Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 584 - The Doomsday of Without Embroiling City

At the heart of Qin Mu's brows, the willow leaf-shaped eye gradually opened. From the gap, dazzling light in the shape of butterfly wings leaked out.

"How pretty!" Granny Si couldn't resist crying out in admiration. Yet even though the butterfly wing-shaped markings were gorgeous, there seemed to be something extremely terrifying hidden within them.

Butcher, Blind, and the rest came forward to check it in detail. Qin Mu was executing his technique, and the vertical eye gradually opened wider and wider. It looked like Qin Mu's head was becoming a huge butterfly!

Of course, this butterfly had grown in front of his forehead.

Suddenly, Butcher and the rest felt terrifying pulses as though there was some terrifying monster waking up in the abyss, gradually opening its blood-red eye!

"What is that?"

Butcher, Blind, and Mute were the first to come back to their senses after releasing waves of divine might!

They had sensed a threat, and their bodies had reacted on instinct. Butcher's speed was the fastest, and with a clear cry, his divine knife soared up and made a circle before hanging still in the air.

Mute was next, and a beam of flames rushed into the sky from the forging furnace behind him. The flaming pillar swirled furiously and scorched the air scarlet red.

Blind's speed was slightly slower. Divine Spear Long Tuo rattled as it shook and transformed into a black dragon coiling around his body, waiting to strike while accumulating power.

Next was Granny Si who had also involuntarily released her aura. Countless stars had appeared behind her, forming Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield to fight against the terrifying pulses!


Cripple turned and ran, creating a hundred miles distance between them. Only then did he realize something. 'It seems to be coming from Mu'er's body and not from some terrifying monster...'


Ba Shan drew his knife and looked around in alarm while shouting, "Where's the monster?"

He was also a great master. Even though his knife skills weren't comparable to those of strong practitioners like Butcher, he had still created a faction of battle spells and was also extremely sensitive to the danger.

Deaf and Apothecary had blank expressions. It was especially so for Apothecary who had completely no idea what had just happened.

Deaf's cultivation had not yet reached the god realm. He had only cultivated to the middle of Divine Bridge Realm so he hadn't even started on the patching process. His problem was that he was intoxicated with the path of painting and paid no attention to the affairs of the world, so his reaction was somewhat slow.

Apothecary had finally broken through his Life and Death Wall two years ago, but he was still on it. He didn't view his cultivation highly, so it rose very slowly.

Only after Qin Mu had spread out Secrets of Magpie Bridge, Secrets of Mysterious Guide, and Secrets of Divine Crossing that he began focusing on cultivation. However, he still had many women around him who delayed the advance in his cultivation.

The two of them were the slowest, but they also soon realized that something was wrong. The pulses that had suddenly went past them seemed to come from an incomparably terrifying monster that was gradually waking up. Yet the source of them was the third eye that Qin Mu was currently opening!

Everyone looked toward the heart of his brows. Light was still bursting forth from it, becoming more and more gorgeous. Within it, a black figure could be seen.

It was very tiny as though it was a baby. However, it was stepping on light and slowly walking out of the depths of Qin Mu's third eye. As he walked, it was also continuously growing and becoming bigger. Soon, it filled up Qin Mu's whole third eye!

"Mu'er, stop executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!" Butcher shouted loudly as though he was facing a great enemy. "There's something weird in your eye! Stop quickly!"

Yet it was already too late. The black figure had already filled up Qin Mu's vertical eye and was about to walk out.

"I feel like I'm filled with power..." Delirious ravings came from Qin Mu's mouth. "Power to destroy everything!"

When he said that, the elders of Disabled Elderly Village felt their blood run cold. They could hear two voices speaking at the same time!

They had overlapped while coming out from Qin Mu's mouth.


The sky vibrated violently as the light coming out from the third eye distorted space. Terrifying power leaked out and caused the space to be unstable. Cracks began to appear continuously among the rumblings of thunder!

Because of the devils' actions, the space of Supreme Emperor Heaven was not too stable to begin with, and it could easily be torn open. However, it wasn't something that ordinary divine art practitioners could do; one needed to at least have the power of a god.

Yet the power from Qin Mu's eye was actually causing the space in the surroundings to crumble continuously. The densely-packed cracks stretched without end!

There dozens of divine arts practitioners within the sentry post of Supreme Emperor Heaven. When they saw cracks spreading out, they fled in a hurry. The dragon qilin who was training diligently hurriedly raised his head and also jumped away when he saw a crack rushing toward him.

The crack tore apart the land on which he'd been standing moments earlier, and instantly, a long ditch that stretched for over ten miles appeared. It was still growing deeper and deeper!

The dragon qilin shuddered, and Hu Ling'er leaped onto his head. She shouted, "Fatty Dragon, run! Young master is revealing his true form!"

The dragon qilin scrambled away in a hurry, leaving world-shaking explosions behind himself. Hu Ling'er turned back to take a look and saw the green bull also escaping for his life. Behind him was the sentry post which was three hundred yards tall and covered a hectare.

The explosions were from the sentry tower.

It was distorted by the cracks in space and split into countless pieces. Each chunk of rubble was floating in a different piece of shattered space!

Soon, more explosions rang in the air as the divine arts left behind by the gods and devils in the ruins of Without Embroiling City were touched. It resulted in a chain reaction as they burst forth one after another. Fireworks bloomed in the shattered space and looked abnormally beautiful. The sight was indescribably pretty.

Hu Ling'er didn't have the time to admire it. Her gaze was fixated on the butterfly wing-shaped light. It left her slightly disappointed. "Young master isn't a fox spirit, but a butterfly spirit..."

Qin Mu stood on the ground that was crumbling around him non-stop, making him sink down. The same thing was happening under Butcher, Blind, and the rest until fire-red magma was beneath them!

The ruins of Without Embroiling City sank underground. Huge rocks and dilapidated walls fell into bubbling magma that burst in flames.

Everyone tried their best to stabilize themselves. Butcher, Mute, Blind, Granny Si, and Ba Shan worked together to fight against the torn space, protecting Apothecary and Deaf while Cripple just kept shuttling to and fro among the shattered space, trying to get close.

Everyone was astonished by the events.

Blind stretched his hand out to grab Divine Spear Long Tuo. The spear moved along with his body, and in an instant, he struck out with countless spear images, blocking the dangerous power in the space surrounding them. He shouted, "Butcher, help me reach him so I can seal the eye!"

Butcher grabbed his Heaven Knife and rushed to his side. "Granny, Mute, you guys protect the others!"

The two of them allied together and closed in on Qin Mu step by step. However, with the space being split apart continuously, crossing the distance between them and Qin Mu wasn't an easy task.

The two of them tried their best to rush forward, past the strange power breaking the space around them. Butcher suddenly looked down and saw the entire Without Embroiling City sinking into the magma. There was only a sea of fire below them.

Incomparably strange devil qi suddenly poured out from it. The devil qi was different from the one in the devil territory of Supreme Emperor Heaven. That one was only a kind of spirit qi that was contaminated by devil nature while the devil qi from the sea of fire was more primordial, ancient.

It was Youdu devil qi!

It was obvious that the monster in Qin Mu's body had awakened and torn the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead, connecting reality to Youdu!

The two elders slowly closed in on Qin Mu until they were only three to six yards away. However, this distance seemed incomparably far, and the two of them pushed through only with extreme difficulty. Butcher's knife and Blind's spear were both fixed in the air by a strong power which they couldn't fight!

Their corporeal bodies creaked from the power pressing on them from all directions. Blind's body became even smaller, and Butcher also became much shorter.

The two of them nearly became round as balls. Butcher roused all his strength to pave the way for Blind, and blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. Blind used that moment to with stab with Divine Spear Long Tuo toward the third eye of Qin Mu with trembling hands.

He was a formation expert and his art of sealing was extremely high. However, hs spear could not touch the heart of Qin Mu's brows.

"Mu'er, wake up!"

Blind gritted his teeth and pushed Divine Spear Long Tuo forward with difficulty. The skin on both of his hands had started to rip, and droplets of blood seeped out from the ripped skin that was being vaporized.

"Butcher, I can't hold on any longer..." A mouthful of blood poured out from Blind's throat as he spoke with difficulty.

The dragon head of Divine Spear Long Tuo also let out a cry. "My lord, I also can't hold on much longer..."

The tip of the spear had already started to break down, and Blind's hands were shaking bad. The flesh and blood on his arms were also falling apart.

Right then, Qin Mu raised his palm and grabbed the jade pendant on his chest, tugging it off.

"Don't throw..." Blind said in a soft voice with difficulty.

Qin Mu's expression was indifferent. He opened his fingers and let the jade pendant fall into the sea of fire below.

Despair filled everyone's hearts. Cripple traveled rapidly through space to grab the jade pendant, but it was already too late.

At that moment, magma suddenly churned as two sharp horns with nine bends rose from it to reveal a majestic god with the head of a bull and the eyes of a tiger.

Cripple hurriedly avoided him while crying out, "Earth Count!"

"Earth Count, you are ruining my plans again!" Qin Mu said with anger.

Earth Count grabbed the jade pendant and sent it up with a pointed finger. The jade pendant touched the heart of Qin Mu's brows and sealed the devil eye.

The pendant vanished then, having entered Qin Mu's third eye.

The abnormalities in the surroundings suddenly stopped, and the torn space returned back to normal. The magma Earth Count's body crumbled, falling back into the boiling magma.

Qin Mu also fell, and Blind hurriedly threw Divine Spear Long Tuo. It swam while changing into the skeletal frame of a black dragon to catch the youth. It then soared into the sky and landed outside the ruins of Without Embroiling City.

Blind spat out a mouth of blood while Butcher, Granny Si, and the rest took in a deep breath before coming out from the ruins and landing on the ground.

Qin Mu had fainted with his third eye shut. Cripple ran over in a hurry and looked at the fainted youth with lingering fear.

"The thing in his eye, it's still there? Why don't we open his eyelid to check..."

Everyone glowered at Cripple, and he hurriedly shut up.

Granny Si muttered to herself for a moment before saying, "Even though that weird thing in the eye was sealed by Earth Count, we still have to make sure..."

She stretched out her trembling hand to open up the eyelid of the third eye. Yet before she could reach it, it opened up by itself.

Astonished, Granny Si fell back, while Qin Mu sat up. He looked at her with bewilderment. "Granny Si, why are you guys all crowding around me?"

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