Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 592 - Dangerous Air

"Superb knife skills!" Fu Riluo looked at Butcher who was shining with brilliant light and he couldn't resist praising, "Truly superb knife skills! Even a place like Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens derives glory from an illustrious hero, but even in an era in which paths, skills, and divine arts have flaws, there are still such outstanding people. It is truly a good place!"

Upon seeing Butcher's knife skills, he began to long even more for Great Ruins.

In comparison to him, Butcher was very 'young'. Even though he didn't receive the complete cultivation system, his knife skills had already entered the path. It was something that even numerous gods and devils in Supreme Emperor Heaven hadn't managed to do.

Fu Riluo could see that if Butcher patched all his shortcomings, he'd have hope to become a true god. To have such attainments at such a young age, it had to be the effect of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens!

"He didn't teach me this move..." When Chancellor Ba Shan opened his mouth wide, his voice rumbled like lightning. He turned to look at Qin Mu. "Did teacher teach it to you?"

"He did. However, my realm isn't high enough so I can't execute it," Qin Mu said honestly.

Chancellor Ba Shan grew furious. "Old man is biased! This move is too powerful, too powerful..."

It wasn't really because Butcher was biased. When Butcher had crawled to Disabled Elderly Village with only half of his body, he was crazy most of the time and kept scolding the damned heavens, wanting to split them apart. When he was sober, he was a man of few words and just kept quiet.

During that time, he was very bitter, but it wasn't only because he had just his upper body left. He was disappointed that he couldn't fight his way up to the heavens and take revenge for his good friends, cleaning the regret off his knife.

To deal with Sun Sovereign and the rest of the gods in the sky, he toiled like a crazy man, thinking of countless knife skills. Yet none of them could break the divine arts in the sky.

The reason why he was crazy was because he thought too much.

But ever since Granny Si picked up Qin Mu from the riverside, Butcher's crazy heart slowly opened up due to the little baby. Because of it, he found someone who he could rely on in his heart.

From that moment onwards, Butcher spent less and less time being crazy. He had thought too much previously, which had made him crazy, but after Qin Mu's arrival, his heart was at peace. He comprehended everything that had once eluded him.

When his knife skills entered the path, he created the ninth form of Heaven Knife, Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring.

This move was his work of entering the path and becoming an unrivaled great master of the knife path.

Chancellor Ba Shan had learned Eight Skills of Heaven Knife a long time ago. Butcher found him annoying, so he always took a long detour every time he saw him, so only not long ago had he been caught. Because of that, he hadn't had the time to teach him this move.

Besides, Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring required not only extremely high cultivation, but also extremely great attainments in knife skills. Chancellor Ba Shan walked the path of battle spells, so he could never enter the path with knife skills. Thus, even if Butcher taught him, he might not be able to master it.

Sun Sovereign's blood scattered on the ground and transformed a hundred miles area into a sea of fire. His blood was the blood of the golden crow, and inside it was the sun essence that transformed into flames once it touched the ground. And they didn't die out for a long time.

Suddenly, a huge sun crashed into the land. The ground trembled, and the place where the sun had crashed also turned into a sea of fire.

Qi Jiuyi frowned, but his brows soon smoothed out.

Sun Sovereign has died, but this wasn't a bad thing to him. The man was just a helper he had invited to join him in the lower bound. After all, Sun Sovereign had always stayed there and was familiar with the geography.

But Qi Jiuyi's main motive for bringing Sun Sovereign along was to use him to find Qin Mu. Since it was already done, Sun Sovereign's life and death were of no concern to him.

Butcher walked over with his long knife. Sun Sovereign's blood had spilled on him and ignited his body, but since he was a Vermillion Bird Spirit Body, this kind of injury was nothing.

"Awesome!" A huge opening split apart on Butcher's chest, and one could faintly see the ribs and the beating heart underneath. It was obvious that he didn't have it easy in his clash with Sun Sovereign earlier. His injury was not light, but he could still smile. "Several hundred years of craziness finally split with one knife, how f*cking awesome!"

Apothecary immediately went up and looked at his wound. He frowned. "Butcher, you were almost killed. what's there to be so happy about? Your wound has the remnant of Sun Sovereign's divine art. I can't help you get rid of that, so you will have to do it yourself. Be careful, don't burst your heart from squeezing it; you aren't Xing An who can just change his heart. You might have felt awesome when killing him, but you have almost lost your life as well. You shouldn't be so reckless."

"Knife skills don't have as many transformations as sword skills, so true knife skills start and end with first fatal strike. If you can receive it, you live! If you can't, you die! It's that simple!"

Butcher returned his knife into its sheath and gave a shout. Countless tiny knives flashed in front of the wound on his chest and erased the divine art that Sun Sovereign had left behind. He said solemnly, "In the past, my knife skills were particular about being exquisite, complicated and ever-changing, However, after they entered the path, I changed them from complicated to simple.

"In the past, Midnight Battle Across Stormy Citie and, Sun on East Sea Thousand Layer Waves were too troublesome. Now, Long Knife Hangs Below the Moonlight and Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring are much simpler."

Fu Riluo looked left and right while saying to numerous devil divine arts practitioners, "Remember his words, for they are very logical. Spells, divine arts, battle techniques, you must simplify them in the future.

"However, he didn't go down to the roots. His simple is derived from complicated, so the journey to having complicated is a must. If you don't experience it, you can never comprehend simple. The so-called simple is gathering your strength and your whole path into one line."

Numerous devil divine arts practitioners seemed to understand and yet not understand, but they all nodded in agreement.

Qin Mu heard what Fu Riluo said, and he couldn't help praising him as well. 'Fu Riluo's horizons are truly great, and he is a remarkable great master. He is no doubt a true devil, a respectable king. When I created the first form of Calamity Sword, I had also entered simple from complicated. The so-called simple isn't simple at all. The sword skill may look simple, but it actually mobilizes all the strength and brings along the charm of the path, thus the power is extraordinary.'

Normal divine arts could mobilize from ten to twenty percent of one's strength. The reason they looked strong was because their bodies were extremely powerful. For example, one's right hand and one's left hand may have a hundred pounds of strength each. One's legs would have a hundred pounds of strength each too, but one couldn't unleash four hundred pounds of strength when they punched.

And the strength of a divine arts practitioner's body was even more complicated. There was strength from the qi and blood, one that stemmed from the tendons, the primordial spirit, divine treasures, and also the different kinds of rune markings.

Only by unleashing all these strengths could one use divine arts.

Great divine arts which were able to mobilize from fifty to sixty percent were rare and remarkable. Only by creating divine arts could people suit themselves better and unleash even more strength.

When they comprehended a divine art that had entered the path, the amount of strength they could unleash would become extremely terrifying. Basically, the strength in the entire body would be tapped into.

Complicated was the process of discovering all kinds of strengths in one's body, so it couldn't be taken out.

"Fu Riluo's understanding isn't bad," Qi Jiuyi praised.

Qin Mu took a look at him and praised, "Brother Qi's knowledge isn't bad as well."

Qi Jiuyi gave a slight smile.

Apothecary examined Butcher's wound and used silver needles to pull out the fire poison. He said with a smile, "There's no need to trouble me with this kind of small wound. Mu'er, get your fatty here to give a lick. He just needs to improve the blood circulation and make the muscles grow."

The fatty dragon hurriedly ran over with small steps and smiled apologetically. "Grandpa Butcher, little dragon is going to start licking."

Butcher hurriedly looked at Qin Mu. "Mu'er, do you have any in bottles?"

"Fresh dragon saliva is the best. The one in bottles isn't fresh, and the wound will heal much slower!" Apothecary said firmly.

Butcher was skeptical.

"Brother Qin, Sun Sovereign has already settled his dispute, and Heaven Knife's injury isn't much of a problem, so your mind should have calmed down by now, right?" Qi Jiuyi looked at Qin Mu while speaking with a smile. "It should our turn."

Qin Mu was about to say something when a knife light shone. It split from one into two, then into four, into eight, and continued even more!

'Zhe Huali!'

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and the knife lights that filled the sky suddenly gathered back, transforming into a knife light that came slashing down. Where the knife fell, the air split in two!

Fu Riluo swept his sleeves and pushed back everyone that the knife light was going to cut. The knife light came from ten miles away, and it came straight for Qi Jiuyi!

The youth's pupils contracted. But he relaxed and let the knife light come at him.

It suddenly shook and split apart, transforming into over a dozen of knife lights that slashed toward Qi Jiuyi like a peacock opening its tail. Yet they gathered back together once more just next to the tip of Qi Jiuyi's nose.

The knife light disappeared, for ten miles away, Zhe Huali sheathed the demon knife behind his back. Even though his complexion wasn't good, he was full of spirit and walked with long strides. It was obvious that he had suffered quite a bit of hardship these days just to break through.

Butcher looked at Zhe Huali and suddenly sighed. He said with a bleak expression, "My two disciples, one took the path of battle spells and the other comprehended the sword path; neither of them actually mastered the essence of knife skills. Yet this person who only saw my knife skill once went and comprehended it."

Chancellor Ba Shan blushed while Qin Mu spoke without any shame in a cool and collected voice. "My sword skills have entered the path. I'm much more promising than Senior Brother Ba Shan, and Village Chief is very happy."

Fu Riluo looked at Zhe Huali and exclaimed, "Zhe Huali, you can finish your apprenticeship now!"

Zhe Huali bowed and gave his thanks. He then straightened his back, and his sharp gaze fell on Qin Mu before shifting to Qi Jiuyi's face. The knife light in his eyes jumped. "Qin Mu is mine. If you want to kill him before me, I'll kill you first."

Cripple was astonished. "Mu'er, you're pretty popular."

Qin Mu's face instantly turned black.

"Zhe Huali, you are under the apprenticeship of High General Luo Wushuang of the Spirit Elite Guards? I can see traces of Luo Wushuang in your knife skill. He is in charge of teaching the younger generation of Spirit Elite Guards in the celestial heavens. It's good for you to have attained his true teachings, but do you know who am I?" Qi Jiuyi asked indifferently.

Zhe Huali shook his head. "I won't bother asking who you are. If you want to kill him, you will die first."

Qi Jiuyi shook his head as well. "Luo Wushuang's disciple, isn't your opinion of your own abilities a little too exaggerated? You comprehended just one move so you could walk out of Luo Wushuang's shadow, and you think you can be a match for me? Brother Qin, do you still want to see me fight a devil expert? Let me give you a chance."

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes; he felt an extremely dangerous air coming from the youth near him!

He felt like there was a prehistoric beast gradually awakening in Qi Jiuyi's body!

This kind of felling was similar when a true dragon executed Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, but Qi Jiuyi was definitely not a dragon. He was most likely a phoenix!

'This is bad!' Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. 'Qi Jiuyi cultivates a technique that can go up to Emperor's Throne!"

Unbeknownst to him, Cripple appeared behind him and instructed earnestly, "Mu'er, you should become a coward when it's time to be a coward and flee when it's time to flee. Believe in Grandpa Cripple's teaching. I'm definitely right."

Qin Mu suddenly became excited and fisted his hands tightly. His voice also grew slightly hoarse. "Grandpa Cripple, I haven't beaten someone who has cultivated Emperor's Throne technique before!"

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