Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 627 - Pursuing Across Worlds

The journey from Buddha Realm to Supreme Emperor Heaven was even further than what Qin Mu had calculated. Even though they couldn't feel the passage of time through Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, they could still feel the sudden tremors from the flowing light of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. This made both of them had a bad feeling.

This meant that they had already stayed past three quarters of an hour in the bridge. The divine art that Sakra Buddha planted had erupted and destroyed the bridge!

This also meant that before they even reach Supreme Emperor Heaven, Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge had already been destroyed. Qin Mu had never encountered this kind of situation before and he was instantly out of ideas.

"What would happen if the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge is destroyed ahead of time?" In the flowing light, Sakra Buddha asked Qin Mu loudly.

Qin Mu also raised his voice. "We will know very soon!"

Sakra Buddha instantly understood what he meant and couldn't help changing his expression.

The flowing light of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift started to tremble violently. It was the result of the mutually-shifting energy that was beginning to collide with each other.

Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge established access between the Buddha Realm and Supreme Emperor Heaven. When Qin Mu and Sakra Buddha headed towards Supreme Emperor Heaven, there should also be a portion of energy from Supreme Emperor Heaven that must go towards the Buddha Realm in order to balance out the energy. The energy that was shifting over had to be equal to the energy that was contained in Qin Mu and Sakra Buddha.

Meanwhile, in the Buddha Realm, the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was destroyed prematurely. As a consequence, the flowing light of the bridge collided with the energy that was shifting, resulting in violent tremors.

In front of their eyes, the energy flashed with all kinds of colors, as though they had entered a kaleidoscopic world and they were flowing quickly inside.

The collision of the energy caused Qin Mu's corporeal body to feel waves of stinging pain.

These kinds of colors were elongated like fine strips of light. They formed a flood with ten thousand kinds of colors.

"Will they wipe each other out?" Sakra Buddha muttered as his heart thumped.

In the multi-colored flowing light, Qin Mu took out his calculation spirit weapons and started calculating. He shook his head and said, "They won't be wiped out. Supreme Emperor Heaven and the Buddha Realm had both lost a portion of energy, so they will still bring us towards the targeted world. This is the only way to maintain the energy balance of both worlds, otherwise, they will bring tremors to both worlds. The energy of Supreme Emperor Heaven is precisely on the same path as us and we had collided into it perfectly. This kind of energy collision cannot be defended against with divine art. If divine art is used against this energy, our momentum and the momentum of this lump of energy that's heading toward the Buddha Realm will both be canceled out."

"What happens if they canceled out?" Sakra Buddha asked.

"In that case, we will be forever stuck here between the two worlds with this lump of energy."

Qin Mu added, "We can't advance and we can't retreat."

Sakra Buddha asked bewilderedly, "Who taught you algebra techniques? Your abilities aren't bad."

Qin Mu got struck by the energy. His corporeal body was becoming more and more painful. He endured the pain and said, "I had learned Computation Canon of Supreme Mystery and Computation Canon of Native Woman."

"No wonder. The stubborn mules of Dao Sect are all remarkable people and they all have their noses stuck high up in the air. They usually think nothing of our Buddhism. They think we are learning of the heart and follow everything in our heart. They think their Dao Sect is the one that controls the true and great Dao of the universe."

Sakra Buddha said with a smile, "However, their algebra is truly profound. I have met a few of the experts of Dao Sect in my early years and they aren't any weaker than me."

While they were talking, the collision of the energy was becoming fiercer and fiercer. Qin Mu couldn't endure it any longer—his corporeal body could break apart any time. Gentle buddha rays shone around Sakra Buddha's body and helped him block a portion of the collision. "It's actually the best time to cultivate my technique now."

He didn't completely protect Qin Mu. He allowed a portion of energy to hit Qin Mu's body, nearly tearing his skin apart!

Qin Mu heard his words and his heart stirred. He immediately tried out Sakra Scripture.

He wore the wisdom beads around his neck and executed this technique. Faintly discernable buddha rays instantly appeared behind his head and swayed gently. All kinds of buddha voices transformed into strange runes and fused with his corporeal body and primordial spirit. They even strengthened his divine treasures, making them more and more stable.

Sakra Buddha looked at Qin Mu and gave a gratified look. He thought to himself, 'This fellow's intentions are bad, but his comprehension isn't bad. He quickly mastered how to cultivate my technique.'

He could see that Qin Mu's corporeal body was obviously improving. His primordial spirit and divine treasures were also becoming stronger and stronger. This meant Qin Mu had quite the buddha nature.

'If he wants a Son of Qin, I would like to take him in as my disciple.' He had never taken in a disciple before. When he saw Qin Mu's comprehension and aptitude, he couldn't help appreciating a talent.

Suddenly, Sakra Buddha's expression turned black as he immediately threw the appreciation to the back of his head.

Qin Mu was currently changing his Sakra Scripture and modifying his technique!

How could a teacher appreciate such a disciple that destroys the work of the teacher by changing the technique the minute he learned it?

The buddha rays behind Qin Mu's head gradually changed. They were like incomparably tiny buddhas that were roaming in a wheel of light. The buddha voice also had sounds of a roaring dragon.

Not long later, Sakra Scripture was changed messily by Qin Mu. It couldn't be seen that it was the technique of buddism!

What made Sakra Buddha even angrier was that his technique was becoming less and less recognizable. With the passage of time, his technique was becoming less and less significant on Qin Mu's body. In the end, his technique had actually become a small part of Qin Mu's technique!

'Luckily, I didn't take him in as my disciple. If he was, I would have been unable to hold myself back from smacking him to death!' Sakra Buddha let out a shaky breath as he thought to himself.

This kind of energy came crashing wave after wave. When it came to the back, the impact of the energy was so large that even Sakra Buddha was finding it slightly hard to withstand.

The collision of the energy couldn't be defended against using divine art. If the energy of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge stopped flowing, they also couldn't enter Supreme Emperor Heaven. He could only withstand it with his corporeal body, thus he was quite at a disadvantage.

The final collision had even caused Sakra Buddha's corporeal body to split apart. His skin cracked continuously as though they were being burned into ashes. They were erased and new skin would quickly grow out straight afterward. It was obvious that his corporeal body had been cultivated to an inconceivable extent!

Even so, he still tried his best to protect Qin Mu and not let him be damaged in the violent waves of energy. At the same time, he even let a portion of energy pass through to hit Qin Mu's body, giving Qin Mu pressure and forcing him to grow under pressure.

Finally, the last wave was over and Sakra Buddha let out a sigh of relief. He stopped protecting Qin Mu.

Right at this moment, faintly discernable sounds of a zither came over and Sakra Buddha's expression changed slightly. He hurriedly turned back to take a look and saw that the energy that had passed suddenly split apart, splitting up into countless fine and thin surfaces.

The sounds of the zither gradually became clear and the space was trembling continuously. The energy that was shifting mutually gave off all kinds of colors, becoming tiered in order. The energy trembled continuously and seemed to transform into leaping notes!

Those thin spaces that were leaping about transformed into a nine-headed phoenix which was becoming further and further away from them.

Next, the nine-headed phoenix had suddenly undergone nirvana and transformed into a blazing fire, erasing that energy that was in the space!

"Red Deity of the Southern Heaven Qi Xiayu!"

Sakra Buddha's expression changed drastically and he cried out, "The one chasing us is this ruthless woman! We are done for!"

Without explanation, he swept Qin Mu up and hurriedly escaped forward.

Qin Mu woke up from his cultivation and he immediately said, "Buddha, don't fly off by yourself, we will stray from the path to Supreme Emperor Heaven!"

Sakra Buddha shouted, "The divine art of a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne is right behind us. It's going to catch up pretty soon and if we don't run, we are going to die miserably!"

"Strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne?"

Qin Mu jumped in shock, his head turning blank. "The person chasing after me is so powerful? I'm just a small figure that's on Seven Stars Realm. Is there a need for such a strong person..."

"She's not coming for you, she's coming for me!"

Sakra Buddha gritted his teeth and his buddha rays swept Qin Mu up and brought him to sprint forward with all his strength. His body literally transformed into a trail of buddha ray that flew away quickly. "I had a grudge with this woman during Founding Emperor Era. She must have heard that I had created trouble, so she took the initiative to find me and take revenge!"

The sounds of the zither came from the back and this was the vacuum zone between Supreme Emperor Heaven and Buddha Realm. No sound could travel through vacuum, yet Red Deity Qi Xiayu's divine art was traveling by slicing through space. The speed was extremely fast, so fast that it was inconceivable!

Qin Mu turned back to take a look and he saw the space behind them transforming and moving up and down. The space would split apart from time to time, overlap each other from time to time, and even become shapes of pillars from time to time. The length of the pillars transformed from space would also change their heights without stopping. The space would also transform into circles, with the big circles over the small circles, and the small circles being born from the void. The small circles would then expand and surpass the big circles, causing the ripples of space to transform continuously and repeating the cycle.

This kind of sound divine art had surpassed Qin Mu's imagination and made him dumbfounded. He already couldn't understand Qi Xiayu's sound divine art and it was truly hard to estimate how powerful the divine art of a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne was.

However, from how Sakra Buddha looked when he was escaping, this kind of divine art was probably not something he could defend against. If he got caught up by this divine art, death was inevitable!

"Buddha, you have already strayed from the path of Supreme Emperor Heaven!" Qin Mu calculated in his heart and he frowned.

"Our lives are more important!" Sakra Buddha shouted.

Qin Mu spoke no more and let Sakra Buddha bring him along. He couldn't help worrying in his heart. 'Buddha has already strayed from the path. If we continue running, we will only be further and further away from Supreme Emperor Heaven. Can we still return back to Supreme Emperor Heaven and Great Ruins...'

The sounds of the zither became clearer and clearer. Qin Mu immediately saw Sakra Buddha's sprinting figure suddenly got elongated and he couldn't help jump in shock.

He didn't feel any danger. Qi Xiayu's divine art couldn't make him feel any murderous intent, yet this divine art had already come close to them!

"Be careful!"

Sakra Buddha roared loudly and he suddenly turned to sprint furiously backward. His buddha rays shone brightly and he struck out numerous divine arts to face the zither notes coming out from the depths of space!


Qin Mu closed his eyes. In this instant, all kinds of dazzling lights came piercing over and stung his eyes until tears flowed out uncontrollably.

"This woman is so strong!"

Sakra Buddha's voice sounded out beside his ears and Qin Mu could feel blood flowing on his neck. He was startled.

Sakra Buddha had actually spewed vulgarities. Such a refined man actually couldn't resist saying vulgar words, so that meant that his injuries weren't light. Right at this moment, a series of collisions rang out. Qin Mu opened his eyes and he still couldn't see anything. He could only feel that he was being carried away by Sakra Buddha and that they were tumbling. They crashed into something and kept tumbling for quite some distance before finally coming to a stop.

Qin Mu sneakily opened up the golden willow leaf and looked around. He was slightly stunned. "This place is..."

Behind him, Sakra Buddha who had always been protecting him collapsed on his back. His breath was faint and he said with a hoarse voice, "The second heaven of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens... This pile of shit is much smellier than I had imagined..."


He vomited a huge mouthful of blood.

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