Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 622 - Divine Might of the Three Eyes

Son of Buddha Jian Kong followed Yamaraja Buddha to leave Brahma Heaven and this Son ofBuddha was very puzzled. He thought to himself. 'What had happened when Layperson Qin was a toddler? Why would my Buddha meet him in Youdu? Why doesn't Layperson Qin remember?'

He had a lot of question but Yamaraja Buddha didn't breathe a word. He was willing to say anything more.

Furthermore, Yamaraja Buddha also left in a hurry and he didn't seem unable to stomach the sight of Qin Mu slaughtering the Sons of Buddha. Instead, he seemed to be wanting to escape from Brahma Realm as soon as possible to prevent himself from being implicated.

'My Buddha knows a lot of secrets but he isn't willing to tell me. Is Layperson Qin really that scary?' He thought to himself.

In front of the dilapidated monastery on Brahma Heaven, Qin Mu's body was hard to be seen by the naked eye so all of the Sons of Buddha executed divine arts like buddha eyes and heavenly eyes. Only then were they able to catch his figure.

His speed was too fast. He was like flickering light and passing shadows. All kinds of sword skills, divine arts, knife skills, spear skills, fist skills were executed by him. Furthermore, they were executed as he was running at an extreme speed, making them unable to react.

Son of Buddha Kong Xiang roared and his golden body was like a four-faced buddha that had four heads and eight arms. He flew in the sky to contest with Qin Mu who was flying towards him.

The two of them passed by each other quickly in the air and fought speed with speed. Son of Buddha Kong Xiang was twenty-six feet tall and his body was incomparably sturdy. Yet it was Qin Mu who was pressuring down on him as they flew in the air.

In midair, the clash of the fists was like rumblings of thunder. The other Sons of Buddha flew into the air and were ready to encircle Qin Mu when golden blood sprayed down from the sky like rain.

Son of Buddha Kong Xiang's qi and blood had erupted and explosions rang all around his body. His skin ruptured and fresh blood poured out. When he clashed with Qin Mu, his qi and blood boiled from the attacks and since his corporeal body couldn't contain so much qi and blood, the violent qi and blood had surpassed the limits of his body and thus, he died from his body bursting apart.

When the other Sons of Buddha were ready to encircle Qin Mu, they saw Son of Buddha Kong Xiang's tattered body falling from the sky.

Those Sons of Buddha that were rushing into the sky suddenly saw sword light flashing in midair and they were astonished. They hurriedly executed their divine arts to bombard the sky.

However, they saw sword light that was like an ocean of blood scattering down. Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!

Violent qi and blood swept over with the sword light and swords were like dragons in that sea of blood, traveling back and forth without restraint. Some Sons of Buddha held onto their throats and some blocked the heart of their brows as their bodies sank into the sea of blood.

On the sea of blood, Crown Prince Mo Jie stepped on the waves with lotus under blooming under his feet. He held onto a lotus flower to block Qin Mu's attacks.


Qin Mu turned around and his clothes fluttered in the wind, turning his back towards him as he wielded his sword.

Crown Prince Mo Jie saw an opening and was about to attack when the sea of blood parted. A pitch-black gate passed through his body.

Crown Prince Mo Jie was stunned and his body slowly sank into the sea of blood. His primordial spirit was already dragged into Youdu by the Gate of Heaven Influence.

When the sea of blood dispersed, corpses fell off the sky.

Compared to these young Sons of Buddha that the celestial heavens had sent over, Qin Mu far surpassed them in battle experience and techniques. The Sons of Buddha from the celestial heavens had lived in the Buddha Realm for long periods of time and there was usually no battles that would happen in the Buddha Realm. It was so calm that it was like water in a dead pond.

Living in such a kind of place, people were naturally happy and wealthy. They didn't have any desire and ambition. However, at the same time, peace had also caused their paths, skills and divine arts to regress.

When paths, skills, and divine arts becomes useless, no one would bother to cultivate and no one would bother to study more.

They were at peace for too long and there was no drive for them to fight their way forward. However, it was different for Qin Mu. Where he was living in when he was a child was the incomparably dangerous Great Ruins. Yet when he was still a child, he could already travel in Great Ruins where dangers laid everywhere.

As for Eternal Peace, it was an empire that was brimming with life. The power of the empire was rising furiously so there were bound to be enemies, however, they also have a strong rear. Paths, skills, and divine arts were seeing new changes every single day.

With soldiers fighting in the frontlines, divine arts practitioners were using paths, skills and divine arts for the people in the rear, changing the daily lives of the people.

With the appearance of flying ships, flying cars, cannons and all kinds of strange and new things, the creativity of Eternal Peace was becoming stronger and stronger. All kinds of paths, skills and divine arts were also seeing rapid developments.

As for Supreme Emperor Heaven, because the war was simply too bitter, they didn't have a strong rear therefore the structure of the society wasn't complete. Without soil for creativity, their paths, skills and divine arts could never develop.

Qin Mu was born in Great Ruins and ever since he was young, he had been taught meticulously by the nine elders. He caught up to Eternal Peace Empire's expansion and the era where Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was carrying out his reform, thus, having his current achievements.

Furthermore, he was one of the leaders of the reform and also the founder of the Eighteenth Sword Form and Primordial Spirit Guide. He was an existence that had achieved taking his first step into entering the path with sword.

Compared to these Sons of Buddha that had not been through any storm by living in the Buddha Realm, they were no longer people on the same level.

Qin Mu raised his head to take a look and he saw Son of Buddha Pu Zhao currently rushing towards him furiously. This Son of Buddha was a strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm and he had almost died after Devil Ape Zhan Kong covered the light he had released.

His debate couldn't defeat the devil ape but his abilities were profound. His mudra skills overlapped as he sprinted over. Every move and every form, every punch, and every kick, they were all boundless and awe-inspiring.

He executed the mudra skill he was most skilled in and every mudra he released had the imprint of one kind of buddha. Behind him, his primordial spirit was like a majestic buddha sitting down with numerous apparitions of buddha in all size revolving around. They executed all kinds of mudra skills along with his mudra skill!

Son of Buddha Pu Zhao sprinted and lighting came rolling in the clouds. Before the thunder could even arrive, the lightning had arrived first.

The mudra skill he was executing now was the great divine art of Laksmi Heaven, Bathing All Things in Light!

The Sons of Buddha that could cultivate this kind of great divine art were also in the minority!

His aura became stronger and stronger. His primordial spirit became stronger and stronger until he was like an arrow on a stretched bowstring that had to release.

Right at this moment, Qin Mu put his index and middle fingers together, transforming into sword fingers to tap on the heart of his brows. His sword fingers stabbed forward!

The first form of Calamity Sword, Opening Calamity!

Son of Buddha Pu Zhao had already accumulated to his limit and he couldn't help shouting when he saw a sword light flying in his face. The apparitions of the buddhas behind him burst forth with power and struck ten thousand mudras forward.

Qin Mu turned around and left, leaping down from the sky and landing on the ground. He was slightly bewildered. "Strange, after I execute this divine art of the sword path, my vital qi would be more or less exhausted. Why do I feel that my vital qi is still incomparably abundant as though the water in a well. It seems to be never-ending..."

He felt his vital qi was always situated at its peak and could never be depleted. After fighting so long, he had nearly used all his divine arts and battle techniques once and even executed great divine arts that required a large amount of magic power several times, yet his vital qi was not depleted at all.

What was even weird was he could even felt his vital qi cultivation rising rapidly.

This was completely going against logic.

Next, he immediately discovered where the problem was.

That was the third eye in the heart of his brows.

Every time he killed a person, there would be boundless vital qi flowing out from this eye to flow throughout his entire body. It seemed like a reward and the more people he killed, the more generous the reward would be.

'Strange, strange, this eye indeed has a big problem..."


Ten miles of sword light pierced through Son of Buddha Pu Zhao's head. The light was extremely dazzling and lighted up half of the sky.

And even though that Bathing All Things in Light from Son of Buddha Pu Zhao had overflowing power, it landed on emptiness as Qin Mu had already executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs to move far away from that place.

Son of Buddha Pu Zhao had a blank gaze and he collapsed.

Behind him, the sword light suddenly pulled back and transformed into a tiny sword pellet which swirled and landed down from the sky. Before it landed down, the sword pellet suddenly expanded and transformed into nine long dragons. With the heads of the dragons facing downwards, their tails coiled together and they covered down on a Son of Buddha like a huge cover.

In Nine Dragons Divine Flames Shroud, flames and sword light burst forth and minced up that Son of Buddha before turning him into ashes.

At the same time, Qin Mu who had landed on the ground raised his hand and the Nine Dragons Divine Flames Shroud came flying over while shrinking rapidly. When it landed in his hand, it had already transformed into a huge hammer.

Qin Mu roared angrily and flames rushed into the sky behind him like an erupting volcano. The hammer in Qin Mu's hand swung forward and he smashed with all the force in his entire body, smashing into the chest of a Son of Buddha that was rushing over.

The instant he smashed the hammer out, the muscles in both his legs tightened and he suddenly rushed forward.

The chest of that Son of Buddha caved inwards from the smash and he flew backward with the huge hammer. The trees on both sides passed by like flickering light and passing shadows while the trees behind him also exploded with bangs as he crashed into them.

Yet in the next instant, Qin Mu came to his front and stretched his hands out to grab the handle of the hammer.

The huge hammer transformed into a long spear like flowing water and he lifted that Son of Buddha up with the tip of the spear. With a jolt, that Son of Buddha split into pieces!

"Don't fight alone!"

Crown Prince Fu Yun shouted sternly, "Everyone, gather together, come to my side, let use buddha eyes divine art to purify him to death!"

Most of the buddhas that had survived were currently chasing Qin Mu, throwing all kinds of divine arts and spirit weapons at Qin Mu. Yet it was hard for them to catch traces of Qin Mu. When they heard the words, they came to a realization and they all gathered towards Crown Prince Fu Yun.

The Sons of Buddha suddenly formed a human wall as they stepped on one another's shoulders to stack up on each other. There was a total of sixty-four of them.

"Buddha eyes, awaken!"

The sixty-four Sons of Buddha put their palms together. Some of them had three heads and six arms, some of two sides on one body, some of them had the true form of Wisdom King, some of them had the bodies of arhat and all of them executed their buddha eyes.

"Sweeping away the miasma of the demon, subduing the demon and devil!"

Their voices resonated loudly and everyone's auras were linked together. They were like an iron bastion and their imposing manner was like a city.


Buddha light gathered into a flood to shake the mountains. They caused the space to vibrate non-stop as they shot towards Qin Mu at once!

Instantly, the buddha light was incomparably intense and the buddha voice was incomparably loud. Wherever the buddha voice passed by was turned into dust by the vibration!

Just after Qin Mu flicked that Son of Buddha to death, he shook the spear to change it into a huge tortoise-shell shield to block in front of him.


His body trembled violently and he flew into the air along with his shield. The shield in front of him was formed by eight thousand swords and at this point, they could no longer hold up their shield form. The flying swords were vibrated by the buddha light and they crumbled right afterward!

Qin Mu gave a grunt and he puked out a mouth of blood. His body was blown out of this island on the golden sea of buddha light, smashing him onto a mountain peak that had appeared on the golden sea.

Crown Prince Fu Yu and the sixty-four Sons of Buddha flew into the sky and they came to the sky above the golden sea. In midair, all of them shouted in unison, "Dharma is boundless, arhat descending to the lower bound!"


The buddha light in everyone's eyes shone intensely again and all of the buddha light gathered together before bombarding towards where Qin Mu had crashed into!

"You guys only dare to rely on your numbers, do you think I'm scared of you?"

Before buddha light could even come to that mountain peak, they saw mountain rocks exploded from the peak of the mountain. Qin Mu rushed into the air and his hair was let down on his shoulders. With both of his hands in front of him, he clutched a strange mudra.

With the mudra out, his three eyes became brighter and brighter. His right eye was had pure yang true fire and his left eye had pure yin true fire yet both of them couldn't be compared to the third eye on the heart of his brows.

In the third eye on the heart of his brows, the formation markings of a butterfly-shaped wings gradually flowed out. It spread open its wings like a butterfly emerging from cocoon.

This vertical eye was becoming more and more demonic. Suddenly, the mudra on Qin Mu's both hands was completed and his hands suddenly swung backward while his head shot forward. With a rumble, three beams of light shot out from all three of his eyes.

The buddha light collided with the divine light from his three eyes and the human wall formed by the sixty-four Sons of Buddha in midair suddenly crumbled. Broken limbs fell from the sky!

"Sa tu, mo he ba he..."

Qin Mu was planning to defeat all of them in one fell swoop when cryptic Youdu language came from his mouth. He couldn't help being startled. 'What's happening? Why did I suddenly speak Youdu language?'

Even though he thought that way, he suddenly chuckled and said, "Heehee, the sacrifices are enough now, the souls of these baldies ain't that bad..."

Qin Mu stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. He suddenly became alarmed. 'That's not right, I didn't think of doing that! What's going on with me?'

"Evil creature!"

Suddenly, a booming voice rang out as a buddha flew through the air with his hands pressing down. "You are truly a devil that's incorrigible. Buddha is now angered and I shall wipe you out from existence!"

"You can't win, right?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "If you can't win, return my body to me, let me show you how to tear him apart."

When he said this, he felt a chill running down his spine. These words were clearly said by him yet they were clearly not what he was thinking!

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