Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 600 - An Withered Old Soldier

Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was still a ball of thread and Granny Si wanted to hand the ball of thread over to Qin Mu who shook his head. "Granny, keep the scriptures first, there are still many dangers in Luofu Heaven, it's useless for it to be with me."

Granny Si took out a small bamboo basket and it was a small flower basket that had a circular top and squarish bottom. There were also some cloth strips and things like scissors and silver needles. They should be her spirit weapons.

The two of them looked at the swirling blood river in the sky and they saw that blood river trapping that god wielding that battle-ax in the center. The goal of this sacrifice didn't merely seem to be summoning a god.

The blood river didn't transform into the blood light which summons the gods and instead, lumps of blood would break off and transform into different kinds of marvelous markings. Those runes were very profound and they should be the sacrificial method of the devil race.

Sacrificial rites were originally from the devil race and Qin Mu had learned some methods before. Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command was a kind of sacrificial method that was from Dutian Devil King. Dutian Devil King had spread this sacrificial method to Eternal Peace with the aim of summoning himself over to invade Eternal Peace. After meeting Qin Mu, he dropped that thought.

The devil race also has numerous heavens. Dutian and Luofu Heaven were one part of the devil race's heavens and these two worlds have sunk into destruction. They were both searching for ways to extend the lives and numbers of their people.

In fact, most of the sacrificial methods were from the devil race. The devil race had created numerous sacrificial methods and built their own unique civilization which was very different from Eternal Peace and Supreme Emperor Heaven.

The human race has also learned some sacrificial methods from the devil race and for example, numerous sacrificial methods in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures were also cultivation techniques of the devil path.

The human race not only learn the sacrificial methods and also numerous other devil techniques. For example, Rolan's Golden Palace's shaman spells was from Shaman God Kui and Shaman God Kui was a devil god that was dispatched from the celestial heavens to Youdu.

"Something is not right!"

Granny Si examined the blood river around the sacrificial altar and more of those blood-colored runes appeared. Meanwhile, under the encirclement of the blood river, that god that had come from Great Ruins seemed to have been trapped. He tried to crash out of this sacrificial rites repeatedly but he could never break out of it.

He even tried to rush out of the sacrificial altar but he couldn't rush out either.

The abilities of that devil god that was hosting the sacrificial rites weren't strong, otherwise, he wouldn't have died under Granny Si's surprise attack. His abilities should be far inferior to the battle-ax god but his sacrificial method was profound.

Even when he had died in Granny Si's hands, the blood sacrifice could still trap the battle-ax god in the center and made him unable to escape!"

"He is planning to sacrifice this battle-ax god together!"

Granny Si shuddered and she muttered, "He has treated the battle-ax god as a sacrificial offering as well, offering him to some ancient being along with the blood river, summoning that being to descend..."

Qin Mu didn't research much about sacrifice and his attainments were actually inferior to Granny Si. Even so, he could see that the battle-ax god was in a bad position.

This battle-ax god wore armor and there were already droplets of blood slowly flowing out. It floated into the air and fused with the blood river!

Not only that, the battle-ax in his hands and the armor in his body were all starting to lose the essence!

That devil god's sacrificial method was simply too powerful!

The god that wielded the battle-ax was already much weaker than before and he had already become frail. The qi and blood he lost, the harder it would be for him to defend against this sacrificial rite.

"The devil god that Granny had killed just now was probably one of the top-notch sacrificial rite expert! You killed an extremely important devil god!" Qin Mu looked at that god that wielded his battle-ax and he cried out.

Granny Si said sorrowfully, "But I can't save that god on the altar. We will only send ourselves to death if we rushed into the sacrificial altar. We can't stop this sacrifice nor can we stop the descent of this ancient existence..."

On the sacrificial altar, that battle-ax god charged left and right, yet he was only exhausting himself even more. Finally, he gave up on fighting back and stood at the peak of the sacrificial altar, raising his head up the sky to look at something.

This was the end of a god's road and he was about to be broken down as a sacrificial offering, becoming the fertilizer for another ancient being.

"I should have died long ago..."

The voice of that battle-ax god traveled over and he sounded slightly bleak. He stood on the sacrificial altar and spoke loudly, his voice traveling far and wide. He muttered to himself, "I should have died long ago, I should have died in the disaster twenty thousand years ago. I should have died with my comrades on the battlefield, I shouldn't have laid dormant, I shouldn't have turned into a stone statue in Great Ruins, I shouldn't have struggled on whilst at death's door until now, to protect some bullshit hope, some bullshit future..."

Qin Mu and Granny Si were stunned. They looked at the god on the sacrificial altar and even though they wanted to save him, they were helpless.

That god knelt down with one knee and sat down. He wielded his battle-ax to defend against this blood sacrifice. His voice became solemn. "Hope, future, Carefree Village... We have been silent for too long, Founding Emperor! We have been so silent that we have lost our fighting spirit, so silent that the stone statues are frozen, so silent that the people we had to protect back then has already all died. I already can't see any familiar face, so silent that these mountains had also changed! What about you..."

His voice suddenly became loud and he reprimanded the sky with a deafening voice. "Founding Emperor, what about you? Where are you?"

"The ideal world in your heart is that Carefree Village you are turtling in?"

"Could you bear to see your subordinates, the old soldiers that followed you wither and die one by one?"

"Can you bear to see the mountains and rivers shift, to see the people that you protect die from old age?"

"Why didn't you appear?"

"Twenty thousand years, have you still not walk out from defeat? Have you not pick up your confidence up, do you still not bear to walk out of Carefree Village? We are waiting, waiting for your summon, to fight that celestial heavens once again! Where are you?"


Qin Mu and Granny Si heard his voice reverberating among heaven and earth. There was no one in Luofu Heaven who could reply to his reproach.

"My goose wing, dispel with me!"

On top of the high sacrificial altar, in the intense blood-colored light, that god tried his best to execute his spirit weapon and in that moment, incomparably intense light burst forth from the peak of the sacrificial altar. The light was so dazzling that it made it difficult for one to open their eyes.

"Without Founding Emperor, protection still exists!"

"I, former subordinate of Founding Emperor, Heavenly Emperor Star, Alkaid Division Soldier Luo Yu, shall use this broken body to protect our people, to prevent your from descending!"

"Weapon dispel—"

"Spirit dispel—"

Rays burst out and a world-shaking rumble traveled out. Terrifying pulses instantly poured out in all directions of the sacrificial altar and Granny Si immediately opened up Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield to protect herself and Qin Mu. The boundless waves drowned them out!

Intense rings of light swept across Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield and the ground churned like charred biscuits. As the rings of light shattered, a broken planet in the sky shifted over and raised huge overflowing waves. Yet the huge waves that stood between heaven and earth was also stopped by this explosion. Next, the waves moved back and the water spread out!

This explosion was extremely short and not long later, the surroundings of the sacrificial altar regained peace. The blood river that shrouded the top of the sacrificial altar no longer existed. On the sacrificial altar, the god and his battle-ax were erased and the broken sacrificial altar emanated blood color.

That god had already dispelled his weapon and his primordial spirit, using the power of his sacrifice to stop this sacrificial rite, making that ancient being that the devil god wanted to summon be unable to descend.

Qin Mu looked at sacrificial altar that was dyed blood red and he didn't move even after a while. Granny Si couldn't resist saying, "Mu'er, let's go. He chose to free himself and this is a good thing to him. After all, he fulfilled his promise and completed his world. Let us head for the next sacrificial altar, hopefully, we can meet Saint Woodcutter..."

Qin Mu followed her and he didn't say anything. Granny Si was slightly unused to him being like this so she turned around and asked with a smile, "Mu'er, what are you thinking? This isn't like you."

"I'm thinking, maybe my ancestor, that Founding Emperor, he might not be the great hero I'm imagining him to be."

Qin Mu was in a daze and he said, "After I knew I'm from Carefree Village, after I knew I was the descendant of Founding Emperor, I always have a thought and that was to become an indomitable hero like Founding Emperor, a great hero. He had supreme ideals and there were countless heroic figures following after him. He was definitely amiable and venerable. Yet..."

He shook his head and remained silent for a moment. "Maybe he's not that kind of person. Maybe he's just an old man that's afraid of death. He doesn't have that kind of courage, that kind of breadth of mind. He only hides in Carefree Village to live his own drunken dream. Maybe he has let down countless heroes that had followed him..."

Granny Si blinked her eyes and burst out into laughter. "Mu'er, you are still a child, why are you thinking so much for? When I was your age... Enm Li Tianxing has already taken a liking to me and I was thinking about how to get rid of him... When Village Chief was your age, he was still playing in mud!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Village Chief had most likely paid respects to a master and was being groomed as the next human emperor, how could he still be playing in mud? Granny, you're joking again."

Granny Si saw him smiling and she smiled. "You are the child I've raised and even though I didn't treat you well when you peed your bed and didn't want to raise you, I'm always worried you will leave me after you grow up, to leave the village. I keep thinking if you are well or not, always worrying that you will suffer. Maybe this is the mindset of a parent. I don't want you to grow up so fast and to have so many troubles, you should be carefree... It's all Village Chief that old fart's fault, making you a human emperor for what? After going back, old woman I, is going to pour black dog's blood all over his stone statue!"

Coming to the surroundings of the second altar, looking from afar, there was a devil god attacking this altar and trying to take over the control.

The two gods fought fiercely and the sight was astonishing.

"Ain't Fu Riluo afraid that Saint Woodcutter become ruthless and just sacrifice Luofu Heaven?" Qin Mu shook his head.

Granny Si put down her small flower basket and took out a pair of scissors from the basket. She took out a few cloth strips and her fingers moved up and down as she threaded the line to weaved a tattered shirt. She said with a smile, "Fu Riluo is preparing some tokens for negotiation! The more sacrificial altars he takes down, the more advantage he will have in negotiation! Up—"

The tattered shirt she just weaved flew up and flew into the battlefield. That shirt pounced and automatically wore itself on the devil god's body.

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