Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 595 - The Harmless Smile

If Qi Jiuyi hadn't acted generous and attacked Qin Mu and Zhe Huali at the same time, he would have smoothly defeated Zhe Huali and not landed in such a state.

Qin Mu and Zhe Huali knew that his great divine art was astonishing, so when he attacked them, they had first heavily injured him. Qi Jiuyi then became their side dish while they were the only ones fighting for real. The eight thousand flying swords and countless knives were like pattering rain as they collided again and again.

Qi Jiuyi was located in the center of the battlefield, so he was always surrounded by Qin Mu's sword lights and Zhe Huali's knife lights. The moment he got ready to burst forth, he suffered attacks from the two people at the same time. This kind of situation was something he had never expected.

Qin Mu and Zhe Huali's footstep were quick, and they sometimes drew close and sometimes went away. The two of them mainly fought with their swords and knives while only occasionally assisting themselves with spells or clashing with their corporeal bodies.

Zhe Huali gradually fell into a disadvantage, and Qi Jiuyi saw an opportunity. When Qin Mu attacked Zhe Huali, he also did the same, trying to ally himself with Qin Mu to get rid of Zhe Huali.

But at the same moment, he felt a chill coming near his heart and lowered his head. A sword tip was sticking out from the front of his chest.

Zhe Huali was blown away by Qin Mu and tumbled back. He flew over ten miles before stopping with heavy injuries.

Qi Jiuyi's nine heads all turned around and saw Qin Mu standing in the air with a harmless smile.

Qin Mu smacked forward with his hand, his fingers splayed out. It was Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands that he had learned from Third Ancestor Human Emperor, and he used it together with, Fifth Ancestor Human Emperor's Five Thunder Heaven Raising Bell.

Over ten miles away, Zhe Huali just managed to stabilize his body when the power from Qin Mu's palm went after him. Zhe Huali flew up like a tattered rucksack. He got frozen into an ice sculpture by the pure yin palm force, and Five Thunder Bell appeared near him. If it rang, it could shatter him into pieces since he was an ice sculpture!

In the meantime, Qin Mu grabbed the sharp sword of his sword pellet with his other hand and sent his magic power into all eight thousand swords. Fine flying swords were dancing around with various sword moves in Qi Jiuyi's body and even rushing into his divine treasures!

The second move of Sword Picture, Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!

Around Qin Mu's body, crimson spread out and drowned him out like a sea of blood. The smile on the youth's face was reflected in it, and it seemed to become strange and evil, making people shudder without feeling cold.

"I've never lost a group scuffle before..."

Qi Jiuyi's hair stood up on ends upon hearing his voice. The power of Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood exploded, and Five Thunder Heaven Raising Bell covered Zhe Huali. The bell then rang!

The two young experts were about to die under his hands!

At that moment, the bell disintegrated from Fu Riluo's majestic magic power that came from a single palm move. On the other side, Lu Li tapped on the sword tip in Qi Jiuyi's chest. Flying swords flew backward one by one, leaving Qi Jiuyi's body!

Butcher pulled out his knife, Blind took hold of his spear, and flames rushed into the sky behind Mute. They each took a step forward while Cripple grabbed Qin Mu to fall back. In a blink, he appeared behind Butcher and the rest!

Fu Riluo and Lu Li had saved Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi, but they didn't make any moves after that.

"Little Friend Qi, you've stayed in the celestial heavens and don't know about the craftiness of the people in the lower bound. Now you have suffered, right?" Lu Li said with a smile.

Qi Jiuyi was silent for a moment. "Jiuyi is willing to ally himself with Provincial Governor."

Fu Riluo's heart moved slightly, and he dissipated the qi of pure yin that plagued Zhe Huali's body, releasing him from the frozen state.

Zhe Huali was still in shock when he suddenly saw the ground folding up. In the next instant, he was back beside Fu Riluo who had been over ten miles away. It was obvious that Fu Riluo had folded up space.

Butcher and the rest were astonished. Fu Riluo's abilities were much greater than what they had imagined. These kinds of abilities meant that he was no mere true devil!

Fu Riluo's left face looked at Zhe Huali, and he said calmly, "Victory and defeat are common in war. The true victory and defeat is life and death, so as long as you don't die, you haven't lost completely. Do you understand?"

Zhe Huali sheathed the demon knife on his back. He bowed and said, "Disciple understands."

Fu Riluo was happy. "Your Dao heart is trained well, so your success will definitely surpass that of Luo Wushuang in the future."

Behind Butcher and the rest, Cripple was overjoyed and patted Qin Mu heavily on the shoulder. "Mu'er, you didn't throw Grandpa Cripple's face! That move earlier was truly sinister, hiding a blade in your smile while you injured him with a hidden arrow. As expected of one that's been taught by me! When I saw your smile just then, even I couldn't help shivering!"

Qin Mu hurriedly said humbly, "It's all because of Grandpa Cripple's good teaching. If it wasn't for Grandpa Cripple, I wouldn't have defeated them. In regards to hiding a blade in my smile, I can at most rank number two. Grandpa Cripple is still the best in the world!"

Cripple stroked his mountain goat beard and laughed loudly. He was pretty pleased with himself.

Deaf sneered and said, "The men of today have sadly degenerated..."

Lu Li paid no attention to Butcher and the rest that had nervous expressions. She looked at the divine city that Deaf had drawn and suddenly said with a smile, "Fu Riluo, have you seen through the real and the fake?"

Fu Riluo turned his head and his three faces looked at the god city. After a moment, he said, "I can't see through it. May you enlighten me?"

"Look at the souls of the gods there," Lu Li said with a smile.

Fu Riluo was astonished and sought enlightenment sincerely. "How do I look at the souls?"

Butcher, Mute, and Blind knew that things were going bad and gradually moved back.

Deaf's face changed slightly, and he instantly knew that Lu Li had seen through their ruse. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead. His painting could pass off as genuine, which meant that no flaws could be seen in the world in the painting he had created and even the connection to reality was seamless as well.

However, he couldn't create souls!

Lu Li had to be a strong practitioner from Youdu with extremely deep attainments in the spells of the soul to have seen through the marvel of Deaf's painting.

Everyone's palms went sweaty, and they surrounded Qin Mu while they continuously fell back. Their unease grew stronger and stronger.

Fu Riluo and Lu Li seemed to pay no attention to them, allowing them to leave.

Lu Li turned around and raised her slender jade hand to draw a circle in the air. Light leaked out from it, and it became a huge and bright mirror that floated in the sky. "Respectable king, please look at the scene in the mirror."

Fu Riluo did so, and what the mirror reflected was the majestic god city in front of them. It included Butcher, Qin Mu, Granny Si, and the rest in front of it.

Some of their souls were standing in front of the Southern Heavenly Gate of the celestial palaces. Some of them were on the divine bridge, and there was even the soul of a person standing in Life and Death Realm. Under his feet was the dark Youdu.

But what was weird was that the god city in the mirror was only a huge pit. Not only did the god city not exist, but even the gods and the army of a million weren't there!

However, Butcher and the rest that were retreating toward the god city could be seen. The mirror showed all of their souls. Fu Riluo took a look at himself, and he saw his three-headed true form standing among the devil celestial palaces!

He was a devil god with three heads. The three faces were only an illusion created after he had cultivated the three heads into one.

Fu Riluo looked at Qi Jiuyi who was reflected in the mirror, and his reflection was that of a nine-headed phoenix that was bathing in blazing golden light and divine fire. He looked sacred and extraordinary.

Zhe Huali, when reflected in the mirror, was a normal human, except for the demon knife behind his back. It was a one-eyed demon beast full of a terrifying demon ai; it was extremely frightening!

Yet the most terrifying one in the mirror was still Qin Mu!

The youth had three eyes and was glowing with crimson light. He was incomparably huge, and his three eyes looked over, seemingly having detected him peeking.

Fu Riluo felt his soul tremble, and his chest started to ache again.

Lu Li hurriedly turned the mirror away from Qin Mu at the rest. She said, "Are you clear now?"

The mirror was pointed in the direction of the devil camp. A few devil experts behind them looked toward it and saw the souls of the devil gods and devils in the mirror.

Fu Riluo's disciple Shu Ye was slightly stunned when he saw a slightly strange soul among the devils.

That person was actually standing among the celestial palaces! Furthermore, his soul was tattered and filled with patches that seemed to be stitched together from numerous people's souls!

Shu Ye was about to look in detail when Lu Li had pulled back the mirror.

'Could I have seen wrongly?' Shu Ye was bewildered.

Fu Riluo shuddered, and his voice was hoarse when he spoke. "Those three eyes..."

"Sealed by Earth Count," Lu Li said with a smile. "You can forget about coveting him. Your aim is just Supreme Emperor Heaven."

Fu Riluo composed himself and said solemnly, "I can finally see the true face of the god city. IT was creating flowers from emptiness, creating reality and passing off fake as genuine. With the painting as a world, they connected fake and real, making it hard to distinguish the two. To create gods and all things with the painting path, the person's attainments have to have reached the peak of the painting path."

His voice reached the ears of Deaf, Granny Si and the rest. "For Dao friends to have been able to trick me and stop my devil army for several days, giving Supreme Emperor Heaven time to take a breather and prepare, even if all of you die, you can be proud of yourselves."

The expressions of everyone in the group changed drastically. They saw the space around them warp. Even though they were moving back, the distance between them and Fu Riluo was decreasing!

"We're done for, done for..." Cripple's expression was ashen as he muttered softly to himself.

The green bull under Chancellor Ba Shan's leg mooed angrily and sprinted furiously toward the god city. However, no matter how fast he sprinted, he got farther and farther away while getting closer to Fu Riluo!

The green bull hurriedly stopped, not daring to move anymore.

"Respectable king, I only want Qin Fengqing. Hand him to me, and I'll give you a Supreme Emperor Heaven!" Lu Li said with a smile.

"Don't worry, now that I've seen the fake from the real, they cannot run anymore."

Fu Riluo took a step and walked toward everyone. The air instantly warped violently, and everyone involuntarily got closer to him.

Butcher shouted angrily and swung the knife to slash toward the sky and the ground, trying to sever the warped space. Yet his knife light was instantly warped and vanished without a trace.

Suddenly though, the sky trembled violently, and Fu Riluo stopped. He raised his head to look at the sky, and his expression filled with astonishment.

Lu Li also hurriedly raised her head in astonishment.

In the sky, incomparably thick beams of light shone down and connected to the ground. Next, it transformed into turbulent blood light!

Huge but broken planets suddenly squeezed out from space and appeared in the sky of Supreme Emperor Heaven!

Then a second dilapidated planet appeared, followed by a third...

An astonishing sight appeared in the sky. A huge land pressed down on the bunch of planets that had suddenly appeared in the sky above Supreme Emperor Heaven!

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