Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 599 - Divine Art

Qin Mu's face that was covered with the white ribbon was stunned for a moment. After a moment, his face broke into a radiant smile and he caught up to Granny Si with quick steps.

The third eye on the heart of his brows looked at Granny Si. He could see Granny Si's primordial spirit yet this time, he no longer had the desire to eat Granny Si's primordial spirit.

His heart was in peace. Maybe there was still faces as beautiful as Granny Si in this world but under every beautiful face, not everyone would have a soul as beautiful and kind as Granny Si.

In fact, Qin Mu was truly grateful that it was Granny Si that had picked him up and raised him up painstakingly.

His kindness was inherited from none other than Granny Si.

Even though she was known as Heavenly Devil Cult Saintess and carried the name of the evil woman who killed her own husband, she was actually the kindest people in Disabled Elderly Village.

Everyone person in Disabled Elder Village had their own evil and they hid from the world for all sorts of reasons, entering Great Ruins. Granny Si was the only one that got forced into Great Ruins by herself. She felt that she was a femme fatale because of her beauty that was why she rather dressed up as an old woman and not see the people of the world fight over one another after seeing her beauty.

Other people wanted to make themselves prettier and treated their beauty as a weapon. On the other hand, she was trying her best to make herself uglier.

'I can already control the desire brought by this eye.'

Qin Mu was gratified and examined the surroundings. Even though he could see numerous broken souls of the devil race, he could already accept what he saw and no longer had the thoughts of wanting to absorb them.

Granny Si turned her head back and said sweetly, "Mu'er, your aura seems to have changed. Something had happened?"

"Something very marvelous!"

Qin Mu was in great mood and he said with a smile, "Something that makes me happy."

Granny asked curiously, "What's the marvelous thing? Tell me about it."

Qin Mu said loudly, "I feel granny is the prettiest woman in the world, you are also the kindest woman in the world!"

Granny Si shook her head and the pearl earrings dangling from her ears swayed. "How can a demoness from Heavenly Devil Cult be the kindest person? I'm not. Mu'er, you are then the kindest person."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "The cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult is also no kind soul."

Granny's feeling also somehow become much better and the two of them talked and laughed as they head towards the closest sacrificial altar.

Suddenly, Qin Mu and Granny Si stopped at the same time and looked over there. Far away, the sacrificial altar was as tall as a mountain and there were steps on all four sides.

The steps were like a pathway to heaven, leading up into the clouds.

The sacrificial altar was so tall that it was like a magnificent mountain standing upright. On the steps, they were countless runes that flickered on and off. These were runes used to sacrifice Luofu Heaven.

Saint Woodcutter constructed this sacrificial altar using the method of blood sacrifice from the devil race but he wanted to sacrifice the entire world so the effect of one sacrificial altar wasn't enough. He required numerous sacrificial altars and only then would he be able to tear Luofu Heaven into pieces, transforming it into pure energy!

This action definitely has an unknown drawback so Saint Woodcutter didn't dare to use it easily as well. It was just that Supreme Emperor Heaven really has no chances of victory so he had no choice but to do this.

The reason why Supreme Emperor Heaven has no chances of victory wasn't because the devil race was too powerful, it was because Supreme Emperor Heaven had to be destroyed and only then was the devil race able to enter Eternal Peace!

The devil race wasn't strong, what was strong was the power to destroy Supreme Emperor Heaven.

At this moment, on the top of the sacrificial altar, a god stood there wielding a battle-ax. With qi and blood rushed into the sky.

Under the sacrificial altar, tens of thousands of devil soldiers were like a bunch of insects swarming up the peak and attacking towards the top of the sacrificial altar!

That god stood on the peak of the sacrificial altar and waved his battle-ax. Snow bright lights slashed down from the peak and as they swept through, countless limbs flew into the air.

One man and one battle-ax blocked down tens of thousands of devil soldiers, turning their blood into rivers and dying the sacrificial altar red. The blood flowed down step by step.

Whrrng, whrrng, whrrng—

Sound of the battle-ax swing rang out wave after waves. Corpses had already filled up the steps but the other devils were still not afraid of death. They continued to rush forward like a flood and climbed up the top of the sacrificial altar frantically, wanting to kill that god.

"Granny Si, these devils are only ordinary divine arts practitioners, they are definitely not a match for this god."

Qin Mu saw this in eyes and his heart was puzzled. "Why do they want to give up their lives just like that?"

Granny Si was also slightly puzzled. These devils were indeed sending themselves to death. Even if there were strong practitioners of Divine Bridge Realm among them, they were far from being a match for that god.

That god was one of the twenty for honored gods that Saint Woodcutter has invited and he had powerful abilities. Even if he was inferior to Saint Woodcutter, he was still pretty remarkable among the gods.

Even if more devils poured forward, he still couldn't be eliminated!

"Fu Riluo wouldn't be so dumb."

Granny Si pondered and said, "In that case, what's the aim of these devils rushing forward to their death? These devils won't waste much of this god's energy... Could a devil god be hiding among these devils?"

Qin Mu focused his gaze and his third eye could see the divine treasures of everyone very clearly. He didn't discover any devil gods hiding among them.

"This is a... blood sacrifice!"

He suddenly came to a realization and cried out, "Fu Riluo is planning on using a blood sacrifice in exchange for the descent of a terrifying being! There's definitely a devil god nearby that's preparing to carry out the sacrificial rite!"

Just as he said until here, the blood on the sacrificial altar suddenly stopped flowing. All of the corpses and bodies of living devils froze and they involuntarily floated into the air. Afterward, no matter if they were corpses or living bodies, their bodies all disintegrated in an instant and their flesh, blood, bones and even primordial spirits were vibrated into the smallest atom, transforming into a blood river that swirled around that sacrificial altar and that god!

That god on the peak of the sacrificial altar swung his battle-ax and exploded with terrifying divine might. The moves of the battle-ax were exquisite and the spell divine art he executed were also extremely astonishing, yet he couldn't break this sacrificial rite!

Qin Mu immediately looked around the surroundings and searched places that are even further, trying to find that devil god that was sacrificing his own clansmen!

That devil god that was hosting this blood sacrifice needed to be here personally so he was definitely nearby.

Granny Si had also came to a realization and began to look around.

She has already constructed her human body network of vital qi circulation and among them included Blind's divine eyes. Her pupil divine arts were exactly the same as Blind's Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill but it wasn't as exquisite as Blind.

Even so, with her cultivation on the god realm executing the divine eyes, her eyesight was also extremely terrifying.

Yet after searching around, she still couldn't find where the devil god that was hosting the sacrificial rite was hiding.

"If I knew I would have called Blind along!" Granny Si was a little anxious.

Yet at this moment, Qin Mu who was beside her, gave a low cry, "Granny, I've found him!"

Granny Si was slightly stunned. She didn't have the time to think and hurriedly asked, "Where is he?"

Qin Mu pointed his finger up into the sky above the sacrificial altar and Granny Si hurriedly took a look. She could only see the blood river in the sky swirling furiously in a circle but she still couldn't see where that devil god was at exactly.

'This eye of Mu'er is indeed extraordinary. To actually be able to find that devil god.'

She was slightly bewildered, "This eye, what's its origin? Why does even Earth Count want to seal it?"

Even though Qin Mu could only open the eye on the heart of his brows but his eyesight was extremely strange. He could see things that other divine eyes couldn't and that devil god's method of hiding was extremely marvelous. It was evident that he had a kind of extremely strange concealment divine art.

He hid inside a space crack above the sacrificial altar and cast his spell. He sometimes upside down, sometimes having messy and loose hair, disorderly footsteps, and seemed to be crazy and wild.

Qin Mu said solemnly, "Granny, look at the direction where my vital qi thread is extending to! I will show you the precise location with my vital qi thread, you must kill him!"

Granny Si shouted, "You are not allowed to use Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, you can only use your vital qi thread to point out the direction! Pass me Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures!"

Qin Mu's heart moved slightly and a ball of thread flew out. Next, his vital qi transformed into thread and a thread stretched out quickly into the sky above the sacrificial altar.

This vital qi thread pointed straight at the place where the devil god that was casting the spell was hiding. At the same time, Granny Si controlled the scriptures of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and countless runes danced in the sky like a thread.

The thread transformed by the scriptures and stuck closely to Qin Mu's vital qi thread, extending rapidly.

Granny Si's magic power poured into the writings in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and this was imparted by Founding Master of Heavenly Saint Cult. Founding Master refined the scriptures into treasure and as long as the scriptures don't open up, it was a small and delicate ball of thread. However, if it was spread open and expanded with vital qi, that would be countless writings.

Not only that, the scriptures could be used as spirit weapons and it possessed extremely strong power.

Granny Si once used the scriptures to fight with numerous strong practitioners in Border Dragon City and when Qin Mu entered the darkness of Great Ruins with Village Chief for the first time, the scriptures were also one of the treasures he had brought along with him to protect him.

It was just that afterward, Qin Mu had his own spirit weapon so he rarely used Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures anymore.

The scripture was already no longer convenient for him to use.

Yet to Granny Si, the scriptures was the best spirit weapon for her and it was the most compatible with her technique and nature. She could even use Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to execute transformations that only divine art could execute. It was only because Qin Mu was the Heavenly Devil Cult Master so it was natural for Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to be kept by Qin Mu, thus she didn't ask for it from Qin Mu.

This vital qi thread of Qin Mu extended fifty miles and it was about to reach the hiding spot of that devil god. However, the durability of his vital qi thread had reached its limit. If he could execute Overlord Body, he could extend his vital qi six times more than now but if he didn't execute his technique, his vital qi could only extend fifty miles.

"Mu'er, you can never execute your technique! With your vital qi thread confirming the direction, I will be able to kill him!"

Granny Si instructed once again and a divine bridge stretched across the sky behind her. Her primordial spirit appeared and crossed the bridge, reaching the celestial palaces on the end of the divine bridge!

Granny Si shouted and there was actually divine might bursting forth from her body. Outside the Southern Heavenly Gate, light shone into the nine heavens and the writings of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scripture was like the finest spirit snake slithering into the hiding spot of that devil god!

That devil god was in the most crucial part of the spell. Light instantly rushed into the sky and a silver line pierced right into the heart of his brows!

That devil god was astonished and he hurriedly grabbed towards the heart of his brows, pinching onto a thread.

He was slightly stunned. "What is this?"

Beside Qin Mu, Granny Si's beautiful hair fluttered and she was like a butterfly with her clothes dancing in the wind. Divine art after divine art came bombarding over.

That devil god had a huge change in expression and he was about to pull this thread out from his body when Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures suddenly expanded, transforming into hundreds of divine arts which exploded.

Bang bang bang bang—

Countless vibrations came out from that space crack and next, the blood of the devil god poured out from that space crack. It was like a wound in the sky which had blood pouring out like a waterfall.

Granny Si let out a sigh of relief and kept Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. She raised her head and saw that the blood sacrifice hasn't ended.

Even though that devil god was dead, the blood sacrifice was already completed.

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