Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 606 - Dried Corpse of Crimson Light

In Heavenly Cycle Stars Killing Formation, Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali heard the voice of Qin Mu traveling over and they both coughed up blood. They didn't vomit blood because of Qin Mu, it was the sudden change in Heavenly Cycle Stars Killing Formation which suddenly transformed into a resplendent milky way.

The starlight pulled one another and connected with each other. The chains of starlight were formed by countless complicated divine arts runes and they transformed into an activated killing formation which severely injured both of them at once!

Meanwhile, looking from their angle, that small jade case in the center of the milky way had become a huge rectangular box that was hanging in the center of the milky way. It floated up and down in the galaxy and rays of sunlight also became incomparably thick, entwining mutually with the stars.

This killing formation wasn't what they could defend against!

"Thirty-five thousand years, is this number real or fake?"

The two of them coughed up huge mouthfuls of blood and they each executed defensive methods while gritting their teeth. "No matter, we need to try everything we can!"

Their brains operated at full power and calculated the trajectory of the stars and starlights. They avoided the starlight chains and moved quickly. The killing formation gradually stopped and the stars in the surroundings returned back to their normal sizes, transforming back to grains to star sand that swirled slowly.

Cold sweat rolled down Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali's forehead and they looked at each other in the eyes. When they were about to rush into the center of the killing formation to seize the small case, Qin Mu was already there standing in front of it.

Qi Jiuyi panicked and he was about to take a step forward when his qi and blood churned. He was astonished.

He was injured just now and he got grazed by a starlight chain just now. A huge wound opened up on his shoulder yet this wound didn't heal automatically. Instead, fresh blood kept flowing out and balls of blood were floating towards that shriveled up corpses on the iron throne.

He hurriedly looked at Zhe Huali. Zhe Huali was also injured and like him, he couldn't control his qi and blood as well. Fresh blood was also floating over to that dried corpse!

The first droplet of blood landed in the mouth of the dried corpse.

The surroundings suddenly became silent, so silent that it was slightly strange.


A long howl suddenly came from the mouth of the dried corpses and creaking sounds came right after. The both of them felt their hair standing on ends and they hurriedly sealed the wound on their body, yet they could still feel their vitality being drained.

"Something is strange!"

Zhe Huali made a split second decision and he immediately moved back to rush out of the shrine. Qi Jiuyi hesitated for a moment as he looked at Qin Mu who was in the formation. He gritted his teeth and also retreated out from the shrine.

The instant Qi Jiuyi rushed out of the shrine, he swept his sleeve and an ancient parasol tree emanated with golden flames to seal off the door.

Zhe Huali turned back and raised demon knife to slash down. The knife light instantly separated and covered the ancient parasol tree.

The two of them rushed down the mountain like two furious dragons, leaving behind a series of afterimages.

Qin Mu also felt his hair standing and he hurriedly grabbed the small case to run out.

Just now, when the qi and blood floating out from Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi's body flew towards the dried corpse and landed into the other two heads, creaking sounds also came from that two heads of that dried corpse. The three heads were slowly turning and looking over at him.

In the eye sockets of his three heads, his shriveled eyes were slowly regaining blood and gradually bulging up.

Qin Mu has already rushed out Heavenly Cycle Stars Killing Formation and came to the door of the shrine. An ancient parasol tree came smashing down at him.

"The one with the surname Qi!"

Qin Mu placed the small case under his armpit with one hand while his other hand grabbed his sword pellet. With a vibration, countless small flying swords came flying out and transformed into Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers, colliding with this ancient parasol tree!

Qi Jiuyu had executed this great divine art in a hurry so the power of the ancient parasol tree wasn't very strong. It was only enough to block him for a moment and if it was a complete move, even Qin Mu would have to execute Calamity Sword to deal with it.

Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers attacked over and severed the ancient parasol tree, breaking through Qi Jiuyi's divine arts, paths, and skills. Yet knife light came pouncing in his face and broke Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers.

'Zhe Huali!'

Qin Mu was furious and he avoided the blades of this move from Zhe Huali. Turning around and swinging his sword, the second form of Dao Sword, Binding of Five Qi and Three Aeons, erupted, breaking Zhe Huali's move.

There was no more divine art blocking the door of the shrine.

Qin Mu squat and his legs burst forth with strength to eject forward. With a loud boom, the air in front of his compressed into a wall which split straight afterward.

Qin Mu's body soared into the air as he rushed out of the door to the shrine. A smile gradually bloomed on his face.

Yet, his body was suddenly frozen in the air.

Before the smile on Qin Mu's face could fully bloom, it vanished and slowly turned into fear.

His feet were floating backward and he couldn't touch the ground. No matter how he executed his divine art, there was no use.

Qin Mu tidied his clothes in the air and he carried the small case in his hands respectfully.

When his feet finally touched the ground, Qin Mu immediately raised the jade case high above his head and said solemnly, "Spare my life, senior!"

His hands became lighter as the small case flew up. Qin Mu sneaked a glance and saw that jade case landing in front of that three-headed and six-armed dried corpse.


That dried corpse wasn't really a dried corpse. Instead, his qi and blood were dried up and his vitality was drained, as a result, turning him into this state that was neither dead nor alive. When Qin Mu and the rest arrived, Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali got injured and delivered fresh blood to his mouth. This was just barely enough to reignite his life force again.

Blood-curdling sounds came from his throat as he seemed to be adjusting the functions of his corporeal body. Creaking sounds also came from his body as though his bones were colliding.

"Eurgh— Water... or blood!"

Qin Mu hurriedly took out a water pouch and offered it up respectfully. Ever since the incident in the flaming desert of West Earth, he always had to put some water pouches in his taotie sack, to store clean water.

That dried corpse raised his hand with difficulty and it was very slow.

"Senior, let me do it."

Qin Mu went forward and opened up the water pouch politely to place beside the mouth of that dried corpse. After that dried corpse finish drinking one water pouch, his right head gave off a raspy voice, "Water—"

Qin Mu took out another water pouch and put it to his mouth. Once he finished drinking, he took out the third pouch to put it at the mouth of his left head.

The left head of this corpse drank the water with difficulty. Qin Mu sneaked a glance and his heart was astonished. He saw that the two heads that had drunk the water slowly bulging up with flesh and blood. There seemed to be qi and blood flowing in his body.

Not only that, his blood vessels were like dry, cracked land receiving the sweet droplets of rain. Soon, there was sound of blood flowing in his blood vessels.

'This dried corpse... No, it's not a dried corpse, it should be a strong practitioner from thirty-five thousand years ago! He had cultivated a kind of strange technique which allowed him to sink into a state of feigned death so he wouldn't be absorbed by this divine mountain. This technique is pretty marvelous and abnormal.' Qin Mu thought to himself.

The faces of that dry corpse slowly bulged and he could gradually see some outline of his facial features. It wasn't just skins and bones like just now.

However, his corporeal body must have been way too exhausted so he couldn't regain his original appearance by just drinking water. However, he could still see that he's a middle-aged man.


Qin Mu was about to say something when he saw that three-headed and six-armed opening his eyelids. In his eye sockets, his eyes were gradually swelling up. Soon, the white and black of the eyeball could be seen clearly.

"Which year is it now?" that man said weakly as he raised one hand to grab the small case, placing it on his knees.

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and said, "Now is the year of Eternal Peace, as for what is the exact year, I'm not too clear."

"Eternal Peace?"

That three-headed and six-armed man wanted to get up but he couldn't get up. He asked while gasping for his breath, "Shouldn't it be Founding Emperor? Could Founding Emperor Era has also died out?"

Qin Mu said honestly, "It had died out twenty thousand years ago. Senior, you should have sunk into hibernation twenty thousand years ago and once you woke up, it has already been twenty thousand years later. Why did senior come to the territory of the devil race? This is Luofu Heaven of the devil race and this is the reason why the devil race is facing destruction and thus, they had invaded Supreme Emperor Heaven. Senior's planet..."

That three-headed and six-armed man panted heavily, "I'm one of the survivors of Crimson Light Era and I have hide left and right for countless years. Because we wanted to return to our country, we rushed over from our hiding place and planned to return to the ancestral land of Crimson Light. When we were on our way, we heard it was Founding Emperor Era now and when we encountered enemies, we had no choice but to escape to this place.

"Enemies?" Qin Mu was stunned.

That three-headed and six-armed man said calmly, "The enemies that destroyed my Crimson Light Era. Founding Emperor Era has also been wiped out, it should be the same group of people. Hehe, I even heard that there's a High Emperor Era before Founding Emperor Era..."

He shook his head, "I'm a Crimson Light God Race of Chi Ming Era, my name is Chi Xi. I was originally the Execution Supervisor of Crimson Light Celestial Heavens, controlling the authority of life and death. Any god that has commit crimes would find it hard to escape death on God Execution Stage."

Qin Mu cried out, "In that case, this divine mountain..."

"This mountain isn't a mountain, it's God Execution Stage."

This three-headed and six-armed man named Chi Xi paused and took in a breath. "Executing gods on the God Execution Stage, this stage has already absorbed the blood of countless gods that had committed crimes and as time goes by, great curse would be raised and even I would receive the drawback. When I fought with the devils, I got injured so God Execution Stage started to absorb me. I had no choice but to seal myself and go into hibernation. Come help me up."

Qin Mu walked forward and supported him. Chi Xi's palm clasped onto his shoulder where it was near the neck and he stood up shakily.

Qin Mu resisted the pain and said, "Senior, you are hurting me."

Chi Xi didn't seem to hear him and pressed his shoulder to walk to the front of the mural. He examined the starry sky in the mural and muttered, "Ancestral land, ancestral land is right here... I have yet to die, I can still return, they must be waiting for me to report back to them... Do you know? The reason why this God Execution Stage is so demonic is because it's actually forged with the God Execution Stage in Celestial Palaces Divine Treasure, it belongs to a strong practitioner of Emperor's Throne."

Qin Mu was astonished and he muttered, "Strong practitioner of Emperor's Throne..."

A pain came from his shoulder. Chi Xi's fingernails have already stabbed into his skin and Qin Mu could feel his blood flowing out. His vitality and blood were flowing into Chi Xi's body.

Chi Xi's face gradually regained some color and his breath also became slightly more stable. He chuckled and said, "That's right. This is the small case that controls the God Execution Stage. Once this small case is opened, hehe... You almost seized this small case away."

Qin Mu was slightly dizzy and it was a sign of losing too much blood. His gaze flickered and he said, "Senior, I'm really hurting. I'm bleeding, God Execution Stage is starting to absorb my qi and blood."

Chi Xi's face slowly bulged out as flesh and blood grew. He said with smile, "You are indeed bleeding but it isn't God Execution Stage that had absorbed your blood. The water I've drunk cannot replenish my qi and blood, I've exhausted too much and I need someone's blood. Cough, cough, cough!"

He suddenly coughed loudly.

"What happened to senior?"

Qin Mu asked concernedly, "Senior, are you okay? Do you feel giddy? Is your throat itchy?"

Chi Xi subconsciously let go of him and raised his four arms to smack his head forcefully. His body swayed and his other two hands gripped onto the small case.

Qin Mu said with a concern and nervous face, "Senior, are you dehydrated? I still have some water here, does senior want to take a drink? Aiya, I've forgotten! I have added some extra ingredients in these water pouches!"

Qin Mu stomped his feet and said, "What should I do?"

He turned around to walk to and fro. Chi Xi grabbed at him and missed, crashing onto the ground with a kneel.

"Some water pouches have been added with blood dissolving powder by me!"

Qin Mu smacked his fist on his palm and gave a long sigh. "This kind of poison will dissolve blood when coming into contact with the blood, it's used for me to get rid of the corpses, how could I have forgotten! Senior, are you okay?"

Chi Xi knelt there without moving. His eyes slowly rotated toward him.

Qin Mu avoided his gaze and took over the small case that he was holding. "Senior's cultivation is strong so you definitely can definitely detox this poison, right? In that case, I won't be disturbing you. Farewell!" After saying that, he slipped away.

Chi Xi's eyeballs rolled over and divine light shot out from his eyes, boring two holes in this shrine!

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