Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 604 - Magnetic Hurricane

Qin Mu raised his head to look at Luofu Heaven. The pyramid-shaped sacrificial altars were erected on a place far away and through the thin layer of fog, they could faintly see that sacrificial altar where Saint Woodcutter and Fu Riluo were at.

Fu Riluo's heaven and earth were like an erected painting. There were many places that were black and white, having no other colors. When the volcanoes erupted, they were like fireworks during festive occasions, lighting up this painting of mountains and rivers so it was not too monotonous.

They could still see the shattered pieces of the stars falling from the sky. Next, fire snakes began to hang down from the sky and even though the speed looks very slow, it was actually scarily fast.

The sacrificial altar that Saint Woodcutter and Fu Riluo were at was a thousand miles away and even if they saw it, it was just a tiny speck.

Even though he could see that bright light and fog coming over there and the sacrificial altar looked small, the light was very intense like a small sun that had suddenly risen. Its light was much stronger than the light of sun and he could feel the piercing light all the way here.

Meanwhile, the battle over at the black tiger god and Granny Si was pretty magnificent. Every action from the four gods could be seen very clearly.

Qin Mu stopped in his footstep. Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyu stopped at the same time and the three youths stood on this huge meteor and they looked around. The sky here was tall and the fog was faint. This made them felt carefree and relaxed. It was a rare place.

Suddenly, a huge planet shifted over this side and that planet looked to be very huge. It seemed like it could fall off anytime.

Wherever they passed by, the sky warped and the ground broke up continuously. Thousands of mountains and chasms appeared rapidly and the sight was extremely terrifying!

In the distance, the black tiger god, Granny Si, Mu Tuluo and Yu Luosha suddenly moved through the land that had risen up and began to fight each other fiercely.

"Does Zhe Huali know why Luofu Heaven had turned into such a state?" Qin Mu asked curiously.

Zhe Huali hesitated and said, "As for the specific cause, I had once heard Master Fu Riluo mentioned about it before. Master Fu Riluo said abnormal stars had suddenly appeared and stopped in the sky above Luofu Heaven, warping the space and creating a natural disaster. Ever since that day, Luofu Heaven was no longer fit for living."

The abnormal stars he said were those broken planets in the sky. They looked abnormally huge from their angle and they could even see the mountains on the planets clearly.

"Even though my master and I are from different races, I can feel his heart of a newborn that was homesick."

He said solemnly, "I've heard Master Fu Riluo said that he wasn't the respectable king of the devil race originally. Back then, the respectable king had brought numerous devil gods to try and destroy the abnormal stars or to push them away from Luofu Heaven. However, there were many terrifying existences on the abnormal stars. After the respectable king and the devil gods when to the abnormal stars, they never came back. Master Fu Riluo said, after he went to the abnormal star, he discovered that they had all died in battle."

Qin Mu was puzzled and said, "So why didn't Fu Riluo try to destroy these abnormal stars and instead, spend twenty thousand years to attack Supreme Emperor Heaven, causing so many devils and humans to die as a result?"

Zhe Huali shook his head and said, "It's an important matter that must be kept secret so he didn't speak in detail."

Qin Mu looked at Qi Jiuyi and he inquired. "Brother Qi, is a guest from the celestial heavens, do you know anything about these abnormal stars?"

Qi Jiuyi was about to say something when that huge planet had already come to the sky above their head. The three of them instantly felt their body becoming lighter and they cussed in their hearts.

Qin Mu hurriedly executed his sword pellet and the sword light was thick as a pillar. He stabbed down on the meteor under their feet and he tried to stabilize his footing.

At the same time, Zhe Huali's demon knife also stabbed towards the meteor and the shoes on Qi Jiuyi's feet split apart as they transformed into bird claws to grab at the meteor. He tried to dig into the meteor so he doesn't get sucked away by the magnetic field of the abnormal planet.

Next, cold sweat broke out on their heads.

Qin Mu's sword light from the sword pellet was bounced back from the meteor. Zhe Huali's demon knife also couldn't stab into the meteor. Even though Qi Jiuyi's bird claws were very powerful, the star was simply too hard and nearly broke his claws!


The magnetic force formed sparks and hurricane like the aurora above the ice plains in the north of Eternal Peace. With a gentle sweep, the three of them flew up into midair involuntarily.

The three youths weren't flustered in the face of danger and they executed their own techniques and tried to escape out of this hurricane formed from this magnetic lightning. Qin Mu transformed into the form of Mars Sovereign that had a bull head and human body. As he stepped on the two fire dragons, the twin dragons brought him to rush out.

Zhe Huali raised his knife and tens of thousands of knife light flickered, trying to break through the hurricane.

On the other side, Qi Jiuyi's body transformed into a nine-headed phoenix which flapped his wings to fly. His speed was extremely fast and even above Qin Mu and Zhe Huali!

However, even though they were the top-notch experts of the younger generation, they also couldn't break free from this magnetic hurricane. They got brought into the sky by the hurricane and flew higher and higher.

'Brother Tiger's great idea, make us come to this meteor! We are too high up and we got caught by the magnetic force of the abnormal star...'

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead and he suddenly took a long breath, sweeping up all the air in the surroundings to contain them in his chest.

Since he couldn't escape from the magnetic hurricane, he could only wait and see if this hurricane would weaken. There was no air in outer space so he had to keep a mouthful of breath in his chest first. Luckily, his abilities weren't weak so he could store even more air in his chest.

This mouthful of air in his chest could ensure that he didn't need to breathe for a day. Even if he got sent to outer space, he could still protect his life.

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali were also taking in breaths and the two of them were also smarter than average. They quickly thought of the crux like how Qin Mu did.

The magnetic hurricane swept them higher and higher while the meteor and Luofu Heaven below went further and further away.

Cold sweat rolled out Qin Mu's forehead and that was because there were numerous lightning swimming above their heads!


A bolt of heavenly lightning suddenly moved and struck towards him. Instantly, it was like a prodded hornet's nest as countless bolts of lightning suddenly appeared and formed a sea of heavenly lightning.

Qin Mu threw away the sword pellet and flying swords danced around his body. Suddenly, they transformed into a three yards metal ball to cover Qin Mu inside, blocking out the lightning.

Bolts of lightning bombarded on the sword pellet and the sword pellet gave off creaking sounds as it got scorched red hot that it could melt any time.

On the other side, Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali weren't having it good as well. The heavenly lightning rolled and drowned out all three of them!

After a moment, the lightning scattered and Qin Mu hurriedly kept his sword pellet. He saw that the magnetic hurricane was still around and it was still sweeping them like a long snake slithering. There were magnificent rays of light that spread wide and they could change into numerous kinds of colors every instant.

Yet when Qin Mu raised his head, his heart sank. They had already left far away from Luofu Heaven and entered the sky of the abnormal star.


Qin Mu felt his scalp crawling. He suddenly saw the green and lush mountains on the abnormal star and he felt slightly at ease. Since there was greenery here, this meant that there should be air here. He just didn't know if the air was suitable for humans to breathe in.


They got thrown out of the magnetic hurricane and the three of them tumbled out. They flew quite a distance before finally stabilizing in the air. themselves

The three youth stood in the sky and looked at one another in dismay. Qi Jiuyi's nine heads swayed and they gradually shrunk back into his chest, leaving only one head which transformed back into a human shape.

"How can we get back to Luofu Heaven..."

The three of them looked towards the direction of Luofu Heaven and their scalp crawled. Luofu Heaven has disappeared!

That was right, Luofu Heaven had vanished and only the dark space was left!

The three of them looked at one another and they could see the fear and unease.

The abnormal star was orbiting in the outer space of Luofu Heaven and no one knew when this star would orbit once more to the sky above Luofu Heaven!

Qin Mu quickly took out calculation spirit weapons and prepared to calculate the cycle of the stars. When he calculated when this abnormal star would reach Luofu Heaven again, he was suddenly stunned.

He raised his head to look towards the space and the stars in the space were different from Eternal Peace. This also meant that what he learned from Dao Sect was completely useless!

He could rely only on observing the aspect of the celestial bodies moving along their course to calculate the path of this abnormal star. However, it would take a year at least to calculate it out.

Qin Mu's heart turned cold. "How long is one year on this abnormal star? Is it a few months of Eternal Peace, or a few years, a few hundred years or even a few thousand years?"

Qi Jiuyi looked around and his eyes suddenly lighted up. He walked into the distance and said, "There are traces of battle there! It's best if we head there to take a look, maybe we can find a method to leave!"

Qin Mu and Zhe Huali hurriedly followed up and they indeed saw astonishing ruins of battle and those were purely battles between gods. There were mountaintops that were shaved flat and there were lakes that had the shape of palms. There were huge sized corpses of devil gods that collapsed left and right. The flesh had already decomposed and only white bones were left.

Far away, there was a huge shrine standing upright on a tall divine mountain. It was dazzling sight and seemed to not be damaged at all.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He suddenly stopped in his footsteps and rushed into the sky.

Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi saw this situation and they also hurriedly rushed into the sky as well to look around in alert.

"What danger has Brother Qin discovered?" Qi Jiuyi narrowed his eyes and asked.

Qin Mu didn't reply and he looked down around the terrains from above. His heart trembled slightly.

The terrain of his abnormal star was very familiar!

He couldn't help thinking of that hall in the canyon outside the Paramita Ark. The yellow sand that had flowed out from Founding Master's cauldron had transformed into numerous geographical maps. The terrain on this abnormal star was one of the geographical maps!

There was the symbol of a shrine on the geographical map so it should be the shrine on that divine mountain in front!

"Big senior brother has been here before! Could he be here?"

Qin Mu composed himself. Founding Master used the star sand in the cauldron to transform into numerous geographical maps and the first map allowed Qin Mu to find Elder Qing Huang who was hidden in Great Ruins, completely solving his problem with the writings of the dragon race.

What would he find in this geographical map?

"I may have made an error."

Qin Mu blushed with shame and he said to the two of them, "I still thought there was some remnant of a god's divine art. It's fine, let us continue to head forward."

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali were skeptical and Qi Jiuyi gave a cough. "This place here is the abnormal star, no one will know what will happen. If Brother Qin discovered anything, it's best to be direct. Only by working together can we leave this place... Eh?"

Qi Jiuyi looked at the divine mountain that was getting closer and he was skeptical. Zhe Huali's gaze flickered. "Has Brother Qi discovered anything?"

"This mountain, do you find it familiar?" Qi Jiuyi asked with a low voice.

Zhe Huali looked at this divine mountain and his heart suddenly moved. He nodded his head, "It's very similar to that divine mountain in the celestial heavens, however, this mountain shouldn't be real."

Qi Jiuyi looked at Qin Mu who was in front and he revealed a smile. "Let's not tell him, grasp it and victory is assured!"

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