Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 607 - God Execution Mysterious Knife

Qin Mu rushed out of the shrine and came onto the steps of the divine mountain. He immediately proned and his body hid under the stone steps. The two thick beams of light swept past his head and the stone steps on the divine mountains were scorched red!

Qin Mu waited for these two beams of divine light to sweep past and landed on the few stone steps below. Only then did he rose and ran like a furious dragon, leaving a trail of smoke.

As he sprinted quickly, he executed his vital qi to create fog behind him, covering the entire mountain with fog.

However, from the wound on his neck, qi and blood were leaking out. They were guided out from his body and poured towards the mountain.

The wound was created when Chi Xi stabbed his neck with his fingernails. On this God Execution Stage, any small injury cannot heal by themselves or be treated with medicine. Qi and blood would be absorbed by God Execution Stage and the only way out was to quickly leave the mountain while one was still alive!

The qi and blood in Qin Mu's body were losing at an extremely fast rate. He didn't dare to turn back and look if his qi and blood were being absorbed by God Execution Stage or Chi Xi. He could only grit his teeth and sprint down.

Finally, when he rushed into the bottom of the mountain, his brain was already blank because of the lack of blood. When he heard thunder rumbling beside his ears and his eyes were seeing pitch black.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit projected out and he used it to look around. He quickly took out the dragon saliva from his taotie sack to smear on his neck. Next, he took out Spirit Buddha Pills which could replenish his blood and consumed them quickly.

He touched his body and his heart was astonished. In just this short moment, he had already become as thin as a match and needed some time to recover.

God Execution Stage and Chi Xi seized his qi and blood together so it was already a remarkable feat that he wasn't squeezed dry.

'I wonder if Chi Xi had to do anything with my qi and blood flowing out so fast."

Qin Mu was as thin as bamboo and he placed the small case under his armpit. He walked forward shakily and left this strange divine mountain as far as possible. He thought to himself. 'My blood dissolving powder is placed in the water. He first absorbed Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi's blood, using their blood to awaken himself before using that three pouches of water to hydrate himself. Blood dissolving power should have traveled to all parts of his corporeal body with the water. He sucked my blood so it would dissolve with the blood he had seized. He relied on blood awaken so when the blood is dissolved, he will go dormant again. However, if Chi Xi had taken precautions, he could have left behind a portion of clean blood."

He was a great professional in the healing path and the poison path. He knew how to keep a portion of clean blood and he also knew where Chi Xi had kept the portion of clean blood.

It was in Chi Xi's eyes, that pair of eyes that had shone off with divine light.

He should only have clean blood in that pair of eyes.

Therefore, Qin Mu didn't know whether Chi Xi would fall into slumber once again, therefore he needs to leave this divine mountain fast.

If he was clever enough, he would have to force out the excess water in his body and cause himself to completely shrivel up. He could then use the remaining blood in his eyes to help him stand up."

Qin Mu executed his remaining vital qi to catalyze the spirit buddha pills in his body and he thought to himself. 'Hope he isn't so clever..."

In the shrine, Chi Xi knelt there motionlessly like a wooden sculpture. The fingertips of his six arms were leaking out murky water and that stream was very fine. There was a milky colored spoiled blood mixed with the water.

Qin Mu's blood dissolving powder couldn't dissolve his divine blood. What it dissolves was the blood he had absorbed from Qi Jiuyi, Zhe Huali and a portion from Qin Mu.

After some time, the water in Chi Xi's body had been drained out and he turned into a three-headed and six-armed dried corpse. He was extremely terrifying but there was a glint that was flowing in the eyes of the front face.

Chi Xi carefully separated a portion of blood from his eye and he let this bit of blood activate some of his bodily functions. He stood up shakily.

His two heads hung down and his six arms also hung down weakly.

The blood in his eyes was too little so he could only maintain very little bodily function. His other body function could only remain dormant.

He moved out of the hall with difficulty and he only came to the stone steps of this shrine after a long time. His legs buckled and he tumbled down the divine mountain.

His speed couldn't chase up to Qin Mu, Zhe Huali, and Qi Jiuyi's running speed so he took an hour to roll down from the top of the mountain to the bottom.

Chi Xiu rested for a long time before climbing up. He moved his body with difficulty to look or water.

Qin Mu was at a lake far away and he took out bags of blood dissolving powder to pour into the lake. He saw him walking over shakily and hurriedly poured the rest of the powder into the lake. He executed a divine art and a cloud appeared above the lake. From the cloud, a divine dragon hung down and stabbed its tail into the lake to stir vigorously.

Qin Mu waved his hand and sprinted away.


Two beams of light shot out from Chi Xi's eyes but he missed him. He could only look at him moving far away.


Chi Xi was angered and he walked shakily. His body couldn't hold up any longer and collapse on the ground. So close yet so far, he had finally crawled here with difficulty yet the lake was poisoned by Qin Mu. If he wanted to find another water source, he will probably have to take one to two months. If his luck was bad, he might even need to spend one to two years.

At this moment, rumblings of thunder came from the sky. The rolling thunder shocked Chi Xi awake and he flipped over with difficulty. Raising his head at the sky, the mouths on his three heads opened up as he waiting for the rain to fall in delight.

Dark clouds filled the sky and lightning crossed. The dark clouds became thicker and lower.

On a mountain far away, fire dragons suddenly flew up into the clouds and chased away the rainwater. After a moment, the sky turned clear and blue. The dark clouds transformed back into white clouds to float away.

Chi Xi turned his head around with difficulty and two beams of divine light shot out, piercing two holes into that mountaintop!

"If I find you..."

On the other side, Qin Mu immediately went down the mountain after chasing away the rainclouds. That mountaintop behind had already suffered for no reason, causing two holes to be blown up in it.

He has already mostly recovered but his corporeal body still has yet to recover back to his peak.

"It probably wouldn't rain for a moment, I should be safe for some time to recuperate and study the use of this small case."

He transformed into a black shadow to stick to the ground, covering his traces to leave this place as far as possible. He tried his best not to leave any trace so that after Chi Xi woke up after it rain, he wouldn't be able to find where he was hiding in a short time.

After a long time, Qin Mu came out from his shadow state and he revealed his form. He lifted up the small case to slowly study.

This small case was the central administration of God Execution Stage and on the small case was imprinted with all kinds of markings, it was extremely ancient. It should be the rune markings of Crimson Light Era and they were different from the rune markings now.

The paths, skills and divine arts of Crimson Light Era should be different from now. Qin Mu examined in detail and he tried to solve the marvel of these rune markings. However, he had never come into contact with the runes of Crimson Light Era so he knew absolutely nothing about it. He could only give up.

The surroundings of the small case also have some faintly discernible sunlight that swirled around the small case. This sunlight was harmless. Qin Mu had tried it with his spirit weapon before he even took the small case. The sunlight had no power so it should only be the light given off by a treasure in the small case.

The case wasn't locked but it was shut tightly. There was no place to pry it open.

No matter how much Qin Mu tried to open the small case, he couldn't even leave any mark on the case even with Carefree Sword.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps rang out and a familiar voice entered Qin Mu's ears. "Brother Qin sure is remarkable, to be able to escape even in that kind of situation. I really admire you."

Qin Mu placed the small case under his armpits and turned around. He looked at Qi Jiuyi with a face full of smile.

Even though Qi Jiuyi still had an elegant demeanor, he still had a portion of qi and blood stolen by the divine mountain and Chi Xi. However, compared to the bony Qin Mu, he still has some blood and flesh.

Qin Mu first got his qi and blood seized by Chi Xi, then by the divine mountain afterward, thus his body was over-exhausted.

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali had nearly killed him by trapping him in that shrine for a short while so the qi and blood he had exhausted was even more than the both of them.

This time, Qi Jiuyi seemed to be well prepared. An ancient parasol tree stood tall behind him and flames spread out in all directions. The phoenix nest on the tree was made from golden rice straws and branches of a parasol tree. The nest was shining brilliantly in gold and a nine-headed phoenix was resting in the nest. The nine phoenix heads were spewing fire to temper its own body.

His great divine arts has already accumulated its power.

"Where is Senior Brother Zhe Huali?" Qin Mu looked around and asked.

Qi Jiuyi said indifferently, "He challenged me and got heavily injured by me, so he had no choice but to run. Brother Qin, you probably don't recognize the small case, right? Why don't I help you solve your question."

Qin Mu said solemnly, "I'm all ears."

"I don't know how did Crimson Light Celestial Heavens call this small case thirty-five thousand years ago but in our celestial heavens, this small case has a very famous name, it's called God Execution Mysterious Knife."

Qi Jiuyi stabilized himself and the nine-headed phoenix on the ancient parasol tree also raised its head to look at Qin Mu. Qi Jiuyi's gaze landed on the small case and he said, "As for what the small case is used to store, Brother Qin wouldn't know if you aren't an official in the celestial heavens. This kind of small case is normally used to store human head."

"Human head?"

Qin Mu was astonished and shook the case. There was no sound of a human head tumbling around.

Qi Jiuyi raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "To put the head of a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne, using it as a knife to execute gods. Brother Qin doesn't know how to open this case, you can give it to me, I can open it up to show Brother Qin."

Qin Mu offered the case forward with both hands and said sincerely, "There you go."

Qi Jiuyi's gaze landed on the small case and he took in a long breath. The ancient parasol tree behind him also floated up as he executed Emperor's Throne technique!

Qin Mu let go of the case and the case fell to the ground. On the palm under the case was a sword pellet that was currently swirling.

Qi Jiuyi retreated and his body passed through the ancient parasol tree. The tree grew furiously until it was fifty yards tall. The nine-headed phoenix on the tree screeched and flapped its wings to attack Qin Mu like a beam of light!


His sword light suddenly became incomparably bright and Calamity Sword suddenly erupted to face the nine-headed phoenix. In an instant, flames overshadowed the sunlight in the sky. Sword and fire exploded among the mountains and they expanded furiously like a small sun and an incomparably bright ball!

Qi Jiuyi erupted and he struck forward with a phoenix mudra. The ancient parasol tree followed right behind the nine-headed phoenix and destroyed everything in its way as it came smashing down.

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