Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 626 - Life Seeking Zither Notes

Qin Mu saw him smiling unnaturally. His smile seemed to bring a hint of bitterness, so he didn't probe any further. Everyone has their own secrets and they were not obligated to reveal everything about themselves.

No matter what Sakra Buddha's surname was in the mortal world, he was not a bad person. He had the title of Buddha and he was still warm-hearted. To save the Buddha Realm, he was willing to be scolded and willing to take all the shit on himself.

Even though such a person wasn't willing to talk about his past, he still gave others a reliable feeling.

The two of them got busy and spent half a day to finally complete Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Qin Mu checked in detail and didn't find any mistakes in the bridge.

"There are still quite a number of divine metals that aren't used up, Little Friend Qin. The list you gave me seems to be wrong."

Sakra Buddha looked at the divine mountain that had piled up beside the altar like a mountain. These divine metals were called Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium and there was also some wood that was from Plume Buddha Mother Tree. He had let all the buddhist countries of Sakra Heaven offer up their materials according to the list, and after the altar was completed, there were still quite a number of materials left.

In the list that Qin Mu had given him, these two materials weren't touched at all.

Sakra Buddha looked at Qin Mu suspiciously and probed, "What do we do with these materials?"

Qin Mu opened the taotie sack in a hurry and said, "We are escaping for our lives, we might be able to use them in the future! Put them into my taotie sack first."

Sakra Buddha stared at him. Qin Mu maintained a straight face while storing the Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium and Plume Buddha Mother Tree into his taotie sack. Qin Mu then took out another taotie sack and stored the rest of the materials before carefully tying the sack around his waist.

These two sacks bulged out and seemed to be fully packed.

Sakra Buddha sneered. "Little Friend Qin, the leftover materials precisely filled up these two sacks of yours. It's like it was pre-calculated."

"There's such a thing?"

Qin Mu was astonished and cried out, "I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said that. They really filled up my sacks precisely! How strange, how strange! The twenty heavens of Buddha Realms is truly extraordinary. This must be the spirit of Buddha Realm who knows I'm carrying the blame for Buddha Realm, so it is giving back to me! Excellent, excellent. This makes me want to believe in buddhism too..."

Sakra Buddha kept staring at him until he couldn't make up any more excuses. Only then did he chuckle and said, "Clear-minded people know with just one look, there's no need for Little Friend Qin to explain anymore. I shall plant my divine art before activating the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. You shall calibrate it and connect it with Supreme Emperor Heaven."

Qin Mu's face blushed and he acknowledged. He came to the top of the altar and pressed his hands on the flat surface in the center. With a hum, the flat surface became numerous fine cubes, and those cubes reconstructed continuously to form a sphere. On the sphere, runes kept flowing and jumping around.

Opening up his hands, the sphere expanded as small cubes separated from each other. Between the cubes, flowing light formed from the runes connected different cubes together.

He took out his calculation spirit weapon and made some calculations to calibrate the position of Supreme Emperor Heaven. Light gradually gathered in the center of the sphere and transformed into a small dot in the center.

Once Qin Mu confirmed the location of Supreme Emperor Heaven, he closed his hands together again. The sphere shrank and transformed back into a flat surface which was pressed back down into the sacrificial altar.

Sakra Buddha had already laid out his divine art and he came to the peak of the altar. This young-looking buddha looked over Sakra Heaven. He seemed slightly reluctant to leave.

"Buddha, the longer we drag this out, the greater danger we will be in." Qin Mu reminded him.

Sakra Buddha nodded his head gently, the gloom on his face dispersing. He smiled brightly and said, "When my shit is washed off, I will be able to return back to this place. I'll become Buddha once again, so why am I acting wishy-washy? Little Friend Qin, let us go!"

Qin Mu's vital qi poured out and entered the activation rune of the altar. Light instantly flowed and runes were lighted up one by one. The entire sacrificial altar was like a huge beast that was awakening as the stars swirled and transformed continuously. At last, Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was finally activated and a beam of light rushed into the sky to reach beyond the heavens!

"We can't feel the passage of time through the journey, but I have calculated before. From Supreme Emperor Heaven to Great Ruins, it requires a quarter of an hour."

Qin Mu and Sakra Buddha walked side by side into the beam of light. Qin Mu raised his voice. "From Buddha Realm to Supreme Emperor Heaven, it might take slightly longer! An entire day and night have ninety-six quarters of an hour, so the time that Spirit Energy Mutual Bridge is destroyed needs to be after we have been teleported to Supreme Emperor Heaven! Does the quarters of an hour Buddha use similar to that of Great Ruins?"

"It is!"

Sakra Buddha replied loudly, "My divine art will explode after three-quarters of an hour and destroy the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge!"

The two of them vanished in the flowing light.

At this moment, in Brahma Heaven, Youdu devil qi surged around. This place had already become a devil sea. The devil nature and devil qi of Youdu invaded, and Youdu lifeforms could gradually be seen swimming over. In the pitch-black sea, they would show their long bodies and black-colored scales from time to time.

Suddenly, the devil sea churned and swirled. A huge whirlpool appeared in the sea and a pair of huge pitch-black horns slowly rose from it.

The crashing sounds of the waves became louder and louder. Right at this moment, from the island in the center of Brahma Heaven, a reclining buddha slowly rose from the dilapidated monastery and shone brightly.

The reclining buddha laid in the lotus which was inconceivably huge. He was above the dilapidated monastery, and the monastery seemed to have been transformed into a golden spring that was full of lotus leaves and swaying lotus flowers.

That reclining buddha woke up and raised his head to take a look at the black-colored god that was rising from the devil sea. The god had horns of a bull, eyes of a tiger, body of a bull, and a third eye in the heart of his brows.

"Dao brother!"

Brahma Buddha hurriedly greeted him. "The things that happened in my Brahma Heaven have actually alarmed Dao brother and made Dao brother descend with your clone. I'm truly overwhelmed with fear."

That god with horns of a bull and head of a tiger was none other than Earth Count. He looked around and his voice reverberated. "Brahma Buddha, your heaven has become Youdu. Getting rid of the Youdu devil qi isn't difficult, so why haven't you gotten rid of it? Do you need my help?"

Brahma Buddha smiled and said, "I don't dare to trouble Dao brother! Also, the Youdu in my heaven is evidence that I need to keep to prevent the celestial heavens from pinning the blame on me. Furthermore, if Buddha Realm only has light and no darkness, it's difficult to take another step forward. Only with darkness can Dharma continue to develop. This piece of Youdu, let it remain here."

"I see."

Earth Count heard his words, and immediately understood the cause and effect. "I wasn't strict with my discipline, and let Son of Youdu come and create trouble here. Pardon me."

"I don't dare to."

As the two existences conversed, the sky suddenly shone brightly and an ancient flying ship came sailing through the sky. That ship was flowing with multicolored light, and it actually had pairs of wings that were symmetrical on the left and the right. Meanwhile, the bow of the ship wasn't the usual heads of dragons or heads of Baxia. It was the head of a phoenix.

The flying ship was extremely eye-catching as it sailed in the sky above Brahma Heaven. It gradually stopped. There were numerous golden gods standing on the bow of the ship and they were cladded in armor. Even when they saw Earth Count and Brahma Buddha, they didn't say a word and didn't greet them.

"So, it's Great Deity of Youdu and Brahma Buddha, these two Dao brothers."

A voice without any mortal air came from the ship. A woman, whose face couldn't be seen clearly and with four wheels of light behind her back, walked out from the flying ship. Wearing incomparably majestic luxurious clothes, she looked at Brahma Buddha and Earth Count as equals, and greeted, "Xiayu meets Dao Brother Old Buddha and Dao Brother Earth Count."

Brahma Buddha greeted her and Earth Count also slightly bowed.

"So, it's Red Deity of the Southern Heaven, Senior Sister Qi."

Brahma Buddha hurriedly said, "Never would I expect the twenty heavens of my tiny Buddha Realm to actually alarm Senior Sister Qi. Little Buddha is truly overwhelmed with fear!"

"Old Buddha is polite."

That woman, Red Deity Qi Xiayu said, "The heavens of the south are under my jurisdiction, so I can hardly move around. The reason why I've come today was because the Buddha Realm is in trouble. I have received news just the other day that there's chaos in Buddha Realm. May I ask if Old Buddha knows about the details?"

Brahma Buddha said, "I am currently talking to Earth Count about this. I had neglected discipline, and wicked thoughts were suddenly born in Junior Brother Sakra's heart. He released Son of Youdu, and he killed quite a number of buddhas and Sons of Buddhas. He even turned my Brahma Realm into Youdu. Dao Brother Earth Count is here, Senior Sister Qi can ask him."

Qi Xiayu looked at Earth Count. Earth Count nodded his head. "That's indeed the case. The one that had killed people was the Son of my Youdu. I had sealed the Son of Youdu, and he wouldn't have been able to escape without great magic power. It must be someone with great magic power who had released him."

Red Deity Qi Xiayu gave a smile and said, "So I see, Sakra is originally not someone that knows his place. After he joined buddhism, I thought he might behave himself here with Old Buddha, and be completely indifferent to worldly temptations. Never did I expect him to still rebel! Old Buddha has also suffered, so I can't blame you or Youdu. Only Sakra is to be blamed. Since the matter is clarified, I shall be going to Sakra Heaven to seize him and escort him to God Execution Stage to be served as a warning. Pardon me and farewell."

Brahma Buddha said at once, "Senior Sister, please."

The flying ship suddenly flapped its wings and vanished from Brahma Realm.

Brahma Buddha raised his eyebrows and didn't say a word. Earth Count's huge body gradually sank into the devil sea and vanished.

Meanwhile, in Sakra Heaven, the flying ship suddenly appeared. When Qi Xiayu looked at the sky, her face changed slightly. She rose into the sky from the ship and passed through the multicolored light to sprint towards the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. "Escaped! However, you can't run!"

Just as she was about to enter Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, the bridge suddenly trembled violently. The divine art left behind by Sakra Buddha exploded. The mountain-like altar instantly warped and crumbled inwards towards the center!

"Thinking of leaving?"

Red Deity Qi Xiayu suddenly transformed into a nine-headed rainbow phoenix and chased after the light that was about to vanish in the sky. She tried to catch up to the light of the bridge that was vanishing.


Her figure vanished in the light, but was bounced out by the space in the next instant. The light vanished completely.

"Come, ship!"

She gave a soft shout and the ship with wings came flying. Qi Xiayu landed on the ship and sat down. She took out a phoenix zither and placed it horizontally on her knees. "Little thief had escaped during Founding Emperor Era. I'm not going to let you run today."

After saying that, she stroked her zither and played a tune. The cadence of the zither transformed into physical substance before vanishing.

Qi Xiayu played a tune before rising up while saying, "He won't be able to escape my Life Seeking Zither Notes. If he can, he is worthy of my admiration!"

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