Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 589 - Say Once More

Butcher, Mute, Blind, and the rest followed the army of gods to give chase to the numerous devil ancestors fleeing with the Youdu monsters.

After chasing for some thirty-fifty miles, the army of gods suddenly stopped while Cripple still carried Apothecary, rushing headlong. When they suddenly realized there was no one around them, they shuddered and ran back. Only when they returned to the army did they feel at ease.

"This is Deaf's limit so we can't go any further. If we continue to give chase, we will give the game away," Granny whispered.

"You guys didn't even inform us ahead of time, made me still continue to push forward..." Cripple grumbled.

Apothecary climbed down from his back, his legs still trembling. "Damned Cripple I almost died to the devils because of you!"

On the other side, Deaf was still waving his brush around with his face flushed. Qin Mu saw that something was wrong and immediately went forward to pull onto Deaf. His clear voice rang like the roars of a dragon beside the man's ears. "Grandpa Deaf, the enemies have retreated, wake up!"

Deaf immediately stopped the brush and revealed a blank expression. He felt sweetness rising up his throat and a mouthful of fresh blood poured out.

Qin Mu's face changed slightly, and his hand quickly moved to tap on the elder's throat and heart. He sealed his qi and blood which had gone frantic. Next, he tapped on the heart of his brows and quickly moved around his body while executing Heavenly Devil Creation Technique. He tapped Deaf's body repeatedly to control the energy!

Deaf could be said to have exerted all his power, and he had damaged his heart and primordial spirit. The heart was the central administration of the qi and blood. Because they had become frantic, his blood vessels couldn't endure any longer and his heart was taxed too, so he coughed up blood.

Qin Mu sealed the places where his heart and throat were, forcing the blood back.

Deaf's primordial spirit was also overly exhausted, so it was unstable, showing signs of being on the verge of crumbling. Qin Mu thus used Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to seal his three souls and seven spirits, preventing them from leaving his body.

In this way, he could delay the problem for a bit and make it easier t treat him.

Qin Mu quickly took out herbs to refine pills. After a moment, the pills were done and he pinched open Deaf's mouth to send the pills in. He then used all kinds of hand techniques to catalyze the medicinal energy.

Granny Si, Blind, and the rest returned, and Apothecary went to take over. He treated Deaf and said, "Luckily Mu'er saw that something was wrong early so Deaf won't have any lasting problems. His vital qi is greatly exhausted, but with me around, I assure you he will alive and be jumping by tonight."

Deaf gave a snort and said indifferently, "I won't be jumping around. How can a scholar be jumping around like a monkey?"

Everyone was relieved, and Granny Si asked, "Deaf, how long can your painting last?"

"As long as the world in the painting doesn't shatter, this army of gods will be able to exist forever."

Deaf sat down and Apothecary treated him with care, hurrying to and fro. Qin Mu stayed at the side to assist him while Hu Ling'er carried the needle plate to assist Qin Mu. It was very lively as the three of them conversed with one another.

"However, it isn't too troublesome to destroy this world in the painting. It's only because the devils were caught off guard, not knowing what's real and what's fake that I managed to have my way with them."

Deaf's face was filled with silver needles, and the corners of his eyes twitched randomly. Apothecary stabbed another needle at the corner of his eyes, and they no longer twitched. However, he felt half of his face go numb.

Deaf's eyes slanted to one side. One of his eyeballs was higher than the other, he drooled from the corner of his mouth. "If I can recover my vital qi by tonight, I'll draw another painting and make them even more afraid… Apoothecary, I feel that mai face is not maine anymore... I can't fend mai tong..."

"This needle is used for acupuncture and moxibustion of your primordial spirit, but it affects the nerves on your face. They will temporarily be dysfunctional. Don't worry! Mu'er, you did well by sealing his souls and spirits. Take a look at this needle, where should I use it?"

Apothecary looked slightly hesitant when he pointed at a spot near Deaf's backbone. "I'm not sure if I should use it here or not..." he said while giving Qin Mu a look

Qin Mu examined it in detail and said with a smile, "Grandpa Apothecary is testing me. If you use it in this position, you will pierce the earth soul and fix his primordial at the genitals. The needle will also pierce his Life and Death Divine Treasure, and the devil qi and devil nature of Youdu will be able to invade and taint the perineum as well as the earth soul. He will definitely be unable to give birth and even have a huge change in temperament."

Apothecary pulled the silver needle back with a straight face and nodded slowly. "I was testing you, and you actually managed to see through it."

Qin Mu smiled at him. "I knew you were testing me! Grandpa Apothecary should have been planning to stab this needle through his Life and Death Realm and Divine Bridge Realm, allowing Grandpa Deaf's vital qi to travel between the two divine treasures! It will pierce Divine Bridge Realm and guide the vital qi there to Life and Death Realm, which will be just enough to suppress the devil nature and devil qi of Life and Death Realm without Grandpa Deaf's breeding function."

His finger moved a few spaces up, and he looked at Apothecary in anticipation. "This is the position in which Grandpa Apothecary would have really stabbed! Right?"

Apothecary let out a long sound of acknowledgment. His face didn't turn red and his heart didn't skip a beat. He sighed to himself in shame. 'Mu'er, this little fellow, is no doubt the person who established the space algebra model of the divine bridge. His understanding of the divine bridge is just a little better than mine…'

Deaf heard their discussion and cold sweat formed on his forehead. Big droplets started rolling down.

"What if we stab Grandpa Deaf in this place?" Hu Ling'er asked with excitement as she pointed at Deaf's qi sea.

Qin Mu and Apothecary immediately spoke together. "We can't stab there. If we were careless, his cultivation would be destroyed!"

Deaf's face turned ashen, and he narrowed his eyes at the girl. "Ling'er, I've even taught you to reed!"

Apothecary was still superior to Qin Mu. The youth only had more understanding of Divine Bridge Divine Treasure while Apothecary knew all the other treasures much better, so Qin Mu could only look most of the time.

Finally, Deaf's primordial spirit was stabilized, and Apothecary matched herbs to let him recover his vital qi.

When night settled, mournful screeches came from far away. The devils kept up the commotion the whole night and even beat their drums from time to time, acting like they were about to attack. Yet they never made a move. It was all to harass Qin Mu and the rest, not letting them have the time to rest.

The next day, the rest of the devil army's troops reached the impromptu city one after another. The devils had extremely great military power, and there were troops hurrying over from everywhere.

Numerous devil god commanders reached the frontline and looked at the abyss of Without Embroiling City from far away. They were astonished when they saw the incomparably magnificent god city had suddenly appeared where the ruin of Without Embroiling City had been just recently!

The god city reached three hundred yards in height. The city walls were like mountains that stretched across heaven and earth. The buildings in the city stood tall, and there were divine cannons set up along the city's battlements. On the high towers, there were up to a hundred huge eyeball-shaped Sun Shot Divine Cannon!

Countless god officers and soldiers in golden looked awe-inspiring while on the city wall. They patrolled along the top, walking to and fro.

In the sky above the god city, there were auspicious clouds rising in spirals, and a thousand rays of multicolored sunlight. It was a vision given off by the aura of gods!

Unease started to spread among the devils, and all the devil god commanders looked at one another in dismay. The place where the ruin should have stood suddenly had a magnificent-looking god city in its place, and there actually so many gods standing guard on its walls!

The top of the city was even densely packed with divine cannons which looked extremely scary. There were enough of them to blow the devil army that came rushing in to smithereens.

The Sunshot Divine Cannons farther away made their hair stand in anger even more. A hundred Sunshot Divine Cannons, how was this still a war? So much firepower was enough to destroy an entire world!

When the devil gods saw everything, they couldn't help the fear that spread over them, and they held back their troops. They prayed that the opponent wouldn't attack first.

A devil god spread his wings and said softly, "I shall report this to Respectable King Fu Riluo first. You guys stay guard, don't let the other side break through our main camp."

He flew for quite some time to welcome Fu Riluo who was leading the main army. He told him about the situation.

Fu Riluo looked at him in astonishment. "To actually have something like this? Don't attack first, send some scouts over to check if they are real or fake. The army I'm leading will reach you at night time by the latest."

The devil god acknowledged and flew back. He ordered a group of scouts to go investigate.

When they were still thirty miles away from the god city, dozens of cannons suddenly shot beams of light and turned the group of scouts into ashes.

The devil god with wings immediately flew back and reported to Fu Riluo. "Respectable king, I've sent scouts, but they were killed by cannons thirty miles away! The cannons are all real!"

Fu Riluo felt his scalp crawl and cried out, "How can there be such a god city? If Supreme Emperor Heaven had this kind of city, my devil race would have long been wiped out! It's impossible for Supreme Emperor Heaven to have something like that, and it's also impossible for Eternal Peace to possess it! This city can't be real!"

The devil god with wings didn't dare to say a word.

Fu Riluo's expressions flickered. He then shouted, "Pass the order down to the frontline, no one is to retreat. Whoever dares to retreat, I'll take their head as a sacrifice! When my army arrives, we will raze the place down!

The devil god acknowledged meekly and flew back.

When night came, Fu Riluo finally led his main army to the frontlines. Looking at the god city from far away, he couldn't see through it. His expression flickered as he couldn't make a decision.

If the god city was real, even devil gods would be severely injured if they attacked. He didn't dare to gamble with the future of the devil race.

In the city, Qin Mu and the rest tidied up their baggage, ready to retreat.

The god city was fake. Deaf had drawn it overnight, but even though the entire city was fake, the dozens of cannons on the city walls were real. Qin Mu had instructed Si Yunxiang to send them at night by Primordial Spirit Assembly.

It was because of them that the devils got scared. All of the devil gods and Fu Riluo couldn't tell what was real and what was fake.

However, if Fu Riluo made the decision to attack, they wouldn't even need the main force of their army Just the Youdu devil gods and devil monsters would be enough to raze the city.

Because of that, Qin Mu and the rest could only slip away. Otherwise, if Fu Riluo's attack came, they wouldn't be able to leave anymore.

Qin Mu and the rest walked out of the city gate and rushed toward Li City. Suddenly though, the dark night became bright as a sun slowly rose in the sky and lighted up a radius of several thousand miles!

It had been night moments before, so how could it become day out of nowhere!

'Could Imperial Preceptor have gotten the hours wrong when he forged the sun?'

Qin Mu and the rest wondered about it when they saw a three-legged god blazing furiously with divine flames walking over to them.

When he moved, the sun in the sky followed after him!

"Sun Sovereign, this should be the place where I met that youth's shadow in Great Ruins," a clear voice said. Walking in front of the three-legged god was a very handsome young man. He looked at Qin Mu and the rest with a smile. "There was another person whose build wasn't great, and there was some weapon like a spear on his back. It'd be quite easy to recognize..."

His gaze fell on Blind who was walking out of the city before circling around everyone and finally landing on Qin Mu. He said with a smile, "Son of Youdu Qin Mu, Qin Fengqing? You aren't bad. I would have never expected for you to have been the one I saw in Great Ruins. I felt strange back then and thought that you were weird and extraordinary."

Qin Mu disregarded him, his gaze falling on the right hand of the three-legged god with wings. There was no hand there. 'He is the god that cut Grandpa Butcher in half and the guardian of the fake sky in Eternal Peace!"

Butcher took out the severed hand and said calmly, "God of the sky above, have you given chase by following the aura of this thing? You want to take revenge for your severed hand? I also want to take revenge for what you did to me. However, your hand is still with me while my body has already recovered. I won't take advantage of you."

He threw the hand bone, and it streaked across the sky like a meteor before landing on Sun Sovereign's right wrist which automatically connected with it.

Sun Sovereign's gaze landed on his body, and he moved his hand around. He said softly, "You returned my hand bone which shows you are straightforward and upright, but where's the blood, flesh, and skin?"

"Eaten by Grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace. He couldn't chew your chicken bone so only the chicken claw is left." Butcher raised his knife and said indifferently, "We fight right here?"

Sun Sovereign looked at Qin Mu and hesitated. He then looked at Young Master Qi Jiuyi and hesitated again.

Qin Mu also looked at Young Master Qin and asked curiously, "This brother, what did you say earlier?" He looked at him apologetically. "Can you repeat yourself? I wasn't paying attention."

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