Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 602 - A Pair of Embroidered Shoes

"They are like me, a person who should be long dead, we should have died in the battlefield twenty thousand years ago, we are only forced to live until now by the situation."

Saint Woodcutter placed his ax aside and he sighed ruefully. "Fu Riluo, do you know? If it was during Founding Emperor Era, a small devil god jumping around like you would have long been sent up to God Execution Stage to be executed, now is not like the past. I admire you very much and I also know your abilities and methods. When you always didn't invite people of the celestial heavens forward and relied on your own strength to attack Supreme Emperor Heaven, I knew you didn't want to be under someone's rule. You have your own ambition and magnificent aspiration. You want to use Supreme Emperor Heaven as a springboard to jump to Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens. Your ambition is very big."

Fu Riluo gave a slight smile, "How can a man not have any ambition in this world, if one doesn't have any, what's the difference between them and a dried fish?"

Saint Woodcutter shook his head. "Have you ever thought of what happens if you take over Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, will you be wiped out? To put away the bow once the birds are gone, to boil the hound once it caught the rabbit, you should understand that, right? When you attack until Great Ruins, the moment you wipe out Eternal Peace is also the end of you and your clansmen. The disaster of your clan being wiped out is merely inches away. With Fu Riluo as your name, the wise sage of the devil race, you wouldn't not understand it, am I right?"

Fu Riluo's neck turned and he changed to his face on the right. He said leisurely, "Saint is skilled in attacking the heart. You may be looked like you are thinking for me but it's actually the method of attacking the heart. The logic you had said, I understand, but I also know I need to find a path of survival for my people. As for whether the celestial heavens will wipe me out or not, it is still a possibility. At most I will stoop down to become a dog, the celestial heavens won't stoop so low to kill a dog, right?"

His left face smiled and said, "A man living in this world needs to be flexible. Dao Brother, if you are still insistent of using Luofu Heaven to threaten me, I don't need to kill you, there will naturally be someone who will kill you. Dao Brother, what's the harm in you being flexible?"

Saint Woodcutter shook his head and said, "If I want to be a dog, I could have done so twenty thousand years ago. If I can stand and live, I rather stand."

Fu Riluo's gaze wavered, "But after more people die, you will still end up lying down like a dead dog."

Saint Woodcutter smiled and said, "I'm not afraid of being broken into pieces, I'm willing to die even more miserably. Don't worry, I won't die lying on the ground. The terms you proposed for me to let out part of Eternal Peace's territory to your devil race. Now Qin Mu is here, I can tell you."

His expression suddenly turned cold. "As long as we are alive, Founding Emperor's land, we will never give up an inch of land!"

"Stretch your leg in and I'll chop it off, stretch your head in and I'll chop it off! If your devil race dares to enter Eternal Peace, I will wipe out your devil race!"

He said coldly, "Founding Emperor's land, you can forget about it!"

Fu Riluo heard what he said and his three faces also instantly turned solemn. He said coldly, "That means we have no negotiation. In that case, let us sign the Pact of Earth Count!"

He raised his brush and rapidly wrote the words in the oath. He gently raised his hands and the paper flew towards Saint Woodcutter. Saint Woodcutter also wrote down his oath and exchanged paper with him.

The two of them examined each other's oath and they checked whether there were flaws. They then used their brushes to change some terms and exchanged the oaths back to check again. They examined it carefully once more and fixed parts they couldn't accept.

In this way over and over again, they finally agreed on each other's oaths.

The two of them stood up and they said their oaths. Fu Riluo used the devil language while Saint Woodcutter used the god language. Both languages rang out at the same time and the two languages carried different profound theory and marvel. They even attacked each other!

Qin Mu was skilled in both types of languages so no matter if it was the devil language or god language, he understood both and subconsciously fell into a trance.

The space suddenly vibrated and this mountain under their feet also shook continuously. Everyone on the sacrificial altar hurriedly stabilized their footing. Under the sacrificial altar, Granny Si and the black tiger god were facing the other two devil gods and the ground under their feet also automatically floated up. The four gods stabilized themselves to prevent them from being taken advantage of.

Granny Si swayed left and right. Her cultivation seemed to be lacking as she fell back several steps. An embroidered shoes fell off in an accident so she could only stabilize herself with a bare foot.

The eyes of that devil god that was facing off her light up and didn't allow her to react. He stretched his hand to pick up that embroidered shoe and with the shoe in his hand, that devil god stared at Granny Si's white feet. He chuckled and placed the shoe under his nose to take a sniff.

Granny Si was furious and stretched her hand out with a smile that was yet not a smile. "Return my shoe to me!"

That devil god chuckled and placed the shoe into his chest. "I take pity on little beauty. Your shoe, I'll keep it."

Granny Si was furious. She took out the other shoe and threw it at him. "You are a devil god after all, an existence that's high above, how can you be so frivolous?"

That devil god raised his other hand to catch the shoe and he stared at her pair of white feet. He chuckled and said, "Nice! Now I've got a pair! Little beauty is truly born so delicately, I also have some concubines of the human race, if you listen to me, I can make you my primary wife, I will go back home and eat that faded old woman of mine!"

Granny Si chuckled and said, "If you eat your faded old woman, I still need to worry when I will become a faded old woman and wait for you to eat me! You can't wear my small shoes too so you can take them."

The black tiger god frowned and thought to himself. "Where is this woman from? Her words are incoherent and she started to flirt with this devil god, she's really a person that's unreliable like Junior Brother Qin!"

The surroundings were shrouded by thick darkness and suddenly, lights from flame traveled out from the darkness as a pair of huge sharp horns gradually rose from the darkness below the sacrificial altar.

The surroundings of the sacrificial altar were as dark as night. The nine bends and eighteen curves of that pair of sharp horns were as tall as clouds and far surpassed the sacrificial altar.

The black tiger god's heart was greatly startled and his hammers accidentally fell from his hands. He hurriedly picked them up and raised his head to look at this pair of sharp horns that was continuously rising from the darkness.

After a moment, the apparition of Earth Count only revealed its head and the two sharp horns had already pierced to a height that was on par with the planets in outer space.

That fierce tiger face of Earth Count was hidden in the darkness and the flames in his eyes made his face glowed from time to time. The huge and magnificent sacrificial altar was also lit up from time to time under his gaze.

Earth Count was waiting quietly for them to read out their oaths.

This was the apparition of Earth Count and not really Earth Count. It was his power being projected onto this world to witness these two strong practitioners making a pact.

Earth Count couldn't descend personally as his corporeal body was simply too vast. If he descended, this weak world also wouldn't be able to handle it.

Qin Mu became excited and waved his hand vigorously at the apparition of Earth Count.

Earth Count's expression was solemn and paid no attention to him.

Qin Mu continued to wave excitedly and he shouted, "Me! It's me! Earth Count, we have met before! I'm Qin Fengqing, you even sealed me!"

Earth Count continued to pay no attention to him.

Qin Mu continued to wave excitedly.

The corners of Earth Count's eyes trembled. "Be dignified! Don't take to me, I'm handling business."

Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi looked at each other in dismay and felt an astonishment in his heart.

Fu Riluo and Saint Woodcutter finished reading the oath and signed the Pact of Earth Count. That majestic Earth Count's head took a look at Qin Mu who was waiting excitedly to talk to him.

Qi Jiuyi hesitated for a moment and he walked over to greet Earth Count.

Earth Count paid no attention to him and said to Qin Mu, "Don't create trouble."

After saying so, he gradually sank into the darkness and slowly disappeared, leaving Qin Mu and Qi Jiuyi on the sacrificial altar.

When his sharp horns completely sank into the ground, the darkness also scattered and the surroundings regained brightness.

Saint Woodcutter stared at Qin Mu. Fu Riluo also stared at Qin Mu. Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali's gazes also fell onto Qin Mu. Earth Count always had the solemn and dignified image of controlling life and death. He never chit chat and every time there was strong practitioners making an oath, his power would be projected over as a witness and that kind of aura was dark and terrifying, making people unable to breathe.

And this time, not only did the apparition of Earth Count talked, he even seemed very familiar with Qin Mu. This couldn't help make people suspect if Earth Count would be impartial when making a pact to him.

The reason why Earth Count had become the figure of making a pact was because he didn't have any selfishness. If he did, that would be very terrifying.

"I couldn't see that Little Friend Qin and Earth Count's relationship was so good," Fu Riluo said while beaming with a smile.

Qin Mu closed all three eyes and didn't look at him. He grunted and said, "If our relationship was so good, he wouldn't have sealed me."

Fu Riluo put his heart down and he suddenly thought of that jade pendant of Qin Mu. He felt frightened in his heart. 'That jade pendant is Earth Count's seal? I've suppressed the seal that day which was why I released that devil king?"

He felt enlightened and the rock on his heart was finally placed on the ground. "Earth Count's personally sealed him so it seems like he can forget about breaking free from the seal. Now, I can be at ease when dealing with him. It's just that this brat don't dare to look at me anymore.'

At this moment, a miserable scream came from the below and everyone on the altar were astonished. They hurriedly came to the border to take a look down.

They saw a devil god hugging his legs and rolling around in pain. On the feet of that devil god was a pair of delicately embroidered shoes. The shoes were only three inches and they were filled with needles which pricked the feet of the devil god and turned them bloody.

The body of the devil god was sometimes small and sometimes big as he tried to break free of the shoes but the only shrunk and didn't become bigger. At this moment, the bones in both of his feet were completely shattered and the pain was indescribable.

On the side, the black tiger god and the other devil god looked at Granny Si in fear. They didn't dare to get closer.

"Both the bones in your feet are completely broken."

Granny Si spoke cheerfully and advised him with a gentle and soft voice, "Sever them, when the embroidery needles swim all the way to your heart and lungs, or even to your brain, that will be too late."

That devil god trembled from the pain and he gritted his teeth. He hissed, "You trick me into wearing your small shoes..."

Granny Si said in astonishment, "You wanted to wear them yourself, when have I ever lied to you?"

On the sacrificial altar, Fu Riluo raised his eyebrows and sneered at Saint Woodcutter. "This is another one of your disciple? She's the same as Dao brother, injuring people with a stab in the back!"

Saint Woodcutter was also slightly astonished and he shook his head. "Not consider my disciple. But her wits is comparable to mine."

Fu Riluo snorted and his voice reached the bottom of the altar. "Mu Tuluo, your divine art isn't exquisite enough, you can't suppress her needles. The longer you delay, the more your life will be in danger. Chop off your two legs."

That devil god was currently trying his best to suppress the embroidery needles that were flowing into his blood vessels from the embroidered shoes. They were so thin that they were hard to detect yet they were as nimble as fine swords, tunneling into his blood vessels. He used his vital qi and transformed them into different divine arts block the needles off. But because it was his own body, he couldn't execute any powerful divine art so he couldn't block these needles.

He heard Fu Riluo's words and gave a shout. With tears flowing down his cheeks, he wiped his tears to chop down, removing both of his calves.

Where his legs were severed, numerous fine silver needles came flowing out like water.

"The forging method of Heavenly Works God Race!"

Fu Riluo saw the forging method of Founding Emperor's Heavenly Works God Race and his heart was astonished. He suddenly remembered that old blacksmith beside Qin Mu. Granny Si's silver needles must be from that old blacksmith!

"A blacksmith, a tailor, a painter, an apothecary... What kind of people are hanging around this Qin Mu?" Fu Riluo also couldn't help feeling his head aching.

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