Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 619 - Third Eye, Open

Sakra Buddha finally understood and he said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "Stop playing around! Great Ruins is a barbaric place and this is the Buddha Realm, how can the buddhas tolerate if you start a massacre here?"

The devil ape revealed a look of disappointment.

Even though his wisdom was opened and he was a Son of Buddha that was acclaimed for his high attainments in Dharma, he was still a lifeform of Great Ruins after all.

The lifeforms of Great Ruins were mostly like Qin Mu. They were born wild and hard to tame, having a wild and free spirit. Even after living in Eternal Peace for so long, Qin Mu still misses the unrestrained days, much less for the devil ape?

Sakra Buddha blinked his eyes and he said with a smile, "Even though I said you can't start a massacre, if someone else wants to kill you, it's also helpless if you kill them in retaliation. It can be forgiven. Even if someone goes after you, there will still be people supporting you."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and asked curiously, "I wonder who is this person who will support us?"

The buddha rays behind Sakra Buddha's head extinguished and became dim. He blinked his eyes and said, "There will naturally be people supporting you. So don't be afraid. Furthermore, I would also like to take a look at Brahma Buddha's technique, this is a rare chance so I need to mingle into the Sons of Buddha too, I might be able to just meet Brahma Buddha. I didn't take in any disciple so I can only go personally."

This buddha wore a long yellow robe and his body was well-proportioned, making the robe look very loose as it hung to the ground. He liked to be barefooted and when he extinguished his buddha rays, he also looked like a Son of Buddha. He didn't look like a person who was only inferior to Brahma Buddha in the Buddha Realm.

"Even Buddha wants to fight for it?"

Monk Ming Xin was flabbergasted and he cursed to himself. 'If you come to fight, who is able to defeat you?'

Qin Mu was suspicious and he looked at this buddha and thought to himself. 'It's the first time I've seen such a mischievous buddha. Which of the other buddhas isn't incomparably earnest? Why is he so active? His nature is like me..."

Qin Mu whispered, "Ming Xin, what's the origin of this buddha?"

Mong Ming Xin shook his head. "I've almost finished the bible of Great Thunderclap Monastery, but there aren't many records of this buddha."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and said with smile, "Buddha, you said there is a person that will support us, could that person be Buddha?"

Sakra Buddha blinked his eyes. "I didn't say that."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and said, "A monk cannot lie!"

Sakra Buddha blinked his eyes and said, "I'm a buddha, not a monk. Why should I lie?"

The two of them blinked at each other and they then turned their head around to not look at each other.

Monk Ming Xin felt uneasy. 'Senior Brother sure has big guts to look directly at Buddha. When we return, I must really teach him the different ways to die...'

"Tired?" Devil Ape Zhan Kong secretly asked Qin Mu.

Qin Mu nodded his head. His tears were almost squeezed out just now yet Sakra Buddha had never let out any clue. His intention couldn't be read.

Sakra Buddha was also rubbing his eyes and it must be because he had blinked his eyes too many times so it wasn't comfortable as well.

Qin Mu still held suspicion in his heart. Sakra Buddha's actions weren't like a buddha at all. He had a very strong curiosity and the way he did things were full of human emotions. Yet he was the buddha of Sakra Heaven, an existence that was just inferior to Brahma Buddha.

He didn't look like a person from the celestial heavens and if he was, he would definitely not give them a good look. Yet Sakra Buddha seemed to be quite nice to Qin Mu and the rest, even pointing out that someone would help them.

Right at this moment, a young monk walked out from the dilapidated monastery in front and he asked

Devil Ape Zhan Kong walked out with huge steps and his voice boomed. "Me!"

That monk raised his head and saw that devil ape that looked like a black pagoda. The devil ape looked awe-inspiring and he hurriedly said, "Senior brother, Old Buddha said you have passed the test, he invites you in. Please follow me."

Devil Ape Zhan Kong looked at Qin Mu and Ming Xin. Qin Mu smiled and said, "Just go in first, I will find you later."


The devil ape followed the monk and entered the dilapidated monastery with wide steps.

After a moment, that monk came out from the monastery again and looked around. He saw hundreds of Sons of Buddha from every heaven and it was truly a vast crowd. Beside them, there were even great buddhas that were obviously here to fight for Brahma Buddha to impart his teachings and techniques.

That monk said with a troubled expression. "Old Buddha has said that too many of you are here, only two more people can enter at most. Discuss among yourself and see who shall enter."

Sarasvati Buddha hurried said, "Has Old Buddha said what kind of test must we pass to enter the monastery to listen to the lecture?"

That monk shook his head. "Old Buddha didn't say, you guys just think of an idea by yourself and just do whatever you want."

The buddhas of the heavens muttered and they gathered together to discuss.

Qin Mu looked at Sakra Buddha behind him and he asked, "Buddha, you said you are also from Great Thunderclap Monastery, may I ask how long have you been in the Buddha Realm?"

Sakra Buddha said with a smile, "You are trying to worm facts out from me, I won't say. What's this golden willow leaf on your forehead? Is it an accessory? It looks pretty."

Qin Mu was about to explain when Sakra Buddha had already taken the golden willow leaf down from his forehead without any warning. Qin Mu jumped in shock and he stretched his hands out to want to grab it back.

He had not seen how Sakra Buddha had made his move but this golden willow leaf was extremely important so he couldn't lose it no matter what!

Sakra Buddha said with a smile, "So it's a seal. This eye of yours is very powerful, why do you have to seal it?"

Qin Mu stretched his hands out and his face was black. "This eye of mine is too powerful and terrifying things will happen if I execute my technique. I'm afraid of hurting people, therefore, it's sealed. Return my golden willow leaf to me!"

"No way."

Sakra Buddha said with a smile, "I want to see your full abilities so if I return it to you and you stick it back on your eye, that would be boring. Also, who told you this willow leaf can seal you? Have you tried it before?"

Qin Mu stretched his hands to snatch it back but Sakra Buddha hurriedly avoided him. After struggling for a moment, Qin Mu shouted angrily, "If anything happens, it will all be your fault! I'll rub all the shit on that bald head of yours!"

Ming Xin shuddered and he said with a shaky voice, "Senior Brother Qin, there are many ways to die, I can teach them to you, you will definitely learn fast..."

Qin Mu couldn't snatch back his golden willow leaf so he could only give up.

He looked towards the buddhas and saw that the buddhas were still discussing. There were a few hundred Sons of Buddha waiting quietly. His gaze flickered and he said with a low voice, "I have an idea to take the two places!"

Sakra Buddha rubbed his palms and said with a smile, "I know! You are planning to rush straight in while these buddhas are discussing, am I right?"

Qin Mu looked at him and he knew it was bad. He immediately rushed towards that dilapidated monastery but it was already too late.

Sakra Buddha was one step ahead of him and his body transformed into a flowing light to rush into the monastery before Qin Mu. He slammed the door close and locked Qin Mu outside. He said with a chuckle, "Little Friend Qin, thanks for your heads-up, I'm in!"

That monk sitting beside the monastery said lazily, "Only one place is left."

Numerous Sons of Buddha and buddhas were alarmed by Qin Mu and Sakra Buddha. When they heard one place was left, they couldn't sit still any longer.

"Who had entered?" Dharma King Mo Lun's expression changed drastically and he asked in a hurry.

The other buddhas also have blank expressions as they didn't know who was actually so sneaky, to rush into the monastery while they were discussing to seize a placing.

Monk Ming Xin stood where he was and before he could even come to realization, he saw Qin Mu and Sakra Buddha had already rushed over. When both of them rushed to the door of the monastery and he came to realization, the outcome was already determined. Sakra Buddha had locked Qin Mu outside the door.

'So this is the method Senior Brother Qin had mentioned!'

He came to a realization. 'Truly a great idea! But why did Buddha lock Senior Brother Qin outside? Wouldn't it be better that everyone goes in together?'

Qin Mu stood in front of the monastery and he shouted, "Sakra Buddha, you can enter but return that golden willow leaf to me! Without that golden willow leaf, I can't control my power and trouble will happen! Can you handle it if trouble happens?"

"I can."

In the monastery, Sakra Buddha's voice gradually went further and further away. "Just feel free to rub all the shit over my bald head..."

Qin Mu was furious and he was about to say something when Monk Ming Xin's face turned ashen. He said with a shaky voice, "Senior Brother Qin, don't you want to know the many ways to die?"

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and he turned around. The anger on his face vanished and what replaced it was an innocent smile as he looked at all the Sons of Buddhas that had unpleasant faces. "Senior brothers, I have a very big sarira here, do you want to take a look?"

He took out a sword pellet and the sword pellet flew into the sky to swirl rapidly.

Qin Mu said loudly, "May senior brothers please give me face and let out this last placing to me, I will be forever grateful."

Even though he said so, Qin Mu still felt slightly hesitant in his heart. He had never tried executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique while his third eye was open. Granny Si and Blind told him that he could only execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique without any restraint with his third eye sealed. If his third eye was open, what was the result of executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, he had no idea at all.

"Whatever, Old Ma is the strictest to me and he looked at me like how he looks at his son. I can understand that he had raised me up as his son and poured all his fatherly love into me!"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His clothes and hair slowly fluttered up. "Whatever Old Ma wanted, I need to help him get it! No matter if it's god or devil, as long as they stop me, I will kill whoever that's in my way!"

On the heart of his brows, Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique circulated to his third eye and this eye was extremely demonic. His eyelids parted to the sides and the structure of the formation markings in his eyes slowly circulated.

Qin Mu looked over and everyone, no matter if it was buddha or human, their divine treasures were all incomparably clear, showing everything down to the last details.

He was like a god of darkness that controlled life and death and looking at his prey. It seemed that even the air was giving off the scent of blood and austere.

There was a cruel and headstrong spirit that suddenly poured out from his heart as he said calmly, "Fall back, everyone. If you come forward, your life and death will be disregarded!"

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