Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 625 - Sakra Scripture

They came to the temple in Sakra Heaven and this was Sakra Buddha's palace. There were also numerous buddhist countries in Sakra Heaven that worshipped this buddha. Quite a number of monks were walking inside this temple and they greeted them when they saw them coming.

Sakra Budda waved his hand to let them fall back while he stared at Qin Mu with eyes full of vigor, waiting for his reply.

He seemed to be one who has chosen to follow a solitary path. He didn't take in any disciples and the monks that resided here should mostly be those crown princes or princess from those buddhist countries, coming forth to learn Dharma.

Even though Sakra Buddha had also taught them Dharma, he usually only do so when he was in the mood.

However, even though these crown princes and princess weren't his disciples, their cultivation wasn't weak and they were no inferior to those Sons of Buddha Qin Mu had killed. It should be because of Sakra Buddha's attainments being too high, which was why when he taught them according to his mood, they were still extremely profound techniques.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and he said, "I can open Gate of Heaven Influence and send you into Youdu. With Buddha's abilities, you can probably cross Gate of Heaven Influence with your corporeal body and not have your primordial spirit taken away. However..."

He hesitated for a moment before continuing, "I had killed numerous Sons of Buddha previously and the other me was unsealed. I feel that the other me could be hiding behind the door and preparing to eat people. Is Buddha able to defeat the other me?"

Sakra Buddha blinked his eyes and thought of the Brahma Realm that had been tainted. He thought over it carefully for a moment and he rubbed his palms together. "I understand now. To seal the other you, Earth Count took a chunk of Youdu and trapped him inside. The other you have great magic power so he changed your divine art to change the place which Gate of Heaven Influence connected to where Earth Count was suppressing him and not Youdu. In that case, the primordial spirits of the divine arts practitioners you killed will be intercepted by him and get eaten. If I pass through Gate of Heaven Influence to enter Youdu, I will appear in the place where he is being suppressed and not Youdu."

In the depth of Qin Mu's third eye, a piece of land was floating and that was a land that Earth Count took from his horns of nine bends. If one looked down from above, one could see that the land had the shape of a jade pendant and the path of the unbroken chain of peaks formed a 'Qin' word.

A huge baby was trapped in the center of the Qin word and he couldn't break free. In the sky above, there was also a great buddha that was faintly discernible, suppressing that land.

That huge baby sat on the ground with his short arms and short legs. He could faintly hear Sakra Buddha's words and he couldn't help becoming furious. "Baddie, big baddie, I shall tear off your head and eat you—"

"So I see!"

Qin Mu came to a realization and he cried out, "No wonder every time I kill a Son of Buddha, I can feel my vital qi cultivation becoming denser, so I was actually borrowing the primordial spirit of another Son of Buddha to break the seal! The vital qi that raised my cultivation should be the vital qi that had leaked out from him!"

When he fought several hundred buddhas with his sword, he had already felt something was wrong. At that time, his vital qi was always located at its peak. Not only was his vital qi not depleted, it even had a small increase.

Come to think of it, there was another consciousness of Qin Fengqing that was hiding in his body and hiding behind the Gate of Heaven Influence, waiting for those Sons of Buddhas to send their primordial spirits in for him to feast on.

At that time, Qin Mu had always opened the gate while fighting so the primordial spirit of those Sons of Buddhas must have all fallen into the mouth of the other him.

'Looks like I can't open the Gate of Heaven Influence recklessly, otherwise, I can't control myself if I let the other me out.' Qin Mu thought to himself.

Sakra Buddha said, "If I enter Youdu from Gate of Heaven Influence, I will definitely appear on the land that's sealed. Earth Count's seal will suppress me and senior brother's seal will come suppressing over as well. At that time, I might not be able to defeat you. This method won't do, do you have any other method?"

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and he said, "I can construct a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to connect with the bridge in Supreme Emperor Heaven, establishing access between the Buddha Realm and Supreme Emperor Heaven. In that case, we can reach Supreme Emperor Heaven from the Buddha Realm and also maintain the energy balance of the two worlds. However, to prevent the celestial heavens from tracking their way to Supreme Emperor Heaven, we need to destroy the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in Sakra Heaven when we teleport away."

Sakra Buddha's eyes lighted up and he said with a smile, "This is simple. I can leave behind a divine art which can explode after we leave Sakra Heaven, destroying Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge."

"There's still one more point."

Qin Mu calculated and said, "As for all the equations, operations of the runes, and structure, I have a spare copy of the blueprints here. However, Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge is a huge project and I don't have that much materials on me, I also don't have manpower that could forge treasures."

Sakra Buddha said with a smile, "You just need to pass me the blueprint, constructing it is not difficult for me."

Qin Mu took out papers and brush. "I shall make a list of the materials I need first, may Buddha go ahead to prepare them first."

He raised his brush and quickly wrote down ten pages of materials. Sakra Buddha took a look and even though the types of materials weren't much, the quantity for each of them was huge.

"I have these materials in Sakra Heaven as I store some of them. However, they aren't enough, I will need to take some from the treasury of those buddhist countries."

Sakra Buddha left in a hurry. "Prepare the blueprints, I will inform the countries in Sakra Heaven for them to offer us the materials needed."

Qin Mu took out the spare copy of the blueprints from his taotie sack and stacked them together.

This was a good habit that he had cultivated over the years, to always like to prepare a set more for everything. The blueprints that he and the black tiger god had calculated was too important, therefore Qin Mu had preserved one more copy in his taotie sack.

Other than the blueprints with him, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor also had copied one set and that was also a good habit cultivated over the years.

Not long later, Sakra Buddha returned and when he saw the thick piles of blueprints covering the wall, he jumped in shock and cried out, "So much?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Buddha, impart your Luminous Sky true scripture to me and let me comprehend it first, you can study these blueprints. When the materials are here, you can start to forge the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge."

Sakra Buddha examined these blueprints and his heart grew apprehensive. He took out a thin booklet and threw it to him. "This is my Sakra Scripture, read it first, I shall study the blueprints."

Qin Mu flipped through it and there were only ten or more pages. He cried out, "So little?"

"My technique is from the heart, there isn't much of great reasoning. What I seek is to treat every word like a pearl."

When Sakra Buddha said until here, he took out the buddhist scriptures that piled up like a mountain to throw them in front of Qin Mu. "This is the explanation for each word in my technique."

Qin Mu looked at the mountain of books and he felt giddy. He turned his head to loo at this young buddha and Sakra Buddha also looked at the blueprints that stacked up into a wall in front of him. He also turned his head to look at him.

Qin Mu probed, "Buddha, if we harm each other like this, we won't be able to leave the Buddha Realm alive."

He took out a dozen of blueprints from the wall of blueprints and said, "This is the main body of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, after you finishing constructing the main body, I can imprint the runes with you, that would be much simpler."

Sakra Buddha laughed and he swept his sleeve. The mountain of books vanished and he took out a string of prayer beads to hang around Qin Mu's neck. "If you read all of these buddhist scriptures, you will take dozens of years to comprehend them all, however, as I cultivated daily, I have made this string of prayer beads, they are refined with my wisdom. As long as you wear them around your neck, you will be able to under this Sakra Scripture without looking at these buddhist scriptures."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and they laughed out loud as they looked at each other.

When Qin Mu looked at that thin booklet, every Sanskrit transformed into incomparably complicated information to flow into his brain. The information in every word was like the dragon language in the true dragon's nest. The amount of information stored was huge!

Even though the technique in Sakra Scripture was slightly inferior when compared to Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, it was still extraordinary and was an extremely powerful technique.

This kind of technique had extraordinary points in tempering the primordial spirit and raising wisdom!

And the techniques for corporeal body battles were even more outstanding!

Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique was a technique on Emperor's Throne and Sakra Scripture was a Luminous Sky technique but because Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique was a technique for the dragon race, it didn't have much use to Qin Mu. However, the effect of Sakra Scripture was extraordinary!

The most crucial point was that this technique was exactly like how Sakra Buddha had said. It was easy to learn, bold, powerful and doing half the work and achieving twice the effect. The rise in his cultivation was very fast!

Qin Mu comprehended it and his wisdom beads swirled continuously. Soon, he learned the outline of the technique and he immediately executed it. Gradually, a wheel of light gradually appeared behind his head and slowly swirled.

He immediately felt all kinds of Dharma runes being imprinted in his corporeal body, in his bones, in his divine treasures, in his primordial spirit and all of these improved his corporeal body and primordial spirit continuously.

Furthermore, when combining this technique with Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon, it could raise his corporeal body and primordial spirit even faster and even stronger!

The even more marvelous point was that he could clearly feel his every thought and those distracting thoughts seemed to have become small beads that flowed continuously in his mind. This made him able to clearly judge between good and bad.

'If I cultivate like this, I can probably become buddha in a few dozen years. However, I don't want to be a monk, I can only take reference from the useful points from Sakra Scripture and incorporate them into my Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!' Qin Mu thought to himself.

After half a day, numerous buddhist countries in Sakra Heaven had sent over the materials needed for Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Sakra Buddha stretched out his hand to wave and numerous jade rocks flew into the sky. They smoothed themselves out in midair and the jade stacked on one another to quickly construct a large-scale altar.

Sakra Buddha quickly forged the other components into their shapes and formed the main body of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

Qin Mu was currently researching how to incorporate how Sakra Scripture into his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique when he saw this sight unintentionally. His body trembled slightly as he looked at Sakra Buddha forging in a daze.

'His forging methods have numerous similarities with Grandpa Mute's forging methods but he naturally couldn't have got into contact with Grandpa Mute. In that case, what is Sakra Buddha's origin? Could he be a person of Founding Emperor Era?'

Qin Mu was in a daze. Sakra Buddha quickly forged the main body and he stretched his hands out. The jade of the sacrificial altar expanded outwards as they separated from one another. Meanwhile, the main body of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge moved into the center of the sacrificial altar. The jade closed back and from the outside, it looked like a sacrificial altar. The things inside couldn't be seen.

Sakra Buddha finished the construction of the main body and he turned his head back to take a look, only to see Qin Mu looking at him. He couldn't help smiling. "What are you looking at me for?"

"Nothing much."

Qin Mu shook his head and went forward to help him imprint the runes. He asked mindlessly, "What's Buddha's surname in the past?"

Sakra Buddha stopped what he was doing and was silent for a moment. After a while, he smiled. "I've forgotten."

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