Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 605 - Great Heavenly Cycle Stars Algebra

Qin Mu, Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali came to the front of this divine mountain. This divine mountain was solemn and serene, emanating off an extraordinary grace. Rays of golden sunlight washed off the surroundings of the divine mountain and made them couldn't stop admiring the mountain. They didn't dare to just fly up.

They chose to walk on foot.

The stairs of this divine mountains reached straight up to the golden-roofed shrine. There must be a lot of bitter battles that had happened here as the stone steps were all covered in splotches of blood.

The blood had flowed down from the top and it was very hard for the blood of god to dry up. Even after ten to twenty thousand years, they would still give off terrifying pulses yet the god's blood and devil's blood here have already lost their essence, transforming into patches of brown blood stains that were astonishing to see.

What was strange was that there were no traces of battle here.

Qin Mu executed Carefree Sword and slashed down on the divine mountain. Sparks flew in all direction and his hands were numb from the vibration. Yet no mark was left behind.

There seemed to be a kind of indescribable power flowing in the mountain and protecting the divine mountain.

"Even the previous respectable king and numerous devil gods from Luofu Heaven also couldn't leave any marks down after fighting their way here, what exactly is the origin of this mountain?" Qin Mu was very puzzled.

Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi took a look at each other. They both understood each other and didn't say a word.

Zhe Huali's gaze flickered and he thought to himself. "Even Respectable King couldn't leave a mark before on this mountain, is this mountain really fake? It doesn't seem like it..."

They continued forward and a corpse of a god appeared in front. There was no more flesh and blood. Qin Mu took quick steps and the clothes on this corpse had already decomposed. The blood and flesh had also rotted.

The corpse had three neck bones, three skulls which faced three different directions. He had six arms and in each arm grabbed a divine weapon.

"A god that had died in battle!"

Qin Mu's eyes lighted up and he immediately grabbed towards one of the fierce tiger wine jars but just as his palm touched this wine jar, the divine weapon suddenly turned into dust.

Qin Mu was stunned. He saw that the skeleton that was holding onto the wine jar also continuously crumbling and soon, this entire skeleton shattered into powder. The other divine weapons also shattered into pieces and couldn't be swept up even if he wanted to.

Zhe Huali walked over and said puzzled, "Could they have been shattered by his opponent?"

Qi Jiuyi shook his head and he suddenly sliced his fingertips and dripped a drop of golden blood on the stone steps. His blood dried up quickly as though the essence in his blood were all sucked up by these stone steps.

Qi Jiuyi's expression became grim and he said solemnly, "It was this divine mountain that had absorbed all his essence, even the essence in the divine weapons couldn't be preserved."

Qin Mu said seriously, "Brother Qi, we are now swept onto the abnormal star at the same time, if you know anything, why don't you share it with us, we might find a way to leave here."

The wound on the tip of Qi Jiuyi's finger automatically healed and he shook his head to say with a smile, "This is the first time I've come down to the lower bound, how would I know anything about this world? Brother Qin, stop joking."

Qin Mu looked at the wound on his fingertip and he was astonished. His wounds automatically healing and didn't need medicine to heal. Was it the effect of his technique or was it the effect of his unique constitution.

Zhe Huali was also astonished. In the battle in front of the god city in the painting, Qi Jiuyi's injury was the most severe. Qin Mu had beat him up heavily and he even got stabbed by Qin Mu, almost dying in the process.

Yet in just these few days, Qi Jiuyi recovered back to normal and not only did his cultivation decrease, but it had also even surpassed what it was before!

The three of them had their own intentions and they continued to head forward. On the stone steps were corpses of gods in all sizes. Some were from devil gods and some were gods.

As long as the gods had three heads and six arms, their skeletons were nearly similar so they were from the same race.

The essences in their corpses, divine weapons, and devil divine weapons were all absorbed by this divine mountain. Not a drop was left behind and just a light touch could turn them into dust.

Zhe Huali examined the corpses of these three-headed and six-armed god and he frowned. He looked at Qi Jiuyi and asked with a low voice, "Are these corpses from the god race in the celestial heavens?"

Qi Jiuyi shook his head and said with a low voice, "I don't know too. There are some three-headed and six-armed god but they don't belong to a race. Furthermore, there are so many of them here so I don't think they are from the celestial heaven. This divine mountain..."

He shook his head. "The one is the celestial heaven is then the real one, this should be a fake one but why is this mountain so strong as well?"

He was slightly bewildered.

The demon knife behind Zhe Huali opened its demon eye and it looked around. Even the demon eye couldn't see anything.

"What you mean is this divine mountain is real? How can that be possible?" Zhe Huali said puzzledly.

Qi Jiuyi looked up and he saw Qin Mu walking very quickly, almost reaching the mountaintop. He said hurriedly, "This divine mountain is strange, let us go up too, if there any treasure, he will probably take it first!"

The two of them rushed hurriedly only to see Qin Mu standing at the end of the stone steps. The two of them came to his side in a hurry and they saw a devil god standing in front of Qin Mu. His eyebrows were long and he grabbed a three-pointed double-edged knife, looking very awe-inspiring.

The two of them raised their head and saw the face of the devil god projecting a natural dignity and power. He was looking down at them as though the three-pointed double-edged knife could slash down at them any moment!

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali's body froze and they didn't dare to move.

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and moved his footstep to move to the side of this devil god. He saw another face.

He walked one round around this devil god and this devil god actually had four faces on his front, back, left and right. He said with a smile, "Two senior brothers, there's no need to worry, he should be dead for a long time. When I just climb up here and saw the eyes of his back face staring at me, I was also frozen in shock and thought I was going to die in his hands."

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali came back to their senses and they each let out a sigh of relief. Their bodies were filled with cold sweat.

Zhe Huali circled around and said in astonished, "Four faced devil god? Could he be the previous respectable king? Why is he standing here, he didn't enter the hall?"

Qin Mu examined in detail and said, "Four faces, one more than Fu Riluo, could it be the same technique as Fu Riluo? Fu Riluo has yet to cultivate to his level?"

Qi Jiuyi followed him to walk around this respectable king and he examined carefully. "It might not be so. Fu Riluo has ears at the back of his head and he didn't have the fourth face. They should be from the same race but different breed. Fu Riluo's cultivation wouldn't be weaker than him... The wound is right here!"

He discovered something and he pointed at the neck of the four-faced respectable king. Qin Mu looked over and he saw a fine red line that was hard to detect on the neck of the four-faced respectable king.

This respectable king should have suddenly suffered from a sneak attack when he fought his way here and got his neck smeared.

Qin Mu opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of air to transform into wind. He blew at the head of the four-faced respectable king. The head of this respectable rolled off his neck and smashed on the stone steps, breaking like porcelain.

Next, the body of this respectable king was like a devil god statue made of porcelain. He quickly crumbled. His corporeal body was already emptied and the flesh and blood had already ceased to exist. Only his skin was left!

That three pointed doubled edge blade had shattered into pieces!

Qin Mu shuddered and he turned around to look at that shrine.

The four-faced respectable king had suffered from an attack just as he was about to step into this shrine and got his head severed, slaying his primordial spirit!

At this moment, this shrine was right in front of them, the door opened and it was dim inside. From time to time, light would flow into his vision.

Qi Jiuyi's gaze flickered and he said gently, "Brother Qin, are you going in? There might be danger inside!"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and walked forward while saying solemnly, "Two senior brothers, I shall go in to scout first, if there's danger, I will inform you guys to immediately escape!"

Qi Jiuyi was astonished and he said to Zhe Huali. Zhe Huali revealed a look of astonishment at him. The two youths were puzzled. Could Qin Mu had really treated them as friends that had gone through life and death and he was willing to put himself in danger?

They didn't have much contact with Qin Mu but they know that Qin Mu wasn't such a person!

In front, Qin Mu walked into the shrine and his figure faded out. The light in the dim shrine was still flowing. Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali looked nervously at the door of the shrine and he listened to the movements inside carefully.

Suddenly, an incomparably miserable shriek sounded out and the two of them felt their blood ran cold!

Qin Mu's miserable shriek came from inside. "There's—"

The voice was suddenly cut off!


Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali immediately rush down the mountain. The two of them transformed into two flowing light that moved incomparably fast.

They scaled up the mountain in an hour while they only took a few breaths' time to reach halfway down the mountain!

Suddenly, Zhe Huali stopped and said solemnly, "Brother Qi, stop! Something is wrong!"

Qi Jiuyi hurriedly stopped in his footsteps and turned around to reveal a bewildered look.

Zhe Huali sneered and said, "His scream was pretty energetic, how did he sound like a dying person? Furthermore, do you think a person that could kill the previous respectable king give him time to warn us?"

Qi Jiuyi stared with his eyes wide open and he cried out, "What you mean is... let us go up quickly!"

The two of them quickly flew up the mountain and came to the front of the shrine. Zhe Huali took in a deep breath and slowly walked towards the shrine while holding his demon knife.

Qi Jiuyi followed behind him and his heads popped out from his neck. He looked around nervously.

The two of them finally came to the door and one head of Qi Jiuyi popped out from his shoulders while the other heads hid behind Zhe Huali. He looked into the shrine and he was stunned.

They only saw Qin Mu in the shrine with a bunch of calculation tools to assemble them together. They formed a large-scaled calculation spirit weapon.

Qi Jiuyi gritted his teeth and pulled back his nine heads. The nine heads combined into one and he walked out from Zhe Huali's back, walking into the shrine.

Zhe Huali also followed him to enter.

The two youth sneered. Qin Mu raised his head and revealed a look of astonishment. He then smiled and said, "Two senior brothers have come right at the moment, I was about to tell you guys that there was a difficult algebra question in the shrine."

Qi Jiuyi sneered and he examined the shrine. He saw that the center of this shrine was a huge iron throne that was formed with swords and knife. A three-headed and six armed god sat on the throne and five of his hands were grabbing onto an iron throne. The other hand was pointing in one direction.

His three heads were faced in different directions and his mouth was wide open. His eyes were rounds from staring and he seemed to be giving out a heart-wrenching roar.

What was even stranger was that the flesh and blood in his entire body dried up and he was like a dry corpse that was emaciated. The flesh and blood in his entire body were dried up and only his dry skin was stuck onto his bones.

His eyes in the eye sockets were also dried out, sinking into his eye sockets. Only his black shriveled up pupils could be seen.

In front of this three-headed and six-armed god floated a small case. It was a jade case that wasn't very big and it floated silently. Trails of sunlight leaked out from the small case, and swirled around the small case.

Meanwhile around the surroundings of this small case were grains of star-shaped star sand of all sizes that were swirling around this small case.

Meanwhile, this three-headed six armed devil god was pointing at a mural and on the mural was a picture of a bunch of stars. It took up the entire wall.

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali followed the direction of his finger and he realized where he was pointing was a stellar system. In the center of that stellar system was a picture of a land and on the land was still layers of heavens.

"The stars that are swirling around the small case is indeed an algebra question!"

Qi Jiuyi examined carefully and he revealed an astonished expression. He cried out, "Great Heavenly Cycle Stars Algebra of the celestial heavens! Zhe Huali, have you learn this before in Spirit Elite Guards?"

Zhe Huali nodded his head and his expression was grim. "It was indeed the Great Heavenly Cycle Stars Trajectory, inside even contained a difficult algebra question which corresponded with the cycle of stars on the wall, forming a killing formation. As long as they solve this difficult problem, they will be able to enter the killing formation and take out this small case!"

The two of them hurriedly took out all kinds of calculation spirit weapons to rapidly calculate.

At this moment, Qin Mu stood up and the huge calculation spirit weapons beside him flew back into his taotie sack.

"Senior brothers, there's no need to calculate, it's thirty-three thousand years."

Qin Mu walked forward and examined the Heavenly Cycle Stars Killing Formation that shrouded the small case and said, "It's the star atlas of thirty-three thousand years ago, it has slight difference from Eternal Peace's astronomical phenomenon. I'm ashamed to say it but when I solve the question just now, I actually comprehended the true fourteenth sword for Dao Sect from it!"

He raised his eyebrows and turned around to face the mural. He said with a smile, "Furthermore, I even had a wonderful discovery. The star atlas on this mural is from the southern part of Great Ruins thirty-three thousand years ago. The place it is observing is in the vicinity of the southern sea, do you guys think it's weird or not? This three-headed and six-armed god is from Great Ruins' South Sea thirty-three thousand years ago!"

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali looked at each other in the eyes and they immediately stepped into the Heavenly Cycle Stars Killing Formation, rushing towards that small case.

Qin Mu solved the question and had the answer so they could use this answer to easily rush into the killing formation to seize the small case.

"Crap, I seem to have calculated wrongly!"

In front of the star atlas mural, Qin Mu slapped his head suddenly and stamped his feet. "It should be thirty-five thousand years instead! Senior brothers, you guys... Why have you guys gone in already? What am I suppose to do now?"

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