Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 609 - Hot Potato

Zhe Huali's gaze flickered. He examined the case and tried to open the small case but the gap was tightly sealed, there was no place to pry open the case. Even if he used his demon knife to slash, he couldn't leave any mark.

Cold sweat broke out on Zhe Huali's forehead as he tried all kinds of divine arts to break the seal. He even used the divine arts of the devil path that Fu Riluo had taught him once and he still couldn't open the case.

He raised his head and saw phoenix feathers floating down the air like falling leaves in autumn. However, they weren't withered leaves, they were blood red maple leaves.

Qin Mu was riding Qi Jiuyi in the air and plucking his feathers, beating him until he was completely covered in blood.

Qi Jiuyi was also extremely fierce. Even though he had gotten slashed on his nine heads, he twisted his neck over to spew out trails of mysterious lights to slash at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu just focused on hammering him and the Pig Slaughtering Knife on the phoenix head suddenly flew out, leaving only nine flying swords still stuck in the heads.

The other flying swords executed Sword Treading Mountains and River, forming a painting of mountains and rivers in front of Qin Mu, allowing the nine heads to strike freely. The painting didn't break at all.

Qin Mu's hammering was simply too ruthless. He didn't purely use corporeal body divine arts, instead, he used divine arts like Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands, and Five Thunder Heaven Raising Bell. Tens of thousand stars even appeared behind him from time to time as he executed Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force.

Any kind of divine arts was like mountain splitting apart and it wasn't only divine arts of the god path, Qin Mu would even execute strange and sinister divine arts of the devil path from time to time. Even though the power wasn't as strong as the divine arts of the god path and the reason should be because he didn't spend too much effort on the divine art, the divine arts of the devil path could target Qi Jiuyi's corporeal body and corrode his corporeal body, corrode his primordial spirit and hugely weaken the resistance of his corporeal body!

This was the most terrifying.

Zhe Huali saw all of these and he couldn't help shuddering. If these divine arts from Qin Mu hit his body, his flesh would probably split open and his primordial spirit would probably be destroyed in just a few moves. His corporeal body would probably turn into mush!

"Qi Jiuyi didn't even die after getting beaten up like this, he's indeed stronger than me. His corporeal body has a kind of strange self-repair ability for him to last even longer. However, he would be beaten to death by Qin Mu not long later! If Qi Jiuyu die and I can't open this case to get God Execution Mysterious Knife, the next one Qin Mu would kill will be...."

Zhe Huali took in a deep breath and soared into the air. He pulled out the demon knife from his back and threw it into the air. The demon knife suddenly vibrated in the air and a huge demonic eye appeared behind it.

With the appearance of this demon eye, knife light shone into this eye and knife light instantly filled the whole sky, flooding toward Qin Mu and Qi Jiuyi.

His long knife was broad and powerful. Zhe Huali's knife skills were different from Butcher's Nine Skills of Heaven Knife. Nine Skills of Heaven Knife walked the righteous path and it wasn't proficient in calculation. However, it sought an overwhelming, righteous and boundless power, transforming the brilliance of literary hero into knife light to execute them out!

Zhe Huali's knife skill was mostly inherited from Luo Wushuang whose knife skills were skilled in calculation. It was slightly similar to Dao Sect's Dao Sword, however, Dao Sword used algebra to calculate the great Dao while Divine Knife Luo's knife skills used rules to establish the great Dao.

This was the biggest difference between the two.

Zhe Huali raised his knife and he laughed, "Senior brothers, let just forget today's matter, let me help to resolve both of your conflicts. We are all residing together in a different star so we should get along and think of a way to leave, why are we fighting among one another?"

Even though he had said so, his knife skill didn't have any intention of stopping the conflict. Most of the power from the knife skill was placed on Qin Mu's body and the knife light that landed in Qi Jiuyi stopped when it was enough.

After all, Qi Jiuyi was severely injured. If he gave him another knife, he might not be able to withstand it. On the other hand, Qin Mu was still vigorous so he needed to beat down Qin Mu and make him fall back by showing him trouble.

His knife light rushed over and Qin Mu immediately stretched out his hand to take a grab. The paintings of mountains and rivers formed by Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers instantly shrunk towards his hand and transformed into a sword pellet.

Qin Mu swung his sword and from the sword pellet was a sword light that was as thick as a bucket. The sword pillar faced the demon knife and Qin Mu was thrown off from the collision. He flew backward and left the back of Qi Jiuyi.

He had used several great divine arts repeatedly and all kinds of divine arts scattered down like rain. He didn't have much vital qi left and he couldn't face off with Zhe Huali.

Zhe Huali gave an internal sigh when he didn't kill him with one knife. He kept the knife light that filled the sky.

Tens of thousands of knife light combined and transformed back into a demon knife to fly back. It sheathed itself in the knife sheath behind Zhe Huali's back.

After all, Zhe Huali was also just defeated by Qi Jiuyi and he was covered in injuries. Even though his vital qi cultivation left was much denser than Qin Mu, if they really fought, he wasn't confident that he could take down Qin Mu.

Furthermore, if he could kill Qin Mu, he would have to personally face Qi Jiuyi and Qi Jiuyi's abilities were also above his, otherwise, he would have been defeated by him.

Zhe Huali kept the knife back in the sheath and he said with a smile, "Senior brothers, we have to see each other frequently so why don't we each take a step back and everything will be fine?"

Qi Jiuyi's true body landed on the ground and his body trembled. He gave a painful cry and gradually transformed back into a human. There were still nine swords stuck in his nine heads and when his nine heads combined into one, the nine swords didn't combine into one and they almost tore open his wound.

Qi Jiuyi hurriedly pulled out the swords. His back was all bloodied and he had broken many bones. He shattered quite a few ribs so he could only stoop his body.

He was originally a handsome young man with an elegant demeanor but after this beating from Qin Mu, he was even more miserable than when he got beaten up by Qin Mu and Zhe Huali together. He couldn't live up to that title any longer.

Luckily for him, his recovery speed was astonishing so as long as he didn't die, it wasn't a big problem.

Qin Mu walked over and the three of them stood in a triangle.

Qin Mu looked at the nine flying swords and he asked pleasantly, "Brother Qi's abilities are strong, if you didn't insist on using the mirror to fix me in place, you might not have lost. If we fight for life and death, it's actually fifty-fifty. Brother Qi, can you return those flying swords to me?"

Qi Jiuyi sneered and he grabbed the nine swords tightly. "Fifty-fifty? You are underestimating the divine arts of the celestial heavens. Brother Qin, can you return the mirror to me?"


Qin Mu waved his hand and said, "You can keep the nine swords first, I'll take them back once I kill you. Senior Brother Li, can you return that small case to me? I have exchanged that with my life, both of you had blocked the door with your divine arts, if it wasn't for my wits, I would have almost died."

Zhe Huali gave a dry laugh and he said righteously, "Brother Qin should take it back after killing me."

"How could I do that?" Qin Mu's face was full of smiles.

Qi Jiuyi was also staring at the small case in Zhe Huali's hands. Zhe Huali's gaze flickered and he probed, "Brother Qi's identity is respected and the position of your teacher is also extremely high in the celestial heavens, you should know how to activate this case. Can you tell me?"

Qi Jiuyi coughed violently and spat out pieces of shattered bones. His crooked body straightened slightly and the sword mark that Qin Mu left on his forehead also slowly shrunk. This made both Zhe Huali and Qin Mu felt nervous.

The recovery speed of this Qi Jiuyi was simply too powerful. He was simply an undying body that couldn't be killed, he could still recover so fast while having such heavy injuries.

The reason why he spat of the shattered bones should be because of the new ribs growing in his chest.

Qin Mu was very envious. This kind of undying body was truly useful. He just didn't know if it was the effect of Qi Jiuyi's Emperor's Throne technique or if it was an innate talent of the nine-headed phoenix race.

After coughing, Qi Jiuyi felt better and panted heavily. "Give me the small case, let me open it for you." It was evident that even though his injuries could help fast, it still took a huge toll on his body. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so tired.

Zhe Huali shook his head and he said, "After this small case land in your hands and you open it to show God Execution Mysterious Knife, Brother Qin and I will instantly have our heads separated from our body."

Qin Mu suggested and said, "Why don't we do it like this, Brother Li, let us first get rid of Brother Qi. We can then study how to open this small case. With the intelligence of the two of us, we can definitely open it!"

Zhe Huali said with a smile, "If I believe you, I would be an idiot."

The three of them were at a stalemate.

Suddenly, a coarse voice rang from their back. "You guys keep fighting back and forth but have you ask me, the original owner? Return this small case to the rightful owner."

Qin Mu and the rest had a huge change in expression and he hurriedly looked at the source of the sound. He saw Chi Xi who was skinny as a match walking towards them with legs that were like firewood. They were already not far from here!

This executioner of Crimson Light Era had three heads that were like shriveled up black tomatoes. His eye sockets were sunken in and his eyeballs were like dried up dates.

The lions below his three heads were also wrinkly as though he couldn't hold up his own heads.

He was like a big prawn with three heads. The three arms on his left were propped onto one stick, he must have propped the stick to move forward with difficulty.

Qin Mu and Qi Jiuyi had fought here fiercely and the activity was extremely huge. It wasn't hard for Chi Xi to find his way here. However, from seeing how much trouble he had with the rod, one had to wonder he had made his way here. After all, Qin Mu had to escape for a long time before finally meeting Qi Jiuyi.

Chi Xi must have remarkable abilities and that must be the reason why even though walking was difficult, he could still use some magic power.

Veins popped out on his forehead and he thought of another matter. He muttered to himself and said, "It had rained?"

"That's right, it had rained."

Chi Xi had an appearance as though he could die anytime. He said weakly, "After you left, it rained not long later. The heaven took pity on me and I finally managed to drink some water that isn't poisoned."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and stood there without moving. Zhe Huali and Zhe Huali were already gradually retreating and the two of them suddenly turned to run.

Thud thud.

The two of them crashed onto an invisible wall and got bounced back.

Chi Xi said indifferently, "There's still no person who can escape from my hand in this world... Yes, you are the first, you escaped, you should be proud."

The person he meant was Qin Mu and Qin Mu revealed an honest smile.

Suddenly, Zhe Huali threw the small case straight to Qin Mu and he shouted, "Brother Qin, I shall return you your treasure! The green mountains won't change and the flow of the river is endless!" When he finished saying, he crashed into the invisible wall again.

Zhe Huali could only turn back and stand there obediently.

On the other side, Qin Mu's honest smile froze and he threw out the small case he received to Qi Jiuyi. He said with a smile, "Brother Qi, you can open the case, this case now belongs to you!"

"Merely a dried corpse of Crimson Light Era, to dare to go against the celestial heavens, let me kill him!"

Qi Jiuyi gave a faint smile and his fingers moved up and down. Runes flowed out continuously from his ten fingers as he tried to open the case.

After a while, his face turned black. He couldn't open this case at all!

The case that contained God Execution Mysterious Knife in the celestial heavens also had a seal. He knew the arrangement of the runes for that case but the rune arrangement needed to open this case that had come from Crimson Light Era was obviously different from the one in the celestial heavens!

The corners of Qi Jiuyi's eyes twitched and he looked at Qin Mu in despair. Qin Mu looked up in the sky and his feet tapped on the ground as he pretended to admire the clouds in the sky.

Qi Jiuyi looked at Zhe Huali helplessly and Zhe Huali looked at his own fingernails seriously before biting the nail on his thumb.

Qi Jiuyi looked at the three-headed and six-armed 'dried corpse' that was currently walking towards him. He suddenly had a flash of inspiration and he knelt down while holding the small case up high. "Senior, pardon my life!"

Chi Xi sneered and walked over shakily while propping himself on the rod. "This case naturally used the rune arrangement of Crimson Light Era, when you the runes of your so-called celestial heavens to solve it, isn't it just playing the lute to a cow? This case, you guys aren't fighting over it anymore? It's pretty lively to see you guys fighting over it, go on."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and looked at Zhe Huali.

Zhe Huali also looked at him and thought to himself. 'He must be thinking of the same thing as me, if he should also kneel down and beg for his life. Should I kneel or not?'

He was in a dilemma.

Qin Mu thought to himself. 'It seems that Zhe Huali is truly my nemesis, to have thought of the same thing as me. No matter what, Chi Xi will take the life of all three of us and use our blood to nourish his corporeal body, he will definitely maintain his unflinching righteousness like me.'

"So no one is fighting over this case anymore?"

Chi Xi sneered and walked up with the rod. "Since no one wants it, I shall..."

Suddenly, a voice rang out. "I want!"

A hand stretched out and gently took the small case away from Qi Jiuyi's hands.

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