Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 597 - Fu Riluo in His Eyes

Mute did a few strokes and Deaf caught them in his eyes. He said, "This is simple, just don't look in the mirror, you aren't a little girl. Mute said that, not me."

Apothecary took out the mirror and aimed it at Qin Mu to examine his reaction. He saw Qin Mu's eyes immediately going out of focus as if there was a figure walking out from his eyes. He immediately kept the mirror and said, "It's easy not to look in the mirror but what about washing his face? Or if he meets other people that shine their mirror at Qin Mu? He just needs to arrange a devil or a spy and use a mirror to shine at Qin Mu, Mu'er just need to take a look and he will fall into the move again. The divine arts practitioners that had submitted to the devils wouldn't be low in numbers, there's definitely not only Tian Fenggou!"

Butcher snatched the mirror from him and shone it at Qin Mu. Qin Mu's eyes went out of focus again as he stared at the mirror. The body of a Fu Riluo walked over in his eyes and was slightly closer than just now.

Butcher jumped in shock and hurriedly flipped the mirror over. Only then did the Fu Riluo in Qin Mu's eyes vanish.

"How powerful!"

Butcher couldn't help praising, "Fu Riluo's divine art is truly strange, to actually be able to come out from Qin Mu's eyes! Why don't we just lure him out and gather a bunch of true gods to chop him to death, we will see how he terrorize you again!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "It's useless, he doesn't really appear, the mirror will only activate his divine art and once the divine art is activated, he will pull me to his side, he won't appear in front of us at all."

Butcher praised again, "To actually be able to achieve such a step? He's truly remarkable!"

Mute snatched the mirror and also shone it at Qin Mu. Qin Mu involuntarily looked over and the Fu Riluo in his eyes walked another distance closer.

Mute hurriedly flipped the mirror over and said sternly, "Aba!"

Blind hurriedly took over the mirror and planned to shine it at Qin Mu when Granny became furious and rewarded him with a punch on his head. She said angrily, "You old farts, if you shine some more, Mu'er is going to be taken away by that three-faced weird man!"

Blind was furious. "Granny, they had all shone so why did you only beat me?"

Granny Si snatched the mirror away and Cripple was waiting to try on one side. When he saw Granny Si protecting her calf, he could only hold himself back.

Granny Si also wanted to shine the mirror at Qin Mu but he was still her child that was raised up by him so she could only resist the temptation. However, she always felt itchy and wanted to shine the mirror on him.

In Disabled Elderly Village, other than Cripple, the one with the most playful heart was her.

"If he can't look at the mirror and he also can't pull Fu Riluo over, doesn't this mean that this divine art will remain forever in Mu'er's eyes?" Everyone was out of ideas.

Even though they all had remarkable abilities, Fu Riluo's divine arts were truly bizarre. They didn't know how to solve it.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and True God Pang Yu walked over. "Fellow Dao friends are back? We were still organizing the army so it wasn't convenient to save you, may everyone pardon us."

"Imperial Preceptor always has ideas, maybe he can think of an idea!"

Everyone hurriedly told Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor about it and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "To actually have such a thing? Let me take a look!" After saying so, he took out a mirror from his chest and planned to shine it at Qin Mu.

Butcher, Blind and the rest had weird expressions. Even though Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was a middle-aged man, he was still handsome and well-dressed. It was obvious he paid attention to his appearance and also carried a mirror with him.

Granny Si clenched her fist tightly and was ready to hit Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's head.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor saw this situation and he placed down his mirror while saying with a smile, "Dao Friend Si, if I don't activate the divine art in his eyes, how could I think of a method to break it? Please put aside your hostility."

Granny Si said, "Don't shine for too long."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor shone the mirror at Qin Mu and he saw the figure of Fu Riluo who was currently walking out from Qin Mu's eyes. He was astonished and hurriedly covered the mirror while muttering irresolutely to himself, "Excellent divine art! This kind of divine art is imprinted in the eyes of Cult Master Qin, one would fall for it once they looked at him in the eye. Fu Riluo's divine art is actually remarkable to such an extent?"

Granny Si hurriedly said, "Does Imperial Preceptor have any method to solve it?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor paced to and fro. He hesitated for a moment and said, "Why don't I take another look?"

Granny Si couldn't resist any longer and gave a hard blow on his head. Everyone was stunned. Even Emperor Yanfeng didn't dare to hammer Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's head yet Granny Si actually dared!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor accepted the beating calmly and said, "Dao Friend Si, it's still not enough for me to solve Fu Riluo's divine art with just a look, maybe if I can have a few more looks, I might just be able to find the way to solve this."

Granny Si said coldly, "What if you can't?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said solemnly, "If in the morning I was to gain knowledge of the correct path, I will be able to die without regrets at sunset!"

Granny Si was still not familiar with him or else she would have kicked him away long ago like how she had done to Blind. She took a glance at True God Pang Yu and asked patiently, "The abilities of a true god are remarkable, you must have a method to solve this, right?"

True God Pang Yu hesitated for a moment. He also has the intention of shining the mirror at Qin Mu but he felt that it was difficult for him to escape the fist of this woman. "If Imperial Preceptor can't, I also can't. I admire Imperial Preceptor's paths, skills and divine arts very much. Fu Riluo's attainments in divine arts are actually even higher than mine, it is especially so a divine art in the eyes. In terms of attainments in divine art, the one on par with Fu Riluo can only be Heavenly Teacher, You guys should be finding Heavenly Teacher."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. Saint Woodcutter indeed has remarkable abilities so he just might be able to break Fu Riluo's divine art.

"Heavenly Teacher is now in Luofu Heaven, it's not difficult to find him."

True God Pang Yu hesitated for a moment. "By right, I should be bringing you guys over but now that the two armies are in a face off. If the devil race doesn't withdraw their army, I will still have to stay here."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's heart was rather moved and he wanted to meet this saint. However, he was also impeded, he didn't have the time to head to Luofu Heaven.

The world barrier between Luofu Heaven and Supreme Emperor Heaven was already very thin so it wasn't hard to go to Luofu Heaven. When the devil race attacked Supreme Emperor Heaven, it was also the devil gods that had torn open the world barrier, allowing devils to flow in continuously in Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Granny Si was delighted and she said with a smile, "I'll follow Mu'er to see the first saint of my Heavenly Devil Cult!"

She couldn't conceal her excitement. Saint Woodcutter imparting his teachings under the tree and imparting the scriptures on the rock to Founding Master. Founding Master established a cult and created Heavenly Saint Cult. Afterward, the cult master of every generation was the disciple of Saint Woodcutter and they need to experience his teachings on the rock once.

To the disciples of Heavenly Saint Cult, Saint Woodcutter was an existence that was high above, requiring everyone to look up and worship him!

To be able to meet this legend was a huge dream to the disciples of the cult!

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and he looked at the excited Granny Si. Finally, he still decided not to tell her the truth.

'Saint Woodcutter is the originator of Heavenly Saint Cult but he had never heard of Heavenly Saint Cult Before. Even him imparting his scriptures on the rock was only a moment of interest, imparting his teachings to Founding Master... If Granny Si knows about this, she will definitely be dejected.' He thought to himself.

True God Pang Yu said, "My Supreme Emperor Heaven had once attack back at Luofu Heaven and I was the commander then. However, the counterattack had failed but I still had some understanding of the terrain there. There are swamps everyone in Luofu Heaven and there are even mirrors formed by shattered pieces of space."

Granny Si took out a white silk ribbon to cover Qin Mu's eyes. She said, "This will do. Mu'er, you can release your primordial spirit out, use the eyes of your primordial spirit to look!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor hurriedly said, "That won't do! Fu Riluo's divine art is also reflected onto his primordial spirit, if his primordial spirit looks at a mirror, it will also activate Fu Riluo's divine art!

Granny Si said in astonishment, "Fu Riluo actually has such kind of ability? Mu'er, release your primordial spirit!"

Qin Mu listened to her and his primordial spirit was projected out to stand on an auspicious cloud that floated behind his head. Granny Si used the mirror to shine at Qin Mu and Qin Mu's primordial spirit looked towards the mirror. The eyes of his primordial spirit instantly went out of focus as he stared at the mirror. Fu Riluo's figure appeared in his eyes and he walked out!

At this moment, Fu Riluo has already walked to the position of Qin Mu's pupils!

Granny Si examined in detail and she kept her mirror back with satisfaction on finally accomplishing a load on her mind. She said with a smile, "True God Pang Yu, how do we go to Luofu Heaven?"

"I'll open up space and send you guys over!"

Qin Mu's eyes were wiped black and he could only use his other senses to feel the surroundings. His naked eyes couldn't see the surroundings so Granny Si led him by the hand and pulled him forward.

True God Pang Yu tore open the space and revealed another world. "Luofu isn't like Supreme Emperor Heaven, there's danger in every corner of Luofu Heaven, you guys need to be careful."

Granny Si held onto his hand and rushed into the crack excitedly. The dragon qilin and Hu Ling'er also wanted to follow over but True God Pang Yu had already closed the crack in space so they could only give up.

Apothecary said solemnly, "Let us go to Fengdu from Great Ruins to find Village Chief, we can think of ideas together as well. Ling'er, you frequently go to Fengdu through Between Life and Death, you shall lead the way."

Hu Ling'er acknowledged and she said to the disappointed dragon qilin, "Young master has gone to Luofu Heaven, Fatty Dragon, follow us to Fengdu."

The dragon qilin's heart was empty and he shook his head to say, "I want to stay here and wait for Cult Master to be back, he had gone in a hurry and didn't have time to make my rations..."

Hu Ling'er said with a smile, "With Grandpa Apothecary around, how would you have a lack of ration? Young master's art of healing and art of pills are all learned from Grandpa Apothecary!"

The dragon qilin was overjoyed and he immediately shook his body, revealing his true form that was one hundred and twenty yards. He smiled apologetically and said, "Old masters, please come onto little dragon's back, little dragon's footsteps are rather fast and I can bring old masters towards Fengdu! I have also been to Fengdu before!"

Cripple, Butcher, Blind and the rest climbed onto his back and Butcher said with a smile, "I had originally said to let this fatty go onto the table with the hen dragons in the village during New Year, he could be a main dish as well. Never would I expect him to be even more sensible that the hen dragons. Those hen dragons have rebelled. The last time I returned to the village, they pecked me until my entire face was bloody."

Apothecary said with a smile, "What pills does Fatty Dragon eat? How much do you eat?"

The dragon qilin said in a hurry, "Little dragon eats Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills, Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills and Water Element Divine Vitality Pills, one meal I need to eat... one bucket!"

"One bucket every meal?"

Apothecary was astonished and cried out, "Three kinds of spirit pills, that's three buckets! Three meals every day, that's nine buckets! Your appetite ain't small eh, you actually didn't turn Mu'er poor from your eating habits!"

The dragon qilin was also shocked. He was surprised and delighted. He had originally wanted to push his luck and eat one bucket of spirit pills a day, Never did he expect it to become nine buckets.

Apothecary did some calculation and he said, "Nine buckets of spirit pills is a little much but luckily, I have the money so I can still feed you..."

Blind was very envious. There were many rich people in the village. Apothecary helps to treat officials and nobles so his money flowed in endlessly. Numerous women of noble family came forward upon hearing his reputation. Deaf's paintings were also like hot cakes. Butcher sold meat daily and Mute forged ironwares daily so they could also have enough to survive. There was no need to talk about Cripple. Meanwhile, Granny Si's Si family was in charge of Heavenly Saint Cult's treasury so she naturally didn't need to worry about having not enough to eat and drink.

Only Blind had to survive by relying on fortune telling so his life was slightly bitter and hard. This was why he had slight resentment to the wealthy people in the village. He thought to himself, 'Luckily Village Chief is poorer than me, what a pity he's dead..."

Hu Ling'er's eyeballs rotated randomly but she didn't say the truth. She thought to herself, 'Fatty Dragon is going to eat so much spirit pills in a day, young master will definitely be in for a shock when he comes back. I also like to see how fat he will get..."

In Luofu Heaven, Qin Mu raised his hand secretly to peel off the golden willow leaf that was covering his third eye. Granny Si smacked his hand down and nagged, "This eye of yours is weird, don't peel it off recklessly!"

Qin Mu argued, "Granny, I can't see anything and it's also not convenient for me to walk. I can't always let Granny lead me, can I? What if we were in a dangerous situation, I will only be a burden to granny."

"You still can't take it off!"

Granny Si pondered over it and said with a smile, "But what you said is also right, you can move conveniently if you can't see, let me help you take it down. However, you aren't allowed to execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique." After saying that, she pinched the golden willow leaf and peeled the leaf down.

On the heart of Qin Mu's brows, his eyelids parted to two sides and revealed his third eye. It rotated right and left to look at the surroundings.

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