Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 611 - Good Teacher and Excellent Student

Saint Woodcutter gave a hard knock on his head and said angrily, "Where would my manners be? How could I lay my hands on juniors? If I did, other people could just come and kill you too. If the older generation kill my disciple and I kill their disciple, won't the younger generations all be dead if we keep on killing like this? The rules can't be broken."

When Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi heard this, they both let out sighs of relief. They looked at Qin Mu who got beaten and they felt delighted in their hearts. 'Serve you right!"

Qin Mu rubbed the bruise on his head and nodded. "That's right. But Fu Riluo laid his hands on me and that Chi Xi also wanted to lay his hands on us."

"That's why I had given Fu Riluo an ax to his forehead, he also didn't go overboard. He only used his divine art to kidnap you away and didn't really wanted to lay his hands on you, otherwise, you wouldn't have lived until now."

Saint Woodcutter said indifferently, "I had originally wanted you to get rid of these two brats but I reckon you probably wouldn't be able to live until now, therefore, I let Chi Xi off. Chi Xi don't follow the rules but since I feed him blood and he didn't have is fill, he won't dare to provoke me, he will only drink the blood of that two brats."

Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi's faces turned ashen when they heard that.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Sacred Teacher, there's no need to scare them, let them leave this abnormal star."

Saint Woodcutter said in astonishment, "You still wanted to borrow my hands to sacrifice them to the knife, why do you want me to bring them away now? Chi Xi is an exiled person, he carries a heavy responsibility and will do anything to get his way. He will definitely come and find them to drink their blood. They will definitely die and it won't go against my rules if Chi Xi is the one that killed them. It will also suit your intention so why not?"

Qin Mu said righteously, "I was only scaring them earlier, I know Sacred Teacher would never use them as sacrifices for the knife. Sacred Teacher has the bearing of a sacred teacher, me as Human Emperor and also Heavenly Devil Cult Master, I also have my own bearing. Brother Qi, Senior Brother Li are both my opponents and not Sacred Teacher's, if I want them dead, it will be by my hands. If Sacred Teacher borrows Chi Xi's hands to kill them, it goes against my Dao heart."

Saint Woodcutter revealed a look of admiration and he praised, "When I said to borrow Chi Xi's hands to kill them, it was also a small test for you. If you agreed, I would have look down on you. Good, I shall send them back to Luofu Heaven."

Qin Mu bowed towards Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi. "In that case, I won't be seeing both senior brothers off. Even though we fight, I also admire the abilities of both. I don't want to borrow the hands of others to kill you, I will personally wield my knife some other day and send both senior brothers on your way."

Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi bowed one after another.

Zhe Huali said solemnly, "Brother Qin is upright. You killed my bosom friend so I have to kill you. If you die under my knife, I will break my knife and cry miserably for you!"

Qi Jiuyi gave some thought and threw the nine flying swords over. "You don't need to return that mirror to me, we shall fight just and honor some other day. You have won this time, I was restrained and didn't dare to take your life, I only wanted to fix you in place. In our next battle, I will definitely not go easy!"

Qin Mu kept his sword and the flying swords flew to stab into the sword pellet. He raised his hands and said, "Both of you, farewell. When we meet next time, don't go easy."

"I won't!" Both of them said in unison.

Saint Woodcutter swept his sleeve and countless runes flew out to transform into a teleportation divine art, carrying the two people and transforming into a flowing light to rush into the sky from this abnormal star.

Qin Mu raised his head to look and saw the flowing light changing direction in the sky, moving into the distance. He didn't know where it had flown to but when the flowing light landed, it should be Luofu Heaven.

Saint Woodcutter threw the small case over and said, "Let us see what else have your big senior brother left behind."

Qin Mu jumped in shock and he was flustered. He was afraid that the God Execution Mysterious Knife would run out when the case drops to the ground.

Just as he hugged the case tightly, countless runes swirled around him. Saint Woodcutter executed teleportation divine art and brought him to vanish.

The teleportation divine art of Heavenly Saint Cult was from Saint Woodcutter. Even though he wasn't the strongest person, he was a person with matchless talent.

He could create numerous strange and weird divine arts and spells so just from those rare spells in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, one could know how high his attainments on paths, skills, and divine arts was.

However, knowledge was what made him, knowledge was also what broke him. He was too knowledgable and thus, it was hard for him to be skilled at a certain technique. The abilities in his cultivation didn't reach a realm that was extremely high.

When Qin Mu touched land again, he saw that he had returned to the shrine on God Execution Stage. He took a long time to escape from there yet it only took a split second to return.

Saint Woodcutter walked into the hall and Qin Mu also hurriedly followed. He saw Saint Woodcutter was currently examining the formation Founding Master had left behind and after a moment, Saint Woodcutter nodded his head. "The information he had left behind is indeed thirty-five thousand years ago. What had happened thirty-five thousand years ago?"

Qin Mu pointed at the mural on the wall and he said, "Sacred Teacher, this is the star atlas of thirty-five thousand years ago."

Saint Woodcutter walked up and examined the star atlas. He muttered to himself for a moment and he said, "This is the starry sky that could be observed thirty-five thousand years ago in the southern sea of Great Ruins. This star atlas should have been drawn by a survivor of the Crimson Light Era, for them to use as a guide to return to their homeland."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "That's disciple's guess as well. The one that had wiped out the Crimson Light Era should be the celestial heavens now. I feel big senior brother is continuously tracing back, to find out about the history and the truth of this celestial heavens, therefore he had left us all these clues."

"He wanted to establish merit to become a saint."

Saint Woodcutter shook his head. "However, he doesn't know what a stupid thing he is doing. The closer he is to the truth, the more danger he is in. To put himself in danger is simply dumb, how can he be a saint like this?"

He became angrier and angrier as he spoke and his tone subconsciously became harsher as well.

Even though he seemed unconcerned about this disciple, his concern was still hidden in his actions and words. He just didn't say it out.

"You said he still has some geographical map, where are these maps?" Saint Woodcutter asked.

Qin Mu flipped through taotie sack and took out some blueprints. "The geographical maps that big senior brother had shown were extremely complicated so I drew them down in fear of forgetting them. This map is the geographical map of Great Ruins and marked on it was the dragon village which Elder Qing Huang is in. And this map here is the abnormal star, the place marked is this God Execution Stage."

Woodcutter looked at these two geographical maps before laying out the rest to look at them one by one.

After a moment, his expression became grim.

"Rascal, rascal! Why do you want to go such dangerous places? Even I don't dare to tread in these places!"

He was angered and got up to pace around. Only the sounds of his clothes rustling could be heard in the shrine and Qin Mu's gaze couldn't capture him at all.

"I can't find him now, I'm being tied down by Supreme Emperor Heaven's matters yet you still create such troubles, how do you expect me to split myself up to save you!"

He muttered to himself.

Qin Mu suddenly said, "Sacred Teacher, since big senior brother had drawn all of these pictures and marked the important places, he must have been to these dangerous places before and left clues there for us to find. I feel that big senior brother is definitely still alive."

Saint Woodcutter was slightly stunned and he stopped pacing around. He muttered, "What you said is logical, it's logical... Being worried has clouded my judgment and I didn't think about this point. He must be alive still, if he could still use star sand to draw these geographical maps, it means he is still in the world. This worrisome fellow..."

Qin Mu felt a warmth in his heart and he smiled. "Master is so worried about your disciple so how could a disciple not repay the benefaction of the master? For Sacred Teacher to be so worried for big senior brother, if I'm also missing one day, Sacred Teacher will definitely also be so worried for me..."

"You think too much, don't be self-sentimental."

Saint Woodcutter gave him a stare and shook his head. "Even if you die at the edge of the horizon, I won't go and find you or even miss you. If you are a troublemaker like your big senior brother, you can die further for all I care."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Sharp tongue but a soft heart. Where exactly have big senior brother searched to, why isn't he back yet? How much does Sacred Teacher knows about Founding Emperor, High Emperor, Crimson Light, Dragon Han, these celestial heavens that are already wiped out?"

"Not much."

Saint Woodcutter shook his head. "If I knew a lot, we wouldn't have been caught offguard, Founding Emperor wouldn't be hiding in Carefree Village until now. All the past dynasties had suddenly crumble during their most prosperous moment and there are definitely many secrets inside waiting to be uncovered."

He sighed and said, "I want to go Carefree Village to ask Founding Emperor why doesn't he want to make a comeback, why isn't he willing to fight again. Yet I also don't know the path to Carefree Village. If you ever return to Carefree Village one day, help me ask him."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "Disciple will definitely ask him!"

Saint Woodcutter said, "Destroy these geographical maps. Your big senior brother doesn't know the severity of things and only know how to barge around. If you follow him to find the truth, you will definitely die!"

Qin Mu revealed a smile, "These geographical maps are already all in disciple's head."

Saint Woodcutter gave him a stare and Qin Mu smiled silently.

Saint Woodcutter gave a snort and swept his sleeves as he walked out of the shrine. He examined the surroundings and saw numerous corpses of gods on the stone steps. "This God Execution Stage is the God Execution Stage in the celestial heavens of an Emperor's Throne strong practitioner. It has already been raised to great curse that's even fiercer than this knife in this case! This mountain is inauspicious, it's best to destroy it. Let me slash it apart with one ax and see if it still can swallow the blood of gods!"

Behind him, the huge ax swirled with a hum and rose from his back. The ax gradually rose from his back and became bigger and bigger. With overflowing divine might, the blade of the ax faced down as it hung in the sky.

Saint Woodcutter said calmly, "Go down the mountain first, I shall split this mountain."

Qin Mu didn't dare neglect his words. He hurriedly went down the mountain.

Just as he walked to the stone steps, he heard a rumble from behind and Qin Mu hurriedly turned to look back. He saw the three heads and six arms Chi Xi attacking towards Saint Woodcutter!

Saint Woodcutter seemed to not have noticed and when Chi Xi rushed to his face, he suddenly opened his five fingers to welcome Chi Xi's attack.

Numerous runes exploded forth from his palm and they swirled. Before Chi Xi's attack could even land on him, Chi Xi suddenly disappeared.

Saint Woodcutter raised his hand and grabbed that huge ax that still hung behind him. He stood beside the dumbfounded Qin Mu and said, "What are you staring blankly at? This is the God Execution Stage of an Emperor's Throne strong practitioner, I can't split it. I only did it to lure him out."

Qin Mu hurriedly caught up with him and probed. "In that case, where did Sacred Teacher send Chi Xi to?"

Saint Woodcutter revealed a smile. "Supreme Emperor Heaven, the territory of the devil race. He has a grudge with the devil race that is as deep as the sea."

Qin Mu was stunned and he suddenly bowed to the ground while saying sincerely, "Disciple has learned! I will definitely learn well and not let down Sacred Teacher's teachings, I will work hard to be an outstanding Heavenly Saint Cult Master like Sacred Teacher is!"

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