Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 621 - No Sword in Buddha Realm

These several hundred Sons of Buddha felt a chill in their hearts when they got swept by his three gazes. Only all kinds of buddha voices rang out endlessly as they all opened up their divine treasures involuntarily, releasing their auras out with an explosion!

That was because they felt the murderous intent in Qin Mu's gazes and they thought that Qin Mu's murderous intent was directed at them!

They got swept by Qin Mu's gaze and they involuntarily released all their auras, making them seemed somewhat nervous and throwing the awe-inspiring authority of their own families. However, he could also use this chance to take a look at the techniques and divine arts that everyone cultivated.

Some of the Sons of Buddha had clouds above their heads and there were great buddhas sitting on the clouds. Some of them had rays behind their heads and a hundred of delicate looking buddhas swirled around their heads in the ray, chanting with buddha voice.

Golden springs poured out under some of their feet and the golden springs were covered with lotus flowers, allowing him to stand in the center of the red lotus.

Some of them cultivated abnormal techniques of buddhism and cultivated three heads and six arms. The faces were like yaksha and some of them were untainted by dust, being covered in a sacred light.

Their spirit weapons also had all kinds of strange forms. There were pipa, umbrella, treasured beads, bow and arrows, treasured swords, vajra scepter, golden truncheon, and et cetera. There were also some people that had cultivated strange beasts into weapons, using their vital qi to control the strange beasts to hurt people.

The twenty heavens of buddhism had different buddhas on every heaven, therefore the techniques were all different.

And other than the techniques of buddhism, numerous ultimate arts from the celestial heavens were also forced out by Qin Mu's gaze.

Under the gaze of his third eye, all cultivation, realm, could be seen clearly.

These Son of Buddhas weren't figures like Qi Jiuyi. Qi Jiuyi was a noble of the celestial heavens and what he cultivated was an Emperor's Throne technique. Even a provincial governor of Youdu like Lu Li had to be respectful and not haughty to him.

Even though the Sons of Buddhas were from the celestial heavens or related, they had never got in touch with Emperor's Throne technique. Emperor's Throne's technique wasn't readily available everywhere after all. Otherwise, the celestial heavens wouldn't have sent them forward to try and learn Brahma Buddha's Emperor's Throne true scripture.

"How daring!"

Dharma King Mo Lun was furious and he shouted, "How dare you killed a person in my Buddha Realm, you are truly a devil!"

Qin Mu paid no attention to him and he pulled back his gaze. He lowered his head and muttered as he looked at his hands... Even when I fought with Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali, I had never open all three eyes before, I don't know which step have I cultivated to."

Dharma King Mo Lun was slightly stunned and he was about to blow up when Sakra Buddha's voice came from the dilapidated monastery. "Junior Brother Mo Lun, calm down. Deaths are bound to happen during fights between disciples, could you be the one going down to fight? The life of a person is merely living in a mortal body, now that Crown Prince Yue Guang has shed his mortal body, he's free now and that's something to be joyous about. The rules have been set, let the Sons of Buddhas challenge Layperson Qin, whoever that wins shall take the last placing and enter the monastery to learn the Emperor's Throne's true scripture."

Dharma King Mo Lun's fury couldn't be contained but he endured it. He thought to himself. "Sakra Buddha is standing up for this brat? To think he could even say something this shameless!"

However, since Sakra Buddha had spoken, he didn't dare to neglect his words and thought to himself. "The abilities of this brat from the lower bound sure isn't weak, however, he's truly overestimating himself by challenging all the Sons of Buddha! Brahma Buddha's Emperor's Throne true scripture is important, it's not good to fall out now, I should get the true scripture first."

In the dilapidated monastery, Sakra Buddha who was comprehending the Emperor's Throne true technique gave a grunt. It wasn't him that had spoken to stop Dharma King Mo Lun.

He was currently comprehending the true scripture so why does he have the time to take notice of the outside world?

"Who is imitating my voice? How similar! That's right, it must be Senior Brother Brahma, only he can imitate my voice so that others couldn't differentiate."

Sakra Buddha raised his eyebrows. 'This should be the first shit, right? And it's even rubbed on me by senior brother personally. Hope that's the only shit..."

"Crown Prince Ri Guang of the celestial heavens is here to subdue the devil in your heart!"

Crown Prince Ri Guang took a step forward and the sun shone brightly behind his head. He said indifferently, "You are from the lower bound? Lower bound, a place of poverty, to have a rare talent, you are excused for being conceited and contemptuous.

Qin Mu didn't raise his head to look at him. Instead, he continued to look at his hands and thought to himself. 'Granny Si and the rest always wanted me to seal this eye yet if I seal this eye, it also made me unable to know how much my abilities have improved. Exactly how strong is my true power? I can finally know now..."

He suddenly gave a few shudders. He was shivering from excitement.

He could finally unleash his full power at ease and attack without care. He could finally not worry about bringing too many troubles to his friends and family because his desire for destruction and his destructive power was too strong!

He could finally let himself free and return to being that young boy of Great Ruins that wasn't afraid of anything in the world!

The youth of Great Ruins only need to act accordingly to the rules of Great Ruins. All other rules were merely restrictions placed by the outside world, they were unrelated to the youth of Great Ruins!

'Kekeke... Hahahaha!"

Qin Mu laughed and his laughter grew louder and louder. Crown Prince Ri Guang frowned slightly and he said calmly, "I'm Crown Prince Ri Guang, the highness of Sunlight Buddhist Country. I'm a fellow student of Crown Prince Yue Guang in Sword Palace of the celestial heavens. We have learned sword together and our friendship is very deep..."

"Stop nagging, if you miss him so much, I shall send you down to accompany him!"

Qin Mu smacked down with his outstretched hand and the sword pellet suddenly expanded. When it exploded, countless flying swords soared out and as though they were clouds covering the sky. The sun behind Crown Prince Ri Guang's head suddenly exploded and he laughed. "I've been waiting a while!"

The sun behind his head emanated flames and it was different from Crown Prince Yue Guang's Moonlight Sword. His sword brought along pure yang true fire and shone like a sun, incinerating everything with a slash. His sword light was hidden within the flames and the sunlight so dazzling that one couldn't open their eyes to see his sword!

Great Sun Divine Sword!

His divine sword clashed with Qin Mu's sword rain and in an instant, countless clattering rang out and Crown Prince Ri Guang was astonished. He immediately felt that his sword move was being broken. 'There are three moves in his sword skill... No, four moves that I have never seen before in the basic sword skills!'

The astonishment in his heart was beyond what words could describe. Four basic sword skills!

Not to say four moves, even one basic sword skill could make all the sword skills in the world have to be re-shuffled. The changes that were added was uncountable!

Much less four moves?

'Which also says any of my sword skill in his eyes are full of flaws!'

Fear arose in Crown Prince Ri Guang's heart and an idea was quickly formed in his mind. "Since the sword skills of the lower bound have improved so much, the sword skills of the celestial heavens is basically unable to fight against him, I cannot use sword skills. As long as I use sword skills, they will all be full of flaws. Only by using knife skills or spells can I fight against him, otherwise, I'm already dead... That's right, why aren't I dead yet..."

He saw Qin Mu's eight thousand swords were like a cloud and the swords in the clouds were like swimming fishes. They executed all kinds of different sword moves and passed by his body without laying their hands on him.

Crown Prince Ri Guang was stunned and he looked down. He saw his corporeal body was like a broken sieve. There were bloody holes that opened up the front and back of his body.

His mind was slightly giddy and he raised his hand to touch his head. One of his fingers sank into his head.

He touched the back of his head and the back of his head was a small hole. It should have been a flying sword that had pierced into the heart of his brows and penetrated out from the back of his head, leaving behind a trace.

'In that case, my primordial spirit has already been killed by him...' Crown Prince Ri Guang swayed and he collapsed on the ground.

Qin Mu's figure passed by his collapsed corpse and he didn't know that Crown Prince Ri Guang was thinking so much before he died.

"After this battle today, there will be no more sword cultivators left in the Buddha Realm!" The youth of Great Ruins laughed loudly.

Eight thousand sword pressured down like clouds and they seemed to be attacking all of the Sons of Buddhas at once!

In an instant, nearly all of the Sons of Buddha reacted involuntarily. Qin Mu's three eyes moved fast as lightning to sweep past the Son of Buddhas that were defending against his sword skills. About a hundred of them executed sword skills to defend against his sword skills.

As for the other Sons of Buddha, the divine arts and the spirit weapons were somewhat different and there were quite a number of Son of Buddhas that had extremely high cultivation. For example, there were Crown Prince Mo Jie, Princess Po Long, Crown Prince Fu Yun that Dharma King Mo Lun had mentioned. There was also Son of Buddha Pu Zhao, Son of Buddha Kong Xiang and the rest that had been debating with Devil Ape Zhan Kong. Their abilities were also extremely superior.

More of the Sons of Buddha had cultivated techniques of the celestial heavens and their attainments regarding the techniques of Buddhism weren't high, thus there was a hundred young expert that had cultivated sword skills.

Suddenly, Yamaraja Buddha couldn't bear to watch any longer and he closed his eyes. He said to the other buddhas, "Let's go, we can't look at this place any longer, we can't see blood flowing into a river."

Sagara Nagaraja Buddha and the rest also nodded their head. "It's indeed unbearable to watch." After they said so, they brought their own disciples to fly up and leave this place, returning back to their respective heavens.

Son of Buddha Jian Kong sneaked a glance back and he was stunned. In the battlefield in front of the dilapidated monastery, blood light appeared and that was a hundred rays of blood light!

A hundred Sons of Buddha that cultivated sword skills had their sword skills broken in a split second and their primordial spirits or corporeal bodies were slain just like that!

Son of Buddha Jian Kong's heart felt fear and his limbs turned ice cold. He was speechless.

In this hurried glance, Qin Mu had already gathered his swords back into a pellet and transformed the pellet into a knife. Splitting the long knife into two, his footsteps moved irregularly and as fast as lightning. His body was sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes front and sometimes back. His knife was also so fast that the naked eye couldn't catch anything. Heads rolled as he raised the knife and bodies were split into halves!

The two knife lights in his hands were like long dragons moving around unhindered with wide arcs. Suddenly, a gate opened behind him and revealed the dark Youdu. That gate moved along with his body and wherever the gate swept past, Sons of Buddha had their primordial spirit swalllowed up by this gate before they even had a chance to react. Only empty shells were left.

Son of Buddha's scalp crawled and his body was trembling. He saw the long knives in Qin Mu's hands transforming into a long spear which stabbed Princess Po Long. With a jolt of the spear, that sweet and charming Princess Po Long was split into pieces.

Next, Qin Mu stabbed the spear into the ground and countless flying sword scattered out to transform into a huge bell to cover him. It surrounded him and swirled furiously to block down the divine arts and spirit weapons from the other Sons of Buddha.

Qin Mu attacked furiously in the bell and every punch and every kick was very clear. Violent power reached outside through the bell and shattered all the bones of the Sons of Buddha that had come to fight in close combat with their battle techniques!

"Jian Kong, no need to look anymore."

Yamaraja Buddhas sighed and said, "If you look some more, your buddha heart will be affected."

Son of Buddha Jian Kong was astonished and he wanted to say something. However, his throat was parched so he couldn't say anything. After wetting his throat, his voice was still slightly hoarse. "My Buddha, how can the buddhas tolerate Layperson Qin for starting such a massacre?"

"What else can we do if we don't tolerate it?"

Yamaraja Buddha said with a low voice, "I've met him in Youdu before. Back then when I was in Youdu and wanting to enlighten the damned souls there, I met him. I thought he had already died but I didn't expect he's still alive. He seems to have forgotten what had happened when he was a toddler. It's been nineteen years..."

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