Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 583 - The Opening of the Third Eye

Qin Mu continued to explore the ruins of Without Embroiling City with Granny Si and the rest. All of them had something in which they were proficient in so what they could see from the remnant of divine arts was different. Everyone discussed it together, and Qin Mu benefited quite a lot.

Even though he had comprehended his technique and entered the path, every aspect of his body was much inferior to those of Granny Si, Blind, and the rest.

This was mainly because his technique cultivated all aspects of his corporeal body, primordial spirit, and vital qi, so he was definitely not as fast as Blind, Mute, and the rest who specialized in a single field. He also didn't have the time to research and study everything as in depth as they did.

However, when Blind and the rest discussed, it was beneficial to everybody since they could improve themselves by accepting criticism from outside. On top of that, they were all strong practitioners that had reached the extreme in a certain field.

From the divine arts left behind by the gods and devils of Supreme Emperor Heaven, they also saw what they were lacking and could verify with one another.

"Granny, I have already combined all of the cultivation systems of Supreme Emperor Heaven and comprehended the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique that could train the whole body!"

Qin Mu sent out his vital qi so that it would form the inner structure of the human body. He showed the path of vital qi circulation of the divine eyes, the brain, the dantian, the four limbs, the bones, the spirit embryo, the five elements, and the six directions and the seven stars without any restraint.

Granny Si, Blind, Butcher, Mute, and the rest were instantly lured over and examined the structure of the human body in detail.

The more they looked, the more astonished they became.

There was a hidden space in Qin Mu's divine eyes which exhibited the circulation structure of the divine eyes. There were also different structures of vital qi circulation in the brain which were used to strengthen their power. No matter if it was hands, legs, skin, or even the five viscera and six bowels, all of them had detailed paths of vital qi circulation.

Meanwhile, in the divine treasures, the vital qi circulation followed each marvel. The combination of the spirit embryo and soul borrowed the flow of vital qi to strengthen the primordial spirit. The vital qi in Five Elements Divine Treasures was separated into five elements while the Five Elements Gods sat in their shrines in the five stars. The vital qi everywhere moved according to a different circulation path.

In Six Directions Divine Treasure, earth qi of the land was flowing at a great speed, transforming into earth magnetic force.

Seven Stars Divine Treasures controlled five element stars, sun, and moon, unifying all of their strength to support the primordial spirit.

Not only that, the fusion of Qin Mu's spirit embryo and soul was inseparably close with the corporeal body. In this way, it formed his vital qi circulation throughout the whole body. When the vital qi in the primordial spirit used the same path of circulation, he could cultivate his primordial spirit at the same time as he cultivated his corporeal body!

The path of circulation of Qin Mu's technique was a three-dimensional structure, and it was extremely exquisite. In every organ of the corporeal body, profound theories were hidden, forming the three-dimensional technique system. The cultivation method of any organ could easily be taken out and used as a technique to cultivate a certain aspect to god realm!

What was even stranger was that Qin Mu had unified these incomparably detailed techniques with the method of fusing the primordial spirit and corporeal body like he was separating the wheat from the chaff. Complicated techniques which should have been impossible to fuse together were fused into one by him.

This was Qin Mu's greatest feat!

"This Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique of Mu'er is really matchless!"

Granny Si, Cripple, and the rest exclaimed in admiration, feeling like the clouds had parted and they finally got to see the sun. In the past, they had cultivated one aspect diligently and pushed them to the god realm. They had run out of road forward, and they didn't know how they were supposed to cultivate the other parts of the body at the same time.

"Mu'er, this technique is difficult in that it's complicated during circulation. When cultivating according to normal techniques, we would need dozens of different techniques to achieve what he was able to simplify into his technique."

Butcher sighed in admiration. "The most crucial point is that he managed to fuse his primordial spirit with his corporeal body. The five element stars correspond with the five viscera and six bowels, the sun and moon correspond with his eyes, and the six directions land transformed from the spirit embryo corresponds with his dantian. In this way, he unified all the techniques."

Granny Si nodded. "This is then the most exquisite point of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. Without this kind of method to fuse the primordial spirit and corporeal body, he wouldn't have been able to unify the techniques. Mu'er, did you learn it from the gods and devils of Supreme Emperor Heaven?"

Qin Mu's face turned dim, and he shook his head. "I comprehended this method from First Ancestor Human Emperor."

"First Ancestor Human Emperor?" Everyone in Disabled Elderly Village was instantly full of energy, and they praised the man endlessly. "The senior indeed has remarkable abilities. This kind of cultivation method solved the huge problem that has been plaguing us for years!"

As he listened to them, Qin Mu felt even more depressed.

Butcher and Granny Si were right. The reason why his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique could become such a success was because of the fusion of the primordial spirit and corporeal body who had become as inseparable as if they were one.

And it was something which he had learned from First Ancestor Human Emperor.

He had chosen defeating First Ancestor Human Emperor to be his goal, which was why he had entered Supreme Emperor Heaven and worked so hard. He comprehended diligently and learned the strong points of the gods and devils there.

Yet he had never expected that the thing that would allow him to have a huge breakthrough would still be something from First Ancestor Human Emperor.

He wanted to defeat him, but even if they were on the same realm, it was very very difficult.

However, he had a way!

"Granny, Grandpa Butcher, this is only half the circulation path of my Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique," Qin Mu said suddenly.

The elders were busy observing the shape of the vital qi human body in detail and learning what was useful to them. Butcher was slightly stunned when he heard Qin Mu's words and cried out, "This is only half of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique?"

Qin Mu nodded, and the vital qi human body in front of him instantly changed. Divine treasures of the devil path appeared, and the circulation path split into two, displaying the technique of the devil path.

Everyone's heart trembled violently; they were speechless.

Divine treasures of the devil path—this wasn't something that humans could cultivate!

There were actually two kinds of divine treasures in Qin Mu's body which were unified by him. The two corresponded with each other, and the vital qi in them also circulated similarly!

Blind turned his head and looked at Qin Mu. His eyes were fast as lightning, and Qin Mu didn't hold back. He opened up his divine treasures of the devil path to let him check them out. He exhibited his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, but it wasn't showing off. He was truly sincere about wanting to help the people of Disabled Elderly Village to comprehend his technique and break through as soon as possible, without straying into the wrong path as much as possible.

Everyone also surrounded him and examined him in detail. They studied for a long time, but even Butcher didn't manage to gain anything.

"I can't learn it." Having suffered a setback Butcher shook his head, "I'm not the overlord body. You guys won't be able to learn it either. That old fellow Village Chief was right—Mu'er is the one and only overlord body."

Even if Qin Mu showed the methods of his techniques, they couldn't learn anything. This was because they had no divine treasures of the devil path.

Blind examined the youth for a long time before settling his gaze full of suspicion at the willow leaf-shaped mark on the heart of Qin Mu's brows. "Mu'er, even though your techniques are extremely exquisite, the technique inside your divine eyes seems to be incomplete."

Qin Mu nodded and told them about how he was cut off by the devil experts when he was comprehending his divine eyes. Blind smiled and said, "I see. However, you have one more eye, so not completing the technique of the divine eyes might have been a good thing. I can help you complete the technique of your divine eyes! Give me some time, and I promise I'll open this eye in the heart of your brows!"

He was excited and eager to get into action.

Qin Mu had always had suspicions about the eye that had suddenly appeared at the heart of his brows. "This eye might not be due to the technique. Since it had appeared so suddenly, I'm afraid there would be danger in me opening it."

Everyone went forward and looked at the eye in the heart of his brows. Apothecary checked it carefully and shook his head. "This is a devil eye that is refined from the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of the devil path, so it shouldn't be much of a problem. You can just open it. If Blind can't complete the divine eyes technique, I can help you force it open."

Everyone threw him to the side and continued to examine the vital qi human body, comprehending the marvel of it.

In a little while, they returned to the sentry post and went to comprehend by themselves, tidying up their own techniques. Qin Mu show of the circulation system of his technique had brought them greater benefits than what they had gained from observing the ruins of Without Embroiling City. It allowed them to see a shortcut to break through their bottleneck!

Granny Si's algebra wasn't extremely great, and her advancement was the slowest. She could only seek knowledge from Blind and the others, so everyone had gathered together to combine all their strong points and discuss various ideas with one another. Hu Ling'er had followed Deaf to learn calligraphy and painting for a time, so she had also learned algebra from Blind, in which she was quite accomplished. Because of that, she mixed among them and learned their techniques.

Chancellor Ba Shan also joined, and everyone advanced even faster.

When the sky grew bright once more, everyone finished with many benefits.

When Qin Mu was done with breakfast, he saw that Granny Si, Blind, and the rest had discussed their ideas the whole night. They were polishing the gathered strong points of everyone which they had forged into the foundation of a technique, so he didn't disturb them and just called Hu Ling'er over to eat.

"Cult Master, I want to eat Water Element Divine Vitality Pills." The dragon qilin bit his basin and brought it over. "I want half a bucket!"

Qin Mu was beyond overjoyed and praised him, "Fatty Dragon has really grown up. Let me give you one bucket!"

The dragon qilin was also overjoyed. When Qin Mu finished refining spirit pills, he turned around to the green bull. His eyes lit up, and he asked with a smile, "Bull Three, what pills do you eat?"

The green bull also hadn't slept the whole night, having cultivated Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique. However, he was still full of vigor. He walked over and bowed. "Little old master, I don't eat spirit pills. Cultivation that relies on spirit pills results only in excess fats."

Qin Mu smiled at him. "Spirit pills can raise your cultivation quickly, and if you cultivate diligently, you can refine the excess medicinal energy in them. Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique consumes a lot of energy, so if you don't make it up with spirit pills, you will damage your corporeal body, and it'll wither, posing a threat to your life. You have the bloodline of the green dragon which has the wind and lightning attributes, en... I'll prescribe you Wind Lightning Sun God Pills! Wait a moment!"

The green bull was delighted and hurriedly said, "Little cow is moved to tears. If little old master can add some fragrance of flowers, that would be even better."

Qin Mu nodded and matched herbs to create Wind Lightning Sun God Pills. He then asked for some flowers and grass from the green bull and refined the pills. An unusual fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

The green bull tasted pill and was overjoyed. He praised Qin Mu endlessly, then immediately went to cultivate.

The dragon qilin felt his blood run cold and hurriedly finished all of the Water Element Divine Vitality Pills before going away to cultivate. But as he did so, he suddenly came to a realization. 'That's not right! Cult Master seems to have grabbed hold of my weakness. He first imparted Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique to the green bull and now even refined pills for him. This is forcing me to work hard! Could it be... my Human Rearing Scriptures!'

He took out Human Rearing Scriptures in a hurry and let out a sigh of relief. 'I am too paranoid.'

Qin Mu and Hu Ling'er sat down to eat breakfast, and he took out a small booklet through which he flipped leisurely. Hu Ling'er hurriedly said, "Young master, after you finish reading it once, you must burn it. You can't let him know that I had copied it."

Qin Mu nodded and continued to flip through the pages with a sneer. "This Fatty Dragon, to play me like this me. Luckily I've discovered it early, or I would have become his medicine boy! Ling'er, don't worry, I won't betray you."

Suddenly, Blind's voice rang out full of delight. "Mu'er, I have patched all the incomplete parts of your divine eyes! Come and try to cultivate them!"

Qin Mu put down his bowl and chopsticks. He hurriedly went over, and Blind used his vital qi to exhibit the circulation path of his technique. He said with a smile, "The few of us did some research and we feel that this is the way to awaken your third eye. Look at it first and see if there's anything missing."

Qin Mu checked it carefully. The path of the divine eyes that Blind and the rest had completed made up for what his divine eyes were lacking. On top of that, they had even added a vital qi circulation technique for the third eye.

He calculated carefully and shook his head. "Grandpa Blind, I can't see anything missing."

He recorded the vital qi circulation path and instantly executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique according to it.

Everyone looked nervously at the heart of his brows, waiting for this eye to open.

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and dragon roars reverberated from his vital qi coming to the heart of his brows. Suddenly, from the willow leaf-shaped mark, a drop of black blood flowed out.

Then, the eyelids retracted to both sides, opening the eye.

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