Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 596 - Blood Sacrificing Luofu Heaven

The appearance of the vast land in the sky made Fu Riluo trembled and he forgot to control his divine art. In the devils' main camp, the soldiers of the devil race raised their heads and looked at the vision in the sky with blank expressions.

Not only them, almost all of the lifeforms in the entire Supreme Emperor Heaven, no matter if they were human or devil, slave or god, or even strange beasts and insects living in the mountains and sea. They all raised their heads at this very moment and looked at the huge planets that were pressing down from the sky and also at that magnificent and boundless land.

That was a sight so shocking that it couldn't be described with words. It was a magnificent sight that they had never seen before in their lives!

The huge planets were so low that it seemed they could be touched with their hands. The mountains on the land were like hanging sharp precipice hanging down. The sea in the land was like a sapphire blue gem.

What was even stranger was even though it was hanging above Supreme Emperor Heaven, the water from the sea didn't fall and flow into Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Fu Riluo's body trembled and he forgot to seize Butcher, Qin Mu and the rest.

Qin Mu looked at it in detail and those beams of light that were connecting that land with Supreme Emperor were from tall sacrificial altars and these sacrificial altars were as astonishing as the mountains. Even if one raised their head from Supreme Emperor Heaven, they could faintly see.

Qin Mu cried out, "That is… Luofu Heaven!"

His voice broke the astonishment and silence in the surrounding. The hearts of Butcher, Granny Si, and the rest trembled and Cripple hurriedly asked, "Mu'er, what kind of damned place is Luofu Heaven?"

"The world of the devil race, which is also the world of where these devils in Supreme Emperor Heaven resides in."

Qin Mu took out teleportation flags and quickly stabbed around them. "I have suffered from Fu Riluo's pupil divine art and got seized by him. In his illusion, I became him and I saw Luofu Heaven before. That world is basically almost destroyed."

"The devil race suddenly pulled their Luofu Heaven over, what are they preparing to do?"

Granny Si was rather puzzled and she said with a low voice, "Could they have planned to let all devil enter Supreme Emperor Heaven?"

Blind's gaze was deep and he shook his head, "Granny, you can't see the details in Luofu Heaven. This Luofu Heaven isn't moved over by the devil race, there are still twenty and more gods on the sacrificial altars so it should be done by them. Furthermore, they aren't moving Luofu Heaven to Supreme Emperor Heaven, they are…"

His voice was slightly excited. "They are blood sacrificing Luofu Heaven!"

"Blood sacrificing Luofu Heaven!"

Everyone was astonished and just as they were about to check in detail, Qin Mu had already executed the teleportation flag and the huge flags swirled to send them into that god city.

Right in the instant Qin Mu executed the teleportation flag, the devils' main camp was also in chaos as a true devil got attacked by surprise!

That was a true dragon that flew out from the youth's waist and attacked when everyone was looking up the sky in a daze. That divine dragon injured that true devil severely. Meanwhile, the movement of the 'devil youth' was strange and he came to the back of that true devil as though he was floating.

His divine art was even stranger and after a series of attacks, that true devil was chopped in eight chunks.

The main camp was in chaos and before the devil gods could even react, they saw that 'devil youth' taking out a chest and the chest automatically opened to swallow the chopped devil god up.

That 'devil youth' raised the chest and stepped on the divine dragon to rise into the sky. Behind him, devil gods gave chase furiously!

At the same time, light in the god city shook and the teleportation formation appeared. Before anyone people could come back to their senses, Qin Mu executed the teleportation flags again and the light shone again before the light even extinguished, sending everyone out of the city.

He executed the teleportation repeatedly and did it over and over again until they finally escaped four to five hundred miles away.

Qin Mu's magic power was exhausted and he swept his sleeves to keep the teleportation flag. "I can only teleport to here."

Hu Ling'er said, "I know, it's Fatty Dragon that's too heavy!"

The dragon qilin lowered his head in shame.

Everyone hurriedly rushed towards Li City and on the way, they focused their gazes to look at the sky but they still couldn't see too clearly.

Yet in Blind's eyes, he could see the terrains of Luofu Heaven, the lakes and the seas were all crumbling. Mountains crumbled and the sea vaporized. The rivers located in Luofu Heaven were like twisting snakes that were squirming in midair!

This sight was truly terrifying!

Blood sacrificing the entire world made everyone felt that it was a spectacular yet sorrowful sight.

At this moment, they heard a loud cry coming from the sky like the sorrowful cry of a whale in the sea, it was incomparably long-lasting like the sorrowful cry of a world that was dying. Even though human emotions couldn't be heard from the cry, it still made people couldn't help tearing up.

Even though that world was the world of the devil race, but every world was the mother of all lifeforms born there. When they heard the sorrowful cry of their dying mother, they made people couldn't help feeling the same way too.

"Luofu Heaven isn't being pulled closer."

Granny Si suddenly came to a realization and she hurriedly ran to Li City with everyone. She said with a low voice, "Luofu Heaven is still at its original position, it's actually this power of blood sacrifice that had established access between Luofu Heaven and Supreme Emperor Heaven, making Luofu Heaven seem to be above our head."

Fu Riluo's heart was cold. He raised his head to look at his Luofu Heaven that had raised him up. Even when Qin Mu had escaped, even when Xing An had created havoc in the devils' main camp, he didn't bother to even take a look.

Luofu Heaven of the devil race transformed into pure energy in the blood sacrifice and they were currently pouring into Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Saint Woodcutter has succeeded.

He was abnormally clever so he naturally knew who had done it.

After Saint Woodcutter had taken a bet at Li City, he had vanished for a period of time and didn't reappear until now. He must have been planning to take drastic measures, entering Luofu Heaven, the old nest of the devils, to set up the sacrificial altars needed to sacrifice Luofu Heaven!

And now, Saint Woodcutter has already attained the means to sacrifice Luofu Heaven!

Lu Li was long used to this sight as she has already long seen worlds after worlds being destroyed in her eyes. There were countless worlds that got destroyed in Youdu before and formed Earth Count's horns of nine bends. Countless broken souls were wailing miserably in those world in pitch black darkness.

"Capturing that brat with the surname Qin is more important!"

She immediately made a decision and rushed towards the direction where Qin Mu and the rest had teleported to. At this moment, Luofu Heaven which was sinking into destruction suddenly stopped and they suddenly heard a voice coming from the other world. "Fu Riluo, do you want to stop the battle or for Luofu Heaven to be obliterated?"

Lu Li knew it was bad and she turned her head to look at Fu Riluo. Fu Riluo's three faces were stupefied and one of the face raised up to look at Luofu Heaven. Fu Riluo's booming voice rang out, "Heavenly Teacher, you and I will make a pact to temporarily stop the battle! We will make peace and my devil race will split the world into two with the gods of your Supreme Emperor Heaven, my devil race will take half of Supreme Emperor Heaven while the other half belongs to you. Since you have the weakness of my devil race by controlling Luofu Heaven, you can also be at ease."


The sky was ripped apart and Saint Woodcutter's face appeared in the sky. There was only the face and no ears. This face just suddenly appeared in the sky and looked down at Fu Riluo. His voice rumbled in the sky like heavenly thunder, "Make an oath to Earth Count?"

Fu Riluo said sternly, "An oath to Earth Count!"

Butcher, Blind and the rest that were rushing towards Li City furiously also saw this sight and they also heard Saint Woodcutter and Fu Riluo's conversation. Granny Si shook her head, "Who is this foolish old man? He looks foolish and to actually dare to make an oath to Earth Count with the respectable king of the devil race? He needs to be careful not to have even his underwear trick away by Fu Riluo!"

Everyone in Disabled Elderly Village nodded their heads.

Qin Mu said carefully, "Granny, look at this face in the sky, does it look similar to the face of Saint Woodcutter on the mural in our Saint Arrival Mountain?"

Granny Si examined it and she gave a shudder. Wasn't this face that of Saint Woodcutter?

"So it's the Saint."

Granny Si showed off her beauty and it was very charming when she smiled, "In that case, he won't be at a disadvantage when making an oath to Earth Count with Fu Riluo. There are so many crafty people in Heavenly Saint Cult and they had all learn it from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures so, in terms of craftiness, this saint is our old ancestor."

Everyone's mind was blank by her smile and they just selectively forgot about Granny Si scolding Saint Woodcutter a foolish old man involuntarily.

Lu Li's gaze flickered and she looked into the distance. She was about to chase after Qin Mu when Fu Riluo said calmly, "When this concerns the existence of my Luofu Heaven, it's best for Dao Friend Lu Li to not make any reckless move."

Lu Li's beautiful brows frowned, this chance was rare and she really wanted to seize Qin Mu but she was also very afraid of that face in the sky. If she forcefully made a move, Fu Riluo might even make a move on her from being threatened so she resisted herself.

"Don't worry. I said I will bring this brat to you so I won't eat my words," Fu Riluo said.

Lu Li chuckled and said, "If you dare to eat your words, I can assist Supreme Emperor Heaven in getting rid of your devil race."

Fu Riluo shook his head, "You won't. Heavenly Teacher is from Founding Emperor Celestial Heaven, the grudge between the two of you is even great that your grudge to the devil race, it's impossible to resolve."

Lu Li took a glance at the direction where Qin Mu and the rest had escaped and she suppressed herself. She wasn't afraid of Fu Riluo or Saint Woodcutter but if the both of them attacked her at the same time, she wouldn't have it easy.

"However, I promise you I can definitely do it."

Fu Riluo's front face was signing a Pact of Earth Count with the face in the sky while the face on the left was talking to Lu Li. "He has already suffered from my divine art so no matter if it's a mirror or a water surface, he will still fall into my grasp."

Only then did Lu Li place her heart down and said with a smile, "In regards to your art of space, I am indeed very impressed."

Qi Jiuyi frowned slightly and said, "So Provincial Governor, the agreement between you and I..."

Lu Li smiled at him sweetly and it was so lovely and sweet that it was terrifying. With a rough voice, she said, "Whether or not I should lend Qin Mu to you will depend on what you plan to do. Even though Young Master Qi is a noble of the celestial heavens, the sky is high and the emperor is far. Even His Majesty wouldn't be able to control the provincial governor that's in control of an area, right?"

Qi Jiuyi said with an unmoved expression, "I understand. If you lend me, I will give you benefits."

Finally, Qin Mu and the rest hurried to Li City and only then did they let out a sigh of relief.

Li City was long stationed with soldiers and horses. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, True God Pang Yu and the rest were holding the lines. When they saw them hurrying back safely, only then were they at ease.

Apothecary took out a mirror to tidy himself up to prevent him from losing his image.

Qin Mu popped his head to take a look and his expression changed drastically. His eyes stared at the mirror and inside the mirror, Fu Riluo was walking towards him.

Apothecary coincidentally kept the mirror and he said with a smile, "Mu'er, you don't have any lesser mirrors than me so why do you need to borrow mine?"

Qin Mu shook his head and cried out, "Granny, I've suffered from the same move again!"

He talked about how he got kidnapped by Fu Riluo the previous time and everyone in Disabled Elderly Village revealed a look of disdain. Cripple sneered and said, "Mu'er, to fall at the same place twice, you have disappointed our teaching!"

Blind nodded his head. "I saw Mu'er is still young and too innocent!"

Apothecary sighed and said, "That's right, Village Chief that old fogey always nags that Qin Mu is too innocent and is afraid of him losing out. His words have come true, to fall for the same thing twice!"

Cold sweat rolled down Qin Mu's forehead. "Stop saying cynical remarks. what should I do?"

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