Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 588 - Real and Fake

The army of a million rushed over and clashed with the Youdu monster army. In an instant, blood and flesh flew into the sky in the intense battles The devils only knew how to kill and held to no battle formations. They relied on their own abilities to fight and paid no attention to their comrades, so their side suffered countless casualties.

A place of slaughter was born dozens of miles in front of Without Embroiling City. Countless soldiers from Deaf's world in the painting were killed. Upon death, they turned into rocks. They left no corpses.

However, there were countless soldiers from the army of gods rushing out, replacing those who'd fallen. They continued to slaughter with their endless numbers!

There seemed to be a Count of Wind controlling the air currents in the sky, and he was assisted by Master of Rain, God of Thunder, and Goddess of Lightning which all attacked the Youdu monster army.

The vanguard was blocked, and the roars of devil ancestors who were as big as mountains rang in the air. They exerted all of their strength to rush into the battlefield. Where their feet passed, everyone—no matter if they were friends or foes—was blown into the sky by their incomparably thick legs which shattered their bones!

The devil ancestors rushed into the battlefield and swept all those before them like dead branches which broke in midair.


The gazes of the devil ancestors filled with surging devil flames which swept across the army of the gods. The black-colored flame pillars swirled furiously and burned everything they passed into ashes. Even the gods drawn by Deaf couldn't escape the terrifying divine art!

The devil ancestors' corporeal bodies were natural weapons of destruction when they swung their huge weapons. They had no match!

'The gods in Deaf's painting cannot hold back these devil ancestors!'

Butcher blazed with fighting spirit and gripped his huge knife. With his lightning-like gaze, he said solemnly, "It's our turn! Ba Shan, as my disciple, let me see if you have improved over the years!"

Ba Shan laughed loudly and called his green bull over. He jumped onto its back and shouted, "Teacher, let me go with you and show you my progress!"

Divine Spear Long Tuo transformed into a black dragon, and Blind stretched his hand to grab it. With a strong jolt, the black dragon spear became straight and gave off a low, excited growl.

Great Overarching Heavenly Stars appeared behind Granny Si, and the flames of the furnace behind Mute's back also rushed into the sky. Cripple hesitated for a moment before saying in a troubled voice, "I don't have a divine weapon I can use, so I won't be going..."

Apothecary jumped onto Cripple's back and said with a smile, "I'm your divine weapon. Let us wreak havoc!"

Cripple's old face turned black, and he said resentfully, "Medicine man, aren't you afraid your women will all become widows?"

"Bah! Old man's words carry no harm. Great luck great profit!"

From the basket on Apothecary's back, countless insects climbed out and grew in the wind. They transformed into behemoths that either ran on the land or flew in the sky. Their toxins were so great that they formed clouds in the sky.

"Let us go hunt the devil ancestors!" Butcher rushed into the battlefield first while shouting. "Mu'er, look after Deaf. If you see the situation turning bad, just pick him up and run!"

Qin Mu acknowledged it and looked at Chancellor Ba Shan riding a huge green cow into the world in the painting. He was followed by Granny Si, Mute, Blind, and the rest. Together, they attacked the devil ancestors.

The green bull leaped as though it was flying; even with its huge body, it was incomparably nimble. When he stepped on the huge monsters, his hooves smashed their heads into smithereens while avoiding their attacks. It was evident that with his speed and quick wits, he had excess strength in this situation and could move about as he wished.

Qin Mu looked at the dragon qilin beside him, also wanting to ride into battle to fight the monsters. But after some thought, he held himself back.

'Fatty Dragon's speed is good, but his endurance isn't. His reaction speed isn't as fast as the green bull's, and if he rushes in, I will die very fast. Fatty Dragon still lacks training…'

He took out teleportation flags, and with a wave of his hand, he planted them around Deaf. He led the dragon qilin and Hu Ling'er into the area surrounded by the flags as well so they could leave anytime.

Behind the army of Youdu monsters, devil gods led the army of devils in orderly ranks. It was evident that the military management was stern; they weren't a ragtag bunch like the Youdu monsters.

They were relying on those creatures as the vanguard to scatter Li City's defenses. They would then take the chance during the chaos to take down Li City and the resistance of Supreme Emperor Heaven in one fell swoop.

However, they didn't expect in Without Embroiling City, this place which been destroyed and turned into the ruin of the devil race, millions of soldiers would appear out nowhere and actually block the Youdu monsters' advance!

Compared to the Youdu monsters, the foot soldiers of the devil army were much slower. The distance between them had grown great in time, so they couldn't support the front lines right away.

The Army of the Center was even further away, and Fu Riluo looked at the battlefield from far away with a slight frown. His three faces looked around as he asked in astonishment, "Who knows from where this army of gods popped out?"

The devil gods beside him all shook their heads.

Youdu's devil monsters and devil ancestors relied on their instincts to kill and eat while the devils were like humans. They possessed extremely high intelligence; otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to develop such a great civilization and cultivation system.

Yet even with their outstanding intelligence, they still had no idea from where the army of a million had come and why they had entered the battle.

Even though Eternal Peace was very powerful, it was still weaker than Supreme Emperor Heaven. Its army was still the main force while Eternal Peace's divine arts practitioners were the assisting force.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had completely no idea of this surprise attack, so he could have never brought so many soldiers to block the Youdu monster army.

In that case, from where had this army of gods come?

Fu Riluo looked at Lu Li, but the peerless beauty was also bewildered. She shook her head and said, "Respectable king, I also don't know from where they came. Eternal Peace doesn't have many experts, but Great Ruins does. Could they be from there..."

Astonished, Fu Riluo shouted out, "Pass down my orders, the army is to set up camp, build a city, and set up defenses against the attacks of the enemy! Send scouts to investigate from where this army of gods came!"

By the time he finished speaking, the first troop of devils had already reached the ruin of Without Embroiling City under the leadership of a devil god. They were some four hundred miles from the battlefield when they received the order to immediately set up camp and not join the battle.

Numerous devil soldiers and strong workers moved mountains and erected rocks to quickly build a city wall. They then slaughtered huge beasts and used their blood to write devil writings all over them to strengthen the city's defenses.

The devils in the city constructed sentry and archer towers. They were very busy.

The devil god gave a shout and led a few generals out of the city to head to the frontlines. They observed the origin of the Supreme Emperor Heaven's army fighting up ahead.

When they came to the mountaintop right in front of the battlefield, the devil god erected a huge mirror that was over thirty yards tall to reflect the situation ahead.

After a moment, Fu Riluo took out a mirror and examined what it showed. Upon seeing the battle situation reflected to him, suspicion filled his face.

His gaze was sharp, and he could make out some clues. The army of gods that had suddenly appeared wasn't truly made up of life forms. Even though their abilities were very strong, they seemed to be gods created with the art of creation.

However, he noticed that there was more than just the army of gods in that battlefield. There were also a few extremely strong people that were assassinating the devil ancestors in the chaos!

They were experts of the god level. One of them was a butcher with a sturdy physique, another an old blacksmith, while a third was a shorty wielding a black dragon bone spear. These three people were the most terrifying. When they worked together, even devil ancestors could be assassinated in the chaos!

Besides them, there was also a peerless beauty, a sturdy man riding a green bull, and an old man in green carrying a bronze-masked man shuttling back and forth throughout the battlefield. Countless venomous creatures were spewing venom everywhere and killing waves of Youdu monsters.

The bronze-masked man was the most terrifying out of this group. Everywhere he passed, his poison killed waves of devil monsters. The damage he dealt to the overall army was much greater than what the other strong practitioners had managed. Numerous devil monsters were either poisoned to death or decomposed into mush. His methods were much more terrifying than those of gods!

Even the Youdu monster army that the devil race had summoned from Youdu couldn't handle the poison of this person!

"Where did these people come from? Where did this army of gods that had been created come from?"

Fu Riluo couldn't see their origin, so he said solemnly, "Lu Li, the army of gods on the other side is both real and fake. There are true gods hidden among the illusions, and I don't know how many of them are really present there. May your distinguished self call back the devil monster army so we can think about our next step!"

Lu Li moved alluringly and raised her beautiful brows. She looked very beautiful, but her voice was very rough. "Fu Riluo, you should be able to see that the enemy's abilities aren't actually that great; there are only five-six real gods among them. You just need to kill them and your devil army will be able to crush the other side! If we retreat now and give Supreme Emperor Heaven time to take in a breath, it will be a bit more difficult to just crush them the next time!"

Fu Riluo shook his head. "The opponents are already on their guard. We no longer have time to catch Li City unawares, so why don't we reorganize the troops and take the chance to clarify what's real and what's fake. Besides, how do you know there are only five-six gods? What if more are hidden among them? We would only suffer more casualties that way. I can't gamble with the future of my devil race!"

Helpless, Lu Li could only give a loud cry, screeching in Youdu devil language.

In the frontlines, numerous devil ancestors heard her voice and cried out as well, calling the monster army to retreat.

Qin Mu heard Lu Li's voice and his spirit stirred slightly. "This is... Youdu devil language? I know it too!"

Without thinking, he also used Youdu devil language which exploded in the sky above the battlefield. His voice could be heard in some twenty-thirty miles of land.

The devil ancestors that heard his voice all stopped and turned their heads back. Dull devil language came out from their mouths as they replied to him.

Qin Mu shouted a few phrases loudly, and the devil ancestors turned around and knelt down on one knee while lowering their heads.

Butcher, Mute, and the rest were covered in blood. They were planning to give chase, but stopped when they saw this sight. They had no idea what to do.

Far away, Fu Riluo saw the devil monsters and the devil ancestors stop, and he instantly knew that something was wrong. He looked at Lu Li.

Cold sweat rolled down Lu Li's forehead, and she chuckled. "Fu Riluo, aren't you a little too useless, to actually let this little thing live? That little thing is right in the enemy camp! Little thing, you want to steal my right to control them? Dream on!"

Her voice became very mournful, and her devil voice rumbled like thunder as it exploded above the battlefield. Her voice covered Qin Mu's so that not a word he said could be heard.

Qin Mu gave a grunt and tried to speak Youdu devil language louder, but his voice didn't go far.

The devil ancestors revealed blank expressions and got up. They restrained their Youdu monsters and retreated.

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