly because she walked the devil path and her comprehension of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was slightly askew. She hoped that if Qin Mu followed Deaf, Old Ma, and the rest in cultivation and reading the classics, he would have a more proper comprehension of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

Qin Mu was originally indifferent to righteous or devil, but later, he realized that both were born from the heart. When intentions were devilish, no matter how righteous the spell was, it would still be devilish. And if the intentions were righteous, then no matter how devilish the spell was, it would still be righteous. That was why he had basically no problem with going between righteous and devil.

After that, Qin Mu discovered that the struggle between righteous and devil was the struggle of the heart while the one between god and devil was the struggle of standpoint and survival, so he became even more indifferent to the struggle of righteous and devil.

In the past, when he fought with Great Thunderclap Monastery, Dao Sect, and the other sects, he had long ago abandoned all prejudices and didn't place the struggle of righteous and devil in his heart.

Now, he had even opened the divine treasure of the devil path and was halfway into the devil path. His horizons were even broader than before.

This was growth.

A person usually grows up unknowingly, not realizing it themselves. But when they look back, they would notice that they were growing all the time, their mind becoming more mature.

Even if God Sang Ye was a god that stood high above, his horizons might not be superior to those of Qin Mu.

Other than personal aptitude and comprehension, opportunities were also a part of it. Ever since he was young, Qin Mu had undergone the nurture of the Disabled Elderly Village's Nine Elders, then had left Great Ruins just at the time of Eternal Peace's reform, If his birth and experiences in Youdu and Fengdu were added, his horizons could be said to have risen to an extremely high height.

Granny Si finally seized the primordial spirit of Tian Fenggou from her body, It was bound, so she couldn't escape. If it did, it could take over another person's body or even grass or tree spirits.

If the god took someone's body, it would be possession, and if she took the body of a grass or tree spirit, it would be different cultivation.

"Which one of you is going to interrogate her?" Granny Si asked while turning her head back. "She definitely knows many secrets of the devil race, so it would be very useful for Supreme Emperor Heaven if we could get that information out from her. My methods are too cruel and aren't suitable for interrogating her; she's a beauty after all."

God Sang Ye was introducing himself to Blind and the rest when he heard that and shuddered. He took a glance at Tian Fenggou's body. 'Truly ruthless. This woman first flattened Tian Fenggou's chest before flattening her face as well...'

His gaze fell on Granny Si's face, and he found it hard to avert his gaze. In his heart, the thoughts of finding a step-mother for Sang Ye suddenly popped up, but he hurriedly composed himself. He shifted his gaze away, not daring to have any improper thoughts.

"We should hand the matter of interrogating Tian Fenggou to True God Pang Yu. Tian Fenggou is a god of my Supreme Emperor Heaven after all, and she was also a leader with a high position. It would be a bit out of place if we interrogate her privately."

Cripple chuckled and said, "Why be so troublesome? Let Apothecary feed her some insects and she will definitely confess to everything in just two hours."

"We can also ask Grandpa Blind to use his black dragon speed to separate the spirit embryo and the soul of her primordial spirit, turning her into an ordinary human!" Hu Ling'er said excitedly.

Blind stroked her little head and said with a smile, "This spear of mine is called Long Tuo. It's not a black dragon spear."

"That's right!"

The black dragon spear on his back suddenly came alive and swam around the little fox. The black dragon with only its bones left slowly said, "My name is Long Tuo, and I'm a dragon king of the devil race. And you are completely right, my lord and I can indeed separate her soul from her primordial spirit, though that would be abnormally painful."

Hu Ling'er examined Divine Spear Long Tuo and suddenly thought of an idea. She hurriedly raised her hand up with sparkling eyes. "I still have, I still have! I thought of another idea! We can ask Grandpa Mute to smelt her in his furnace to turn her primordial spirit into water before pouring molten iron on it. We'll see if she will talk or not!"

'This little fox is also not easy to deal with!' God Sang Ye shuddered and hurriedly said, "Let me bring her away for interrogation. Gentlemen, I will be leaving first, Without Embroiling City is just in front of us, so may you guys help me guard it for two days!" After saying so, he grabbed Tian Fenggou's body and primordial spirit and left in a hurry.

"Granny, Grandpa Apothecary, why have you all of you guys come to Supreme Emperor Heaven?" Qin Mu immediately asked.

Granny Si raised her hand and stroked his head. Qin Mu immediately lowered his head so Granny Si could continue stroking with a smile. "You've grown even taller and are about to catch up to Apothecary. If you grow a little higher, Blind will only be able to reach your waist."

Blind wasn't very happy to hear that. "Granny, my body is still growing. Did you see God Sang Ye just now? He's twenty thousand years old and his height is terrifying. It shows that the longer you live, the taller you will grow!"

Granny Si rolled her eyes at him. "Blind, your intelligence is also only so high. Mu'er, we came to see you and to look at the methods of cultivation here, to see if we can find a way to break through. We have all reached our bottlenecks, and the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven that you had sent to Heavenly Saint Academy were quite useful. We watched them and learned a little, but if we wanted the whole cultivation system, we still needed to come to Supreme Emperor Heaven to look for more profound methods."

Qin Mu had indeed discussed with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and True God Pang Yu to dispatch some young divine arts practitioners to Eternal Peace to learn the paths, skills, and divine arts. At the same time, they could impart the techniques of Supreme Emperor Heaven to Eternal Peace, patching up where the cultivation of Eternal Peace's techniques was lacking.

With the divine arts practitioners on both sides complementing each other, they could all advance at astonishing speed.

However, that only applied to divine arts practitioners. To people like Granny Si who had already patched her divine bridge and entered the celestial palaces or strong practitioners that were about to enter the celestial palaces, that wasn't enough.

After all, the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven that headed to Eternal Peace to seek knowledge usually didn't have high cultivation. Furthermore, Granny Si and the rest required a god level cultivation system.

Qin Mu pondered it for a moment, then said, "In that case, who is in charge of Heavenly Saint Academy now?"

"Heavenly King Shi, Heavenly King Yu, and the rest of them. There's also a few elders there," Granny Si said while chuckling. "The scholars of Supreme Emperor Heaven are very dumb and pitifully stupid. They couldn't learn algebra no matter what, so it's best to let the elders and heavenly kings of Heavenly Saint Cult have the headache. God Sang Ye asked for our help in guarding Without Embroiling City so let's head there."

Qin Mu nodded. Everyone was chatting and laughing with one another, so he also quickly forgot about his bloody buttocks and played around with Blind, Mute, and Cripple.

The green bull saw the four short legs of the dragon qilin, and his eyes lit up. He scampered over and stood up like a human to walk a couple rounds around him.

The dragon qilin's face turned dark, but he didn't say a word. He continued to walk forward.

Divine Spear Long Tuo transformed into the skeleton frame of the black dragon and rattled as it swam in the air. Coming to Hu Ling'er's side, it thrust its head and lifted the little fox while asking with curiosity, "They have a grudge?"

"How is it only a grudge? It's hatred for a seized wife!" Hu Ling'er whispered.

She told everything she knew, about how the grudge between the dragon qilin and the green bull had started from the time Qin Mu had entered Imperial College. The green bull was a flirtatious fellow, but he just had to be blind and thought that the dragon qilin was a female. He harassed him every day when he passed by the mountain gate and even gave him some flowers and grass.

The dragon qilin knew he couldn't defeat Ba Shan, so he could only suffer in silence before bewitching Qin Mu to knock out the green bull with anesthesia. Qin Mu had refined Lost Fragrance, and when the imperial physicians of Hall of Supreme Healing learned of it, there was quite a havoc.

Only then did the green bull learn that the dragon qilin was a male and was sad for quite some time before going off to flirt with some little cows happily. Of course, the two strange beasts began to feud after such events.

"The green bull thought the dragon qilin is a female, but he's a male, so isn't this like the hatred for a seized wife?" Hu Ling'er said.

The black dragon trembled his skeletal frame and said in astonishment, "They actually have such a past?"

The dragon qilin looked down, looking calm, but he was twitching his ears.

The green bull sneered. "What are you twitching your ears for? Damned fatty, you were very slim and looked like a female; why have you become so fat now? I can't even see if you are walking on your feet or rolling on your stomach. Look at me!"

He bent his arm and all the muscles on his body popped out as he sneered. "These are muscles, and what you have is only fat! Fighting makes you bold and powerful only when you are like me. Each of my punches uses all of my muscles, and every strike is powerful!"

The dragon qilin narrowed his eyes and opened its mouth, spitting out a qilin bead that had a radius of two feet. The bead blazed furiously in mid-air, lighting up the surroundings.

The green bull shuddered and fell back a step, transforming back into a big green bull. With his tail tucked between his legs, he slipped back to Ba Shan's side.

The dragon qilin opened his mouth to recall the qilin bead and sneered. "Fats? Do you know how much effort it took to refine such a big qilin bead?"

Hu Ling'er whispered, "Fatty Dragon, gaining a small advantage will do, know when to stop. If the two of you really fight, you might not be able to defeat that bull! You've eaten fewer spirit pills than the number of fights he's been in with Ba Shan. Be careful or he'll see that you are just strong on the outside."

The dragon qilin shivered with fear. He knew that the bull was a battle maniac like Ba Shan. His speed was faster than his, and his endurance was better as well, so if they really fought, he might not be his opponent.

'I need to cultivate Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique more. If this bull sees that I'm not his match, he will definitely be coming to beat me up!'

He executed Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique and trained diligently. Qin Mu saw this and he felt incredibly happy. He said with a smile, "I no longer need to worry about Fatty Dragon, he knows how to cultivate by himself. That's right, Bull Two!"

The green bull hurriedly ran over and said with a smile, "Little old master, please speak! Little old master has forgotten, I'm Bull Three. Ling'er is the big sister, Fatty is Dragon Two and I'm ranked third. However, I'll be able to get rid of the dragon qilin soon and be ranked second!"

Qin Mu smiled. "You have the Green Dragon's bloodline too, right? I have received a technique not long ago that it's even more powerful than Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. It's the number one technique I have seen in my life. Since you have the bloodline of the dragon race as well, I shall teach it to you."

The green bull was delighted and said while choked with emotions, "Little old master is so good to little cow. Little cow has nothing to give in return. I can only pay back little old master's benefaction by offering my life in sacrifice!"

"You saved my life in the golden palace and I still have yet to thank you. How can this little thing be worth anything?" Qin Mu said with a smile.

He went through Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, and not only was the green bull was enthralled, but even Butcher, Granny Si, Blind, and the rest were intoxicated.

"Great technique!" Butcher let out a shaky breath and said solemnly, "A god technique that has never been seen before! Mu'er, this should be a technique that could reach Numinous Sky Hall of the celestial palaces and ascend to the Emperor's Throne, right?"

An intense sense of danger grew in the dragon qilin's heart, and he cursed silently to himself. 'How will it be good once this damned bull learns Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique? Won't he be able to beat me to death? That can't be! I need to cultivate, and I also need to eat more Water Element Divine Vitality Pills!"

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