Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 585 - Enemy

Butcher, Blind, and Mute crowded up to look at his eyes with bright and emotion-filled gazes. They observed his third eye without blinking.

Suddenly, they heard a loud boom and saw Cripple having run a hundred miles away. When he turned back and saw Butcher and the rest still surrounding Qin Mu, even he who usually had an astonishingly thick skin couldn't help blushing in shame and running back.

Everyone knew he was timid yet they didn't make fun of him. Instead, they were all focused on examining Qin Mu's eyes.

His eyeball rolled around, and he muttered, "Granny, grandpas, what are you guys looking at?"

Granny Si looked at his vertical eye with extreme attention, but she didn't discover any abnormalities within it. She could only see that the pupil had a butterfly pattern. The vein lines were also different, their structure like that of butterfly wings. Furthermore, they were moving and changing continuously.

"Mu'er, do you really not remember what happened just now?" Granny Si asked.

Qin Mu pondered over it with some bitterness, then his eyes suddenly lit up. "I remember!"

Everyone couldn't help becoming nervous when the youth began speaking again with a smile. "I executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. When I circulated to the third eye according to the divine eye technique that Grandpa Blind had completed, I felt a wave of boundless power flooding through me as though I was omnipotent. Then..."

He scrunched his brows and sank back into deep thoughts. There was blankness in place of what had happened after. It was as though he had lost a part of his memories.

This wasn't the first time it had happened. In Fengdu, when King Yama had unsealed his jade pendant, it had happened once. Afterward, when Fu Riluo had unsealed his jade pendant, it had happened again.

This time was unrelated to the jade pendant, yet he had lost some memory as well.

"Jade pendant... Where's my jade pendant?"

Qin Mu suddenly felt his scalp crawl, and he hurriedly stood up. He searched his body, his limbs going cold. In a trembling voice, he said, "My family heirloom is gone... Bah, it's not a family heirloom. The jade pendant crafted by Earth Count to suppress my devil nature is gone! Granny, Grandpa Blind, have you guys seen my jade pendant... Grandpa Cripple, you must be the one who took it! Stop playing or a curse will come! Return it to me quickly!"

Cripple shook his head. "I didn't steal your jade pendant, but the curse has indeed come."

Qin Mu trembled violently, and he froze in a daze. Only now did he notice a huge pit in front of him.

Where Without Embroiling City had once stood, there was an incomparably huge abyss. Boiling magma covered the ground there.

The sea of fire was terrifyingly vast.

"The power of this curse had to have been terrifying. It's a hundred times worse when I had fallen into Fu Riluo's grasp..." Qin Mu muttered.

"Mu'er, Earth Count had shown up and placed your jade pendant in your third eye," Granny Si said while walking over. "You should get your bearings first. Let us go over there to discuss some matters."

Qin Mu nodded with a blank expression.

Granny Si took a glance at Blind who was instantly alerted. He was about to flee, but Butcher and Mute squeezed him between themselves. One grabbed his left arm and the other his right.

"What are you guys doing?" Blind was brought away by them without his feet even touching the ground. He cried out, "We are all from the same village, so what do you guys want to do? Leave some face for me! Mu'er, Mu'er..."

Butcher and Mute brought him away with faces full of smiles. Qin Mu turned around and wanted to ask what was happening, but Granny Si smiled gently at him. "Mu'er, we're going to discuss some things. You don't have to follow, just rest up for now. Cripple, Deaf, let's go. Ba Shan, follow us as well."

Everyone left.

"Don't go overboard, no need to be rough. We meet regularly, and you all took part in creating the technique for the divine eyes. When I taught it to Qin Mu, you guys were all on the side, nodding in approval... You guys really beat me... Cripple, you dare to beat me? Ba Shan, I'm your senior uncle, our relationship is the best... You guys are biased! Qin Mu caused the trouble, so why don't you guys beat him? Mu'er, Mu'er, save me!"

Feeling suspicious, Qin Mu took out a mirror to examine the eye in the heart of his brows. It looked normal; he couldn't see anything special about it.

'What exactly is the use of this eye?' he wondered.

After a moment, everyone returned to the side of the abyss satisfied. Blind's face was bruised and his clothes were disheveled.

Qin Mu turned his head back and said in astonishment and delight. "Granny Si, I executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique just now and finally discover the secret of this third eye!"

The hair on Granny Si and the rest's bodies stood up on ends. They were about to escape, but when Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and nothing terrifying happened, they let out sighs of relief, secretly ashamed.

Qin Mu was full of excitement as he showed them what he'd noticed. "When I execute this vertical eye I can see the boundless Youdu, what is below everyone's Life and Death Realm. I think I can use this eye to tear the Youdu of the Life and Death Realm to snatch my opponents' life away!"

Butcher gave a cough and said, "Mu'er, killing people with a stare isn't too good, is it? It's damaging to the natural order of things and is harmful to the secret virtue. It's still better to slay them with a knife. This eye of yours, it's best not to use it."

Granny Si, Blind, and the rest nodded repeatedly. Cripple then said, "If you could stab them in the back, it would be even better than staring them to death with your third eye."

Qin Mu was puzzled. "Isn't it the same?"

"Of course it isn't the same. If you use this eye, I'm afraid—" Ba Shan said in his loud voice.

Butcher placed his knife on Chancellor Ba Shan's neck with a solemn face, and he immediately shut his mouth.

Qin Mu looked at them suspiciously.


"Fu Riluo, do you feel it?" Lu Li sensed the terrifying energy coming from Qin Mu's third eye which caused the space to distort. She then said in a low voice, "This is the power of the son of Youdu! I can assist you in coming to rule Supreme Emperor Heaven, but you need to assist me in getting him! If I get my hands on him, what kind of power will I have?"

Fu Riluo looked in the direction of Without Embroiling City with a grave expression. He could also feel the terrifying pulses that burst forth from Qin Mu when he lost control. "Huo Chaluo is dead. Could it be related to him? Tian Fenggou, don't disappoint me..."

Away from them, devil gods from Youdu were leading a Youdu monster army toward Li City. When Qin Mu lost control, the bodies of the devil ancestors had frozen. They looked in the direction from which Qin Mu's aura was coming in fear.

The monster army of Youdu also started rioting. They were extremely terrified and didn't dare to move forward. Instead, they all turned to flood back, trampling each other.

In an instant, the Youdu monsters were everywhere, and some monsters disliked their comrades for running slow. They laid their weapons on them, and the devil army erupted with chaos!

On top of that, the devil ancestors turned back to flee, running away in all directions. They wished for nothing more than to return to the depths of the darkness in Youdu.

They held deep fear for Qin Mu who'd lost control. Even though they were muddle-headed and didn't have much intelligence, they could never forget the large baby that had massacred and eaten their comrades!

Suddenly, Lu Li screamed loudly, and ineffably strange Youdu language came from her mouth. The devil ancestors calmed down and stopped running away. They restrained the Youdu monsters and killed all the deserters.

Not much later, the magma clone of Earth Count appeared and sealed Qin Mu. Once the terrifying aura vanished, the Youdu monsters stopped fleeing in all directions. They reorganized the army and continued to head east.


In the world of the devils, Saint Woodcutter and twenty-five gods from Great Ruins raised their heads to look at the sky. They could sense the abnormal movements coming from Supreme Emperor Heaven even in Luofu Heaven where they were staying right then.

"It's the devil nature suppressed by the jade pendant that has erupted." Saint Woodcutter let out a shaky breath and said in a low voice, "Luckily I didn't undo the seal on the jade pendant directly. I heard he was born in Youdu and knew something was wrong..."

"Who is the one that Heavenly Teacher is talking about?" one god asked..

Saint Woodcutter felt a slight headache. "My little disciple... Let's not talk about him and continue."

The twenty-five gods became busy again, forging huge, pyramid-shaped sacrificial altars in Luofu Heaven.


In Li City, Brilliance Injured City, and the rest of the places, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, True God Pang Yu, and the rest of the gods could also sense the terrifying pulses. They flew into the air and looked in the direction from which they came in astonishment.

"Looks like the direction of Without Embroiling City! It's at the sentry post!" God Sang Ye cried out. "Crap! Cult Master Qin and those strange Dao friends are still there!"

At the same time, light flashed in Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. A youth and a three-legged god with wings walked out, and they immediately sensed the out-of-control, violent aura. Astonishment appeared on their faces.

"Why did that Qin Mu lose control now? If he starts to massacre the people here, it won't be easy to lure him into Eternal Peace..." Young Master Qin's gaze flickered, but soon Qin Mu's violent aura vanished, and he let out a sigh of relief. He smiled and said, "That's right, good boy."

Suddenly, Sun Sovereign cried out, "Young master, I can sense my hand!"

He raised his right arm which was missing a hand!

"That Heaven Knife that chopped off my right hand is in Supreme Emperor Heaven! He is actually not dead yet!" Sun Sovereign's expression changed slightly, and he sneered, "I cut him in two, and he still survived!"


Beside the abyss of Without Embroiling City, Butcher's heart stirred slightly, and he clutched his taotie sack. It was slightly smaller than Qin Mu's and not as exquisite, but it could store a lot of items inside.

In his taotie sack, a hand bone was bouncing up and down continuously as though it wanted to fly out and return to its owner.

On Butcher's back, Heaven Knife vibrated and let out a cry.

"I'm leaving," Butcher said loudly while tightening his clothes. "One of my old friends has arrived. It's time for me to settle this grudge once and for all. Ba Shan, don't follow me. Stay right here."

Chancellor Ba Shan's tiger eyes lighted up and he sneered. "Teacher, you're still thinking of leaving me behind? It's that god that cut you at the waist, right? Back then, you fell in shame and crawled away with your upper body into Great Ruins. You made me look for you for so long while crying your name! If you want to meet him alone, bring me so I can at least pick your corpse for you! Even if you get cut up again, I want to see you take your last breath before giving up."

Butcher's hand trembled, and he resisted the urge to chop his own disciple into half.

"Grandpa Butcher, your body is fine while your old friend is missing a hand, right? So you aren't the one at a disadvantage, he is. Even if you don't go look for him, he himself will come to find you. Why then waste the energy looking for him instead of just staying here and waiting for him to come?" Qin Mu suggested in a hurry.

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