Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 617 - Crown Prince Yue Guang

In the monastery of Li City, Rulai Ma led numerous eminent monks to see Qin Mu and the rest being fetched to the Buddha Realm. Their cultivations were too strong so they couldn't enter even if they wanted to. Only Qin Mu, Ming Xin, and the devil ape, these three divine arts practitioners whose cultivations were not high and not low could easily enter the Buddha Realm.

"Rulai, won't there be danger if we let them go by themselves?" Monk Jing Ming asked.

"There's naturally danger but the danger isn't too dangerous as well. The celestial heavens would definitely supervise the Buddha Realm and try to control the Buddha Realm, therefore they will definitely beat down on our Great Thunderclap Monastery's disciples and not let them return with their learning."

Rulai Ma said with a smile, "Therefore I had let Cult Master Qin follow over as well. With Cult Master Qin around, there wouldn't be much danger."

Old Monk Jing Ming pondered for a moment and he still didn't understand the thoughts behind it. He still felt there was danger so he said, "May Rulai please explain for me."

Rulai Ma said, "Buddha Realm is still Buddha Realm, after all, they are going there to learn. If the people of the celestial heavens wanted to lay their hands on them, they wouldn't bully juniors with seniors, otherwise, the other buddhas will stop them. With the buddhas of the Buddha Realm around, they still need to uphold some etiquette. If they don't bully the weak with the strong, Cult Master Qin can handle all of them. In fist skills, there's this saying: Opening the fight with one fist, preventing a hundred from coming over. Cult Master Qin is the person who starts the fight."

Old Monk Jing Ming seemed to be in deep thoughts as he said with a smile, "And Ming Xin is the person who mediates the situation."

Rulai Ma nodded, "Cult Master Qin beats people, Ming Xin mediates and if the opponent wants to debate and find a just reason to kill them, Zhan Kong will be up next. In debates, Zhan Kong can make them speechless."

Old Monk Jing Ming was full of admiration as he said respectfully, "Rulai is worthy of the title of great wisdom and knowledge."

On the sacred mountain of Amitabha Monastery, that huge 'sarira' swirled its way from the mountain gate and up to the peak of the mountain. That young monk standing in front of Amitabha Monastery was surprised and furious. His hands moved up and down as he executed the technique of Dragon Elephant Tiger Three Combat. Dragon-shaped, elephant-shaped and tiger-shaped divine arts appeared around his body and they looked extremely overbearing and fierce!


The light of that 'sarira' drowned him out and his clothes instantly turned into butterflies fluttering away. His body was completely bare and only his shoes were left.

That young monk was originally high and mighty, wanting Qin Mu and the rest to kneel their way up the mountain, beating them if they didn't comply. Now, his haughtiness had completely disappeared and he wanted to slip away when he saw the situation was bad. Suddenly, two beams of light flashed out from that 'sarira' and his legs wobbled. He knelt onto the ground and couldn't move.

That young monk was ashamed and he hurriedly planted his face into the ground so other people couldn't see his face.

On the golden peak, the figures of the great buddhas appeared to be sitting in the emptiness above and they looked down with huge frowns.

One of the buddhas flicked his fingers and that young monk instantly felt his legs being able to move again. He hurriedly covered his front and back to slip away.

Suddenly, a name of buddha rang out as a golden hand flew out from Amitabha Monastery to welcome Qin Mu's 'sarira'. It should be a kind of manifestation divine art.

That huge golden hand clashed with Qin Mu's 'sarira' and actually gave off a loud copper-like ringing, reverberating throughout the mountains.

Under the seat of a great buddha, there was a cloud hanging above the head of a monk in white and the divine art had flown out from that cloud. He blocked Qin Mu's sword pellet and he said, "What sarira, it's merely a sword pellet!"

That monk in white looked at that huge 'sarira' and chuckled. "Small tricks just to bring out smiles! See how I take away your sword pellet!"

A lotus flew out from the cloud above his head and it flew towards Qin Mu's huge sword pellet. Layers of lotus flower shrouded it and wrapped around the sword pellet.

Suddenly, the body of the mountain trembled violently and that monk in white instantly felt the tremors coming from his feet. Before he even heard the sound, Qin Mu had already rushed up the mountain. Because his speed was too fast, there was even mist rising from both sides of his body. Even though he was going up the mountain, he was as fierce as a tiger rushing down the mountain. His fist broke through the air and the thunder rumbled!

The entire Amitabha Monastery seemed to have sunk into a sea of lightning. With this punch from Qin Mu, everywhere had thunder and lightning crossing one another!

The monk in white raised his hands to receive the attack and his four limbs felt like they were going to be blown apart. His brain felt like it was going to fly out of his skull and his mind was blown. With a loud explosion, he had already smashed ruthlessly onto the sacred floor!

That wall in the main hall had sunk in one foot and that monk in white was embedded into the wall. Surrounding his body was full of densely packed cracks and lightning was scuttling randomly in his body.

Qin Mu raised his hand and the sword pellet flew back into his hand. As for the huge hand and lotus flower from this monk in white, they were actually broken by his sword pellet.

The monk in white opened his eyes and his eyes were bloodshot and blurry. He couldn't see Qin Mu who was in front clearly.

"This senior brother, your attainments in Dharma aren't there yet."

Qin Mu's voice traveled into his ears. "Divine arts aren't the goal of cultivating Dharma, the goal of cultivating Dharma is to get rid of troubles, awakening one's wisdom, and understand life and death. Divine art is only an additional path and since it's an additional path, what's the difference if I'm using a sarira or a sword pellet?"

The monk in white wanted to say a word but he puked out a mouthful of blood and became dispirited.

In midair, the heavy voice of a plump head and big ears buddha rang out, "Fallacious reasoning and harmful teachings. You aren't a disciple of buddhism so how dare you fiddle with divine arts in the face of buddhas?"

Qin Mu executed Rulai's Mahaya Sutra and he greeted the buddhas with a dignified and solemn face. "Buddhism? Disciple is ignorant, does buddha needs to differentiate between followers and all living things?"

That buddha burst into laughter. "Glib tongue." He didn't reply Qin Mu's question.

In the sky, the great buddhas sat still. Qin Mu looked around but he couldn't recognize who was Dharma King Mo Lun.

Another buddha said with a smile, "Buddha indeed doesn't need to differentiate between followers and all living things. However, you stripped the clothes of the monks the moment you stepped up the mountain and even made my little disciple knelt down, are you here to seek knowledge or are you here to create trouble? Buddha also has obscure anger, aren't you afraid?"

'This one here is Dharma King Mo Lun!"

Qin Mu's gaze landed on Dharma King Mo Lun and he saw that this buddha was tall and skinny. He had an amiable face and made people felt they were being bathed in the spring wind.

"May I ask Dharma King, does buddha needs their disciples to kneel?" Qin Mu asked.

Dharma King Mo Lun shook his head and said, "There's no need."

Qin Mu asked, "So why did you wanted us to kneel our way up the mountain just now?"

Dharma King Mo Lun smiled and heavenly flowers fell from the sky while golden springs poured out from the ground. He was about to explain the logic when Monk Ming Xin finally scaled up the mountain peak with Devil Ape Zhan Kong. Monk Ming Xin hurriedly said, "Senior Brother Qin has offended old buddhas, disciple seeks your forgiveness!"

Dharma King frowned slightly and he was about to speak when Ming Xin hurriedly bowed in front of a great buddha. "Disciple pays my respects to Yamaraja!"

That great buddha said with a smile, "You recognize me?"

Ming Xin said, "There are the Dharma characteristics of Yamaraja in Rulai's Mahayana Sutra thus disciple recognizes! Disciple pays my respects to Sagara Nagaraja!"

Another great buddha smiled and nodded in acknowledgment.

Ming Xin then bowed towards Dharma King Mo Lun and said, "Disciple pays my respects to Candra Dharma King Mo Lun!"

Dharma King Mo Lun said with a smile, "You have already paid your respects earlier, it's time to talk about business..."

"Disciple pays my respects to Surya!"

"Disciple pays my respects to Marici!"

"Disciple pays my respects to Hariti!"


Monk Ming Xin bowed his head all the way to Sakra and raised his head, yet he couldn't see Brahma so he could only come to a stop. He thought to himself. 'I can't delay for time any longer."

Dharma King Mo Lun said patiently, "Little monk, you are here to seek knowledge, not to pay your respects to buddhas. Your senior brother beat up my disciple straightaway after coming up and spewed fallacious reasoning and harmful teachings, if I don't correct him, won't my mountain have a foul atmosphere? How am I suppose to promote Dharma?"

Monk Ming Xin was respectful and he said honestly, "Buddha, disciple is bad with words so why don't I invite Senior Brother Zhan Kong to talk about the logic of this. Senior Brother Zhan Kong, come debate with Buddha."

Devil Ape Zhan Kong walked forward and stabbed his khakkhara staff beside him. He put his palms together in front of his chest and didn't speak.

Dharma King Mo Lun frowned and he looked at the buddhas around him. He suddenly laughed, "Little Junior Brother Zhan Kong, you don't need me to open my mouth, I already understand everything."

Qin Mu and Monk Ming Xun took a look at each other and they each took a sigh of relief.

Dharma King also gave a sigh of relief and thought to himself. 'By the orders from above, I'm assuming an official position in the Buddha Realm and I don't usually read Dharma so my knowledge can't be compared to the buddhas of the Buddha Realm. Zhan Kong, this black monk, has no obstruction in debating, paving his way from Yamaraja Heaven to Brahma Heaven without anyone to defeat him. Even the buddhas refer to him as junior brother so if I debate with him, I'll definitely embarrass myself.'

Dharma King Mo Lun said with a smile, "This incident is indeed not Layperson Qin's fault, they are here to seek knowledge so we shouldn't have obstructed. However, Dharma debate is merely fighting with words, we will still have to see each person's comprehension in cultivation. Black... Junior Brother Zhan Kong's attainments in Dharma are unmatched so his divine arts must be astonishing as well. Numerous Sons of Buddha in the Buddha Realm have comprehended the debating talent of Junior Brother Zhan Kong and they even want to comprehend junior brother's divine art."

Monk Ming Xin was about to say something when Dharma King Mo Lun spoke by himself. "This is Crown Prince Yue Guang and he is my descendant. I was originally Candra, emperor of Moonlight Country. He comprehended Dharma and one comprehension was like a hundred comprehension, becoming buddha on the spot! After I become buddha, I left behind Moonlight Country and Moonlight Buddhist Country is Candra Heavens among the twenty heavens. Crown Prince Yue Guang is my disciple and his Dharma is profound."

Qin Mu, Ming Xin, and the devil ape looked at Crown Prince Yue Guang. This person cultivated without shaving his head and his clothes were whiter than snow. His hair was worn in a bun and he had a treasured sword on his waist. There was a bright moon behind his head that would light up the area when bright moonlight shone forward through the slight rocking.

Monk Ming Xin said to Qin Mu. "This Crown Prince Yue Guang had debated with Senior Brother Zhan Kong and said a bunch of buddhist scriptures. Senior Brother Zhan Kong only said a word and he admitted defeat after thinking for a long time. However, Crown Prince Yue Guang's abilities are truly astonishing, Rulai said he had already cultivated his sword into light, transforming it into a moon behind his head. It's called Moonlight Sword Light.

Qin Mu was grateful in his heart as he knew Monk Ming Xin was giving him pointers. He clarified Crown Prince Yue Guang's abilities to let him be on guard.


Monk Ming Xin knelt on the ground again and bowed to Dharma King Mo Lun. He said, "Dharma King is Candra and I believe you must be magnanimous. My Senior Brother Zhan Kong had a debate with the twenty heavens and he's already tired. Disciple would like to invite Layperson Qin to replace him instead. Much thanks to Dharma King for excusing him!"

Dharma King Mo Lun frowned and he looked at Qin Mu.

Sakra said with a smile, "Dharma King, in that case, let Layperson Qin from the lower bound to take his place. Crown Prince Yue Guang has inherited your ultimate arts from the celestial heavens so he rarely has a match among his peers. By competing with this Layperson Qin can also let us see how much have the divine arts of the lower bound evolved."

Dharma King Mo Lun could only nod his head and said, "Yue Guang, don't hurt the esteemed guest from the lower bound."

Crown Prince Yue Guang bowed and said, "Disciple understands." After saying so, he walked to Qin Mu and said indifferently, "In Candra Heaven, I'm invincible among my peers and I feel deeply the loneliness and destitute of this place, therefore I've enter the celestial to seek knowledge and learned sword in Sword Celestial Palace for three years." After he said that, he didn't say another world.

Qin Mu said respectfully, "I had learned sword in Disabled Elderly Village and the one who taught me sword was a messy old man who doesn't have his four limbs. I have once... I have never gone to other Sword Celestial Palace and such to learn sword, I had figured them out by myself. Please!"

Crown Prince Yue Guang stood there unmovingly and he said, "It's hard to see the world in the lower bound after all, I can let you make a move first."

Qin Mu held Yang Mudra on one hand in front and held Yin Mudra with one hand at the back. He bowed and executed the overlapping palms of Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands. Crown Prince Yue Guang thought he wanted to pay respects to him and he accepted it peacefully. Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out as Crown Prince Yue Guang got blown ten miles away. He crashed into a huge mountain and created a deep hole.

Qin Mu flipped his Yin Hand into Yang Hand and Yang Hand into his Yin Hand. He flipped them over a dozen times in an instant and bombarded twenty to thirty Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands over, destroying the entire mountain into sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces!

Qin Mu pulled back his hands and waited for a moment. He said helplessly, "Dharma King, do you have other crown princes?"

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