Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 603 - Drag to Death

The silver needles that came out from Mu Tuluo's wounds returned back into the embroidered shoes and vanished without a trace. It was impossible to see where these silver needles were hiding at. That pair of embroidered shoes then came loose from that pair of severed legs and flew back into Granny Si's basket.

Granny Si took out some strong cloth soles and cloths to quickly make herself another pair of new embroidered shoes. She wore them on her feet and she shook her head. "You dirtied my shoes and still have the face to whine so loudly. The devil race sure is an unreasonable bunch. You don't want your legs right, the skin on your calves are still in a good condition, I can make another pair of boots. Thee markings on it are natural decoration, can you give them to me? You are so nice."

Devil God Mu Tuoluo gave a piercing roar from the pain and his hands trembled as he tried to seal the wounds on his severed leg. He prevented himself from bleeding and when he heard this, fury boiled up in his chest. "Woman with a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions! You... Euergh—"

He puked out a mouthful of blood.

Fu Riluo frowned and his face spread into a smile. "Hanging above lust is a deadly blade, it's Mu Tuluo's own fault for being chopped. Zhe Huali, go down with the rest of them and leave as far as you can. Since we have already signed the Pact of Earth Count, I will need to have a good discussion with Heavenly Teacher now."

Saint Woodcutter said with a smile, "Qin Mu, you should go down too, this is not a place you can stay in."

Everyone was astonished. They knew after they signed the Pact of Earth Count, they would have no more burden so they would definitely challenge each other!

Qin Mu, Zhe Huali, Qi Jiuyi and the rest walked down the sacrificial altar. Zhe Huali said calmly, "The previous time, I got defeated by Brother Qin and Brother Qi together, I cannot accept it so I would like to challenge both of you again."

"Not a problem, not a problem."

Qin Mu walked down the altar with quick steps and he said with a smile, "Defeating you the previous time was purely by luck, I won't be so lucky this time."

Qi Jiuyi's gaze wavered and he said, "Brother Qin is cunning and have good tactics. I saw you are very familiar with Earth Count, talking about some seal, would you mind telling me in detail?"

Qin Mu couldn't help grabbing the 'jade pendant' in front of his chest and he quietly put his hand down again. He laughed and said, "What seal? I didn't say anything about it."

Qi Jiuyi sneered.

The three of them walked down the sacrificial altar and they took their strides at the same time. They also walked down the stairs at the same time, afraid to show their backs to the others.

Qin Mu felt troublesome and his expression flickered. "These two have learned from their mistakes so it will be slightly difficult to stab them both in their backs. Both of them have been tricked by me before so they learn fast..."

The black tiger god took a glance at his expression and he snorted. "Junior brother, your expression has changed again, be careful not to let it affect your Dao heart! My lord and Fu Riluo is going to duel and this is not a place we can stay in, let us go! Mu Tuoluo, Yu Luosha, are you guys following or not?"

Huge beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead and he stood up with difficulty. He said coldly, "Woman with a malicious heart like snakes and scorpions who spoiled my feet, if I don't take revenge, how will have the face to meet my people?"

Qin Mu couldn't resist saying, "This senior, my medical expertise is remarkable, if senior doesn't mind, I can help you reattach your legs. What's so-called a healer treats his parents like their own parents would, I don't want to see anyone being injured. You can see whose leg you find suitable here, you can chop them off and I will help you attach it, I guarantee you will be up and jumping!"

Other people's expression changed tremendously and they all took a step back to prevent Mu Tuluo from chopping their legs off.

Mu Tuluo endured the pan and he chuckled. "Little brat, do you think I will believe you? Even if I chop their legs to let you attack, you will still poison me!"

Qin Mu scratched his head. "Healer treats their patients like their parents would..."

"Bah! Shut up!"

Qin Mu sighed and his expression was bleak. "You don't know I'm truly kind in my heart... I know you are good-hearted and isn't willing to chop off the legs of your own people, but Qi Jiuyi isn't your clansman, you can chop off his legs. Brother Qi, I'm not targeting you, just giving an example."

Qi Jiuyi's expression changed tremendously and his legs tightened. He said calmly, "Brother Qin, don't explain, I understand."

The black tiger god and Granny Si took the first step to walk into the distance. Qin Mu hurriedly followed up and Mu Tuluo took a glance at Qi Jiuyi's legs. Qi Jiuyi's legs tightened again and he said calmly, "I'm from the upper bound, Mu Tuluo, you can't offend me. Furthermore, if he's skilled in medicine, he's skilled in poison as well. If you believe him, you will definitely die!"

Mu Tuluo controlled the devil clouds to follow after Yu Luosha. He sneered and said, "That snake lady, Respectable King and Heavenly Teacher has a fight and so do we, you can forget about leaving!"

Granny Si turned around to give a radiant smile and Mu Tuluo was instantly infatuated. He chuckled and said, "No matter how beautiful you are, it's useless, I will definitely seize you and make you be willing to be my wife!"

Beside him, Yu Luosha was angered and suppressed her voice, "Mu Tuluo, you are feeling benevolence in your heart, you don't bear to kill her but she won't hesitate to kill you!"

Mu Tuluo shook his head. "She won't kill me, when she smiled at me just now, I can see a hint of admiration in her smile..."

Yu Luosha said coldly, "Your Dao heart has already been destroyed by this demoness, wake up! You shall deal with that black tiger and I will kill her!"

Mu Tuluo hesitated for a moment and he could only nod. He also felt there was something wrong with his state. He knew he had lost his legs by the trickery of this woman but he couldn't bring himself to hate her.

Not only could he not hate her, every frown and every smile from her tugged at his heart and influenced his judgment. It was like she was living in his heart, making him sink into deep love.

This kind of situation was very dangerous!

Maybe letting Yu Luosha dealing with her would be the best choice.

"Yu Luosha, don't kill her."

Mu Tuluo said seriously, "You also know my heart is rarely moved and once it is, my love will never die. You can defeat her but keep her alive."

Yu Luosha gritted her teeth and she snorted.

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and he thought to himself. "Could this be a heart devil planted in his Dao heart from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures? When did granny plant the heart devil in Mu Tuluo's Dao heart?"

They sprinted a thousand miles and the black tiger god suddenly stopped. He looked around and saw a sigh of doomsday around here. There were earth, water, wind and fire pouring continuously and in the distance, there was even a huge meteor that had landed over there. It was round, black and it interfered with the earth magnetic field, distorting up and down.

"Right here then."

The black tiger god laughed. "Dao friends of the devil race, I feel this place is very good. No matter if it is to bury your corpses or to bury our corpses, that's a good feng shui land! Junior brother, go over to that black ball over there so that you guys don't get affected."

Yu Luosha and Mu Tuluo walked forward. Yu Luosha sneered and said, "This land has buried too many devils, only your corpses will be buried here."

Granny Si instructed Qin Mu and said, "Your third eye is still uncovered, cover it quickly with the golden willow leaf, don't use it recklessly."

She gave some thoughts and instructed again. "If you really can't win them, just take it down, it should be fine to use it."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I'm just going over to chat with these few senior brothers, there won't be any danger."

Granny Si was still not at ease and she said, "It's fine if it's Zhe Huali, be careful of Qi Jiuyi, his technique is very powerful but it takes quite a while to execute it. This person is harboring unfathomable intentions and he has been staring at your chest. You can take the chance when he isn't ready to attack him first. It will then be easier to deal with other people."

Qin Mu nodded his head solemnly and waved his hand, walking towards the meteor.

Qi Jiuyi walked side by side with him and he said indifferently, "Brother Qin, I've heard everything, you want to attack me by surprise, not that easy."

Qin Mu said righteously, "What is Brother Qin talking about? I have been learning ever since I was young and I'm familiar with the words of the saint, why would I attack you by surprise? We are merely going to talk about the wind, flower, snow and moon, nothing about the battle."

Zhe Huali carried his demon knife and walked to his left side. Every step seemed to be measured perfectly and he said calmly, "The previous time, both of you have worked together to defeat me, I don't really accept that defeat. We rarely gather together so we naturally have to test each other."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "How can we keep fighting? Senior brothers over there, come along with us, once the gods start fighting, we will be the ones to suffer."

There were still two devil divine arts practitioners behind and they walked forward when they heard him. Everyone started to walk towards that meteor that was half hidden in the ground.

These two devil divine arts practitioners came close and only realize something was wrong. Qin Mu, Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi were crossing their qi activity, dragging the both of them in!

Qin Mu, Zhe Huali, Qi Jiuyi. The body movements and footwork of the three of them changed continuously and their aura was changing continuously. Every movement of their body contained hidden profound theory and the method of attack was hidden in their walk, which also involves the transformation of divine art and the transformation of qi activity. Even though the murderous intent couldn't be seen, the murderous intent was hidden inside!

These five people walked forward. Qin Mu, Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi had stable footsteps and they weren't messed up at all. Meanwhile, the footsteps of the other two devil divine arts practitioners behind them gradually turned messy as they stumbled left and right like drunk men.

After walking three to five miles, the two devil divine arts practitioners have already exhausted everything they had and their faces were flushed.

After three to five miles more, the two devil divine arts practitioners suddenly coughed up huge mouthful of blood and they stumbled as they ran. They followed behind the three of them.

Another three to five miles later, those two devil divine arts practitioners have basically coughed up all the blood in their body and suddenly, the primordial spirit of one of them ignited and he turned into a man of fire. He took his last breath and his corpse collapsed onto the ground. In an instant, he turned into a pile of human-shaped charcoal.

Dozens of yards more, the legs of the other devil divine arts practitioner broke and he collapsed onto the ground. His head then exploded with a pop and his primordial spirit split apart.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and he gave a slight smile. "Now, without them bothering us, we can slowly talk."

Cold beads of sweat rolled off Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi's foreheads while the corner of their eyes twitched.

As they crossed their qi, all of them couldn't just stop halfway. Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali weren't working together and they were fighting each other too, thus Qin Mu was able to drag that two devil divine arts practitioners to death.

If they had worked together to deal with Qin Mu, Qin Mu wouldn't have succeeded.

Yet they could never have worked together.

Qi Jiuyi sneered and said, "Brother Qin said that we are talking so why did you still have to lay a trap and drag those two devil senior brothers to death? However, our horizons are similar so if you want to drag us to death, you will have to walk one to two years!

The three of them walked to the side of the meteor and the magnetic field here changed. The three of them raised their feet and landed on this ball. They could walk effortlessly on it like they were walking on a flat surface.

On the huge round ball, Luofu Heaven seemed to become a wall that was raised straight up. Of course, this wall was immeasurable in terms of length, width and thickness!

Such a strange sight was beyond imagination.

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