Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 591 - Nine Skills of Heaven Knife

"Could Cult Master Qin want to get someone else to do the dirty work?" Sun Sovereign looked at Qin Mu and said unpleasantly, "Even though Cult Master Qin is young, he doesn't lack cleverness. Young Master Qi, don't be tricked by him. If you kill a devil, we will fall into a passive state."

Qi Jiuyi was unconcerned. "Sun Sovereign, don't worry. The devils are merely dogs raised by the celestial heavens, and there's no problem if a few dogs die. Brother Qin wants to take this chance to see my abilities, and I'd like to see his too."

Qin Mu smiled. "Brother Qi's breadth of mind is much wider than that of Sun Sovereign. He has to speak to Brother Qi in a meek tone and worries too much; this should be because his position is much lower than yours. Brother Qi is probably from the so-called celestial heavens? And the reason you came is to find me?"

Qin Jiuyi gave him a small smile. "Brother Qin is intelligent. You should be called Qin Yi instead."

"It wasn't difficult for me to guess your motive, so I can't really be called intelligent or named Jiuyi. When you tried to invite me to fight in Eternal Peace, there had to have been a reason for that."

Qi Jiuyi was secretly astonished, but on the outside, he just smiled without saying anything.

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the three-legged god. "Sun Sovereign, why aren't you putting your mind on the battle with Grandpa Butcher? You'll die at the first knife slash like that. Just wait and see if my words are accurate or not."

Sun Sovereign snorted. "Cult Master Qin wants to crush my Dao heart?"

Qin Mu didn't pay attention to him and looked over to the other side. He saw numerous devil experts rushing at them one after another. There were quite a number of experts on Divine Bridge Realm and those of Five Elements Realm and Celestial Being Realm. They had to have been agitated by him and couldn't resist rushing over.

Devils revered martial prowess, and every divine arts practitioner of theirs was ranked among them on every realm. Qin Mu had fought some experts of Seven Stars Realm in Li City before, and they were all devil gods' disciples which were ranked top ten. Among them, Zhe Huali had been ranked first.

The other realms also had similar rankings.

There were no divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm and Six Directions Realm that came over as basically all the experts of the two realms were killed by Qin Mu.

Everyone rushed over with fierce auras, but one of the strong practitioners of Divine Bridge Realm took the lead. Everyone stopped upon seeing that.

The strong practitioner of Divine Bridge Realm was already close to god realm and was extremely strong, astonishing Granny Si and the rest. They felt threatened.

Even though they had patched what they were lacking in the technique, the period of time they had cultivated it was still too short. They were still slightly inferior to the experts of the devil race who had cultivated the methods of true gods ever since they were young.

However, after some time, they could also train all aspects of their body to the realm of true god. Besides, the vital qi human body network that Qin Mu had imparted to them was the door to technique entering the path. Such a thing covered all aspects to make one a true god. Not only did it cultivate the corporeal body, but also the primordial spirit, refining the vital qi and improving the paths, skills, and divine arts.

When only the corporeal body reached the level of a young true god, the person was still far from comparable to a young true god.

"Cult Master Qin of Eternal Peace!" The gaze of that strong devil practitioner of Divine Bridge Realm fell on Qin Mu, and he said solemnly, "You don't have any opponent on Seven Stars Realm, but that doesn't mean there isn't anyone already on other realm. I, Shu Ye, Fu Riluo's disciple, is here to test you!"

"Senior Brother Shu Ye, what's your rank among those in Divine Bridge Realm?" Qin Mu asked curiously.

"Number two!" Shu Ye said indifferently. "The first ranked person is Tu Jun, but he's close to entering the devil celestial palaces and is about to become a devil god, so he isn't participating in the battle. I will soon be number one!"

Qin Mu shook his head. "You should go and invite him, for you won't do. I've already killed a disciple of Fu Riluo before, Fu Yuxiao who was on Celestial Being Realm. His abilities were very strong yet he was far inferior to me on the same realm."

Shu Ye was furious, but Fu Riluo suddenly descended from the sky. He landed in front of the numerous devils. Shu Ye and the other devil experts hurriedly greeted him. "Respectable king!"

Fu Riluo raised his hand and signaled for everyone to drop the formalities. "On the same realm, none of you are a match for Little Friend Qin. If you aren't ranked first on your realm, there's no point for you to make a move and die in his hands!"

Mute, Butcher, and the rest were astonished. A true god had descended, and even if they all rushed him together, they might still not be his match!

Fu Riluo's gaze moved away from Butcher's face and landed on Mute. It then landed on Sun Sovereign before moving to Qin Mu.

The youth was alarmed and hurriedly made a grab for his chest. Only then did he remember that the jade pendant was no longer hanging there; it had been pushed into his vertical eye at the heart of his brows by Earth Count.

Fu Riluo saw him making a motion of grabbing the jade pendant, and his heart jumped. When he remembered the time when Qin Mu lost control, he felt his chest hurting, and he laughed. "Little Friend Qin, don't be alarmed, I mean no harm. I came out to be a witness; I won't lay my hands on you."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and lowered his hands from his chest. He bowed and said, "Fu Riluo is a senior and always fair. I admire you."

Qi Jiuyi's gaze fell on his chest, and his heart moved slightly. He revealed a smile. 'He really wears that jade pendant on his neck. Since I know where it is, it's much easier.'

Suddenly, a remarkable beauty walked over with her face was glowing. She appeared beside Fu Riluo, and her gaze swept past Butcher, Mute, Sun Sovereign, and the rest before landing on Granny Si. The glow on her face instantly dimmed.

The woman was also a peerless beauty, but before Granny Si, her beauty paled in comparison.

One was a remarkable beauty and one was peerless beauty. It was impossible to see them as people on the same level.

When Qin Mu saw the woman, he probed, "Lu Li of Youdu?"

"That's me." Lu Li looked, but a hint of jealousy took root in her heart. She smiled sweetly and acted extremely flirtatious, but her voice was as rough as that of a man. "Peerless beauty, making me feel pity for you and even a hint of jealousy. How do I address this sister?"

Granny Si was about to reply when Qin Mu shook his head and said in a low voice, "Granny, Youdu's spells are targeted at the soul. If she learns your real name, she will have methods to deal with you."

Granny Si immediately abandoned the idea of saying her real name.

Lu Li chuckled. "Qin Fengqing, I have never thought that you would actually reach such a state one day; you truly disappoint me. I was planning to get the body of this peerless beauty to play with her! Also, this noble, is your surname perhaps Qi?"

Qi Jiuyi smiled at her. "Qi Jiuyi of Qi Family pays his respects to Provincial Governor Lu Li."

Lu Li's voice was still very rough, but her tone grew very sweet and piteous. "Looks like the celestial heavens can't trust me. To actually send Young Master Qi as well; this makes me really disappointed."

"If Provincial Governor has no ill intentions, why does she care about me?" Qi Jiuyi said leisurely.

Lu Li sneered. "Since I'm already here, you will not bring away the one with the surname Qin!"

Qi Jiuyi smiled. "I have never thought of taking him away. After I finish using Brother Qin, I can hand him to you."

Lu Li's eyes lit up. "Deal!"

Qi Jiuyi smiled without saying anything.

Qin Mu frowned; Fu Riluo's action of coming forward personally had spoiled his plans. He had wanted to let Qi Jiuyi fight with the devil experts and see what abilities this youth from the celestial heavens had and make him incur the hatred of the devils as well.

However, Fu Riluo descended and prevented the strong practitioners of the devil race from challenging them.

Lu Li, who had been hiding in Xing An's Life and Death Divine Treasure before, had popped out too. She had controlled Xing An to capture Qin Mu, but the man had turned the tables on her, chasing her out of his Life and Death Divine Treasure.

She and Qi Jiuyu were rivals, both wanting to capture Qin Mu, but Qi Jiuyi managed to wipe out Lu Li's enmity with just a few words. Being the single enemy, Qin Mu now became a mutual goal for them.

'My plans can't catch up to the changes. I can't possibly have everything under my control...' He was getting slightly worried.

"Rascal has screwed up..." Cripple muttered behind him.

Sun Sovereign took a glance at Qin Mu and smiled. He suddenly felt at ease. "Cult Master Qin's mind seems to be in some disorder; your plans have been messed up. This kind of worrying state makes you vulnerable to being killed by Young Master Qi. Does Cult Master Qin need some time to adjust his state?"

"Yes!" Qin Mu immediately said. "I indeed need to adjust my mental state. Grandpa Butcher, Sun Sovereign, how about you guys settle your dispute first?"

The smile on Sun Sovereign's face froze. He hadn't expected the brat to actually agree.

Butcher laughed and opened his shirt to reveal his chest. Raising his head to the sky, he shouted, "Damned heavens, I have scolded you for so long, and now I can finally make you bleed! Sun Sovereign, please!"

His knife will rushed into the sky and split a cloud into two halves!

Butcher's fighting spirit overflowed into the heavens and landed on Sun Sovereign's body.

Sun Sovereign felt the other's eyes piercing him like knives and was left astonished. He rose into the sky and shone brightly with golden light. His body grew taller and taller while the wings behind his back spread open. The next moment, golden feathers began to grow all over his body.

With feathers covering his skin more and more, Sun Sovereign changed from a human into a three-legged divine bird that was glowing brilliantly. He became compatible with the sun in midair as though he was the golden crow within it!

The golden crow let out a screech that was incomparably ear-piercing. "Heaven Knife, I cut you in half and broke all of your knife skills last time, so what do you think you're even doing here?"

"Do you think I've done nothing at all during my years in Disabled Elderly Village?"

Butcher pulled out his knife with a loud roar and rose into the sky. Each of his steps seemed to land on clouds. His body trembled and became incomparably tall and sturdy. The knife light in the sky instantly became incomparably bright, even overshadowing the blazing sun as it slashed toward it!

"Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring!" Qin Mu couldn't help becoming excited. "The ninth move of Pig Slaughtering Knife Skills!"

Ba Shan's gaze was blank as he looked at the sky. The Pig Slaughter Knife Skills that Qin Mu had mentioned were Eight Skills of Heaven Knife; however, they only had eight moves. Butcher had executed a knife skill which Ba Shan had never seen before.

Heaven Knife had a ninth move.

Nine Skills of Heaven Knife!

Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring!

In the sky, snow bright sword light gathered, and Butcher's body disappeared. Only incomparably bright knife light could be seen gathering like a bright moon as it collided against the radiant sun on the opposite side!

In the sun, countless golden feathers gathered into a sword filled with true fire of the blazing sun. The weapon that rushed forward to attack.


The golden sword true fire rushed into the bright moon, and the bright moon suddenly shone brightly. Like a true moon, it seemed to absorb the sunlight to reflect it back as moonlight. The light of the knife suddenly became several times more intense!

The bright moon dispersed and transformed into a world-shaking knife light!

Qin Mu was ineffably agitated, and he recited loudly, "Enlisting in Jade Pass, chasing barbarians in Altai Mountains. Playing the tune of the plum blossoms, knife opening the bright moon ring!"

What he recited was the knife secrets of Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring!

From midair, blood fell like rain.

Butcher's strong body stood between heaven and earth. He bathed himself in the god blood and blazing fire while his Heaven Knife flowed with light after slicing apart the sun. He laughed loudly and said, "The beatings of drum rumbled on the sea, the aura of soldiers poured into the clouds. Hoping to behead a heavenly god, chasing them out of Innocence Pass!"

At that moment, a human youth carrying a demon knife on his back walked out from the devils' main camp and raised his head. His mind couldn't help trembling, and he involuntarily fell into a comprehension.

Sun Sovereign's head fell, crashing in front of the devils' main camp with a loud explosion.

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