Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 618 - Brahma Buddha

Amitabha Monastery was breezy and the buddhas on the mountain peak looked at those sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces that got blown out.

Dharma King wanted to raise his hands to stop him but the battle had already ended. The speed in which Qin Mu had flipped his hands was too fast and just as he was about to interfere, Qin Mu had already stopped. He could only put his hands down.

The buddhas of the other heavens revealed looks of astonishment. They pulled back their gaze and looked towards Qin Mu.

Third Ancestor Human Emperor's Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands was truly a heaven defying divine art. The speed of this divine art was so explosive and fast that nobody could have the time to even react over.

When Qin Mu had executed this kind of mudra skill, it was truly faster than flipping the pages of a book!

Suddenly, those cliffs that were dozens of miles away crumbled. The cliffs cracked and the huge rocks fell, landing on the ground and giving off dull thuds after quite some time. Qin Mu was too fast and too fierce just now. It was originally a mountain peak but now they were cliffs from his thrashing. The cliffs were crumbling now because the mountain rocks had turned brittle from Qin Mu's Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands.

However, even though the mountain cliffs had crumbled, Crown Prince Yue Guang still didn't show himself.

Monk Ming Xin was uneasy and he whispered close to Qin Mu's ears, "Senior Brother Qin, did you beat him to death?"

"Not yet."

Qin Mu said with a low voice, "I've been easy on him as I was afraid of having to explain myself. His cultivation was extremely powerful and no weaker than Grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace. He just wasn't as intelligent as Grand Master, thus I had used only eighty percent of my power and didn't kill him. However, most of his bones are fractured. This Crown Prince Yue Guang's abilities are truly powerful, I really don't dare to underestimate the heroes of this world."

He revealed a look of admiration.

Monk Ming Xin stared with his eyes wide open. 'Eighty percent of your power? Don't dare to underestimate the heroes of the world? Cult Master Qin can really anger a person to death with his humbleness. Luckily, Crown Prince Yue Guang had already fainted, or else his soul would definitely scatter from anger."

He didn't know Qin Mu was truly humble and he wasn't just acting. After all, Qin Mu was incomparably arrogant and felt that he was the overlord body. If his opponent could be a match for him, they must have put in a lot of hard work and spent countless long hours to cultivate to where they were.

To this kind of opponent, they naturally deserved to be respected.

As for what other people think, he didn't really care. In any way, that was what he felt.

Dharma King waved his hands and those cliffs that were dozens of miles away exploded. Crown Prince Yue Guang had suffered heavy injuries as he laid among the cliffs. He had fainted and slowly flew over as he got lifted up by his magic power.

Crown Prince Yue Guang landed on the ground and Dharma King Mo Lun checked his injuries. His expression sank. "Didn't Layperson Qin had planned to compete with your sword skills? Why did you execute a mudra skill? I can't help but suspect that you wanted to land a sneak attack on him! And such ruthless methods, how is it the style of being merciful in our buddhism?"

Qin Mu looked at Ming Xin and Monk Ming Xin hurriedly said, "When Senior Brother Qin used a sword pellet earlier, he got called out for being evil and cultivating an unorthodox path, therefore he didn't dare to use his sword pellet and could only use mudra skill. Buddha, is this mudra skill also evil and unorthodox?"

Dharma King Mo Lun didn't reply. When Qin Mu had used the sword pellet just now, he was the one who said it was unorthodox and yet Crown Prince Yue Guang wanted to compete with Qin Mu using swords.

This time, Qin Mu had used proper mudra skill and Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands was an authentic mudra skill. If he was to say it was evil and unorthodox, that would be quite a joke.

However, he was still holding a grudge in his heart. Crown Prince Yue Guang was his descendant and an outstanding figure in the later generation. He didn't have time to execute his abilities and got caught off guard by Qin Mu. He got beaten all the way and threw the face of the celestial heavens.

The abilities of Yue Guang wasn't weak. It was because he had the wrong expectation and thought Qin Mu was greeting him, he didn't try to defend.

If Crown Prince Yue Guang was extremely energetic at the start, with the looks of Qin Mu's current abilities, it was hard to say who would lose to who.

Dharma King Mo Lun was looking at the other buddhas and he said with a smile, "Even though the buddhism in the lower bound is forced to locate in one corner, their buddhism divine arts wasn't neglected, truly admirable. Senior brothers, since they are here to seek knowledge, why don't we just give it to them."

The buddhas nodded their heads in acknowledgment.

Dharma King Mo Lun smiled at Qin Mu and the rest. "This Candra Heaven of ours have Candra Scripture and what we cultivate is the Candra Scriptures, cultivating the techniques of true buddha. There are three thousand scriptures among Candra Scriptures, you guys can't take them away so just stay in my Amitabha Monastery for a hundred years to comprehend them all. Once you are done, you can impart them to the lower bound and that would be a huge merit of mine."

Monk Ming Xin's face changed slightly. Three thousand buddhist scriptures, a hundred years of comprehension, furthermore, they were still techniques of true buddha. This was clearly trying to imprison them for a hundred years!

Qin Mu yelled loudly, "Does my buddha have scriptures of Emperor's Throne? If you want to impart teachings, impart true teachings. If you want to impart scriptures, impart true scriptures. Our Great Thunderclap Monastery also has mere techniques."

Dharma King's expression sank and he said with a sneer. "How dare to dare to underestimate my Candra Scriptures? How rude! I promise you Dharma and didn't even ask for incense money from you. I'm already very merciful yet you still want to be picky!"

Monk Ming Xin stood there and poke the devil ape that wasn't moving. Devil Ape Zhan Kong took a step forward and his khakkhara staff rattled. "More, fake. Less, real!"

Dharma King Mo Lun was astonished and thought he wanted to debate with him. He carefully thought over the meaning of these four words and couldn't help feeling a headache.

Hariti Buddha gave a cough and said, "Dharma King, they have come to seek true scripture so just give them that."

Dharma King sneered and said, "They are here to find a true scripture of the Emperor's Throne, where do I have one? Even Sakra Buddha doesn't have one, only Brahma Buddha have one. Brahma Buddha never asked about the worldly affairs and he rarely makes an appearance once tens of thousands of years. I've come to the Buddha Realm for so many years yet I have never seen the true form of Brahma Buddha, much less a true technique of Emperor's Throne. They are already gaining a huge benefit by not having to pay a cent for the Candra Scriptures I'm imparting to them..."

What he said was also fact and nobody could retort.

The celestial heavens had already watched the Buddha Realm for many years and even though Buddha Realm was under the celestial heavens' jurisdiction by name, the supreme scripture of the Buddha Realm, Brahma Buddha's scripture, was never attained by the celestial heavens.

The celestial heavens has more or less gotten hold of the scriptures of the other heavens. They had planted disciples into each realm to become Sons of Buddhas and these heavens were no mystery to the celestial heavens. All with the exception that was Brahma Heaven.

Brahma Buddha rarely showed his face and he also didn't impart his teachings.

When Devil Ape Zhan Kong had debated, the Son of Buddha from Brahma Heaven was also an ancient buddha that was under Brahma Buddha. This Son of Buddha had also not gotten the true teachings.

Right at this moment, they heard the name of buddha and a monk rushed down in a hurry. He landed on Amitabha Monastery and greeted the numerous buddhas. "Buddhas, Brahma Buddha has sent word to let the Sons of Buddha of all realms and the lower bound to enter Brahma Heaven. Old Buddha is ready to choose the outstanding one to impart his true teachings to."

Dharma King Mo Lun was astonished and an expression of delight spread across his face. The celestial heavens has been eyeing Brahma Buddha's technique for a long time and there was never a chance to get it.

This time, Qin Mu, Ming Xin and the devil ape coming to seek knowledge was instead a great chance for the celestial heavens to attain the technique of Emperor's Throne!

The celestial heavens has planted numerous powers in the Buddha Realm and there wasn't only him. Among many of the Sons of Buddha, more than half were young talents that came down from the celestial heavens. They had entered the Buddha Realm to seek knowledge!

Crown Prince Yue Guang was only his disciples yet the number of Sons of Buddhas in the Buddha Realm was uncountable. As long as Brahma Buddha was willing to teach, the chance wouldn't land in the hands of these three country bumpkins and layperson. They would definitely fall into the hands of the celestial heavens!

Dharma King Mo Lun's feelings became refresh and he said with a smile, "In that case, order all the Sons of Buddha to head towards Brahma Heaven for a lecture. What do senior brothers think about this?"

All of the buddhas also nodded their heads. Brahma Buddha imparting his skill was truly a rare opportunity that only once every tens of thousands of years!

Numerous disciples headed forward to seek knowledge and they could also let the buddhas witness the supreme art of buddhism!

Dharma King Mo Lun swept up Crown Prince Yue Guang and his body faded into emptiness. He sprinted straight for Brahma Heaven. The other buddhas also made their moves and returned back to their own heavens to bring the Sons of Buddha towards Brahma Heaven. Soon, Amitabha Monastery was emptied out.

"What should we do to get to Brahma Heaven?"

Qin Mu was still troubled about this when Sakra Buddha walked down his seat and took a stride towards them. This buddha was bare-footed yet his feet couldn't be tainted with any dust as he walked on the ground. Light flowed behind his head and he looked like a young monk that had delicate features. He looked at them warmly and said with a smile, "You guys have all cultivate my fist skills."

Qin Mu and the rest hurriedly greeted and the fist skill Sakra Buddha had mentioned was actually Thunderclap Eight Strikes. After Qin Mu had learned Thunderclap Eight Strikes from Old Ma, he had taught it to Devil Ape Zhan Kong. After Zhan Kong had learned it, he met Old Rulai who felt that they had fate so he might as well teach him the entire Rulai's Mahayana Sutra.

Whereas Monk Ming Xin was taught Thunderclap Eight Strikes by Old Monk Jing Ming and Monk Jing Ming didn't learn it completely himself so there was a flaw left behind.

Afterward, Devil Ape Zhan Kong brought numerous demon monks of Little Thunderclap Monastery to Great Thunderclap Monastery to have a debate. No one could be compared to him and Monk Ming Xin hurried back when he heard the news. Even though he had still lost, he had still achieved glory.

Old Ma imparted the complete Rulai's Mahayana Sutra to him thus he also received the complete inheritance.

Sakra Buddha said with a smile, "I'm also from the lower bound and I had become a buddha in Great Thunderclap Monastery. You guys are also fated with me, let me bring you guys to Brahma Heaven."

A lotus cloud rose under his feet and lifted the three people up. They gradually rose into the sky and passed through the clouds and the lightning. They rose higher and higher and passed through a layer of the world after another layer of the world.

Qin Mu clicked his tongue in wonder and only now did he saw it. The twenty heavens of Buddha Realm was actually constructed around an unimaginably huge mountain.

This mountain floated in the starry sky of the universe. There were mountains in the mountains, there were seas in the mountains, there were suns, moons, and stars that formed a world, having its own world barrier.

And this world was then separated into twenty worlds, twenty heavens, one layer after another. Every layer had sun, moon, and stars circulating and every layer had land, as well as buddhist countries standing in numbers.

If there wasn't Sakra Buddha bringing them along, they would probably take dozens of years to reach the peak of the mountain even if they flew at full speed!

Sakra Buddha brought them to the peak of Brahma Heaven. Brahma Heaven was built on the peak of this gorgeous mountain which was also called Golden Peak. There were ten thousand rays and it was forever daylight. There was no separation of night and day.

In the golden cloud layer, mountains peaked out their tips and shone with golden light. It was actually sacred and solemn. Golden light formed numerous Sanskrit of Dharma and they flowed continuously in the air, surrounding the mountain peaks and creating quite a marvelous sight.

When they came here, they even heard a widespread voice that resounded like the ringing of a huge bell. They didn't know if it was the voices of the Sanskrit of Dharma or if it was the voices of all living things chanting that had traveled over here!

Devil Ape Zhan Kong couldn't resist praising, "Pot, bun!"

Qin Mu nodded his head and praised, "It's indeed like the corns and buns after you open up the pot, this golden light is like the steam coming off from the hot bun."

Sakra Buddha didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "This example from Son of Buddha is quite close-fitting. This piece of forest is where Brahma Buddha is living in seclusion, numerous Sons of Buddha have already gone there, let me send you guys over."

He brought Qin Mu and the rest through layers of Sanskrit and they flew into the center of the golden sea. They landed in a piece of forest and it was extremely tranquil here. Level roads converged and in the center was a monastery that didn't look very big.

Hundreds of Sons of Buddhas were already here and the buddhas that had brought them here had dispersed their apparitions of buddha. They just looked like normal young and old monks and it was evident they were all very respectful to Brahma Buddha.

"So many Sons of Buddha?"

Qin Mu's heart leaped and he muttered, "How long must we fight to finally see Brahma Buddha? Can we go by the rules of Great Ruins?"

Monk Ming Xin and the devil ape shuddered. They remembered how Qin Mu had acted in the past and they shook their heads in a panic.

Ming Xin hurriedly said, "Senior Brother Qin, you cannot go by the rules of Great Ruins, it's too bloody and violent! This place is the supreme sacred ground of buddhism, we can't be reckless!"

"What a pity..."

Qin Mu grumbled, "If we go according to the rules of Great Ruins, things would be much simpler. After we finish fighting, we will be able to learn the true scripture of the Emperor's Throne, but now it's going to be troublesome."

Sakra Buddha asked curiously, "What are the rules of Great Ruins?"

The devil ape raised his hand and smeared it across his neck. He then grabbed his neck with both of his hands and did a twisting action.

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