Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 623 - Where I am, It's Youdu

"Who are you?" Qin Mu cried out in astonishment.

A voice came from his mouth and it sounded loud and clear. However, it had a hint of innocence and evil. "I am—"

Above his head, the huge hand of that buddha had already pressed down and Qin Mu suddenly felt another 'him' awakening in his body. This feeling was too strange. It was as though he was splitting into two.

"—Qin Fengqing!"

While this voice was speaking, Qin Mu's original consciousness had shifted back to number two—he became an observer!

What was even more terrifying was when the other 'him' had appeared, a wave of power suddenly filled his entire body. This wave of power appeared out of nowhere and he had no idea where it came from. It was boundless. It was so terrifying and so evil that Qin Mu's original cultivation could only stay in one corner within his consciousness, and just look at this evil power filling up his entire body.

"The seized primordial spirits are still few. It's not enough to break Earth Count's seal. Earth Count, this big baddie... However, after I kill this buddha, I'll be able to break more seals!"

Qin Mu heard an unfamiliar, arrogant voice of a baby. This voice was filled with malice and evilness—an evilness that made people shudder without feeling cold. Youdu language came out of his mouth, and it had a strange magic power that was flamboyant and fearless. It also had boundless greed, as if it was a combination of all negative emotions.

"Where I am, it's Youdu—"

Qin Mu saw darkness spreading out from his body, tainting the supreme Brahma Heaven of the Buddha Realm. Brahma Heaven—the one that had a golden sea and was forever in daylight—suddenly had an area turning dark!

The golden sea was like a basin of water that had an ink dropped into it. The invasion of the darkness had caused the golden sea to be tainted, turning it black. The area shrouded by darkness grew wider and wider.

The supreme sacred ground of the Buddha Realm was slowly transforming into Youdu.

The hand of that buddha had already landed and it shone with buddha rays. After that, it was swallowed up by the darkness.

The buddha cried out in astonishment, pulling his palm back from the darkness. The chubby hand of the buddha had transformed into white bones. The flesh on it had completely vanished.

It was a kind of divine art that was completely different from Eternal Peace, Supreme Emperor Heaven, Buddha Realm, and even the celestial heavens. He controlled the power of death and seized all lives for himself.

Qin Mu jumped up and laughed. With the fingers on his palm all stretched out, he pressed down on the head of the buddha.


Violent rumbles traveled out as the buddha was pressed down on a golden island by brute force. That island suddenly exploded and shattered into pieces.

Qin Mu also saw a strange transformation happening to his body. His body was growing furiously, becoming taller and taller. However, his age seemed to be slowly regressing as he became younger and younger. He was becoming more and more like a toddler.

Luckily, the clothes that Heavenly Feather Chief Yu Zhaoqing had made was extraordinary. It was made with the best materials from Heavenly Feather Race, so it was also quite a remarkable spirit weapon which could transform according to the size of his body.

At this moment, he was already over thirty yards tall. However, his age had already regressed to the appearance of a four to five-year-old. He looked like an adorable little boy.

Although this boy looked adorable, he had boundless strength. Furthermore, he was also extremely evil, nearly smashing the head of that buddha.

Not only that, this 'little boy' lifted that buddha up with a single hand, raising him in the air. He opened his mouth and sucked in forcefully.

Buddha rays flowed around the body of the buddha as he tried his best to resist. However, his primordial spirit appeared unwillingly—it got separated from his body from time to time.

The buddha struggled nonstop and all his divine treasures appeared. His primordial spirit was located in front of the celestial palaces. He couldn't keep a stable footing and almost got sucked out of the celestial palaces a few times.

Qin Mu discovered that his age was still regressing. He was four to five years old a few moments ago, and now he wasn't even three years old.

At this moment, Dharma King Mo Lun arrived and planted a mudra right on the back of Qin Mu's heart.

Qin Mu brought that buddha to tumble a few rounds. He floated around the golden sea and crumbled several mountains before stopping. Meanwhile, that buddha had its primordial spirit sucked out with one mouth.

The primordial spirit of this buddha didn't land into Qin Mu's mouth. Instead, the primordial spirit warped and entered his third eye.

Qin Mu was shocked as he suddenly came to a realization. He finally understood now why Hall of King Qin had crumbled after King Yama of Fengdu had suppressed his seal, and why King Yama was stuck in that pillar. He also finally understood why such a strong existence like Fu Riluo would have his chest broken, and got stuck unconscious in an altar after being in contact with the jade pendant.

He also finally understood why Without Embroiling City had suffered from that calamity, and why Earth Count had to see him and redo the seal in the jade pendant.

In the past, he only thought there was a curse in that jade pendant, and he didn't put much thought on himself. During the few changes, he was usually in deep sleep and didn't know what had happened.

All in all, he finally understood. The true curse was himself, or to be clear, it was another 'him' in his body.

The reason why he was asleep the previous times was because the other him was too strong as he took over his corporeal body. The reason why he was sober now was because the seal of Earth Count was too powerful. The other him couldn't break free of the seal completely, which resulted in two consciousness sharing the same body at the same time.

There was still time for him to think. Dharma King Mo Lun and the other three buddhas came rushing over while stepping on the golden sea. The four buddhas executed all their moves to attack him and their divine arts overflowed to the sky. The power was in a spectacular mess as the apparitions reached straight to the clouds.

Suddenly, Qin Mu's consciousness took over his body. He wasted no time as he sprinted away quickly. He executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs that Cripple had taught him and he avoided the attacks of Dharma King Mo Lun and the rest.

Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs actually became abnormally fast under his feet—he could literally pass through space. If Cripple were to see this, he would definitely open his eyes and mouth wide in shock, not daring to believe his leg skills could reach that extent.

Yet, at this moment, Qin Mu had boundless magic power. He could execute Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs to the extreme. He literally passed through thousands of flowers and bushes, yet none was stuck on him. No one could touch him at all, not even Dharma King Mo Lun's divine art.

'Why can I suddenly control my body again?'

Qin Mu suddenly had this thought. A moment later, Qin Fengqing's consciousness came back. His innocent yet evil voice was heard saying, "Earth Count, you have sabotaged me again!"

Qin Mu's consciousness moved back to the second place. His body had already transformed completely into a huge baby. He jumped around in excitement and caused the golden sea to explode continuously from his steps. The waves of buddha light splashed up into the sky.

Wherever he passed, the golden sea became tainted. At the start, it could still be considered as having one drop of ink landing into the sea. Now, the ink was dripping everywhere!

He grabbed one of the buddhas and was about to tear him apart, as though he was just a ragdoll and he was a mischievous baby that wanted to tear his toys apart.

Dharma King Mo Lun and the remaining two buddhas chased after him. Qin Fengqing didn't seem to have learned a lot of divine arts—all of the divine arts he had executed were simple. However, Youdu divine arts were strange and unpredictable, making it hard for them to defend against the attacks.

What was even more terrifying was that the strength of his corporeal body was simply incomparable. He tore apart that buddha in his hands with brute force, spraying his blood into the golden sea!

The primordial spirit of that buddha was also swallowed by the eye in Qin Mu's brows. With a swirl, it entered the eye and vanished.

The butterfly-shaped marking coming out from Qin Mu's third eye was becoming larger and larger. The more area it covered, the more powerful his abilities would become. Turning around, he fought face-to-face with Dharma King Mo Lun and the rest.

Meanwhile, in front of the dilapidated monastery, Monk Ming Xin flew into midair. He looked at the battle on the golden sea from afar and couldn't help feeling astonished when he saw the golden bun-shaped islands crumbling one by one. The sacred mountains were decimated and the darkness was tainting this supreme sacred ground continuously.

Monk Ming Xin's face turned pale. His body was trembling as his mind went blank.

"Monk, come down!"

He suddenly heard a voice coming from below and he hurriedly looked down. He saw that honest-looking monk standing in front of the monastery, waving at him. He had been called many times, but he was in shock and didn't hear him.

That monk said with a smile, "Come down quickly. The great devil king is going to slaughter his way here soon. Let's hide in the monastery."

Monk Ming Xin hurriedly said, "Senior Brother Qin won't kill me!"

"Do you really think that he is your Senior Brother Qin?"

Monk Ming Xin looked towards the golden sea, which had almost become a sea of ink. The huge baby that Qin Mu transformed into was currently grabbing a buddha and pummeling him, turning that buddha into a bloody pulp.

Suddenly, he heard an earth-shattering bang as Dharma King Mo Lun's huge body flew backward and out of the golden sea. He tumbled and crashed into this island, crushing forests as he came smashing over.

Meanwhile, the baby that Qin Mu had transformed into was eating the primordial spirit of another buddha. As he ate, he skipped and hurried towards their direction.

Monk Ming Xin couldn't help giving a shudder. He flew down at once.

The honest-looking monk opened up the monastery's door and called him in. Monk Ming Xin hurriedly walked over and he suddenly remembered something. 'If Brahma Buddha allowed three people to go in and learn the Emperor's Throne true scripture, wouldn't all three places be filled since Senior Brother Zhan Kong and Sakra Buddha have already come in?'

Just as he was thinking about this, the huge baby that Qin Mu had transformed into lifted Dharma King Mo Lun up by his leg and smashed him here and there. He split the mountains and cracked the ground, causing Dharma King Mo Lun to hang on to his last breath.

That monk quickly shut the door and cut off Monk Ming Xin's gaze. He pushed Monk Ming Xin into the courtyard as he said with a smile, "Senior brother, you are lucky. If you walk in, you will meet Brahma Buddha and receive the Emperor's Throne true scripture. Go, go!"

Monk Ming Xin was in a daze as he stumbled forward. This monastery didn't look huge, but after walking a long distance, there was still no end.

Dharma King Mo Lun's miserable scream was heard from outside. Monk Ming Xing's hair stood on end after hearing it. 'Crap! Senior Brother Qin is in danger! He killed so many Sons of Buddhas and now he has killed five buddhas, including Dharma King Mo Lun. How could Brahma Buddha tolerate him?'

He turned around and sprinted out of the monastery while thinking to himself. 'I can't let Brahma Buddha kill Senior Brother Qin...'

Suddenly, he heard the voice of a Buddha saying, "Excellent, excellent. Turn back and the shore is at hand!"

Monk Ming Xin was stunned. He saw a majestic buddha in front of him and he was all kinds of sacred. He smiled at him.

"Ming Xin, if you always walk forward and not turn back, you will never see me. Now that you have turned back, you can reach my path."

That majestic buddha added with a smile, "Come up, I shall impart you the Emperor's Throne true scripture."

Monk Ming Xin walked forward despite feeling worried for Qin Mu. He was about to plead to this great buddha to forgive Qin Mu's life when that great buddha said with a smile, "Your newborn heart is different from Zhan Kong. Zhan Kong's four elements are vanity and he has a natural root of wisdom. Your nature is inferior to him, but you have something he doesn't. Therefore, what I imparted to him is Wordless True Scripture, while I'm going to impart you the Heavenly Book of Words."

A scripture appeared in the hands of the great buddha and he gave it to him.

Even though Monk Ming Xin was holding the Emperor's Throne true scripture, he was still worried about Qin Mu's safety. He didn't have the heart to read.

The great buddha smiled. "Little Friend Qin has his own destiny, you don't have to worry for him. Just focus on comprehending this."

Hearing those words, Monk Ming Xin settled his heart down and flipped open the scriptures. He saw the writings on the scriptures jumping around continuously and reconstructing themselves. It was extremely marvelous and it described the supreme reasoning of Buddhism.

Outside the monastery, after Huge Baby Qin Fengqing had swallowed Dharma King Mo Lun, he stuck his tongue out to lick his lips. He jumped up and down excitedly, causing the ground to shake continuously. "The seal of Earth Count is loosening again, hee hee, as long as I eat everyone in this Buddha Realm, I can completely break free! I shall turn this Buddha Realm into another Youdu and I can be my own Earth Count, my own king! En, I will still have to go to Youdu and fetch mother over so we can live our lives happily, not having to see Earth Count's face... Eehh, there's still a monastery here. Let's just destroy it and eat everyone inside before going to the other Buddha Realms to eat them!"


The monastery split into pieces and the huge baby ran with his unproportionate legs to rush into it. The road ahead was very long.

The huge baby stumbled forward. As he walked, he felt that walking on two legs was uncomfortable, so he might as well crawl forward with his hands and legs.

Sounds of sweeping were suddenly heard and a sweeping monk appeared in front of him. The monk hurriedly threw away the broom when he saw him and was about to run. The huge baby was delighted as he grabbed the sweeping monk and said with a smile, "Even though you are a little old, it's better than none."

After saying this, he tore off the head of this monk and pulled out his primordial spirit to absorb into his third eye.

"If it's me, I won't eat him anyway..." Within the huge baby's body, Qin Mu's consciousness said resentfully.

After swallowing the primordial spirit of the sweeping monk, the huge baby suddenly shouted, "Crap, I'm tricked! Which scoundrel dares to trick me..."

Qin Mu suddenly felt his consciousness regaining control of his body. He couldn't help but feel surprised and delighted. His body also gradually shrank back to its normal size.

He saw the severed head of the sweeping monk returning back to his head. The sweeping monk stood there with his broom and looked at him with a smile.

Qin Mu bowed and greeted, "Wild and boorish man, Qin Mu, pays his respects to Brahma Buddha!"

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