Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 613 - Hatred that was Hard to Dispel

The path of the saint.

There were always people who possessed ideals and beliefs that others their age and even generation didn't possess. These people harbored feelings and fighting spirits that other people on their age and generation didn't have. They spoke what people their age and generation couldn't and did things people their age and generation couldn't.

Maybe in the eyes of people their age and generation or even the future generation, they might seem dumb to be offering their lives to a belief that seemed impossible.

Yet those that pushed history and pushed generations to advance were these people with unwavering belief and ideals that seemed laughable.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor became Saint Woodcutter's disciple on the sacrificial altar. Saint Woodcutter stretched out his hands to hold him up by the elbow. He said with a smile, "Maybe your success in the future may be even bigger and even higher than mine. When you look at the current me in the future, you will become my teacher."

Qin Mu walked up the sacrificial altar and saw Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor doing the disciple rite as he stood beside Saint Woodcutter. He said with a smile, "Teacher, junior brother, I'm a step late."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was astonished then his frown turned into a smile. "Second senior brother."

Qin Mu's face instantly turned black. "I think Heavenly King should still call me Cult Master Qin, second senior brother sounds very weird."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor laughed loudly.

Qin Mu was stunned. He then revealed a smile.

The time he had known Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor for wasn't long and he only met him after entering Imperial College. Only afterward did they start talking.

In the past, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was a man who didn't joke around. He had his firm belief and Dao heart, being able to do anything to achieve what he wanted. His thoughts were as deep as the sea and his face was calm like an old well. No expression could be seen on his face.

He was like a perfect god that had no human feelings.

However, after being in contact with him for so long, Qin Mu gradually discovered the human emotions on Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. He was gradually changing from a god into a human.

And when Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor laughed loudly, Qin Mu felt that his Dao heart had suddenly crossed into another realm, a realm that he couldn't understand. It was like god and yet not god, like human and yet not human.

He was within the seven affections and six desires yet he was outside of it as well. He had the absolute rationality of god yet he didn't have it as well.

Such a person, Qin Mu already couldn't understand him.

"Imperial Preceptor's comprehension is indeed more outstanding than mine, having such a drastic improvement in his frame of mind after meeting Teacher Woodcutter for just this short while. As expected of the saint that appears once every five hundred years."

Qin Mu consoled himself and said, "However, lucky I'm the overlord body, as long as I work hard enough, I can activate the all the potential of the overlord body and surpassed him!"

Saint Woodcutter said, "Qin Mu, you can return to Supreme Emperor Heaven already, I need a long time to discuss with your junior brother."

Qin Mu hesitated and asked, "What about Senior Tiger and granny? Did their fight with Yu Luosha and Mu Tuluo have a result?"

Saint Woodcutter said, "Mu Tuluo wore the clothes of that woman and he got beaten to death by the black tiger. On the other hand, Yu Luosha got saved by Fu Riluo. That woman and black tiger returned back to Supreme Emperor Heaven."

"As I thought." Qin Mu revealed a smile.

Saint Woodcutter opened a passage to Supreme Emperor Heaven for him and Qin Mu dilly-dallied, not willing to go in. "Teacher, I'll just listen at the side, I won't speak. As the senior brother, if there's anything junior brother doesn't know, I can also give him some pointers. Am I right, junior...."

Saint Woodcutter grabbed him up by the collar and stuffed him into the passage. Qin Mu planned to run back to listen but the passage had already closed.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor asked with a smile, "Teacher, why don't you let Senior Brother Qin listen?"

"He's not suitable."

Saint Woodcutter said, "His nature is actually not suitable for our path. What kind of person do you think your second senior brother is?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor muttered for a moment and he said, "Playful, eager, can't sit still, always rushing ahead with a hot head yet he's still cunning and meticulous. He's very smart and can think what others can't, he frequently can think of ideas that even I couldn't think of. Furthermore, he's also very magnanimous, having a very wide mind. He is also very confident, having confidence that's close to crazy. In his heart, he always feels he's the number one in the world although he claims to be number two. However, in terms of confidence, he is indeed the number one in the world."

"Rather detailed observations."

Saint Woodcutter rubbed his palms and praised, You understand him more than I do, I also felt this way about him. As a saint, he isn't suitable."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded his head, "Second senior brother is indeed not suitable. What about big senior brother?"

"Your big senior brother is another kind of person."

Saint Woodcutter said, "He is a person with great willpower and he's very steady. As long as he set his mind on a goal, no one can pull him back. It's also because of that which is why he had slightly miscomprehension to the path of the saint. On the path of the saint, both of your senior brothers are inferior to you. Follow me to cultivation for a few years, I will teach you everything I have comprehended."

He said slowly, "My willpower is low and I can never cross the pit in my heart. I'm always falling into the memories of Founding Emperor Era and I also have a knot regarding Founding Emperor's escape that can't be undone. You are different, you don't have this pit. You will learn what I have comprehended and you will just cross this pit. At that time, you shall become a true saint!"

His eyes became bright and he said with a smile, "For these few years, focus your mind on comprehending. No matter if it's Supreme Emperor Heaven or Eternal Peace, do not think about them, do not get involved. Focus on crossing the pit that I can't."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor acknowledged.

The two of them sat across each other on the sacrificial altar.

Supreme Emperor Heaven. Decaying CIty of the devil race.

Decaying City was originally one of the sixty-four god cities of Supreme Emperor Heaven and it had undergone huge renovation after landing into the hands of the devil race. Countless devils lived here and they forged all kinds of devil god statues and devil palaces.

This was considered the belly of the devil race's territory as it was one of the earlier places to fall into their hands. Thus, there were numerous devils and it was hard for humans to even find their way here.

The devils here lived in peace and worked happily. There were even devil gods guarding the city and countless humans enslaved here, making the humans served the devils, thus they were quite well-off.

When Chi Xi was teleported to this place, Decaying City was currently celebrating a traditional festival, sacrifice festival. There were countless devil youths carrying livestock while others beat drums and gongs. They danced strange dances that were accompanied by strange music that was filled with exoticism. There were also female devils with four faces, four arms and four breasts dancing on the festooned cars, attracting cheers with their alluring poses.

They had to roam the city for the sacrifice.

The sacrifice group raised the livestock and danced as they walked one round throughout the city. Only then did they raised the livestock to each and every sacrificial altar in the city. On the altars were devil gods that were smiling and looking at their clansmen celebrating.

As this moment, the strong devil youths would bring the livestock up the sacrificial altar and offer their sacrifices to the devil god.

The first one who brought the sacrifice up was a huge honor.

And there wasn't just one group fighting to offer their sacrifices, it was the competition between hundreds to thousands of devil families in the city thus it was very lively.

A streak of light descended down from the sky and Chi Xi landed on one of the sacrificial altars.

"Old schemer, how dare he scheme me!"

His voice was like a clap of thunder, reverberating through the lively sacrifice festival. All of the devils stopped and countless gazes landed on Chi Xi.

On the sacrificial altar, that devil god was currently laughing and he was ready to grab those offerings the youths were offering. The appearance of Chi Xi had also caught him off guard.

Under Chi Xi's feet, the teleportation runes formed by the shining light were gradually fading away. He slowly raised his three heads up and looked around.

"Devil race!"

This executioner of the Crimson Light Era suddenly blew up and his three heads gave off a world-shaking roar, "Devil race—"

"My clansmen had crossed billions of stars and crossed countless deadly zones, finally coming to the vicinity of our ancestral land after much effort! It was the devil race—"

"It was the devil race that slaughtered their way in our planet! Killing my clansmen, wiping out my race!"

His dried up and yellowish hair rose up and swept out in all directions like tens of thousands of yellow-colored swords. This attack only took an instant. In a radius of three hundred yards, all of the devils held onto their throats.

Someone raised his hands and he saw warm devil blood on the palm he had used to cover his neck.

Someone lowered their head and his head suddenly slid off his neck.

In front of the sacrificial altar, the gorgeous canopy of a festooned car slowly slid off from the flowery poles. The cuts on the poles were very clean. The roof of a house suddenly slid off as well and crashed onto the ground with a loud rumble.

Next, the top of the palaces started to slide down one by one while the roofs of the houses also slid down as well.

In the radius of three hundred yards, heads fell to the ground and blood was spurting everywhere.

Countless qi and blood transformed into red lines to flow to Chi Xi from their thoracic cavity.

On the sacrificial altar that Chi Xi descended on, that devil god avoided this move of his and he couldn't help breaking down when he saw such a sight. With an angry roar, he stretched out his hands to grab two devil god weapons to attack Chi Xi.

Chi Xi's six arms were like a storm, striking countless times in just a short instant. He shattered the devil god weapon and shattered the body of that devil god as well!

The other devil gods flew over from other sacrificial altars to come attacking. One of the devil gods recognized Chi Xiu and he shouted mournfully, "It's him! I was him who had brought those planets to descend on our Luofu Heaven, it's him that had wiped out our Luofu Heaven! It's him who had killed our previous respectable king—"


Countless voices came from Decaying City and uncountable strong devil practitioners rushed at Chi Xi with anger that overflowed to the sky.

Not long later, Decaying City was completely silent.

Chi Xi's six eyes were crimson red as he breathed heavily. As this moment, he had already had his fill of qi and blood. He had already recovered to his peak and by logic, he could totally leave and stop killing. However, he still continued his massacre, killing everyone in this devil city until there were no lifeforms that could stand up other than him!

"I've brought my clansmen to float in the space for thousands of years, thousands of years, all just to find our ancestral land! It was you guys, you killed my clansmen and only I was left, hehe, only I was left..."

His six arms opened wide and he stretched out in all directions to grab. The devil god weapon that he had broken collided in his surroundings and formed a huge metal sphere.

Chi Xi's three heads spewed fire and refined the broken pieces of devil god weapons, smelting them and forging them into six bright divine knives.

With the six knives in his hands, he looked into the distance where the devil gods from the other cities were hurrying over.

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