Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 614 - The Tree of Light in the Night Sky

Sounds of fight rang out as numerous devil god roared angrily. They attacked Chi Xi.

After a bloody battle, corpses piled up like a mountain and even Chi Xi couldn't help feeling tired. What he cultivated was Anasrava Fighting God Technique and this kind of technique seized the qi and blood of others to maintain oneself to always be at peak performance. Furthermore, with three heads and six arms, his close-combat could be said to have reached a perfect realm.

As long as enemies were injured, blood would flow continuously and the blood lost would pour into his body. As the battle dragged on, it was more beneficial for him.

This god technique could be said to be one of the most outstanding technique during Crimson Light Era. Back then, many people cultivated this and the number of gods cultivating this was naturally not little as well, thus the gods of Crimson Light Era usually had the appearance of three heads and six arms.

Anasrava Fighting God Technique had two flaws and the first was that it took a huge burden on the body so one would feel their corporeal body becoming tired. However, their qi and blood would become more and more vigorous.

The second place that was lacking was the divine art.

Since it was a close-combat technique, his attainments in divine arts weren't especially high.

This executioner of Crimson Light Era sat on top of the pile of corpses as night fell. There were numerous flames around and those were the flames left behind by divine arts, giving off trails of smoke into the night sky.

Decaying City was broken.

Paper boats were currently sailing over from the darkness and the messengers of death on the boats came to fetch the souls of the dead. Chi Xi looked at these messengers of death that had suddenly appeared expressionlessly and he didn't question anything.

He was the executioner of Crimson Light Celestial Heavens after all. He was already long used to seeing this kind of sights.

He sat on the corpse mountain and looked into the distance. There was a three-faced devil god walking towards him and as he walked, that devil god was adjusting his state. It was a terrifying opponent with extraordinary abilities.

Respectable King Fu Riluo!

Chi Xi stepped on the head of one of the corpses under him while his other leg just hung down freely. He was also stabilizing his breath and regaining his composure. He was trying his best to suppress his anger and waiting for the moment to unleash it all.

His opponent was the respectable king of the devil race. He had once slain another respectable king and he had relied on God Execution Mysterious Knife. He knew how powerful and terrifying this kind of opponent was so he needed to perfect his frame of mind. He couldn't give his opponent any chance at all.

His anger and his thirst for revenge provided him with power. However, it could also make him lose his rationality.

Only by suppressing his anger and waiting for the moment where life and death were determined could he deal a fatal blow to his enemy by suddenly bursting forth with the anger he had suppressed for so long. At that time, he would be able to fight to his heart's content and shed his anger. The successful revenge would bring immense joy to his Dao heart!

From the distance, Respectable King Fu Riluo was still walking over and if one didn't see clearly, he didn't look like a devil god of the devil race. On the other hand, he looked like a handsome middle-aged man that was learned and refined.

As he walked, his arms moved up and down as he executed divine arts after divine arts. However, these divine arts only gathered and didn't disperse, they held back their power without releasing.

The frequency of his legs taking strides wasn't fast but his speed was extremely fast. It gave others the illusion that he was rushing down from a high mountain.

This was a kind of aura, an invincible aura!

His outward appearance didn't rely on the frequency of his legs striding out. The frequency of his footsteps was very slow yet he gave off an outward appearance of being unrivaled!

The speed of his divine arts accumulating was extremely fast and this made Chi Xi felt pressurized. The pressure grew stronger and stronger until he couldn't sit any longer!

Behind him, layers of space suddenly bloomed and made Decaying City move further and further away from him. Not only that, the corpses near the corpse mountain were also gradually moving further away.

Fu Riluo's divine arts have already made preparation for the fierce battle that was about to occur and that was to shift the corpses of these devils so he couldn't borrow any qi and blood.

If he still doesn't make a move, Fu Riluo's invincible aura would be complete!

Chi Xi rose into the air. His six hands wielded the six long golden knives and swung them up and down, exploding with all kinds of battle technique divine arts!

The battle technique divine arts were like a torrent formed from waves and the waves overlapped each other continuously. As they accumulated, the wave of knife lights piled up higher and higher!

He took a step and his speed became faster and faster. With every step, he walked on air that was three hundred yards above the ground, yet depressions in the ground suddenly appeared as though they were dried-up lakes with the shape of footsteps!

The ground trembled and dried-up lakes with shapes of footsteps appeared one after another. Even the mountains sunk down from being stepped on. He closed in on Fu Riluo who was walking calmly at an incomparably terrifying speed!

The footstep lakes appeared quickly in front of Fu Riluo and they were only six hundred yards away from Fu Riluo.

Two terrifying existences finally collided!

Far away in a city tower of Li City, Qin Mu was just preparing to rest when he saw a light coming from the west at this moment.

In the west, that place was the territory of the devil race.

The youth standing on the city tower looked into the distance while light burst forth in the night sky. Even though the distance from here to there was far, the light was still extremely piercing to the eyes.

That light was like a very sturdy tree and the huge tree suddenly rose steeply as the torrenting light rushed into the sky. Even in Li City, he could see the light pillar growing upwards.

Next, incomparably bright branches branched out from this bare tree and the tree branches showed dazzling shapes of lightning.

Qin Mu looked and tried to used Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill to see the activity there yet he couldn't see the situation there clearly at all with his current eyesight.

With such a far distance, he couldn't even see a hundred thousand feet mountain, much less the figures of gods!

But he could well imagine how intense and violent the situation of the battle was!

'Could Fu Riluo and Chi Xi have crossed hands?' He thought to himself.

Everyone in Li City was alarmed and they all flew into midair or scaled high places to see this rare sight.

After having the first branch, light burst out from the trunk as the second branch of light spread outwards, followed by the third, the fourth...

More and more branches stretched out from the tree of light and they became more and more concentrated. In just a few breaths' time, Qin Mu, all the divine arts practitioners, and gods in Li City could see a huge tree of light rising in the dark sky on the west. The crown of the tree was densely packed and swaying imposingly.

Right at this moment, the tree of light suddenly became dim and vanished. Darkness returned back to the west.

"The battle has ended?"

Qin Mu's heart was still pounding and he muttered, "Fu Riluo and Chi Xi, who had won?"

"I don't know." A voice came from his back.

Qin Mu hurriedly turned back to take a look and he saw True God Pang Yu, God Sang Ye and the rest of the gods in Supreme Emperor Heaven behind him. These gods had appeared like a phantom and it must be because the city tower was the highest so they had all came here to take a look at the strange sight in the west.

True God Pang Yu shook his head and said, "Even though I had fought Fu Riluo numerous times, they had mostly ended in my defeat. There are not many people that could be a match for him. With my experience, Fu Riluo had already executed all he could in that battle just now but it's hard to say if he had won or lost. Even if he had won, it would be a bitter victory."

Qin Mu's heart started to itch. "I really want to go there and take a look..."

True God Pang Yu became alert and he said, "Cult Master Qin, Imperial Preceptor, and Heavenly Teacher are both not here, it's best if you don't create any trouble."

Qin Mu said solemnly, "True god, I have already come to Supreme Emperor Heaven for half a year, have you seen me creating trouble before? Don't accuse me."

True God Pang Yu was full of smiles and he nodded his head. "Yes, yes, I understand everything Cult Master Qin says, my words were inappropriate, may Cult Master forgive me."

God Sang Ye came to his ears and whispered, "City Lord, have you forgotten how he smashed the suns of our Supreme Emperor Heaven?"


Pang Yu suppressed his voice and said, "He doesn't have a grasp of what he did but do you not as well? He's Heavenly Teacher's disciple, you and I can't provoke him! What's more, he even got Imperial Preceptor to create two suns for us, they are much nicer looking than the previous suns."

God Sang Ye immediately shut his mouth.

Qin Mu looked at the darkness in the west that was growing thicker and thicker. He gripped his fist tightly and suppressed his voice while saying excitedly, "Fu Riluo and Chi Xi are both heavily injured now, now is the best time to take their heads! How I want to pick up Fu Riluo and Chi Xi's head..."

True God Pang Yu was startled and he threw a glance at God Sang Ye. "Watch him, don't let them create trouble."

Sang Ye nodded his head repeatedly.

On the other side, outside of Decaying City, Fu Riluo landed on the ground and he turned around to vanish into the darkness.

Chi Xi also landed on the ground with a stumble. He suppressed the blood filled his chest but he still couldn't suppress it. His body suddenly split apart and spoiled blood spurted out violently. His three heads and three mouths were spewing blood continuously.

His body shriveled up in a short moment and the six knives in his hands shattered.

Both Fu Riluo and he had indeed suffered heavy injuries and both of them had never said a word from the start until the end. There were only dull sounds of fighting and in that short period of time where they fought, they managed to heavily injure each other and almost exhausted each other completely.

The reason why Fu Riluo turned to leave was because he had numerous wounds on his body and he was worried Chi Xi would take the chance to seize his qi and blood, therefore retreating was the best method to slay Chi Xi.

He just needs devil gods without wounds to come forward and they would be able to take Chi Xi's life easily.

As the sage of the devil race, he was very clear, much clearer than anyone.

Chi Xi also understood why Fu Riluo had retreated so he knew he couldn't stay there any longer. Devil gods would probably come not long later to take his life.

Yet his qi and blood had withered so he couldn't walk much further. He would be caught up by the devil god and when that time comes, his death would be due.

"Am I going to die here?"

Chi Xi knelt down and his three heads hung down. His heart was depressed. "I haven't even returned back to the ancestral land, haven't returned to my clansmen in hiding, to tell them about the situation of the ancestral land, I can't accept this..."

Far away in Decaying City, a lump of black gas floated to and fro among the corpses like a phantom. Sometimes it was like a small tree, sometimes it was like a stubborn rock.

There were also small flags around this lump of black gas that floated around, absorbing the devil qi, claiming the broken souls that the messengers of death didn't want.

This lump of black gas floated and have numerous transformation. Sometimes it would even land in the flames from the divine arts, turning into flame.

Not long later, this lump of black gas tried to come near Chi Xi and seemed to be hesitating. It obviously wanted to come up and check if Chi Xi was dead, to scavenge some wealth. Yet he was worried.

"You are a human," Chi Xi suddenly said.

That lump of devil gas was astonished and turned into a bush in the next instant.

Chi Xi continued saying, "You don't have to transform in front of me, I've seen through your disguise. If you can save me, I will take you in as my disciple, I'll teach you the supreme art of Crimson Light Era, Anasrava Fighting God Technique, granting you a huge benefit."

That bush shook and the bush disappeared. A youth with two deer legs appeared in front of Chi Xi and he bent his legs to bow. "Pangong Tso, pays my respects to master! Master, don't worry, I have been blending in the devil race for a few months now, in terms of ability to escape, no one would dare to say they are better than me!"

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