Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 586 - Drawing Mountains and Rivers with a Brush

The guards guarding Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge saw Young Master Qi and Sun Sovereign. Even though they were astonished at how strong Sun Sovereign was, they didn't question him as there were numerous gods in Eternal Peace and they frequently came to Supreme Emperor Heaven to learn.

The gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven had abilities much more powerful than the gods of Eternal Peace; they were just lacking in algebra and divine arts. A few of them had taken the chance of the peaceful moment to run to Eternal Peace to learn algebra and divine arts.

"This senior, please register your name." A guard held a brush while walking forward. He bowed upon coming close to them.

Sun Sovereign picked up the brush and wrote down his name on the register. He then looked at Young Master Qi with inquiry. "Write it down," Young Master Qi said indifferently.

Sun Sovereign acknowledged and wrote down the youth's name on the register before giving back the brush and leaving.

'Strange, this god seemed to be listening to the orders of that young master. The youth doesn't seem to have strong abilities, so how did he making a god follow him?'

Astonished, the guard lowered his head to take a look. He saw 'Young Master Qi Jiuyi' written on the register.

Everyone was bewildered. "What exactly is the background of this Qi Jiuyi?"


Beside the sea of fire in Without Embroiling City's abyss, the dragon qilin and the green bull stared at each other while using all the time they had to cultivate. The two huge beasts knew that they were each other's nemesis. The green bull was afraid of the dragon qilin's qilin bead, and the dragon qilin knew the green bull's battle experience and endurance was much better than his, so he cultivated diligently.

The green bull knew that the damned fatty dragon qilin was a schemer and wanted to get rid of him since a long time ago. When he saw the dragon qilin cultivating diligently and spitting out a dragon bead that was growing bigger and bigger, he felt a growing danger, so he also worked much harder.

The contest between the two huge beasts made Qin Mu very happy.

Suddenly, a rumble of thunder came from his body as he broke through his Six Direction Wall of the divine treasures of the devil path. This made his vital qi improve by quite a bit.

He executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, which was separated into god and devil parts. The god vitality and the devil vitality flowed along the circulation paths that were corresponding to each other. However, because the Seven Stars Divine Treasure of the devil path wasn't yet open, they didn't match completely when he operated his technique.

If they did, it would be much easier for him to execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. Now, his devil vitality had to stop at Six Directions Divine Treasure and wait for the god vitality to circulate through Seven Stars Divine Treasure before continuing to complete a cycle of circulation.

Because of that, there was some loss of time. But that wasn't all. Not only was it easy to get distracted, his advancement could also be affected since he couldn't focus his energy on breaking into Celestial Being Realm.

'After opening the Seven Stars Divine Treasure of the devil path, I'll still need to establish access between Seven Stars and Six Directions. Only then would my cultivation stabilize and have the chance to break into Celestial Being Realm.'

Vital qi continuously circulated in his body and his third eye which had been sealed by Mute. Granny Si had said that it was for his own good. Even though the eye was sealed, Qin Mu didn't feel any abnormalities. His vital qi could still enter it and circulate according to the path, raising the eye's strength.

Mute had used a golden willow leaf, which he required a lot of time to forge, to seal his third eye. Blind, Granny Si, Butcher, Deaf, and the rest had helped on the side, forging all the necessary parts it with great effort. Blind had personally designed a sealing formation, and everyone had had to imprint their magic power on the tiny golden willow leaf for it to be finished.

Granny Si personally pasted the golden willow leaf on the heart of Qin Mu's brows. The elders of Disabled Elderly Village instructed and warned him to never take the golden willow leaf down unless he was in extreme danger.

Numerous exquisite and detailed vein lines appeared on the golden willow leaf, making it look very pretty. Hu Ling'er saw it and was very envious. She made noises about wanting to have a willow leaf too.

Blind, Deaf, and the rest pampered her, so they talked Mute into forging another golden willow leaf, but it was without a seal this time. Instead, Blind and Deaf imprinted divine eyes and a world inside the painting onto it. The incomparably complicated formation was then imprinted on the willow leaf.

Deaf pasted it on Hu Ling'er's forehead, and she was unexplainably excited. She would activate it from time to time, and a beam of light would shoot out from the heart of her brows, slicing open mountain rocks and creating huge pits on the ground.

Hu Ling'er had learned spells from Fox Immortal of the Five Immortals so her cultivation wasn't weak. Fox Immortal was a Dao friend of the now 'deceased' Village Chief, and she was in charge of the demon race of Eternal Peace Empire. Qin Mu had invited her a few times to give lessons for scholars of Heavenly Saint Cult, so their relationship was very good.

Granny Si, Butcher and the rest had tidied up the technique suitable for their cultivation. They discussed the vital qi circulation path inside the human body and constructed a vital qi human body that had gathered the strong points of everyone.

However, their main areas of cultivation were different, so everyone made some adjustment on the foundation to suit themselves more.

Qin Mu asked Granny Si for vital qi circulation diagram of the human body they had constructed and put it away with utmost care.

"Mu'er, you already have a better technique so why do you still want to keep our technique?" Granny Si was rather puzzled.

"Granny, you guys have done a great deed. This vital qi circulation diagram of the human body that you guys constructed could be said to be a kind of technique that can train all aspects of the corporeal body and primordial spirit," Qin Mu said righteously.

"Other people will find it hard to learn my technique; if one isn't the overlord body, they wouldn't be able to learn it so it's hard to pass down. I feel that this technique which has gathered the strong points of everyone in Disabled Elderly Village is very simple to cultivate, so we can share it with other cultivators. I want this technique to be passed down for generations, so maybe in the future, all of the gods in Eternal Peace will be your disciples and successors!"

Granny Si was stunned. She said with a smile, "We didn't think that much."

Qin Mu was unexplainably agitated in his heart. When he first constructed the vital qi circulation path of the human body, he didn't think of it much. In his state of comprehension, he had only considered constructing a set of techniques that were most suitable for him, so he had entered the realm of path with his technique.

Later, he had passed it to Granny Si, Mute, Butcher, and the rest, and they hadn't thought much of it either. They had only wanted to gather everyone's strong points to make up for what they were lacking so they could have the aptitude of a true god.

Yet such an unintentional action had created a technique that could train all aspects of the corporeal body and all aspects of the primordial spirit.

This was Eternal Peace's first technique on the true god level that could be passed down and spread far and wide!

This achievement and virtue could be said to be immeasurable!

Granny Si and the rest might not realize it, but Qin Mu did.

Once this technique was spread, most of the gods in the future within Eternal Peace Empire would be the disciples of Granny Si, Butcher, and the rest. It could be said that they would have students all over the world!

Qin Mu looked around and saw that Without Embroiling City had indeed suffered from a disaster which had turned it into a huge abyss of fire. 'What are we supposed to say to God Sang Ye? He asked us to take care of the sentry post for a few days' time before he would return. Now, however, Without Embroiling City is gone, much less the sentry post. Should we rebuild it...'

Blind's body suddenly trembled slightly, and his closed eyes 'looked' toward the west as he said solemnly, "The devils are currently advancing their army over here. The vanguard is already not far from this place!"

Qin Mu hurriedly looked to the west where he could see mountains and devil qi all around. His gaze could only cover a few hundred miles. He couldn't see any devil army.

Granny Si and the rest took a look, and they also could only see devil qi moving about. They couldn't see what Blind had mentioned.

"The vanguard of the devil race is still five thousand miles away from here." Blind opened his eyes and said solemnly, "Your divine eyes still haven't reached perfection, so your divine mind eyes have yet to be cultivated and you can't see that far."

Qin Mu knew that Blind's divine mind eyes were extremely powerful, so they could see what divine eyes couldn't, but he'd never thought that he could actually see things that were five thousand miles away.

"The vanguard consists of elites, countless devil monsters. Their speed is fast and their abilities are powerful!" Blind said quickly upon closing his eyes again. "There are also numerous devil gods supervising the army! They are very terrifying and have noticed me watching them. They are currently investigating the source of the disturbance! Quickly, inform Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor or we won't have time to react!"

"I will use Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly to inform Saintess Xiang and the rest in Li City!" Qin Mu immediately said. His primordial spirit projected from his body as he left to contact Si Yunxiang, Ling Yuxiu, and the rest.

Five thousand miles away, numerous incomparably tall devil ancestors stretched their bodies, and beams of surging flames burst from their eyes as they searched for the source of the gaze they'd sensed.

Blind had used the divine arts of divine mind eyes to 'look' at them, and they had sensed an enemy spying on them with their acute perception. However, they couldn't find this spy, so the devil gods roared in anger. They hurried the Youdu monsters to flood across the mountains, heading east.

Blind continued to spy while speaking solemnly, "The number of devil gods isn't small, and their abilities are all very powerful. We have no place to base here, so we have to leave as fast as possible! Their speed is fast!"

Apothecary shook his head. "But the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace are all training in the surroundings. We may be able to leave, but they can't. We can leave the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven to take care of themselves, but most of the divine arts practitioner of Eternal Peace are scholars of the college and the academies. If they all die here, we will probably lose half of the elites of the younger generation!"

Chancellor Ba Shan frowned. "If we allowed the devil army to rush over, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor won't have time to organize the army and will be caught off guard. We need to help him and stall for some time!"

Qin Mu called back his primordial spirit and said solemnly, "We have a base! It's none other than this abyss of Without Embroiling City!"

Butcher laughed. "That's right, it's right here. We'll block those devil brats!"

"Teacher, how would we do that?" Chancellor Ba Shan asked.

Everyone suddenly turned their heads to look at Deaf.

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor once said that there was a person who could rival an army of a million. He called him Art Saint and constructed Pavilion of Art Saint to worship that person!" Butcher said solemnly.

His gaze flickered and landed on Deaf. "This person is unrivaled in both calligraphy and painting, and he once killed an army of a hundred thousand people in Eternal Peace. Now, Heavenly Painting Crown Prince, how have your abilities improved since back then?"

Deaf took out his brush and gave it a gentle shake. The brush became as large as a beam and he said calmly, "Using a brush to draw mountains and rivers, to create a world and gods, can I do it?"

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