Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 620 - Difficult to Stop the Murderous Intent

In the dilapidated monastery, Sakra Buddha was barefooted and he strolled around. He wasn't in a hurry to find Brahma Buddha.

"Junior brother, what are you trying to do?" A voice came from behind.

Sakra Buddha turned around and saw a sweeping monk that was sweeping his footprints. Sakra Buddha said with a smile, "I don't collect dust when I walk, just like how my tracks don't leave dirt behind. Since no footprints are left, why does senior brother need to sweep?"

That sweeping monk said, "Your body doesn't leave a footprint behind but your heart has left marks behind, I'm sweeping the dust on your heart."

Sakra Buddha said, "You say my heart is dirty, you scold me, I can't beat you so I won't bicker with you. Quickly impart your technique to me and I'll leave after learning it, sparing you from being annoyed by me."

The sound of broom sweeping rang out and Sakra Buddha looked over at the source of the sound. Another sweeping monk had entered from the west entrance, speaking as he swept the floor, "You always want to get my technique, haven't you seen the reason why I didn't teach it to you? Junior brother, I didn't teach it to you, thus you have become Sakra Buddha today. Your Buddha Realm is merely inferior to mine and your technique has also reached the level of Luminous Sky. If I taught you, you might not have the attainments you have now."

Sakra Buddha stared at this sweeping monk that had suddenly appeared and he said, "Now I can't go up and cultivate to the level of Emperor's Throne, that's why I'm here to ask for your technique of Emperor's Throne for reference. You said you will teach it to whoever that comes in so here I am. Teach it to me and I won't disrupt your peace anymore."

Another sweeping sound came from behind and Sakra Buddha turned around again. He saw another sweeping monk and now there were three of them in this courtyard.

His Dharma eyes were unrivaled. When he looked at these three sweeping monks, the monks actually looked different and yet every one of them was actually Brahma Buddha. They were the true Brahma Buddha!

The form of these Brahma Buddhas didn't look like gods.

He was only a realm away from Brahma Buddha yet he already couldn't understand Brahma Buddha.

One realm was like a heavenly moat. Brahma Buddha was immeasurably deep while he was just a shallow pond.

That sweeping monk walked over while sweeping the floor. He didn't even raise his head, "There are not many people who can surpass you in Buddha Realm, I already can't find a second one. You should be able to see that that child of Qin family has something weird under that eye. I have met that child of Qin family during my dream before. He was swallowing the ghosts of Youdu and when I took a look at him, he even wanted to swallow me. He is the evilest and the fiercest being in this world. I was also around when Earth Count had sealed him. I saw him slowly growing up from an ordinary human that was sealed by Earth Count, witnessing him transforming from a mortal body into an overlord body. Now that you have taken down his golden willow leaf, you will probably cause quite a huge massacre."

Sakra Buddha didn't want to hear him say anymore and he just walked forward while shaking his head. "You should also know, over these recent years, the celestial heavens has been planting more and more people in the Buddha Realm. In the past, the celestial heavens had placed people that had cultivated to buddha, they were more or less giving face but now they have been arranging young talents in that don't even cultivate Dharma. They only cultivate divine arts and if their cultivation reaches, this Buddha Realm will truly be dead! I can also see our buddhas being exterminated and our nest being overtaken. In the future, the celestial heavens will bath Buddha Realm with blood and there will be no buddha in the Buddha Realm! You are waiting and not doing anything but I'm not willing for the path to become extinct like this."

After walking a few steps, there was another sweeping monk that was waiting for him. Sakra Buddha ignored him and he just walked past him. "The child of Qin family entering the Buddha Realm is a huge chance. We can borrow his power to get rid of all the eyes and younger generations that are placed here by the celestial heavens in one go! You have great wisdom so you naturally can see what I'm thinking."

He didn't walk many steps when there was another sweeping monk. In just a sentence, he had passed by over a dozen monks that were sweeping the floor.

In front, a sweeping monk on the left of the path raised his head and he propped up his broom. "You borrowing the hands of the child of the Qin family to get rid of the people planted into the celestial heavens is truly marvelous but this would also bring many changes to my buddha realm. If the celestial heavens wants an answer, they will definitely investigate their way to you. Just now, the child of the Qin family had said to rub the shit on your head but you might not be able to take this shit. You still can't forget about the past."

"If I forget the past, wouldn't the past cease to exist?"

Sakra Buddha continued to walk forward with a chuckle. "Your realm is too high, you forget the past and think that it's fabricated but I remember them clearly. Don't worry, I won't implicate the Buddha Realm. I will learn your technique and after the shit is on me, I will leave."

Another sweeping monk on the right side of the road raised his head up and said, "What about Son of Qin? I roamed around in my dreams and I looked at him grow. I know how hardworking he was to be able to break out of Earth Count's seal, from not being able to cultivate to now. Yet you are pushing him to the stage. You will bring a lot of danger to him!"

"Senior brother, I also like to stand at the front of the stage but there's no one pushing me forward!"

Sakra Buddha asked him, "In that case, do you have a better plan to preserve the tradition of buddhism?"

In front of him, another sweeping monk raised his head. "No."

The road in front was a straight line that was endless and the end couldn't be seen, yet on both sides were old monks that held brooms. They were countless and no end could be seen!

These faces that were sweeping the ground were all different and there was not one that was repeated!

Sakra Buddha walked forward expressionlessly and said, "No matter if you want to fight or not, even if you find the four elements are vanity, other people will still want to get rid of you. Not only will they want to get rid of your disciples, your attainments, your life, your tradition, but they would also step on you under their feet and you will never make a comeback. In that case, why aren't you fighting? Senior brother, you can stay here in your grand dreams but I can't! Are you going to impart your technique or not?"

His voice was deafening but his voice didn't travel out of the monastery. It only reverberated around this monastery.

Faint sighs rang out. The path and the sweeping monks on the path in front gradually became blurry and they vanished one after another.

"I will."

Sakra revealed a smile.

"After I impart, think of an idea to leave the Buddha Realm so you don't die here."

Sakra was solemn. He put his palms together and bowed. "Much thanks, senior brother."

Brahma Buddha's voice rang out. "As for Son of Qin, you need to compensate him. He has undertaken a very big danger for you. Other than that, take all the shit on your head."

"I'm indebted to your teachings."

Sakra Buddha hesitated for a moment. "May I dare to ask senior brother, how big is that shit?"

"Bigger than you can imagine."

Outside the dilapidated monastery, the third eye on Qin Mu's forehead was half open and half closed. With this eye, the divine treasures of the god path and the divine treasures of the devil path actually harmonized strangely and they gradually unified together.

In the past, he only used the divine treasures on one side. If he used the divine treasures of the god path, he would need to close the divine treasures of the devil path, vice versa. If he tried to use the divine treasures of both paths together, the god and devil nature would clash.

There were many types of vital qi. There was god vitality, devil vitality, demon vitality, dragon vitality, phoenix vitality, buddha vitality, Dao vitality and if they were separated in detail, there would be even more types. For example, the four great spirit bodies of Eternal Peace could also be classified into four big categories. Each category also has smaller and different categories.

God vitality and demon vitality were two opposing categories, they couldn't exist alongside each other. When vital qi with the god attribute encountered the vital qi of the devil attribute, they would erase each other.

And now, when Qin Mu open this eye, he actually managed to unify god and devil into one!

Outside the monastery, the buddhas muttered to themselves. Suddenly, Yamaraja Buddha said with a smile, "Son of Buddha Jian Kong, we aren't going to fight for it anymore."

Son of Buddha Jian Kong was suddenly stunned and he bowed. "I've received Buddha's decree." After saying that, he fell back.

Sagara Nagaraja Buddha also summoned back his disciples. "Not fighting today."

The other buddhas of the other heavens also summoned back their own disciple and expressed their intention of not fighting. "The four elements are vanity and not fighting is fighting. Let him be and let others fight for it."

Even though numerous Sons of Buddha were bewildered, they still listened to the orders and returned back to the side of the buddhas.

These buddhas only summoned back the disciples of the Buddha Realm. The numerous Sons of Buddha that were left behind were all young talents that the celestial heavens had sent into the Buddha Realm to seek knowledge. There were also disciples taken in by the buddhas of the celestial heavens and they were all eager to make a move.

Dharma King Mo Lun said with a smile, "Numerous senior brothers are magnanimous, however, this is a Brahma Buddha's true scripture of the Emperor's Throne, how can we not get it? If we don't, wouldn't it benefit the outsider?"

Another buddha said with a smile, "That's indeed the case."

Another few buddhas chipped in, "Two senior brothers are right, we can't just give it that easily to an outsider."

Dharma King Mo Lun chuckled, "Crown Prince Yue Guang, is your injuries fine now?"

He had used Dharma to treat Crown Prince Yue Guang so his injuries had basically healed. He had a fervent gaze and he looked at Qin Mu with blazing fighting spirit. "Layperson Qin actually sneaked an attack on me, disciple really wants to compete with him again!"

Dharma King Mo Lun said with a smile, "People had already say life and death will be disregarded, if you only think about victory and defeat instead of life and death, I'm afraid you will be at a disadvantage again."

Crown Prince Yue Guang was astonished.

Dharma King Mo Lun looked at the other Sons of Buddha. "You are all successors of the buddhas here, you should know only of life and death and not victory and defeat, you don't have to pay particular attention to the dispute of Dharma. Crown Prince Yue Guang, Crown Prince Mo Jie, Princess Po Long, Crown Prince Fu Yun, do you guys understand?"

These few people he had mentioned were the crown prince and princess of the buddhist countries the celestial heavens had constructed in the Buddha Realm. With the buddhist countries standing in numbers in the Buddha Realm, most of them were already power of the celestial heavens.

Meanwhile, these few crown princes and princess were the outstanding ones among the younger generation. Not only did they cultivate along with the buddhas, they even enter the celestial heavens from time to time to cultivate even more profound ultimate arts.

Everyone nodded their heads in acknowledgment. Crown Prince Ri Guang said with a smile, "Senior Brother Yue Guang's abilities aren't weaker than mine, he will definitely have success in a single move, I'll just wait here and see the head roll."

Crown Prince Yue Guang walked forward and a moon appeared behind his head. That was his sword qi and sword light. Wherever the moonlight shone on, moonlight and sword light would fill the sky and it was truly very powerful!

Not to say the lower bound, even in the heavens of the Buddha Realm, it was also rare to see such exquisite sword skills and techniques!

Crown Prince Yue Guang looked at Qin Mu with a flickering gaze. "You sneaked an attack on me and almost took my life, now that I'm prepared today, I shall subdue the devil!"

Behind his head, the bright moon was like a wheel and the sword light was like a huge pillar of light as it rushed at Qin Mu. At the same time, rays from the moon shone in all directions and those were all sword light. They actually changed direction in the air and it was obvious he was prepared to cut off Qin Mu's path of retreat!

His sword skill was boundless and could be said to be a special skill. With moonlight filling the sky and sword light dancing in the clouds, it was much more exquisite and zen when compared to Yuyuan Chuyu and Yuyuan Chuyun's Sunset Sword Skill!

Qin Mu opened all three of his eyes and he stretched a finger out. His sword pellet trembled with a hum and a thick sword pillar burst forth from the sword pellet. That was a pure Spiral Sword Form and eight thousand swords flew together while revolving around one another. Even though they had used the same move, the shape of each and every sword was different!

The sword pillar was three feet thick and fifty yards long. With a sweep, the moonlight that filled with sky was completely shattered!

"When I didn't exert all my power, you really think I can't beat you to death!"

Qin Mu took a step forward and Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique exploded. Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragons gave off eight kinds of abnormal sound. With his sword fingers stabbing out, the sword pillar pierced straight through the moon behind Crown Prince Yue Guang's head. The eight thousand swords swirled and that bright moon broke into pieces.

The sword pillar pressed down and Crown Prince Yue Guang's body was crushed into smithereens!

Monk Ming Xin jumped in shock and he shrunk back his head. 'Cult Master Qin has killed again... This is bad, I really don't know why Rulai wanted to send him over, I cannot mediate this kind of incident...'

Qin Mu surveyed the surroundings and his gaze swept passed several hundred Sons of Buddha. He raised his hands to grab the sword pellet and he said indifferently, "Once my murderous intent is invoked, I will find it difficult to control myself, the evil thoughts in my heart will pour out and I will have the heart to slaughter. Dao friends, you can all come up together to suppress the devil in my heart, accomplishing your achievements and virtues!"

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