Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 608 - Following a Set Pattern

Qin Mu's Opening Calamity Sword clashed with the nine-headed phoenix. The power of these two great divine arts wasn't much inferior from each other. The sword of Opening Calamity Sword pierced through the phoenix instantly exploded, having eight thousand swords each dealing with the countless divine arts in the nine-headed phoenix.

Yet at this moment, the ancient parasol tree came smashing over. With flailing branches and sunlight bursting forth in all directions, the power of Opening Calamity Sword withered from the collision.

Qin Mu moved back and pulled out his sword. He executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and eight roars of a dragon came from his body. The vibrations from Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon instantly turned his withered qi and blood become incomparably thick in an instant.

In Qin Mu's body, his divine treasures suddenly reversed as he changed the divine treasures of the god path to the divine treasures of the devil path. His Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, were all flipped, resulting in the divine treasures of the god path to be below and the divine treasures of the devil path to be above!

The primordial spirit combined from his spirit embryo and soul descended onto the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of the devil path and stood tall on the devil land. The devil land beneath his feet was the Six Directions Land that was formed by his spirit platform of the devil path!

What was shining brightly in the sky were his devil sun, devil moon, and the five element devil gods that stood tall on the devil palace on the five element stars.

The instant Qin Mu pulled back his sword, he stabbed out once again and it was still the first form of Calamity Sword, Opening Calamity!

The ball of light that was formed from their earlier collision swelled up once more but this time, there was also black-colored sword light mixed within it. Streaks of sword light that were black like ink spread out from the core of the ball of light, tainting the ball of light in a split second!

Both of their divine arts were nearly wiped out completely. Before the power given off by light in the surroundings could even explode in time, countless trees in the valley had already fallen. With the ball of light as the center of a circle, they collapsed in all directions.

Pieces of mountain rocks floated into the air and they were flying in all directions at an astonishingly high speed.

In the light, Qin Mu moved back and he pulled his sword out for the second time. Qi Jiuyi stepped forward once more and his hands clasped together. The phoenix nest on the tree suddenly flew out as the golden rice straws and parasol tree branches rushed at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu pulled out his sword and gave a jolt. The eight thousand swords suddenly combined and fused into one, transforming into Carefree Sword that was in his hand. With flashing sword lights, he came face to face with the golden rice straws and parasol tree branches.

A kind of Dao charm that was close to the path appeared on his body and the sword in his hand was like symbols of numerals that was constantly changing.

The Fourteenth Writing of Dao Sword.

Dao Nourishes the Earth of All Heavens, Giving Birth to all Laws and the Whole World will Return to One!

Not even Old Dao Master of Dao Sect had completely comprehended this move and he had only succeeded in cultivating half of it. Even so, that incomplete form was already enough to be called the only god writing of sword skill in Eternal Peace.

It wasn't because Old Dao Master didn't have the aptitude or comprehension, it was just because Dao Sword involved the mathematical transformation of all things in heaven and earth. If there was a mistake, Dao Sword couldn't be cultivated.

And since the sun, moon and stars in Eternal Peace were all fake, there were incomparably fine mistakes in the heavenly cycle stars algebra. By using mistakes to comprehend the fourteenth writing, it was natural he couldn't do it.

Qin Mu had also learned the Fourteenth Writing of Dao Sword and his attainment in algebra was already extremely high. The reason why he could easily comprehend the fourteenth writing wasn't because his aptitude and comprehension were better than Old Dao Master, it was because he had seen the star atlas from thirty-five thousand years ago and also studied the star formation that Founding Master had left behind to protect God Execution Mysterious Knife.

With that, only then was he able to comprehend the marvel of the fourteenth writing at the same time he calculated the method to solve the killing formation.

When The Whole World Returns to One was executed, none of his cultivation was touched and none of his vital qi was exhausted. The power of heaven and earth was borrowed by his sword skill and with the flashing sword light, it destroyed the golden rice straws and parasol tree branches that were flying over.

He had executed Calamity Sword twice to break Qi Jiuyi's great divine art so his vital qi was also greatly exhausted. The Fourteenth Writing of Dao Sword didn't have higher power than Calamity Sword and was even slightly inferior, but to Qin Mu, that was the best choice!

The power from the sword, golden rice straws and parasol tree branches exploded and Qin Mu advanced instead of falling back. Rushing straight at Qi Jiuyi, his corporeal body suddenly grew drastically as the muscles of his body bulged. Countless fine sword light flew out from the Carefree Sword in his hand and transformed into a Pig Slaughtering Knife.

The knife was five feet long and two feet wide. It was like a holding a small piece of a door as Qin Mu wielded the knife.

This Pig Slaughtering Knife separated into two and he held them in both hands like two pieces of a door.

Qi Jiuyi moved back and didn't get close to him. Suddenly, a pair of phoenix wings appeared behind him and slashed repeatedly.

He didn't have much magic power left and he had been preparing his great divine art for a long time. However, it took a long time to execute this move so the exhaustion was too huge. For him to withstand two Opening Calamity from Qin Mu and even block Qin Mu's Fourteenth Writing of Dao Sword, it was already quite a remarkable feat.

Among the current younger generation in this world, he was definitely the first to make Qin Mu fight until this extent!

This power of his phoenix wings was not ordinary. Qin Mu came pouncing over like a whirlwind and his Pig Slaughtering Knife slashed up and down to have knife light coiling around his body. He executed Butcher's knife skills and his footwork was Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs, making him come and go unpredictably.

The ultimate arts of Cripple and Butcher had perfectly fused into one on his body!

Meanwhile, when Qi Jiuyi spread and fold his wings, countless feathers flew out like swords to collide with pattering. His sword skill latched on to every opportunity as they rushed at Qin Mu's knife skill.

What his phoenix feathers executed was sword skills and what his wings executed was knife skills. He was truly skilled in both sword and knife.

His attainment on battle techniques was no weaker than Qin Mu.

The two of them fought fast with fast and the two knives were sometimes left and sometimes right. His knife was like whirlwind and sometimes it was like a huge wave crashing down with the sun shining on the wave of the east sea. Sometimes, it was like a long knife hanging over the moon, fast like a meteor. He overwhelmed Qi Jiuyi all the way and forced him to move back continuously.


The two Pig Slaughtering Knife suddenly shrunk and flying swords flew out of the knives like small silver fishes. They flew in the air and moved to and fro like lightning!

These several hundred swords were like invisible sword skill expert grabbing onto the treasure swords, attacking Qi Jiuyi from all angles!

Village Chief's sword skill was also executed by Qin Mu.

Qi Jiuyi gave a long screech and the head on his neck suddenly exploded to split into nine heads. The plumes on his nine heads shook and balls of light instantly shone down, hitting the flying swords off the sky.

Qi Jiuyi's nine heads pecked down and Qin Mu's knife was one vertical and one horizontal. Right as they were about to slash down on the phoenix heads, Qi Jiuyi suddenly welcomed it with his wings.

Qin Mu's Pig Slaughter Knives slashed on his wings and were embedded in his bones, unable to be pulled out.

Qi Jiuyi's phoenix heads first pecked down before aiming straight down on Qin Mu's chest. The beaks opened up and balls of light were accumulating.

Qin Mu suddenly pulled out his knives and one knife slashed the throat while the other slashed into the phoenix's mouth. Meanwhile, the two Pig Slaughtering Knives that was embedded in Qi Jiuyi's wings had become two flying swords that still remained embedded there.

These two Pig Slaughtering Knives were formed by eight thousand swords and they were originally individual bodies to begin with. What was embedded in Qi Jiuyi's wings were the blades of two swords. Leaving behind these two swords, the other flying swords can still be used to form two Pig Slaughtering Knives.

The throat that got hit by the knife was suddenly pulled back by Qi Jiuyi to suppress the body of this knife, making it unable to sever his throat. At the same time, this beak shut to bite down on the blade of the other knife.

Qin Mu pulled his knives out again and Qi Jiuyi could only bite onto a flying sword. He saw the two knives of Qin Mu slashing over at another beak and head of his and it was literally following a set pattern, slashing towards his second neck and head!

Qi Jiuyi had no choice but to open his mouth to bite onto the knife and used his neck to brace the knife.

Qin Mu pulled out his knives and left another two flying swords in his wound. He still slashed his two Pig Slaughtering Knives to his third head and third neck.

Qi Jiuyi was furious, "Would you cut it out already?"

Even when he said so, he had no choice but to bite the knife again and use his neck to lock the Pig Slaughtering Knife.

Qin Mu pulled his knives out again and left the swords behind, slashing towards his fourth head and fourth neck.

Qi Jiuyi clenched his sharp claws in anger and his four heads were all bloody. It would be lying if he said it wasn't painful. The pain coming from all four heads struck deep into his soul and right down to his bone marrows!


Qin Mu pulled out the knives and cut him off, slashing again for the fifth time.

Qi Jiuyi's fury couldn't be contained and he bit down on the knife again. Qin Mu pulled out his knives again and even though Qi Jiuyi couldn't resist his anger, he could only bite the knife once more.

In an instant, all eight phoenix heads and necks of Qi Jiuyi were hanging with swords.

"The one with the surname Qin, you have infuriated me! Don't underestimate the paths, skills and divine arts of the celestial heavens! Cry of the Phoenix in Nine Heavens!"

The last phoenix head of Qi Jiuyi cried out and the phoenix cry reached straight into the sky. The cry of the phoenix bounced back and forth in the sky and transformed into a cloud. Next, god voice began to reverberate in the clouds as though there were tens of thousands of gods chanting. With the blessing of ten thousand gods, rays of light shone down onto Qi Jiuyi's body from that cloud.

Qi Jiuyi was covered with golden light and that last phoenix head pecked down. Qin Mu did the same thing and Qi Jiuyi didn't dodge at all. He faced his knife light head on and his beak was split open and the blood vessels on his neck were severed. Yet, the golden light that scattered on his body allowed him to take Qin Mu's knife down by brute force, stabbing his beak fiercely into Qin Mu's chest!

Qin Mu flew back and tumbled on the ground. He propped himself with his knife and stopped.

Qi Jiuyi was covered entirely in gold and he flapped his wings to fly over. His nine heads shook and the flying swords fell to the ground. The nine-headed phoenix gradually returned to his human form and the golden wings behind his body had also vanished.

"Qin Fengqing, fix!"

Qi Jiuyi sneered and raised up a mirror to shine at Qin Mu. He said indifferently, "The Son of Youdu sealed by Earth Count, do you really think I'm not your match? I'm merely following orders to seize you and not take your life. Instead, I should shatter your seal and release the true you. This mirror is made by Black Deity who controls the heavens in the north of the celestial heavens, it is specially used to fix you in place! You aren't bad, to have injured me..."

"Fix me in place? Let me take a look!"

Qin Mu stretched his hands out to grab at this mirror and Qi Jiuyi was astonished. The mirror was seized from his hands and what came towards him was a huge sparkling clean knife that slashed on his head!

Qi Jiuyi felt pain and his brain was almost shattered with one knife. He had no choice but to reveal his true form, which was a nine-headed phoenix. On each head hung a Pig Slaughter Knife that was probably already shattered into his brain!

Qi Jiuyi flapped his wings and wanted to escape yet Qin Mu was a step faster and had already jumped onto his back. As he punched this nine-headed phoenix, he connected all his strikes and caused the feathers to fly all around.

Below, an injured Zhe Huali walked over with quick steps and picked up the small case. He revealed a look of delight but when he looked up and saw Qin Mu riding the phoenix, he couldn't help showing an astonished look.

'Brother Qin is truly powerful, to be able to suppress Qi Jiuyi, his abilities are indeed a line higher than mine. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, I'm then the oriole! Now the case is in my hands, my God Execution Mysterious Knife will be able to bring my knife skills one more step forward, right..."

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