Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 590 - Young Master Qi Jiuyi

Qi Jiuyu raised his eyebrows and didn't repeat what he had said, not acquiescing to Qin Mu's demands. His mind was extremely keen, and he noticed the sharp blade hidden in the youth's words straight away.

Qin Mu was an expert in mind battles and good at putting pressure on his opponent's mental state. When he met strong practitioners, he would become terrified if that would serve his purposes, and he would run if that would give him what he wanted. But when he met an opponent on his level, he would start to put pressure on the other person's mind from the moment their eyes met!

He would first attack the mind and spirit of the opponent to suppress them. Any action or word that looked to be casual was there to add pressure on the other party, turning them into the weaker side. In other words, the opponent's aura would be pressured by him.

When this happened, the opponent would begin moving with his rhythm, and when they made their moves, there would be minute changes when they attacked each other.

With time, a slight advantage would slowly widen and become the crux of victory or defeat.

No matter if it was Pangong Tso or Xu Shenghua, they had both experienced this kind of fighting method when they faced Qin Mu.

After experiencing such a thing, mental walls would raise up in some people's heads, and Qin Mu would become the shadow on their Dao heart. Others would begin to treat him as their source of motivation and force themselves to work harder, scaling over mountains after mountains.

The former represented Pangong Tso and the latter represented Xu Shenghua and Zhe Huali.

After Pangong Tso was defeated by Qin Mu over and over again, he had naturally lost the courage to fight him face to face. When they met, he would subconsciously place himself in the position of the loser and fall back before the fight had even started.

On the other hand, after Xu Shenghua was defeated by Qin Mu, he fought fiercer and fiercer, even creating a method to combine Six Directions Divine Treasure and Seven Stars Divine Treasures together. This made Qin Mu have to learn from him sincerely and thus, giving Xu Shenghua an upper hand.

After Zhe Huali was defeated by Qin Mu, he walked further and further on the path of his knife skills and even chose to save Qin Mu when he saw that he was in danger. Huge improvements could be clearly seen in his Dao heart, and this made Qin Mu felt much pressure. He then used it to enter the path in technique.

Even though battles of the mind weren't gorgeous, they were quite a test to the Dao heart.

'He should have learned this kind of mental attack from this expert who wields the knife.' Qi Jiuyi looked at Butcher. 'This knife god and Sun Sovereign's battle is imminent yet he took the initiative to return Sun Sovereign's hand bone to him. This is an extremely superior skill to crush the opponent's Dao heart. It may look like he is just returning his hand, but it's actually slashing at the other's Dao heart. Sun Sovereign looked like he was asking about the blood and flesh on his hand, but he was actually breaking the skill. This Qin Mu should have learned do act like that too."

The last step of learning was acting with the knowledge one had gained. It was evident that Qin Mu had already done it.

Qi Jiuyi smiled at him. "This place isn't the most suitable for you guys to fight. The army of the devils is right in front, and they can easily break through, destroying your god city that looks incomparably magnificent. It will be very easy for the army of the devils to rush straight here and eliminate all of you. Sun Sovereign is also worried that all of you will work together to kill him and then me.

"You guys are worried about your own lives and he is worried about my safety, so why don't we change our battlegrounds."

Once he said that, Blind, Mute, and the rest looked at him. Qin Mu also re-examined him with grim admiration. He had originally thought that the youth was the disciple of Sun Sovereign, but from his words, he could see that he wasn't so simple, he had some other extraordinary background.

Furthermore, his words eliminated and resolved the question Qin Mu had asked earlier, which showed that he had extremely high attainments in Dao heart!

Such a Dao heart even surpassed that of Xu Shenghua when Qin Mu had fought him the first time.

At that time, Xu Shenghua's Dao heart had almost crumbled completely the beating Qin Mu had given it!

"Mu'er, this person will a tough enemy for you," Blind said softly. "He can see through the facade of the god city Deaf had painted! Fu Riluo and the rest of the devil gods couldn't do it, so it's obvious that this person has astonishing attainments in divine eyes!"

Qin Mu nodded. Since the youth was able to see through Deaf's painting, he indeed had to be outstanding. He immediately asked, "Brother, how do I address you?"

Qi Jiuyi smiled lightly, and Sun Sovereign said, "This Young Master is Qi Jiuyi."

Somewhat astonished, Qin Mu said leisurely, "Yi means intelligent ever since you were young, and you are exceptionally noble. Jiuyi means that you are so intelligent that one head couldn't contain your wisdom so you need nine. I've heard that Jiuyi usually refers to an ancient parasol tree, the wood on which a phoenix perches. In other words, it's a place where a phoenix lives, Jiuyi sometimes means phoenix too. Young Master Qi, you aren't human?"

Qi Jiuyi looked at him in astonishment. "Brother Qin is extremely knowledgeable. May I ask who did you learn from?"

Qin Mu raised his hand to invite Deaf over and said solemnly, "My teacher, Art Saint Deaf!"

Qi Jiuyi greeted him and praised, "Since you are the Art Saint, this city must be your work. It is truly a magnificent sight. You deserve respect from me."

Deaf accepted the greeting with an arrogant expression.

Qin Mu smiled. "Young Master Qi said that this place was not suitable for battle, so where do you think we should fight?"

"I heard Brother Qin is the Heavenly Devil Cult Master of Eternal Peace, so why don't we go to Eternal Peace? If we fight on your territory, I'm sure you will be more at ease," Qi Jiuyi said leisurely.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. "Brother Qi, the journey back to Eternal Peace would be long, at least a couple days. Now that the devils are attacking Supreme Emperor Heaven, we can't leave for so long. Why don't I choose a place to fight then?"

Qi Jiuyi frowned slightly. "In that case, what place would Brother Qin choose?"

Qin Mu pointed behind himself.

Qi Jiuyi smiled and said indifferently, "This city? It was drawn by Mister Art Saint, so aren't you afraid of breaking it and giving the game away?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "I didn't mean in the city, but before the two armies. You came for me, right? In that case, I shall choose the battlefield! And I choose to fight between a million bold devil warriors and this god city! Brother Qi, do you dare accept?"

Qi Jiuyi raised his brows.

Mute, Blind, and the rest looked at one another, feeling somewhat uneasy.

Qin Mu had said that they would be fighting in front of the two armies, but it was actually only in front of the devils. After all, the god city was only a painting. Most of the cannons and all of the gods were fake. No matter if they were True Origin Cannons or Sunshot Divine Cannons, they were just there for looks and didn't have much power.

This meant that if the devils attacked, they would be drowned out by the army and definitely unable to survive!

Butcher laughed loudly and said, "Mu'er is certainly the one with the boldest spirit! Nice! I shall also fight this god above the sky in front of the two armies! This bird god, do you dare?"

Sun Sovereign hesitated for a moment and looked at Qi Jiuyi. The youth muttered to himself for a moment, then suddenly burst out laughing. "Even Brother Qin dares, so why would I not dare? Sun Sovereign, you're worrying too much. You put too much importance on me, and if you fight an expert with such a mental state, you will lose the advantage easily. Aren't you going to adjust your frame of mind?"

Sun Sovereign was astonished.

Qi Jiuyi smiled. "Since Brother Qin invited, in that case... Please!"

Qin Mu turned around and walked toward the god city while full of admiration. 'This Qi Jiuyi is indeed extraordinary. I wonder where he's from, to actually have trained his Dao heart to the point where it's no inferior to mine. Truly remarkable!'

Butcher walked up to him in wide steps. Granny Si, Mute, and the rest followed behind while looking at one another with frowns. Deaf said in a low voice, "Should we go up together and just get rid of this Sun Sovereign and the nine-headed bird? If we make our move together, it's won't be hard to get rid of them. We could kill them in just fifteen minutes!"

"If we fight here, the devils will be able to see what's real and what's fake easily." Deaf shook his head and said, "This Sun Sovereign won't be easy to deal with. A huge sun follows him around, and it must have attracted the attention of the devils long ago. They just don't know if the newcomers are friends or foes so they're still waiting to make a move. If we fight with him, even if we are pressuring him, the devils will see that we had encountered an enemy."

Everyone had grim expressions. If they couldn't get rid of Sun Sovereign in the shortest time possible, Fu Riluo would be able to see through them and know that they were using an empty city as a ruse.

And if Sun Sovereign destroyed the god city during battle, Fu Riluo would also see through the facade.

The best route was exactly what Qin Mu had suggested—to challenge them openly in front of the devils, defeating and even killing Sun Sovereign and Qi Jiuyi!

Even though it was dangerous, it was the option with the best chances of survival!

In the main camp of the devils, devil gods were executing their devil eyes to survey the god city on the other side.

Fu Riluo couldn't hold back any longer and was about to take down the god city when its gate suddenly opened wide. Astonished, Fu Riluo swallowed back the words he'd been about to say. He raised his hand to stop the devil army that was ready to attack.

Qin Mu, Qi Jiuyi, Butcher, and Sun Sovereign continued to walk forward. It looked like they were planning to walk straight into the devil's main camp.

'Only these few people have walked out of the city. What tricks is True God Pang Yu playing?' Fu Riluo sneered and said, "Merely a few weak gods! Who is coming with me to slay them?"

"Wait a moment!" When Lu Li saw Qi Jiuyi and Sun Sovereign, her face changed drastically. She hurriedly raised her hand and said solemnly, "The person on the other side is a noble from the celestial heavens. Fu Riluo, you cannot offend a noble!"

Fu Riluo's heart jumped. "Noble? Could it be..."

Lu Li's expression flickered between. Her teeth clenched and ground against each other. She sneered, "It indeed is a noble that has descended. Why would this noble come down to the lower bound? Could the higher-ups already know about the little brat of Qin Family and have come here to reap the benefits... It must be those fellows in Youdu that betrayed me! Damn it, was it Han Lei or Xuan Ming? Or could it be Jue Huang? They're sure good at backstabbing me, but when I want them to help me, they don't even bother moving their asses!"

"Dao Friend Lu, that youth with the surname Qin is right beside the noble you have mentioned!" Fu Riluo said with a solemn expression.

Lu Li's gaze landed on Qin Mu, and he sensed it. He raised his head to look at the main camp. He didn't know whose gaze it was, but he still revealed a radiant smile.

Lu Li snorted. "He has grown much prettier. When he was young, he was so ugly he could scare a ghost to death!"

Qin Mu stopped a hundred miles in front of the devil's main camp and said in a loud and clear voice, "Heavenly Saint Cult Master Qin Mu pays his respects to all the heroes of the devil race and the heroes of the celestial heavens. May I ask outstanding talents of the devil race, is there any of you who dare to come and teach me a lesson?"

His voice took a moment to reach the main camp of the devils. Even though it was very faint, it still clearly fell into the ears of numerous devil gods.

Their expression flickered between. Among the disciples of the devil gods, the devil experts on the same realm as Qin Mu had basically all been killed by him.

"Experts of Celestial Being Realm, Life and Death Realm, and Divine Bridge Realm can also come forward to teach me a lesson." Qin Mu's voice continued to ring loud and clear. "Those with lower cultivation can come as well; I will seal my divine treasure and fight you fairly! Does anyone dare to fight me?"

After a moment without any reply, his voice rang throughout the main camp of the devils again. "The devils are cowards. Brother Qi, looks like you and I will have to fight by ourselves."

Suddenly, the gate of the devils' main camp opened, and angry devil experts rushed out. They shouted furiously, "Little human brat, how dare you bully us for having no devils!"

Qin Mu revealed a smile and said to Qi Jiuyi, "What do you think about us having a small warm up first?"

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