Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 598 - Repaying the Kindness

"Mu'er, let me take a look at your eye."

Granny Si stared at his eyes for a while and she didn't see Fu Riluo in this eye. She used a mirror to reflect but there was still no trace of Fu Riluo in these eyes. Only then was she at ease and she instructed, "You can use this eye but don't use your magic power, granny will handle any danger we meet. After we meet Saint Woodcutter, you will still have to use this golden willow leaf to cover it up properly."

Qin Mu nodded his head and kept the golden willow leaf.

It was still his first time using the third eye in the heart of his brows to observe the world. He looked around curiously and the world as seen by this eye was somewhat different from the things he saw with his two normal eyes.

When his two normal eyes looked at divine arts practitioners, they would see the outer appearance while in the vision of his third eye, everything became strange.

When he looked at Granny Si, other than seeing Granny Si's outer appearance, he could even clearly see Granny Si's divine treasures and even Granny Si's primordial spirit.

The most terrifying thing was when Qin Mu saw Granny Si's primordial spirit, he actually felt that it was delicious. There was a pang of hunger making him want to eat her primordial spirit very much!

He didn't know where this feeling was coming from but he felt his stomach was rumbling with hunger, having a terrifying desire to just grab Granny Si's primordial spirit out from her body to swallow!

The starvation was real and this made him have an urge to swallow everything!

When they were in the ruins of Without Embroiling City, he opened his third eye for the first time and Earth Count appeared to smack his jade pendant into his third eye. Mute, Blind and the rest then forge the golden willow leaf to seal this eye, therefore he didn't feel any difference.

Now after opening his third eye, only then did he notice the peculiarity

'Is it the problem of this eye or is it the problem of Luofu Heaven?'

Qin Mu suppressed his urge to swallow Granny Si's primordial spirit and he fell in deep thoughts. 'It shouldn't be the problem of Luofu Heaven. Luofu Heaven is a world of the devils, even if there's a problem, it should only be the problem of the devil qi. The devil qi wouldn't make me feel hungry so this problem still lies in this eye. Strange, why would I feel hunger when this eye opens?"

He was puzzled and could only put this question aside. He followed Granny Si to head forward to the closest sacrificial altar.

Saint Woodcutter and the twenty-four gods had constructed numerous tall pyramid sacrificial altars used to sacrifice Supreme Emperor Heaven, forcing Fu Riluo to stop the war. To prevent the sacrificial altars from being destroyed, Saint Woodcutter would definitely protect these sacrificial altars and before these altars are destroyed, Fu Riluo and the rest would also not make a move and clash with Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Heading to the sacrificial altars to find Saint Woodcutter was the best choice of action.

Qin Mu looked around and the Luofu Heaven he saw was basically the same as the Luofu Heaven Fu Riluo showed him. It was even more treacherous!

Huge planets moved above Luofu Heaven and the magnetic force of the planets was disrupting with Luofu Heaven's magnetic force, causing the ground to quake violently. The magnitude to the earthquake was so terrifying that it caused volcanoes to erupt, the speed of the storm even surpassed the speed of the storm by dozens of times!

The gales were like blades and seemed to be spirit weapons with the strongest power. Everywhere they blew past and even volcanoes that just rose were turned into powder under the sharp gusts!

The most terrifying thing was still the ocean. Waves that reached the sky was moving at terrifyingly high speed and the speed of the waves has also surpassed the speed of sound, destroying everything in its path!

Earthquakes, gales, waves, volcanoes, this was earth, water, wind, and fire. These elements had made Luofu Heaven unsuitable for any lifeforms to live on it.

This place was that scary as a result, the space had become unstable too. The shattered space formed a long and narrow crack between heaven and earth. Like mirrors without any thickness, it reflected sights that were either far or near.

These space cracks were either so long that one couldn't see the end of them or they were very short, being only two to three feet. Because there was no thickness, it was very difficult to notice, therefore every step had to be very careful.

If one was to pass through a crack in space by accident, they would most likely be split cleanly into two halves!

The space was too sharp and one would probably realize they were already dead after they were sliced.

Qin Mu and Granny Si were defending against the huge waves that were rushing over and they saw a huge wave that was over ten thousand feet being sliced apart by an astonishing space crack, splitting the wave into two halves!

Stars flashed in front and behind Granny Si and formed Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield and she borrowed the forcefield to sense the dangers n her surroundings. At the same time, the forcefield could defend against the disaster of Luofu Heaven.

Granny Si was already an existence who had entered god realm and even though Luofu Heaven was dangerous, it still wasn't a threat to her life.

Qin Mu looked around and he looked at this place that was as terrifying as hell. There were countless souls floating around and those were souls of Luofu Heaven's devils that had died. This hugely raised his appetite.

He hurriedly controlled his desire of swallowing those souls and he felt fear. 'What monster has this eye turned me into...'

Right at this moment, they suddenly saw a huge corpse of a devil god proned in the center of a storm, on the barren plains in front of them. No matter how the strong the storm was, it was unable to move the corpse at all.

They came to the front and even when the corpse was proned on the ground, it was still over a hundred yards tall. This corpse grew wings which had also turned into bones and his four hooves were like huge bull hooves, however, they were shiny golden.

Not only that, Qin Mu even saw glowing divine treasures in the body of this devil god. There were sun, moon, stars and even land inside.

The divine treasures were already destroyed and the land was submerged in water.

Qin Mu and Granny Si entered from a hole in the divine treasure and they saw the water had already submerged the entire land in the divine treasures. Even the sun, moon and stars in the sky were broken here and there.

What was even stranger was that there were even houses in that land and numerous houses were already submerged under the water.

"This was once a refugee camp of the devil race, looks like it was only destroyed several hundred years ago."

Granny Si was astonished and she pondered. "Could it be that after the disaster of Luofu Heaven, some devil gods were willing to sacrifice their corporeal body for the devil lifeforms to live in their own divine treasures?"

Qin Mu used his third eye to look around and he saw in a place far away, above the broken galaxy, there was a devil god celestial palace that was already dilapidated.

In the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure of this devil god, a flying bridge was connected to the devil celestial palace.

He could faintly see that there was a soul in the devil celestial palace which was very faint. It stood there alone and seemed to be in sorrow.

He had an urge of wanting to fly over and eat this sorrowful soul but his inner heart could no longer feel hunger. Instead, his heart was filled with respect.

This devil god only had his soul left.

He had let out his divine treasures for his clansmen to reside in, to protect the lives of his clansmen yet his corporeal body also couldn't defend against the natural disasters. His corporeal body died.

His clansmen might have lived in his divine treasure for a long time but in the end, his divine treasures were also broken through by the natural disasters.

"He had exhausted his primordial spirit and only his soul wasn't wipe out. However, his clansmen have still died. His soul must have been standing here for a few hundred years already..."

Qin Mu looked around and this third eye could see numerous wandering souls. Those were the devil commoners that had died in the divine treasures of this god. The messenger of death didn't come here and Qin Mu looked towards the Life and Death Divine Treasure of this devil god. The Life and Death Divine Treasure had already been destroyed by this devil god and that was probably the reason why the souls of these devil commoners were trapped here.

"Every race has inspiring and tragic figures."

Qin Mu closed the eye on the heart of his brows. He felt disgusted at his thoughts of wanting to eat these souls.

This was definitely not his ideas!

It was definitely not his subconsciousness!

He couldn't have such evil subconsciousness!

'No matter what is this thing that's affecting my thoughts, you disgust me!'

Qin Mu opened his eye and turned around. Youdu language came from his mouth and a Gate of Heaven Influence rose behind him. The gate opened wide and this time, he didn't execute Soul Guide, he changed the divine art instead.

He wanted to send these spirits of the devil race to Youdu.

In the divine treasures of the devil god, waves of cold wind blew and went into Gate of Heaven Influence, flying into the darkness.

On the other side of Gate of Heaven Influence, numerous small boats sailed over and fetched the spirits. Not long later, the cold wind stopped and a lantern shone its light over onto Qin Mu's face.

"It is you. You actually didn't commit any trouble?" In the gate, the voice of Elder Messenger of Death traveled over and he sounded astonished.

Qin Mu waved his hand and closed Gate of Heaven Influence. "Granny, let us go."

Granny Si nodded her head gently and looked at him. She said with an expression of gratification, "Mu'er has really grown up."

Just as they were about to leave, a feeble voice suddenly came from a place far away. "Much thanks..."

Qin Mu heard this voice and he was slightly stunned. He turned his head back and saw that the soul of that devil god was currently crumbling and dispersing in the devil celestial palace. The majestic palace was also crumbling rapidly and stars were being wiped out one after another.

"Mu'er, there's no need to look anymore, his soul has already dispersed."

Granny Si held his hand and brought him out of the divine treasures quickly. "The wish of this devil god wasn't fulfilled so his soul didn't disperse, otherwise, his soul would have long turn into dust. When his soul disperses, his divine treasures will also crumble!"

Just as they rushed out, a heart-palpitating shockwave came from behind and the divine treasures were obliterated in the rumbles. Violent explosions swept out in all directions!

Granny Si hurriedly brought Qin Mu to escape far away and the shockwave from the explosions came assaulting over, throwing them both high up!

Granny Si tried her best to spread open Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield to protect Qin Mu and at this moment, a beam of black light flew out from the destruction and broke through Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield, moving like a flood dragon!

"Mu'er assisted you and send the souls of your people to Youdu yet you still dare to harm him?"

Granny Si was furious and wanted to make a move when that beam of black light circled around to the back of Qin Mu's head and transformed into a black glow. In the center of the black glow were lines of intense red light which formed a red circle as though it was a blood-colored devil moon.

Qin Mu turned his head back but he couldn't see this devil moon.

He hurriedly took out a mirror to reflect the back of his head and he saw the devil moon slowly swirling behind him. In the black glow were countless devil writings that were continuously changing and flowing.

Granny Si's anger turned into joy and she said with a smile, "At least you still have a conscience. Mu'er, this devil moon is transformed from the remaining energy in that devil god's divine treasures, he had used it to repay you. This thing is not bad, it can help you increase the cultivation of your devil path."

Qin Mu also immediately felt the appearance of this devil moon and his devil vitality was also increasing rapidly. It might be assumed that not much longer, he would be able to break through Seven Star Divine Treasure in one go!

"Granny, that devil god's soul should be able to see that I'm a human, why did he still help me?" Qin Mu was puzzled and he asked.

Granny Si walked towards the sacrificial altars in the distance and she said, "You are clearly a human so why did you help the spirits of those devils, sending them to Youdu?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned.

Granny Si said with a smile, "You have the heart of a newborn child and he also knows how to repay the kindness. There are also heroes in the devil race, there are also people worthy of respect."

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