Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 594 - Why is It Like This

"What a strong divine art!"

Qin Mu couldn't help becoming excited. Before the nine-headed phoenix even arrived, the gale raised by the power of the great divine arts had already undone the ribbon tying his hair. It fluttered backward while his hair went horizontal!

The skin on his face was blown into creases, and an incomparably scorching heat made it hard for him to breathe.

Zhe Huali and Qin Mu were on par with each other. Qi Jiuyi attack on both of them at the same time showed just how confident he was.

He had the confidence to take down both Zhe Huali and Qin Mu, these two young experts!

As the disciple of an ancient existence in the celestial heavens, he was outstanding in that high up place. Upon coming down to the lower bound to settle matters, he looked refined and elegant, dealing with matters courteously and keeping to etiquette no matter if he was faced with a friend or a foe. However, deep within, he still looked down on the strong practitioners of the lower bound, thinking that they were all country bumpkins.

His divine art had already been brewing for a long time. As he and Zhe Huali tested each other, he slowly completed the great divine art, Nine Phoenixes Perching on Ancient Parasol Tree.

It was a great divine art of an Emperor's Throne Technique, and once it was complete, he could crush all enemies on the same realm. It was definitely unrivaled!

He wanted to take down Qin Mu and Zhe Huali to show the awe of the celestial heavens and make the country bumpkins of the lower bound understand the heaven's might!

Qin Mu's blood boiled. Qi Jiuyi was attacking two people at once, but he felt as if he was facing Qi Jiuyi's attack by himself. It was evident that the youth from the celestial heavens was a terrifying opponent like none he'd seen before!

Even though Qi Jiuyi's great divine art needed a long time to take shape, its power excited Qin Mu!

He had never seen such a terrifying opponent before!

He couldn't help letting out a loud shout, and dragon roars reverberated through his body. In that instant, they rang out eight times as Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon sounded out. Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique circulated one cycle!

The nine-headed phoenix flew over with multi-colored lights which were dazzling and eye-catching. It was also giving off an astonishing power!

The nine-headed phoenix reached Qin Mu's body in an instant. It had looked incomparably huge on the tree, but when it flew to Qin Mu's face, it was no bigger than a foot.

But even though it had become smaller, the power had only become stronger, and the threat posed by it was even greater.

Qi Jiuyi used a mudra, and the ancient parasol tree fell onto the demon knife. When the two came close to colliding, pulses spread out in all directions, followed by gales filled with flames and knife lights. The gales whooshed and swept out in all directions.

The ground was instantly melted and became lava upon which knife lights jumped around. The moment the two great divine arts collided, demon knives leaped out from the lava, and the knife skill each of them executed was different. The handles of the demon knives all had a demon eyes which were extremely strange. They locked their gazes on Qi Jiuyi, and the path which each demon knife took seemed to be controlled by them.

Small, ancient parasol trees appeared in the lava to block the demon knives. There were phoenix nests on the trees, and as they gave off multi-colored light, the demon knives that had flown out from the lava were shattered.

At the same time, Qin Mu's sword pellet flew up and floated in front of the heart of his brows. When his sword fingers tapped that place, the tiny sword pellet formed from eight thousand swords instantly changed its shape.

Eight thousand swords turned into a sword light. It became incomparably intense the moment he pointed with his sword fingers. Once he gathered all his strength and energy, he stabbed with them in the direction of the nine-headed phoenix.


The sword light collided with the phoenix. The instant the sword light burst forth, it was thick as a pillar, but after it rushed out from his sword fingers, it became incomparably fine. It was like a cold ray.

Yet upon closer inspection, it seemed to contains countless sights.

The first form of his Calamity Sword was called Opening Calamity Sword, and Carefree Sword was the core of it. Carefree Sword had a total of eight sides to its blade, and what they reflected were the runes of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique that shone in all directions.

The sword light reflected the runes on the child sword, activating its power which was then reflected on the rest. The blade of every sword was like an eight-sided mirror, and in just an instant, all eight thousand swords lit up, executing all of their power!

The eight thousand swords were continuously moving, and the path of each sword was different. In time, all of the power of the eight thousand swords gathered together in Carefree Sword.

This was the marvel of Opening Calamity Sword.

Based solely on appearance, Qin Mu had merely tapped the heart of his brows and gave a stab which looked extremely simple. However, something this simple included the cultivation and comprehension of his whole life as well as the strength of his corporeal body, primordial spirit, paths, skills, and divine arts, and even his physical power.

When Butcher and Fu Riluo talked about entering simple from complicated, the reason why Qin Mu had thought high of it was because he had already taken that step!

In comparison to Qi Jiuyi's great divine art which had to take some time to activate and prepare, his great divine art Calamity Sword was abnormally fast!

This was the difference between creating and learning. Qin Mu had stepped into technique entering the path and created his own Calamity Sword, so his reaction speed was incomparably quick.

Zhe Huali walked the path of knife skills entering the path. His knife skill was created by himself, but his technique was from others. He had learned Luo Wushuang's technique as well as that of Fu Riluo, so he was slightly slower than Qin Mu in entering the path with knife skills.

Yet even though it was slightly slower, it was still much faster than the time required for Qi Jiuyi to unleash his great divine arts.

However, Qi Jiuyi cultivated an Emperor's Throne Technique of the celestial heavens, and the power of his divine art was incomparably powerful. It was rarely seen in the worlds, and its power alone surpassed the techniques of True God by leaps!

However, the great divine art was split into two. The nine-headed phoenix was aimed at Qin Mu while the ancient parasol tree was thrown at Zhe Huali. This had also split its power into two!


Qin Mu's sword light pierced through the heads of the nine-headed phoenix. Even though it looked small, it was formed from countless divine arts. Upon contact, they instantly burst forth!

The power of the eight thousand swords hidden in Qin Mu's sword also burst forth. Eight thousand incomparably fine swords that were hard for the naked eye to see jumped out and executed different sword moves, slicing apart the divine arts in the nine-headed phoenix's body.

In a swift clash, the nine-headed phoenix was obliterated, and the fine sword lights rushed toward Qi Jiuyi.

When Qi Jiuyi's divine art was broken, he gave a grunt. Suddenly, flames erupted behind him, and he twisted his neck so another eight long necks could have space to grow. They were covered in fine phoenix feathers which were all of seven colors.

The phoenix heads that followed rose with plumes at the top. Qi Jiuyi looked like the emperor of the birds, and each phoenix head pecked down toward Qin Mu's sword light.

The moment he diverted his attention to deal with Qin Mu, the pressure on Zhe Huali was weakened, and countless demon knives leaped out from the lava. They combined into one and slashed down on Qi Jiuyi!

Behind the youth, his gorgeous wings that were like knives opened up. His feathers were like swords when they rose to face the incoming demon knife.

Qin Mu quickly followed after the sword light. His feet moved quickly, exploding with a loud rumble. He went forward with a punch, which sucked in all the air surrounding Qi Jiuyi. All of it was compressed into his fist!

From around his fist, bolts of lightning burst forth in all directions!

Qi Jiuyi raised his hand to receive the attack, but on the other side, Zhe Huali rushed over with long strides like a furious devil god. Devil language rang out from his mouth as his qi and blood turned violent when he struck out with a mudra!

Qi Jiuyi's other hand clenched into a mudra, and he prepared to fight against the two of them. They came with incomparably terrifying strength, and two loud rumbles rang out.

The youth gave a grunt, and his nine heads coughed up blood at the same time.

Qin Mu's other hand opened up, and the flying swords that had been sent away by the eight phoenix heads transformed back into a sword pellet that fell into his hand. His grip grew forceful, and a snow-bright sword pillar formed by eight thousand swords swirling furiously swept towards Qi Jiuyi's neck, ready to cut off his nine heads.

The swirling sword light sliced through the air. If Qi Jiuyi came anywhere close to it, he would shatter into pieces and get minced into the finest chunks of meat!

Zhe Huali grabbed his knife, and with a clank, it welcomed Qin Mu's sword. Knife lights burst forth and dispersed Qin Mu's sword light. The young man sneered and said, "He's mine. It's best if Cult Master Qin does not interfere."

Their bodies trembled violently, and their arms turned numb. The demon knife and the sword pellet were jolted out from their hands from the vibrations. Qin Mu stretched his other hand out to grab the demon knife, and his footsteps crisscrossed as he slashed down. With a sneer, he said, "Zhe Huali, you are brainless. This person is our enemy, so we need to kill him before we can we be at ease!"

His knife was imposing and majestic. He had inherited Butcher's wild and overbearing spirit in his knife skills, so his power was actually not much inferior to that of Zhe Huali with the knife.

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his hand. When he looked down, he saw that the demon eye at the handle of the knife had actually grown a mouth. It was full of razor-sharp teeth, and they bit down on his palm, drawing blood.

While he was busy with that, Zhe Huali grabbed the sword pellet. He was slightly stunned upon catching hold of it, and the sword pellet nearly fell from his hand as he had never expected for it to be so heavy. He nearly lost his grip on it.

But he quickly adjusted, and the sword pellet actually burst forth with sword light. He didn't have much attainments with sword skills and there were eight thousand swords in the sword pellet, making it hard and tiring to control, but he still raised the sword light to defend against the demon knife that Qin Mu had just used. Without an expression, he said, "He and you are the same—both of you will be killed by me! Your fate is to fall under my knife!"

The instant the sword and the knife collided, Zhe Huali gave a grunt and stumbled back. Qin Mu was proficient in knife skills, so even though he got bit by the demon knife, the power of his move was still great. On top of that, his magic power was more vigorous than Zhe Huali's, which made it hard for the other to defend.

The knife and sword broke free from their grips, and the demon knife trembled in midair. Countless knife lights surrounded the three people and danced in the sky, colliding with one another.

Qin Mu immediately used his own magic power to control the sword pellet. Sword light rushed out and transformed into a mountain and river painting to press down on them, drowning out the three people.

Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers!

"How impudent! To dare to disregard me!"

Qi Jiuyi was both astonished and furious. His body shook again, and he revealed his nine heads on the human body which had bird claws and wings. He was about to explode with power and kill the two pests when Qin Mu and Zhe Huali suddenly worked together to severely injure him.

Qi Jiuyi coughed blood. Qin Mu and Zhe Huali attacked each other ruthlessly while surrounding him. Whenever he had the slightest idea to fight back, they would join hands to heavily injure him. Every time Qin Mu attacked him, Zhe Huali would defend him, and whenever Zhe Huali attacked him, he would be blocked by Qin Mu who was throwing a tantrum.

Covered in blood, Qi Jiuyi finally felt fear and loss spread through him. If faced with Qin Mu or Zhe Huali alone, he would win ten times out of ten. but when facing the two of them, he could only receive a beating.

'Why is it like this?' He was very puzzled.

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