Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 610 - Opening the Case

Qin Mu, Zhe Huali and the heart of the rest shook. They hurriedly looked towards the sound and they saw this palm grabbing the small case away. Meanwhile, the palm belonged to a man who was carrying a huge ax and wearing a bamboo hat. He had huge arms, round waist, thick eyebrows, and big eyes.

He looked like a woodcutter that had just taken down the firewood he was carrying but there were very intense traits of a scholar on his face, completely different from his attire and manners.

The small case that was in his hand looked very small and delicate.

"Saint Woodcutter!" Qin Mu was delighted.

Zhe Huali was astonished. "Heavenly Teacher!"

On the other side, Qi Jiuyi who was still kneeling secretly raised an eye and he was shocked. 'The person who wanted to sacrifice Luofu Heaven and forced Fu Riluo to have no choice but to sign a Pact of Earth Count!'

He quietly stood up and moved back. He wanted to leave yet he didn't dare to.

Chi Xi's three heads and six arms were withered and skinny. He raised his head up with difficulty to examine this woodcutter and he sneered. "You want it? You dare to take it?"

Saint Woodcutter lifted up this squarish case and examined it. "Why don't I dare to? You haven't even regained your cultivation, you don't even have your corporeal body. If you were at your peak, I would go somewhat easy on you, now that you aren't, I don't even have the desire to fight you. Take it—"

He sliced open his wrist and his god blood flowed out from his wrist.

Chi Xi stared at the god blood flowing out from him and he couldn't resist any longer. He opened his mouth and the god blood flowing out from Saint Woodcutter's wrist flowed towards his three mouths.

Receiving Saint Woodcutter's blood, his emaciated body gradually bulged up at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Blood flowed in his blood vessel and the beating of his heart also gradually become louder and louder. All of the withered organs in his body had their functions restored one by one.

His vital qi grew more and more vigorous. His face slowly became rosy and he gradually regained his original look.

Chi Xi could also be countered as a middle-aged man with quite a look. The three faces on his three heads were exactly the same, having eyebrows that were like swords. The murderous aura between his eyebrows was very heavy and it might be because he was once an executioner of Crimson Light Era.

His aura gradually grew stronger and he soon made the bodies of Qin Mu, Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi trembled. They had no choice but to fall back.

When he had more or less recovered, the wound on Saint Woodcutter's wrist healed and it no longer bled.

"Your primordial spirit has withered for twenty thousand years, you shall slowly nurse yourself back."

Saint Woodcutter's gaze was always on the small case, he never looked at Chi Xi in the eyes. After a moment, he asked, "Qin Mu, where is this small case from?"

Qin Mu said, "Big senior brother found it."


Saint Woodcutter was astonished and he asked, "Where is he?"

"Big senior brother has never appeared. I had found an evil dragon that he was suppressing in a ruin in Great Ruins. I have slain the evil dragon and the star sand in the cauldron of the big senior brother showed me numerous geographical map. However, he didn't show himself."

Qin Mu quickly talked about the whole incident and he said, "The vicinity of God Execution Stage on this abnormal star was one of the maps. As I searched according to the map, I found my way here and found this small case. Big senior brother used Heavenly Cycle Stars Killing Formation to keep this small case locked and he left a difficult algebra question. I solve the question and discovered it's thirty-five thousand years."

"Thirty-five thousand years..."

Saint Woodcutter muttered to himself irresolutely. "Why did this idiot still have to leave behind riddles, is he giving me some hint? What's the meaning of him leaving behind so many geographical maps... These maps aren't left behind for you, it's for me, he wants me to find the clues he has left behind. It's pure coincidence that you could find the geographical maps he left behind."

Qin Mu said, "Thirty-five thousand years ago, it's Crimson Light Era. This Senior Chi Xi is from thirty-five thousand years ago."

Saint Woodcutter nodded his head. "I know, when I saw his three heads and six arms appearance, I knew he was from Crimson Light Era. I have once found ruins of that era and discovered that the people of that era view three heads and six arms as the strongest corporeal body. They had remarkable abilities, being able to shift mountains and chase stars. This small case is also from that era, the shape is the same as the God Execution Mysterious Knife of the so-called celestial heavens, I don't know who had copied who."

Qi Jiuyi didn't dare to speak but he sneered in his heart. 'It definitely was Crimson Light Celestial Heavens that had imitated the God Execution Mysterious Knife that our celestial heavens had created!'

Qin Mu pondered and took out the commander's seal that Elder Qing Huang had given him. "Sacred Teacher, big senior brother had left this item with Elder Qing Huang, even he didn't know what era is this commander's seal from."

Saint Woodcutter took over the commander's seal and he examined it. He said with a chuckle, "Elder Qing Huang? You mean Green Emperor, right? This fellow always has a bad temper and appeared to be cold to everyone, however, he is very warm-hearted. Did he say any bad things about me behind my back?"

Qin Mu hurriedly shook his head and he said firmly, "No! Definitely not! Elder Qing Huang was very polite and amiable. He was hospitable to be and even saw me off, he didn't scold anyone!"

"It will be weird if he didn't! He would have definitely scolded me, and even Founding Emperor as well! He must have chased you off!"

Saint Woodcutter threw that commander's seal back to him and said with a smile, "I know his temper inside out. I can't see when is this commander's seal from and I don't know when was it left behind. You should keep it first."

"Hold it!"

Chi Xi's gaze landed on the commander's seal on Qin Mu's hand and he said solemnly, "Let me see that commander's seal, I might just recognize it!"

Qin Mu looked at Saint Woodcutter who nodded his head gently.

Qin Mu moved forward and handed the commander's seal to Chi Xi. Chi Xi checked repeatedly and said, "This is a commander's seal from Dragon Han Era. There are numerous ruins from Dragon Han Era during Crimson Light Era. I have seen these kinds of things before. That child, I will return this to you."

Qin Mu took over the commander's seal and he said puzzledly, "Big senior brother handed the commander's seal from Dragon Han Era to Elder Qing Huang for safekeeping. What's the meaning of this? Elder Qing Huang is the lord of the east during Founding Emperor Era. For big senior brother to request him to safe keep this, he must have viewed it very important. What exactly is the secret that lies in this?"

Saint Woodcutter said with a smile, "Since he left numerous geographical maps, just search accordingly to the maps. You will definitely solve the mysteries sooner or later."

Qin Mu acknowledged.

Chi Xi said indifferently, "This Dao friend, this small case belongs to my Crimson Light Celestial Heavens. Since you have gifted your blood to me, the grudge between me and this child shall be written off."

Saint Woodcutter finally turned his head around and said seriously, "Old Dao friend, this small case left behind by my big disciple for me, it's mine, so I can't give it to you. The reason I gifted my blood to you is because if we fall out, I won't have the face to beat you, therefore, I let you recover some of your cultivation first. If we fall out, I'll beat you. I have just force Fu Riluo back and came searching, only then did I see you bullying my disciple and these two juniors. That's not the manner of a senior, so I was slightly unhappy seeing that."

Chi Xi sneered. His corporeal body and primordial spirit had not completely recovered so he was also slightly afraid of this woodcutter. "There's no use even if you get my small case, without the rune arrangement of my Crimson Light Celestial Heavens, you can't undo the lock."

Saint Woodcutter revealed a smile and the small case floated up from his rough hands. His fingers moved up and down. Strange runes burst forth from his fingertips and entered the small case one after another. He said leisurely, "I have dabbled into too many things and delayed my cultivation, I have been to the ruins of Crimson Light Era numerous times and I also know about the runes in that era of yours."

The small case rattled as sounds of locks opening came from it. The sounds became more and more concentrated as though there were locks that were slowly opening inside. The cores of the locks were moving back one by one.

Chi Xi's expression changed hugely and his aura rose drastically. He wanted to make a move but he held himself back!

Meanwhile, Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi's face turned ashen and they cursed silently. Saint Woodcutter was the enemy of the celestial heavens and the devil race, if he opened God Execution Mysterious Knife, he was probably going to offer a sacrifice to the knife!

Every time God Execution Mysterious Knife was opened, it needed a sacrifice, the blood of humans to moisturize the knife!

"The manner of this woodcutter seems to be very good, hope he doesn't sacrifice us and sacrifice this fellow with three heads and six arms."

In their hearts were fear and even anticipation. They wanted to see the fierce weapon that was contained in this chest!

Suddenly, the small case let out a light sound and opened up slightly.

Instantly, blood light spewed out from the sky and dyed everyone in red. Even their hair was also dyed red.

In the sky, blood clouds poured forth as though blood were swirling. The center of this cloud whirlpool corresponded to the location of this small case!

Even though the case gave off blood light and looked warm, everyone felt as though they had fallen into an icy pit.

The murderous aura from the case froze their primordial spirit and made them unable to move. Their souls were also completely frozen. It was as though if they made a move, a knife light would slash over to slay them!

"What a fierce weapon!"

Saint Woodcutter had a grim expression and he lifted the small case up. His other hand grabbed the cover of the case and said solemnly, "You guys have fought quite some time just for this small case, right? Now, I shall open it and show you!"

Chi Xi revealed an expression of fear and quickly retreated into the distance.

Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali wanted to go but they couldn't. They could only stare at Saint Woodcutter opening the case!

The case gradually opened and Saint Woodcutter's expression became grimmer and grimmer. His hands were trembling slightly and he seemed to be spending quite some effort as well.

He was suppressing the fierce might inside the case and he suddenly gave a shout. Exploding with full force, he suppressed the fierce aura and opened up the case!

Qin Mu, Zhe Huali, and Qi Jiuyi couldn't help looking into the case and there was really a human head in this small case!

This human head didn't have its outer layer of skin as though it had been stripped off. Yet there was no color of blood underneath. Under his skin, his flesh and blood were crystal white as though they were formed by light.

Behind his head, tentacles that looked like blood vessels and also flesh and blood were connected to the interior of the case. It was as though they were grown together with the case.

It wasn't known what spell Crimson Light Celestial Heavens had used to fuse the head of an Emperor's Throne strong practitioner together with a case.

That crystal-like head still hasn't died and he opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with white light that was contained inside and not released. There were no black pupils and they were only white. It was as if they weren't of physical substance.

Light coming out from the eyes were a foot long and it was sometimes long and sometimes short.

Meanwhile, those tentacles behind his head were trembled continuously trembling and giving off sounds that were like insects flapping their wings. It was as if the head was very excited and wanted to slaughter someone to drink their blood!

Qin Mu saw this wherever these tentacles touched the head, there were indeed extremely fine wings.


Saint Woodcutter covered up the case and took in deep breaths. Opening up the case to control the fierce might of the case's bloodthirst was even more tiring than his fight with Fu Riluo!

"Ain't Sacred Teacher offering a sacrifice to the knife?" Qin Mu asked as he took a glance at Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali.

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